This Life is Yours – Part 34

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Maan was thinking how their relation changed in 1 day..the day,which he made geet accept her love. the day which ,he confessed his love n feelings to her..the day which geet n him became true means..the day which they started a new life..the day geet became his better half’the day which she accepted him as her husband’the day which they took their relation ship a step ahead’
Maan:geet..agar mujei patha nehi tho mujei bathao ..why ur heart was pacing fast..why u missed me..kyun tum mujei deknekeliye tadaprahi thi..kyun meri eh shabd keliye tharaz rahi thi..bolo geet..
Geet backed from him..
Yes..this was the questions she was asking to herself..the answers she don’t know..
Maan:Bolo geet..jawab do.. reach..jaanvi.. missed u..
She said splitting her words..she did not look into his face..
Maans eyes was irritating n paining..
Dadi came as a saviour for geet..
Dadi:maan,I told u to wash ur eyes..
Geet:what happened to ur eyes maan..why its red..she asked in concern taking jaanvi from him..
Maan”when the building was collapsed the sand went into my eyes..i think..
Maan again rubbed his eyes..
Maan:let me wash my eyes..
He went to wash room’n he was splashing water inside his eyes..he came out wiping his face in towel’he took the night dress from geet n went inside washroom..he came out changing to it’
Dadi looked maneet..she thought some thing miss..maan always used the divider at corner of room to change’even if dadi was there in his room..when he was married to dd also, dadi has seen him changing inside the room itself’but y maan needs privacy’
Here geet was thinking about the questions maan asked..her heart knew she knows the answer,but she will not accept..she has to be pushed till edge to spill her feelings’
Dadi”maan show me ur eyes..
Dadi saw n said..
I think u got infected..u need treatment..
Maan:I ll go to dr.tomorrow..
Dadi:till that will u be able to bear the pain..see ur eyes are popping out at their place..
Maan:mere pass antibiotic thodi na hai..he said n laid on bed’
Dadi s mind struck something..
Dadi:geet can help u..
Maneet were confused
Maneet:how dadi?
They both asked in unison..
Dadi made geet sit on bed..n maan next to her..
Dadi:Maan,place ur head in geets laps.
Maan:y dadi..
He did not want to embarrass geet..
Dadi:just do as I said..
She ordered’
Maan looked at geet..there was a sudden awkwardness between them..
Dadi forcefully made maan lie his head on lap of hers..
Maan tried to get up as it was first time he was in that position n it was arousing him..her chest was near his face..n his breathe was falling on her bare waist’
Dadi:maan don’t move..geet, mothers milk can heal anything’just drop ,a few drops in his eyes..he will feel relaxed’
Maneet shocked ..unison
Maan sat on his place..
Maan:no dadi..
Geet couldn’t say anything..her voice struck in throat’
Dadi:maan y?its late night n now u cant go 2 dr. also’n this is best anticeptic..listen to me’
Maan:wo..dadi..i will go 2 dr.2morrow..let it be..
He tried to move..
Dadi saw the uneasiness between them..but shrugged off thinking may be becoz she is speaking up openly..
Geet beta,see his eyes..
Geet saw his eyes which are looking blood red..n still he was in pain trying not to rub before that they may get rid of this situation ‘
Dadi again made maan sit..
Dadi:maan,don’t risk ur eyes’
Geet,cant u see his him..every minute ur delay will make his irritation more..
Maan:dadi,I don’t believe this ..
Dadi:trust me old enuf to know what is best at which situation’
Dadi:Maan lay in her laps..dont say u feel shy..
She forcefully made Maan lay on geets laps’
Geet hesitantly lifted her sari n removed her hooks of blouse’
Maan kept his eyes closed not want to open..
Dadi:if u kept ur eyes shut how will ur eyes get healed..
He opened the eyes..his little moment made contact of his face with her curves..both looked here n there than each was more embarrassing for them..
Dadi:arei,tum dono kyun sharmarahi ho..ok,let me help you..
Dadi helped to keep his eyes open..maan can watch her so close..n his breathe gave an unknown sensation in her..she placed her hand under his head for support n geet squeezed her breasts with other hand to make milk drop in his eyes..maan hissed in pain feeling the warmth of liquid in eyes..his hands went on its own accord behind geets back n held her for support bcoz of pain…geet gasped bringing maan to reality..her sari covered maans face’
Maan left her back..n maan lifted his head to move from her..the moment again repeated..his face was between her curves..the sensation was blissful for maan..his lips pressed her he kissed her..
