os-Tum mera pehla pyaar ho.part -3


Here mohinder n rano got ready ..they woke up geet n asked her also to get ready fast as they are going to mandir..rano gave her a new sari to wear..she weared her minimum jewels..

Rano:u look beautiful..

Geet:mama..u know I look like an ad girl for jewellary shop..whats the occasion mama..u r making me so heavy..

Rano:we are going to mandir na..

She looked at geets mehandi..

Rano:ur mehandi is dark..it means ur husband will love u more..

Geet said mockingly:mama,pehle husband ko aane do..

Mohinder:rano,I called for taxi..it came..now we can go..

Rano:ji..aap wo sab saaman taxi pe rakdeejiye,hum aathe hain..

Rano took her to the idol of god n prayed to god..

Rano:god,I don’t know its dream or true..but pls don’t break our hearts..we are moving only trusting suraj khurana’s words..so only I did not even say to geet also..what if it turns to be a fake..pls bagwaan ji..meri beti ki khushiyon ka khayal rakna..

Mohinder too joined them n did aarthi..then all left to mandir..

Geet was feeling something wrong for sure..they never took taxi..n rano never made her dress like this..

What are they upto..ghosh..are they not making me again to look a groom..if so..then I will not forgive them..she was about to ask them when the car stopped before the mandir..

Geet:we are really in mandir..so,mama n papa did not lie..

Geet moved forward n took steps..suraj who came down to call someone came near rano n mohinder n greeted them..he took them up..he gave them geets bridal dress n called the parlour women..

Suraj:behenji…,this all for my bahu..go n prepare her..

Rano:where is our sil..

Suraj:he left for an urgent operation in Mumbai..i have informed him..he has landed delhi..he will be here any second..

Rano took geet with her to the van..

Geet:mama where are u taking me..

Rano:cum I’ll say u..

Geet:mama..this mandir is decorated fully..today someone is getting married here..i heared people talking..

Rano:its u who is getting married..

Geet felt like her earth slipped away..she did not think that her parents will not ask her..

Rano was unwrapping geets sari n making her wear the choli given by suraj khurana..

Geet was numb to react..after yesterdays incident,she thought they will leave her..but they thought her as burden..so they have arranged for marriage without her knowledge..

Rano was saying about khuranas..but geet did not hear anything..she missed rano saying dr.maan is the groom..she sat like a doll..the parlour women added beauty to her natural beauty..

geet(st) : y my parents r doing this with me..how can they arrange my shadi without even telling me..have i really become burden for my dad n mom..may be..waise bhi ek aphahiiz ko kab tak palenge ye..

she sighed feeling her heavy heart..

Rano showed her the jewellaries given by suraj

Rano:geet,ur father in law gave this to make u wear this..see how beautiful it is..she showed the bangles,necklace maang tika earings rings n all..

Geet st:u know me mama..i am not a girl to fall for this ..

The parlour women said..i have never seen such a beautiful bride..u r really lucky to step as daughter in law to the rich family of delhi..

Geet gave a weak smile which did not reach her eyes..they are sending me as dil to rich family…what they expect from me..may be iam 2ndr 3rd wife..geet sighed..

Then she heared someone saying loud..

Dulha aagayi..

Then she heared footsteps near the van..then someone talking outside..

Maan:dad,whats this..u really shocked me..

Suraj:ya I know..but it is a sweet surprise na..ok now come I will make u meet ur father in law..

Suraj:this is mohindar handa..ur fil..n this is my son..ur son in law..

Maan touched his feet n took blessings..

Mohinder was happy to see a groom like that.never in his life he thought he will be lucky to get a son in law like him..

Geet:so,the groom too don’t know about the marriage..what a family ..we both have..

Suraj:aapki patni kahaan hai..

