This Life is Yours – Part 29

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The next morning all wake up n got ready.. a day out in Mumbai’with family’
First they all went to sithi vinayak temple.. (its a very famous ganesha temple in Mumbai).. )… they also conduct a special pooja for jaanu’s bright and secure future… n for the happiness for family..maan whole heartedly thanked God for sending geet in his life n prayed to god that one day she will also reciprocate her love..dadi n Vicky was also praying the same..the families,unity n happiness n the bond n love to remain like now..not even an evil eye touch their family.. then they went to se mahalashami temple all the while all were enjoying and giggling ..all were very happy but somewhere in geet’s heart last days incidence were still fresh n she was aloof in all part..then they all went to haji ali dargh… maan went to bye flowers n offerings for darga’without saying to geet..dadi n others went inside with jaanvi..geet was so lost that she missed all..she panicked n looked here n there..she saw her family inside..but maan was missing’at the same time someone said,outside dargha there was an accident..the maan was wearing blue jean n white shirt’geets heart stopped hearing it..maan was also wearing same colour..she run like a maniac n saw a person lying in pool of blood..when she saw his face,she sighed in relief..but prayed for him to get well soon..
Geet:par..maan..where is he?
She again ran inside darga
A baba came to her n gave a thread..
Baba:beti..tie this here saying ur wish to god..he will take care of ur wish’geet took it n her eyes searched for maan n saw him singing the song before god..
Geets eyes filled seeing him safe’she went n tied the thread..n maan was tieng on other side
Geet:babaji..i don’t want anything for me other than my husband daughter n families happiness’give all the pain which approaches them..but keep them safe n secure..
Baba came again to her..
Baba:beti,u have crossed all ur painful situation..the girl who seeks the pain of others will be blessed with love..jao beti..tumhaara pyaar tumhara intazaar karraha hai..aur karoonga bi ..bus tumhe pehchanna hoga..tumhare nazeeb main maayka ka pyaar nehi lika hai..dont think about who don’t know the value of relation..think about the person who is loving you..
geet was walking so lost in baba’s words..she dashed maan n both saw each other..maaahiii
she looked maan and lost herself in his black eyes..maan saw her teary eyes n alots of emotions playing on her face..she hugged maan forgetting the surroundings..
geet:aap kahaan chalegayi thi..
maan was well aware they r in dargha n people around r seeing them..he immediately distanced himself from her..which she took that he doesn’t like her hug’n she rememberedtheir relation..only as jaanvis parents..
geet:babaji,what I did..why I did..what happened to me..when I know,we both still live in our past..then how can I behave like this to him..what he will think..
her turmoil was stopped when maan said..
maan:I went to buy flowers..ab chalo..all will be waiting for us..
geet quietly nodded n was embarrassed by her behavior..but maan was happy..she hugged him herself..if it was their room he would have done many things..the thought itself made him blush..then chided himself for thinking so extreme..when geet still not accept him as husband..he was thinking all others..
maneet joined their family’geet took jaanu in her arms..
haji ali dargh is in mid of the sea.. so jaanu get excited to see so much water..n same was geet.she also want to go n play in water..they still had other they said jaanu they will take her to water at evening n will play with jaanvi was so understanding she accepted it..geet made a cute frown..maan saw it n wanted to pull those cheeks..when jaanu has accepted then how can geet voice her feel..she simply followed them..
they all went to gateway of india… its true they were staying in taj mahal hotel which is front of it but vicky want to see it so they all went there… they even ride on buggy…after that they all took lunch in there hotel… after lunch all again went to roam… all went to band stand, Vicky tells geet that her fav actor SRK’s bunglow is near by ‘she got excited but again her face fell down because she thought maan will never take her there… maan notices that Vicky saying something to geet.. her facial expression first was excited then pout…he asked Vicky whats matter and he told maan about it…
maan took his phone n called someone n after 5 minutes all were again in car’ maan said something in driver’s ears’geet n others looked at maans weird behavior..
what he is talking to driver that is so secret t us..
