os-Tum mera pehla pyaar ho.


Maan singh khurana

Age::29 yrs ..

Occupation: doctor..specialist in plastic surgeries..a vey well known plastic surgeon all over the world..

Nature: very helpful to others’kind hearted’running many trusts , orphanage, old age homes, hospitals n matrimony centres for special persons who cant find pairs becoz of only reason,they are blind,deaf,handicapped like that..schools n music academy for them’

his speciality is he never asks fees from the patients’whatever they give he will take it with smile..the patients who ever approached him can be assured that they will be soon to their normal life..the patients can knock his door without timing..if its night or morning..he will never get irritated’this softness n tender heart was liked by all patients.he has achieved many heights n has been awarded  by all countries..still he is down to earth…he never gets angry on others ,but he will be highly irritated with only one that is his father  ..its not like he doesn’t respect his father..the topic he brings makes maan irritated’

marriage’maans only aim is to marry a girl,who will be a special girl .but maans father was stubborn..he doesn’t want maan to marry a physically retorted girl ..this difference is the one which makes  stiffness between the two..

hobby:if he get time,he will be doing painting..that too only a pair of two brown eyes,which he saw 14yrs before..

suraj singh khurana, father of maan..


age:55 yrs..

occupation: taking care of maans trust n others.

Nature: very supportive to maan..he was always with him for whatever maan did..he never questions for spending money for trusts..he wants maan to marry a girl who is physically fit..he cant accept maans ambition nor could  support him.as a father he wants best for his son…so,only maan is still an eligible bachelor’

Work: only to search match for maan..



The servant of khurana’s from the time maans mom died..he is treated as family member than a servant..

This three make the family..there simplicity can be seen by the way they are living..though maan has crores of money..they still live in a 2 bed room old house..which was  built by suraj singh khurana’s dad’s..they have renovated it..still compared to other peoples of their status,they are very simple’.


geet handa



Age:27 yrs..

Profession: working as a teacher in a school’

Nature:kind hearted..belonging to a middle class.she finished her b.com n b.ed by scholar ship..she takes tuition for kids around her house in free .as they cant afford money..she is fond of social works n collects funds for charity homes..she helps them in all ways that she could’

Marriage is the only word she hates now..every week end someone will come to see her..having nice tea time,they will ask for a huge amount of dowry..they will say no to the alliance..geet hates to stand before them like a doll dressed n kept in shops..she always kept quiet thinking about her parents respect..after the groom left,she will fight with them..she will agree to marry a man who loves her innerself..not her looks n money..but the scene will repeat again.. geet is controlling her anger’she is now a hidden volcano can spill lava any second..

Hobby:classical dancer..n does performances in free for whoever asks to collect funds for charity homes..according to her dance is passion n she wont sell it for money..

Mohinder handa..


Father of geet..

Age:54 yrs..

Occupation:a clerk in a private company..his salary is enough only for the needs of his house..

Rano handa


Mother of geet..

Age:50 yrs

Occupation:home maker..n she knew how to run family within the budget of money  given by her husband..


Mohinder n rano’s only wish is to see their girl getting married..they cant afford dowry what the  grooms family are expecting n geets marriage was getting delayed for past 6 yrs..which are making them worry..living in a small rental house,which has only a kitchen,bedroom n a living room..but they were happy in their world other than the worry of geets marriage..


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