Geets father knocked the van calling:rano..


she came out .

suraj:beta,this is ur mil..

maan took her blessings too..geet tried to see him..but all three were hiding her view..she did not see suraj also..she gave up closing the window..whatever god has written in my fate I must only face it..why should I blame god..its my parents n his parents wish..i cant voice ok..but he can na..then y he is not saying anything..it looks like he also wants this marriage..

suraj:now u go n change ur dress..ur dress is in our car..ask nakul he will help u..its time now for marriage..

maan:ok dad…

maan came soon changing to his sherwani..nakul made him sit in mandap..maans face covered with flowers..geet was also brought to mandap..walking towards mandap,she felt her heart would come out of her rib cage thinking about her parents..they are tying her to an unknown person..she walked with a broken heart accepting her defeat n her parents decision she sat next to maan..maan was restless..when she sat near him he had an unknown temptation..a feeling of peace..like she is the girl..she struggled to sit..n he saw her wooden legs..maan was happy,that his father did not cheat him n really gave respect to his ambition..maan looked at her face..it was covered with veil..he was disappointed..geet was looking only at the fire..her eyes was down casted n did not see the surrounding..

panditji :can we start the rituals..

rano:ji panditji..

both exchanged varmalas..maan tied her mangal sutr n filled her mang..but he missed to see her face every time..they took pheras..when his hand was placed in hers she felt a warmth covering her..he was squeezing her hand lightly assuring her that he will be with her side for ever..n she took the oath before the fire,that she will be honest to the relation ..maneet took blessings from elders..geet thought suraj as one of the guests..

geet cried when bidai was conducted..though she was angry on them they are her parents..

the whole drive to the mansion was silent…maan was so desperate to see his bride face..but his bad luck its cover with veil..but he heard her silent sobs..he thought it as the pain of leaving her mayka n coming to her saural..parting away from parents is difficult for all..maan slowly put his palm on her palm which rested on her lap…she stiffed a little with his touch but then became normal with his warmth…he lightly squees her palm…looks like their hearts dont want any word to comfort each other..

maneet entered the khurana house..geet n her parents were awed looking the decors..though it’s a small house it was well maintained..it did not look like only mens live there..

nakul was the only one who was running here n there..geet thought him as her fil..she did the rituals she was asked to do..

suraj:beta,come inside..

she was taken to the pooja room..

suraj:from now all the responsibilities are given to u..this house was not having a female presence for past 14 yrs..now u have arrived..just fill this four walls as house with ur love n warmness..which we lost after ur mil death..now i want that back in ur form..this is ur mil..he showed picture of surabhi.,maans mom…geet touched the photo n took the blessings..maan was with his friends..all were congratulating him as he has been a role model for everything’

rano was helping nakul..

all had the dinner..n guests n friends went to their houses..

suraj came to mohinder who was talking with maan.. rano n geet was inside

suraj:maan ..can u excuse us for a minute..

ji dad..he went giving them space to talk’

moh:what ji..

suraj:hmm..can u n rano ji stay here tonight..

moh:wo acha nehi hoga suraj ji..

suraj:mohinderji..we have no ladies in our house..so only I am asking u both 2 stay here tonight..what if geet needs her mother by side tomorrow..he said hesitatingly not to embarrass her father..

suraj:erm..wo..ask rano ji to show maans room..the right side corner room..

moh:ji..we will stay here..i understood..

rano took geet to maans room..geet couldnot sit in centre of bed like other brides..so she sat in corner of bed..the decorations of the room was making her nervous..she don’t know what to expect in this marriage..she is the one who has not yet seen her husband..she has not seen any kids too..n by the touch of maaan n physical appearance she can guess he is young..but y he married me..how much she thought she was confused more..

is he also like me..i don’t think so..he has perfect 2 hands legs eyes ears..he did all rituals by his own..then ..babaji..ye kya horaha hai..

suraj n nakul came to maan

maan.go to ur room..ur wife is waiting for u..

maan was also nervous..he smiled weekly n moved..both gents escorted him till his room making rano n mohinder chuckle.

Maan:why are u following me..

Nakul:to remind u..


Suraj with a naughty smile..

Lock the door after entering..dont keep open like u do usually..


Suraj kissed his forehead..ur mom will be happy today..just give me ur mom back to me as ur kid..he said in tears..

Maan has never seen his dad crying

Dad..u r crying..