but they were surprised when the car stopped before SRK bunglow

geet was first shocked and looked thankfully at maan for fulfilling her wish…when they entered SRK bunglow they were welcomed with respect..after 5 minutes..srk came n maan introduced his family..srk congratulated maan for his achievement..after normal talks,Vicky started appreciating srks acting n geet accompanied him in chat’ geet went gaga about him and maan felt jealous…lolzzz ..she was talking forgetting her surrounding..adi n pinky also got excited..n all chatted with srk..maan n dadi was the silent observer there..after spending quiet time they all left from there’
in evening all went to zuhu beach…vicky pinki adi priya with jaanu except dadi and maaneet all went inside water to play… geet also want to go but was little bit hesitate because of maan . maan notice spark in her eyes with enthusiasm . he also noticed geets hesitation which hurted him ..he ask her to go inside water with others.. but she refused… maan doesn’t like it.she was holding her excitement thinking about him… he asked her for a walk and she agreed ‘maan makes her lost in their chat about jaanvi,kc n random things. without her notice he took her to the shore of sea… geet is lost in talking when she suddenly get shock when maan threw water on her face , her mouth opened wide making o shape ..while maan smirks… geet took water n was about to throw on him..he nudged..n ran from geet..she started running behind maan… they both looks like kids… who were playing giggling enjoying… maan came to others n stood next to them.. geet also join them in sea ..maan took jaanu n lifted her up n down touching the water..jaanu clapped n laughed loud enjoying the moments.geet came near them and start playing with jaanu..whereas Vicky was in a naughty mood..he threw water on geet the same time a big wave hit her leg making her stumble at her feet..geet held maan tight..but the wave drenched her fully…maan lost himself seeing geets wet look..her saree glued to her like second skin giving her perfect view of structure’geet was feeling awkward..standing full wet in public’she was clinging to maan hiding herself’maan gave jaanu to Vicky..he removed his shirt n covered her..he stood in his vest..making her witness his wet look n his perfect muscles ..she looked down in shy..maan smiled seeing his effect on her..
maan:geet,sirf kuch din sure u have started to feel something for me..i’ll wait till u find my love..
they heared some voices..
hey see yaar..maan singh hotty..she said dreamingly..
who is that girl yaar’
his wife..didnt u see last week interview..n todays headlines..the successful girls behind the award winners ..her photo was there..
lucky girl..
geet was proud that she is identified as his wife..she looked at his eyes..he was simple n normal like always..there is no ego r proud being identified.. ..
maan made a camp fire..they all sat before fire to dry their dress…its time for sunset maan again asked geet n others for a walk ..others denied..but geet accepts..she gave his shirt back’.but she still smelled was new feel for her..his aroma tickled her nostrils.. both were walking silently without any word lost in looking sun drowning in water…
after that maaneet came back .all were heading back to the car.. geet saw paani puri stall..paani puri is her weakness but after gc death she never had a like to eat paani puri.. its very long time geet eat paani puri ‘maan looked at geet..where her eyes were fixed’maan moved to the stall..he made sure,they washed their hands twice n make paani puri’s..maan himself fed geet as she had jaanu in her hands..after first bite,maan took jaanu in his arms n geet started to have it.. she was eating like a kid and maan again lost seeing her he found onething..behind this matured geet,a small childish geet is hiding ..maan oathed himself he will bring geet again to beach again..
.now it was night so they came back to the hotel tired and sleepy…they had a light dinner n went to their respective roms..geet first went n freshed up’n gave a bath to jaanvi jaanu n priya played in mud making sandcastle..maan went to freshup..when he came out he saw geet sleeping..her night dress left opened..jaanvi was sleeping taking her feed..
Maan nodded his head..
Geet will not change..
He dried his hair n slept next to them not forgetting to give his sweethearts his kiss’
The next day early morning dadi Vicky adi pinky with priya left to delhi in their private jet..
Maan went for meeting leaving geet n jaanvi alone in room..he often called them n confirmed they were comfortable being alone..geet n jaanu played n saw tv had their lunch..chatted with dadi n adi .. after lunch both slept ‘
It was 5pm when maan came back..he opened the room with his spare key n saw his both princess sleeping cuddled to each other..maan came n caressed jaanvis hair..she woke up instantly..she left geets nipple n sat in bed’
Maan saw geets sore buds..but he cant do many times they will say..geet never listens to this’
Maan:jaanu,Mama is sleeping..dont wake her..
Maan whispered..jaanu kept quiet..
Maan slowly removed geets hands from baby’s n took her in his arms n kissed her..she too kissed him..both sat in balcony viewing the busy life of Mumbai..geet wokeup n found jaanus warmth missing..she heared sound of jaanu in balcony..