Geet was under his spell,but was aware of dadis presence’she slowly placed maans head on pillow replacing her lap..there was dead silence in the room’
maan was thinking to remove the barriers n kiss her breathless’n make love to her till she feel tired..her nearness was affecting him badly..testing each n every inch of his patience..
Dadi broke the silence..
Dadi:geet,just do this 2 r 3 times at night..see maan will be fine in morning..
Geet just nodded her head..she excused n went to washroom to control her heartbeats..
Dadi :maan,now take rest..
Jaanvi came n sat over maan ..
Dadi:ok..gud night beta..tomorrow jaldi utna’5am,pandit will come for pooja..
Geet came out after composing herself..
Dadi bid gn8 to her n left..maneet were in bed showing their back to each other..this was the first time they r feeling awkwardness..
Dadi came back to say if maan is not well we will do pooja later..but she stopped at entrance seeing them both’
Jaanvi was sleeping by now..
Dadi:from when maan has this problem to speak..
She was about to call him..
Maan: now dadi is not u don’t want to repeat it’I know u feel uncomfortable..
Dadi came back to her room thinking maans words..then she thought their weird behavior..
Dadi:y they must be shy..they are husband n wife only..y geet must feel uncomfortable..
Dadi st:have they not moved in relation..are they still only parents of jaanvi..not husband n mein kya sochraha hoon..they are almost married for more than two can it be..its only my thinking..
She shrugged of her thoughts n slept..
Maan was not able to sleep bcoz of pain..geet was also not sleeping..his tossing on bed made her feel his pain..its almost 2..she cant hold more..she came to maan..n took him in her laps..maan did nt expect this move..but he kept mum..
He said in helplessness..not trusting himself..
Geet:if its not ur eyes,I too would not have come near u..its a way of treatment only..i cant see u in pain..
She did the process again n went to her side to sleep..
Maans st:why don’t u think geet..its ur love..that u cant see me in pain..
After an hr she again repeated..this time he can feel himself relieved from pain’so he slept n geet also slept as maan slept peacefully..
It was 4.30 maan woke up..n saw the daily lovely sight..he woke up geet making jaanvi to sleep with pillows on either she may not fall from bed..
They both got ready..n moved downstairs to pooja,without knowing the fact,this day is going to take a big turn in their life..
Maan:geet,u did not answer my question till now’
How can she say,she don’t know the answer’panditji called Maneet sat for pooja wass 3yrs..there is no more pain in their lifes..they prayed only for their partners soul to rest in peace’
The day again was normal..adi n Vicky was teasing pinky,who breathed heavy bcoz of the grown bump..only geet was trying to be normal..maans piercing gaze always asked her the question n she was fighting with her inner turmoil to find the answers’.
It was 6pm..the guests started to arrive..jaanvi was dressed in her new barbie golden coloured frock..with a small crown..maan was in his casuals..geet was wearing a red sari with a sleeveless blouse..she wore sleeveless very rare..she was in her natural make jewels than a small chain n mangalsutr..her forehead adorned with sindoor..maan was drooling her slim hands n bare shoulders..he so much wanted to kiss her nape n her earlobes..n hear her moan’maan was brought back by vaishali n her father..
Hallo maan
Hello uncle..
How r u..
He thought till now maan called me sir..why this sudden change..
Then dadi called every one for cake cutting’janvi was blessed n showered with gifts..vicky was looking at geet for some entertainment..
She has already made arrangements ..
The tv famous dance kids performed ..and all were surprised to see their talents..
Maan was looking for geet n jaanvi who were missing from sometime..
Suddenly there was a spot light n geet was standing there..
Geet:now it will be a surprise for all.. last performance will be by a cute angel..whom u all know..
All were talking to themselves who it will be..
The lights went off n they heared only the voice of a child..
Hello everyone..thanks for coming to my birthday function..n thanks for giving me gifts..
Now the lights were on’n there stood jaanvi in a small red n green chudi..looking so cute..geet was holding the mike..
I want to do a small performance before u all..hope u all like it’
Even dadi,maan pinky n adi were surprised bcoz they don’t know even s about surprise..
Now a music was full of jathis..
Tha thai thai thak..
N our jaanvi was doing guru namaskaram to geet n performing bharatnatiyam was only 3 minutes she performed but the hall was quite..lost in the moments of little hands n legs showing perfect mudras..
Jaanvi atlast finished n all gave a huge applause’
Maan ran to jaanvi who was already in embrace of geet..
Maan:jaanvi,u danced so well’how did u do this..
Jaanvi:mama taught me..
Maan looked geet admiringly..
Dadi:how come we don’t know about this..
Jaanvi:mama told it will be a surprise for all n I must keep it as secret..