Maan hugged him comforting ..

Suraj:I miss ur mom today..thats y.

Nakul:what are u doing..see maans face turned pale..aaj ka din aap usei upset karrahi ho..

He wiped his tears..

Suraj:im sry beta..now we don’t want to disturb u..

Saying both left..

Maan entered his room..no now its not his..its their room..he locked it..

His footsteps n the lock of door has already made geets heart pace fast..he was nearing her slowly..geet was fiddling the corner of veil in her hands..

Maan sat next to her..she felt her body temperature shooting high..

Maan took her leg in his n removed the wooden part slowly..

She did not feel anything..as he was touching the wooden part..geet looked at him thru veil..his head was bent n she could not see him..but his physique was well shown by the tight fitted dress he was wearing..she thought he looks hot..

Her thought were broken by his manly voice..

Maan:do u feel relaxed now..do u need any medicine to apply..

Geet can feel his concern in his voice..

Geet:ji..i’m f9..

Maan slowly took his hands up n lifted her veil..

He was blown up by the beauty of hers..he never dreamt of any girl other than his ambition or ,his almond eyes..but now seeing her beauty he was speechless..she was looking at her toes..maan did not see her eyes..

Maan:have anyone said to u before that u r incredibly beautiful..

She can feel her cheeks burning n turning to deep red colour.

She was silent..yes she has not heared it other than her parents..others only pointed her state n made fun of her’

Maan:I know its not easy for u to digest our marriage as it happened in a strange way..for me too..we have not met before nor asked each others opinion..are u happy with this marriage.

Geet don’t know what to say..she is happy or not..who cares for her..but this man is asking her..without her knowledge she was falling for him..his words..his care..his concern..

Maan looked at her who was still fiddling her dupatta..he cupped her face n made her look at him..the instant their eyes met..crackers blasted on him..

Maan:almond eyes…

He hugged her in joy..n looked at her eyes again..

Maan:I cant believe u r here with me..

Geet was also equally surprised to see maan..the great dr.maan is her husband..then last days incidence came to her mind..mohinder asking about khuranas..but y he is happy n y he is calling her almond eyes..

Geet:ji mera naam geet hai..

Maan:no..u r almond eyes to me.. i..i.cant believe this..pinch me..

She looked at him weirdly..

Maan:I am saying truly..not kidding u..pinch me..

She pinched him lightly..

Maan:ya its true..

He scooped her in his arms n twirled around..

He was shouting like a kid who found his lost toy’yehhh..

Geet couldnot help than smiling..his smile gave happiness to her..he placed her on bed..

..maan cupped her face looking intently on the lips..she cant deny her husband..she leaned on the bed..submitting to him..he took her lips in his..she can feel the love n care in it..he loves her..did she think that way..but can love happen only by tying mangalsutr ..she slowly melted in his passion..she never expected that she will get married n these things will happen..she slowly responded to him..when both felt lack of air,they parted..he kissed his eyes..

Maan: thanks almond eyes..u know I never thought u will be back in my life..its a real surprise that the girl whom I am searching is my wife now..

Geet:ji..mei samji nehi..


He went n opened his cupboard..he took a jewel box n came to her..

Maan:see this..shayad ..you may remember me..

Geet opened the box n saw a golden chain with a locket..she instantly recognized it..its hers..

Her parents presented her as birthday gift when she was 13 yrs..she lost it in manali’

But how maan is related with this locket..

Geet:maanji..how u got my locket..

Maan:still u don’t remember me..

Geet nodded her head :no..

Maan scooped her again as she cant walk without her artificial legs..he moved to his study parted inside his room..when she stepped there she recognized him..he placed her on a chair..his pictures when he was 15 yrs.till may be he is 20 r 22 yrs was there.in that partition with his half face burnt’.

Geet touched his right cheeks..

Geet:the scar is no more..

Maan:hmm’I did plastic surgery..n I got my face back..do u remember that incident..

Geet:yes..but..i want to know y u did that’

Maan:u have right to know..becoz u r the girl behind my success..n this life is urs..

Maans flash back


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