Geet she went to balcony..agar wo ghir jaathi tho..
She ran to balcony only to see maan cooing jaanu..geet sighed in relief..maan turned n saw geet who was panting heavily..then his eyes fell down..she forgot to hook her blouse..maan moved to geet..he expected her to correct her blouse..
Geet:u came..i was scared seeing jaanu missing near me..he pointed thru his eyes her dress..she did not understand..but jaanu was hungry after waking up n playing with maan..her first preference was always mothers feed ..she jumped to geet n made her way to her bossom lifting her sari n started to latch..
geet turned in shy..what she did now..i forgot my sense..i came before maan like this..
Seeing her restlessness maan said..geet get ready in an hour..we are going out ..i’ll change n come..
Geet sat there fully meine kya kiya..geet moved with baby inside n took her bag..she made choco horlicks n filled her sipper..she removed her bossom n kept the sipper in mouth..jaanu held it n started to sip..geet hooked her blouse n went to the cupboard n took dress for her n jaanu..maan came out changing ..geet rushed inside washroom feeling very shy to look at him’maan was burfing jaanu n removing her dress to change..
Geet came;erm wo..i’ll do..
Maan:u go n get ready ..i’ll change is not a big work..
Geet agreed n went to comb her hair’maan changed jaanvis dress..
Geet:maan where r we going.. not in mood of exploring places..i thought of going for a long drive or a walk.
That too for u both..Do u want to go anywhere’
Geet:no..ur idea is good’
Maan took the wheels n geet sat with baby..maan was unusually quiet during the drive..only jaanvis voice was there inside the car..
Geet:u look disturbed..
Geet:do u want to tell me anything.. u know..drasti belongs to mumbai..n geet understood why he is gloomy’she kept mum ..after a long drive maan stopped in Marine is a well laid-out boulevard in Mumbai coast. It is a ‘C’-shaped six lane concrete road which stretches to around 3 km along the coastline of Arabian Sea, This beautiful avenue starts at Nariman Point and ends at Malabar Hills, which is known as Beverley Hills of India.
During night when the buildings are lit and streets illuminated, this place looks like a huge diamond studded necklace sparkling in the light That is the reason why this place is termed as “Queens Necklace”. Lots of people come to this striking esplanade during evening hours to breathe fresh air, view sunset and watch the stunningly beautiful “Queens Necklace” at night.

This arcade looks the best in the evening with glittering lights lamping the whole place. This arcade is joined with one of the busiest roads of the city. You can sight huddled lovers, children and families while enjoying a drive on this two mile stretch of Marine Drive. This is where we, the citizens of Mumbai stop by every evening to enjoy fresh air and relax after a day of hard work
Maneet started to have a walk..n enjoy the fresh air’the colourful lights entertained jaanvi ..she was pointing everything n saying all sweet things in her babyish language’maan kept his hands on geets shoulders along with baby..n they both waked slowly..both were lost in past life..but the present was their inbetween connecting them both..jaanvi showed a ball..n maan bought her..maneet started to play with her throwing the ball..they forgot their past playing with jaanvi..
They returned back to room after having dinner n slept’

The next day maan was held up with video conferencing n making the works done in KC’
They both had their lunch ..geet fed jaanvi dal rice nicely smashed..she was throwing tantrums eating it..n maneet were having tough time with her’she always burred n made them mess..after a lot of struggle they finished their lunch ..maan changed to a blavk n white suit’geet weared a peach coloured saree..n dressed jaanvi in sky blue frock’she packed extra diapers..frocks ..horlicks n needs in a bag ..the trio left to the All India sports meet at pqr venue..
Sharp 1.30 they were there..maneet were welcomed by the directors of sports club’richard took them inside ‘maaneet were seated n they watched the matches one by one’players from all over india were present there..geet saw players from her state..she know few also..her heart paced fast seeing them..bringing the old memories back’
the match started with running race 100mts..200mts..hurdles..etc’winner was awarded at the spot by maan..they moved on to next..
next they went to boxing match’maan awarded the winner..he asked him to do some steps before all n maan happily did’it continued in all places like karate..volley ball everything..geet saw a sports man there..her new maan,who is an allrounder..they were moving to next..maan saw ram singh nearing them..he excused all for 5 minutes n they all left..ramsingh came there..n bowed both..geet did not speak..
ramsingh:princess,maharaj n maharani is here in Mumbai..maharani was very eager to see you..after seeing you day before yesterday,she is craving to see you’
now maan understood why geet was crumpy the previous day..
maan:what r u doing here?