Dadi kissed jaanvi:it was a surprise really..
Vicky:wo tho hai..princess stealed the show..
Vaishali:ya,really she was too future she can become a gud dancer also,,
Geet took jaanvi in her arms..
Geet:bas bas nazaar math daalna meri beti par..
Vaishali:kya di..meri nazar nehi lalgegi humari bachi par..
Geet:okok..bohut hogaya..go n look after guests..
Vaishali:come Vicky lets go’
The first time vaishalis father saw the change in vaishalis behavior ..her free behavior in mansion n closeness with them..sometimes her red cheeks when Vicky said something to her..she wacking his arms’
Maan came to him
Maan:they both are comfortable with each other..haina uncle..
maan”hmm..can we tie them together..
it was straight forward from maan,which made him shock..
vp:beta,what are u saying..kahaan tum log..aur kahaan hum..
maan:uncle..what r u thinking..n y r u thinking about status..they both love each other..n we r ok with it..we like vaishali ‘do u have any problem with Vicky..
vp hurriedly said nono beta..vicky is gem like u..vaishali must be lucky to be the dil of this house..
geet:then y r u thinking..
vp:geet..she is a motherless child..n very childish..will she be able to take responsibilities of ur house..
dadi:that’s the speciality of vaishali..wo childish hai’aur humara Vicky samjdar..donoko khoob chalega..just say yes..we want only ur approval..haan..shaadhi tho unki padaai khatam honeki baadhi hoga..
vaishalis father was stunned by them..who r rich n high in status..but very polite,humble n down to earth’
my daughter is lucky to be a part of ur family’
he said his approval.. request..
haan beta..
geet:don’t tell them that we have finalized their marriage’until they finish studies n approach us ..
maan:ya..that will be a surprise..
vaishalis father smiled n accepted happily..they fed sweets each others on finalizing their marriage without their knowledge’
slowly the guests started to leave’
pinky was in sari n her baby bump was visible..she sat exhausted on couch after the party..
priya n jaanvi were playing running here n there..once they both was about to fall on pinky..
adi:kids..if u fall ur baby sis or bro will get careful..
jaanvi:baby kahaan hai uncle..
adi:inside ur bua’s stomach..
jaanvi:why baby is not playing with us..
priya:haan papa,I want to talk to my sibling..
pinky felt the kick..
pinky:u want to feel baby..r8..come here..
she took both of kids hands n kept on the place where baby was kicking..
pinky:bua,whats that..
pinky:baby says hai to sisters..
they both kept their ears on her stomach n tried to hear the voice of baby..adi n pinky chuckled’
pinky:only u can feel moment u cant hear ..
jaanvi was looking at her belly for some more time..n then she ran to geet..she pulled her near dining table..jaanvi climbed on the chair to reach her height..n lifted geets sari around her waist..she touched her stomach all over..geet couldn’t understand..maan who came to drink water also saw it..
geet:jaanu,kya karrahi ho
jaanvi:mama,aapki under bhi baby hai kya?
Maneet were shocked..n don’t know how to answer..
Geet was the first to come out of shock..she made jaanu sit in dining table n cupped her face..
Geet:jaanu,u r the one n only child to us..meri under kabi baby nehi aayengi..
Jaanvi:mujei aapki under bhi baby ko hai bolna hai..
Geet was having tough can she explain her there is no relation between them n it wont happen ever..
Maan saw geet,who was nervously fiddling her sari…now he wants to handle jaanvi..
Jaanvi:mama.mujei bhi bhai chahiye..
Geet closed her eyes,she want to deny jaanu..for first time..
Geet:wo kabi nehi hoga jaanu..
Maan saw jaanus face shrunk..she was disappointed..
Maan:jaanu,bua ka boy is also yours bhai na..
Jaanu:nehi papa..he will be priya di’s bhai na..i want bhai..mama ki andher se..
Maan:jaanu,go n play with di..
Dadi who was still now hearing their conversation saw maneet faces..both were not able to see their eyes..mostly geet..
Dadi st: so,what I suspected was right..u both acted well before me..but don’t forget im also ur dadi..n I know how to make u move on…
Jaanu:but papa when will bhai come inside mama
Dadi:bohut jald ,they will give u bhai jaanu..tumhare mummy aur papa tumhara icha kabhi taal nehi sakthi..
It was a big blow for maneet..they both saw dadi with shocked expression’how can they fulfil her wish..
Jaanu :sachi dadi..
Dadi came near the three..she took maneet hands n kept on jaanvis head..
Dadi:tumhari kasam’they will fulfil ur wish’now go n play..
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