Ramsingh:im coach of sword fight..n im here with my players..i’ve resigned my job of working outside for maharani’only to give details of I’m not cheating maharaj..
Geet:kaka..kya maharaj yahaan hai..
Ram:no..he is in meeting with higher officials..regarding welfare of state..
Geet sighed in relief..
jaanvi was jumping in geets arms to go to him…ramsinghs costume always attracted her..
ram:princess,can I take ur baby for sometime..see how she is jumping to come to me..when u r a child ,u r also like that only..
he said thinking about her she always loved to be in his arms..
geet looked at maan n he too saw the love in ramsinghs eyes..he signaled to give..n geet gave to him..
ram:bitiya,what should I say ur mother..
geet:I don’t want to meet rani maa’
she closed her eyes n said..
maan st:she wants to meet her family,but she is afraid of her fathers hatred..
geet:maan all will be waiting for us..
maan looked at baby..
ram:if u don’t have problem,I’ll look after her for few minutes..
geet nodded nmaneet left..
a few more matches like horse riding, shooting etc..finished..
n they came to sword fighting..maneet were watching it..maan looked at geet’every match she seemed to enjoy..maan again watched the fight’geets face fell on prince of Chandigarh..her face lost her colour as his eyes fell on her lustfully..she entwingled her hand with maans hand’maan found her hand sweaty..he looked at her pale face..
before he could ask her..the prince came near them..
PoC:hmm..gud to see u princess..
Maan saw his eyes lustfully roaming on geet..but his tone was anger..
Geet:..but im not..
She said..maan found the princess geetanjali in her tone..

Poc:let me honour u..he bent n took her right hand..she immediately snapped his hand n stood up..
he pressed her arms assuring he is there for her..she gave a smile n turned to Chandigarh prince..who se ego was badly hurt again by geet.
geet:meet my husband maan singh ki prince hai..
she said in proud,teasing the prince..saying he is nothing infront of her husband..
maan :hai..
poc:hai..u..ive seen u somewhere..
geet:2 days before..he is the one stalked by medias..
poc:is he a criminal..
geets anger shooted..
geet:seems u saw urself..he is the best business man of this year..who built his empire on his own..he is the best of all..hmm whom im saying all the person who knows only to spend money n use power of his father..n for ur kind information..he is the chief guest,keep ur way out of him..
maan never saw an angry geet or a geet who can speak tit for tat,that too in a teasy way..defending her husband..
poc was very badly hurt..he left the place..
maan looked geet for answers..
geet:this is the man whom my father chose for me..
maan:he looks spoilt brat..
geet:more than it..he is good for nothing’
then the claps of audience brought them back..
geet saw the mysore player in blood n Chandigarh player win in sword match..
maan was again called to give the prize..the Chandigarh player asked maan to play sword with him..maan avoided..saying no..
poc came there..
poc:u r afraid mr.maan..ur wife said u r best in all..y cant a friendly match..
geet heared some sound ..her code language taught as princess..she looked at the sound fromwhere it is coming..she saw ram showing the swords back showing danger..he pointed the tip n coloured with blue..she immediately understood what he is saying..
here maan:ok..
geet neared him n saw the sword in his hands..the way he hold it said,he don’t know sword fight’
geet intervened them..
geet:maan,I think friendly enough for him as I’m his friend..she stressed the last word showing its her enimity..
geet:maan pls..for once accept my decision..pls..
maan shrugged his shoulders..ok..
geet took the sword from him’ram came with protection dress..geet weared only the upper half..wheras poc weared full dress covering his face also..
poc I’ll teach u a lesson for leaving the engagement n insulting before ur husband.
Poc:fight in saree..
Geet smirked..i don’t have any problem..then y do u..?
The fight started.
At first maan too thought it will be a friendly match..but the way poc started his entire body shivered seeing the rage in his eyes..he wanted to stop geet..but what he saw made him stunned..geet was equally fighting..but very elegantly..very smoothly she attacked his every move..her every smart move made poc more violent n he in vengense made a wrong move,which geet was waiting for..she pulled the sword in his hand by her flew up n came to her hands..
She looked at the man who was standing without weapon before her..she threw the sword of hers to him..
Geet:I don’t fight even with the enemy without weapon..
Geet kept her sword on his neck..
Geet:poc,what if I stab a little in ur neck..
Poc was shivering..
Poc:princess geetanjali,,don’t do it..
Geet:why..only a little amount of blood will ooze..
Poc:nooo..i’ll die..
Geet:will u try to explain..
Poc:the tip is poisoned..if anyone is stabbed he will die..i’m sorry..i’m sorry..i was jealous seeing u with I thought of killing him..
Maan was shocked..
Geet:till,im there I’ll not let anything happen to my maan..
She snapped her fingers..ram came n baby jumped to geet..
Geet:call the police n let him rot the rest of his life in prison..
Ram:ji princess..
She kissed geets cheeks n geets anger got cool down..
Maan came out of his shock n neared geet..
Maan took baby n geet removed her protection dress..
Maan:geet,are u can u do u know the sword is poisoned before itself..
Geet:im sorry maan..i know it before..n I know u don’t know sword only I came in middle..i cant risk ur life becoz of me..
Ram came..
Ram:sry ..for interfering..princess is trained in all..she can face any poc is a dust before her talents’she can face any poc kya hai..princess ki saamne..he is a dust before her talents’
maan looked at geet unbelievingly..
maan:kya kya jaanthi ho tum..
geet looked down ..his piercing n admiring gaze made her blush..
ram:i’ll riding,shooting,bow n arrow,sword fight,basket ball,foot ball,javelin throw,swimming,
maan:sirf itni si aur..aur bhi hai..
he asked teasingly,which made geet blush more..
ram:aur bhi hai..other than sports.she knows all types of dances,music,playing instruments,painting..
geet:kaka..bus keejiye..
maan:why geet..i too want to know how much my wife is talented..
then someone called ram n he went apologising them..
n maan was also called for final speech..

it was 9 pm…jaanu was rubbing her eyes for sleep…
geet:maan,wo,i’ll wait for u in car..jaanu seems so tired n sleepy..i’ll make her sleep..

geet went to her car..she sat in the back seat n started to feed baby,so she may sleep soon..she was thinking about poc n maan..
i cant see anyone harming him..maan said my wife..
she smiled cherishing his words..same was maan..cherishing her maan..when she said it was in pride,possesive,passion,ownness..all together…
maan was giving his speech..
geets car opened n geet saw her mother standing in teary eyes..
geet:rani maa..
it was a whisper..her throat chocked with emotions..
rani maa looked at the surroundings n sat inside the car next to her..
she cupped geets face n kissed her madly..making geet shed silent tears…
rani:how r u princess..u have become slim..kahaan hai meri chubby princess..
geet:maaa..she cried hugging her sideways..
geet:maa.u r the one now looking pale n week..
rani:meri kya hai..when u went all left me..bus intazaaar hai,bagwaan ke pyaari honekaa.
geet put her fingers on her mouth.. kese baath karrahi hai aap..bagwaan aapko lambi umar de..
rani:kyun suffer alone in this world..
geet:mama..pls ..
rani:ye tumhari beti hai..naam kya hai..
she caressed jaanus hair..
geet:haan meri aur maanki beti..hamare jaan..jaanvi…
rani:can I see n hold my grand daughter..
she asked ‘
geet:maa..wo ..let her finish her feed..aur wo royegi..
rani maa looked geet lovingly..
geet:what maa..y r u seeing me like this..
rani:I’m thinking my small princess became a mother n how responsible she is..
jaanvi whimpered n bite geet hardwhen she did not have full.
geet:ouch..badmash.. bachi..ek minute..
geet turned jaanvi to next side.she was feeling shy too..though the women sitting next to her is her mother..
rani:im the unlucky mom..i was not with their to help in ur pregnancy n teach u how to take care of is teething u..isnt it..
geet simply nodded..
rani maa’s eyes moisted again..
geet was breaking inside with her mothers presence..the love she is showing is temperory..once if maharaj sees her,the situation will worse..
geet:maa,how u came papa know about this..
rani:no.he is still busy in meeting..he said it will end at 10 only..when ram said u r here..i couldn’t hold back myself to see you..wo tumhare doosra pati..he keeps u happy na..
geet smiled within her tears..but hurt also..
geet:maa’uskeliy bhi mei second hoon..maan always prefers others happiness’he is gem ..n he keeps me happy.than I was in our palace…unkeliye meri shabd bi zaroori nehi..he knew what I need’n he cant tolerate my tears’I’m so happy with him..
geet found jaanvi sleeping’she slowly removed her nipple placing babies finger in her mouth..ranimaa found geet bud sore n red..
rani:princess, do u apply ointment over it..
geet:hmm..acha hua..apne ye nehi kahaa..usei feed karna band kardo..
rani:I’m a mother too..i know the importance of feed ..n more over the happiness u get when u feed ur baby..i fed u till 2yrs..
geet was red..maa..
geet gave jaanvi to her mother..
rani removed her chain to give jaanvi..
geet maa..u can do anything if papa accepts me..give ur blessings..thats enough for her..ranimaa was hurt..but was happy seeing geets self respect’
rani:I think she is like her father’
geet:no..she is like her mother..
rani:ye tum jese ..
geet:nehi hai..but she is like her mother..
geet closed her eyes..
geet:maa..i cant hide anything from u’not only my husband left baby also..this is maan n his first wife’s daughter..if she did not come into my life.i would have left this soul less body before itself..jaanvi ki maa ki zaroorath thi..muje jeeneki waja chahiye thi..maan ne mujei jaanviki maa banadiya..
rani maa cried hearing her princess much..
rani:im sorry not there for u when u needed me..
geet:meine..aap donoki dil dukayithina..God punished me’
they heared clap sounds..
geet:I think his speech is finished..
rani maa kissed jaanvi’she opened her purse n took a small idol of maa durga n gave in babys hands..
rani:princess..this is given by my mom to this belongs to u n ur daughter..
geet was silent..her tears were non stop flowing from her eyes..
rani:princess,maa hamesha maa hothi hai..i can see the love between u n her..even ur husband loves u both..i saw it yesterday ..
then y asked me maa..
ek kushi milthi hai..tumhaaro moo se sunneki..
rani tried to remove the thumb from jaanvis mouth n she woke up..
she again kept the thumb she again slept..
rani chuckled..
rani:princess,don’t make this habbit..or the teeth will come in front..n I’ll do mothak Prasad in will stop biting you..
geet”wo dadi also is doing same..
rani:who r there in ur sasural..maanki dadi n his brother..his parents died when he is young.n they loves me a lot..
they heared a knock on the car..
rani:now I must go..take care ..if god wishes we will meet again..she hugged geet n kissed them both..she opened the door n saw maan standing..the royal look n her dressing said she is maharani..n geets mom..he looked inside the car n saw geet crying..maa se bichadneka dard..
maan bent down n touched her feet..
rani maa:may god bless u with all happiness..what u did to my daughter,I cant repay in next seven birth too..i can only pray that tumhari har icha poori ho..thanks for giving princess a new life..if some thing has happened I will also have died that day..u informed me..then too I was helpless to come n support my daughter..but u r standing infront of me u r my god,giving my life back..
maan stopped her..
maan:u don’t say big also a normal man..geet is my life too..
ram came to her..
ram:maharaniji..raja meeting is finished ..u must move now..
rani:take care of my daughter..bcoz ..she has only ur family..
maan:ji..i wish her father also accepts her..
rani:somethings cannot be u cant see sun rising in the west..n raja accepting princess cant happen..
she suppressed her cry n bid bye to both n left’
the rain drop started’maan quickly went inside the car..n kept his hand on geets shoulder..the warmth n comfort when she got she totally break down n cried keeping her head on his chest..
maan rubbed her back:its ok geet..
the driver started to move to the hotel..the rain stopped n geets cry also turned to hiccupps..when car stopped,maan took jaanvi in his arms n helped geet coming out..
geet:maan,u go to room..i’ll be back in few minutes..she walked towards the big lawn of the hotel’
maan thought she needs time to be alone he accepted n went to the room’he settled baby in crib..
he went to the window..he can see geet sitting there in a bench n starring the sky..
may be she is complaing to her babaji..
her eyes were red n puffy.her state pricked him ..he silently went n took his dress n went to take a shower..
precap:geet fainted n from next part u can get what u where expecting from maneet


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