You are my Love – Part 50

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Maans face expressions changed..
now I remember ..U r sameera handa…matlab..
geet also looked at her like she also got to knew what she is about to say..
hmmm..geet is my sister..brij n raji r also my siblings..
geet got her lifes biggest shock.. I never knew I have a sister..papa never said nor bhai..
geet asked her..
this information has shook her more..if meera is her sister ..she has took the place of her sister’s..
meera nodded her head no..
no geet don’t think u have taken my place’before knowing u r my sister’I planned u to take my place of maan..
par kyun meera..
bcoz of our father..mohinder handa..
naina saw her struggling to talk..
I’ll continue meera..u need rest’
Naina continued..
Mohinder handa.. n meeras mom loved each other..but his dad raj handa did not approve their love ..he has already given words to make geets mom as his dil..n more over meeras mom was a city mr.raj thought a village girl will be perfect..n will be obedient to look after the house..but mohinder married meeras mom against his status also she was far rich from mr.raj..mohinder stayed in Mumbai with his in laws’n looked after their business..they tried to convince raj..but he denied to accept that time raj handa’s health went down n geets mom rano took care of him..n raj was guilt for not keeping his meera was in her moms womb..
Naina stopped how to say..
Meera signaled to carry over..

Meeras mom failed to give happiness as wife..n mohinder handa found it later that she cant ever give him satisfaction as wife..

Maneet looked at naina with questioning eyes..

Bcoz meeras mom also had same heart problem..once mohinder went to hoshiarpur to see his father..his father again asked him to leave meeras mom n marry rano..seeing geets mom ,n her care towards his father n thinking about his needs which cant be fulfilled by meers mom..he married rano..without the knowledge of meera’s mom’he visited both families secretly..when meera was about to born,mr.singhania went to hoshiarpur to see mohinder n found him married..n rano was pregnant by 2 months..he came back to Mumbai n took all his anger on meeras mom for marrying a cheap guy..her mother was broken..
She wrote a letter to meera..
I failed to be a wife..
Ur father betrayed me..
I m going to fail as a mother
As something says I’ll not be there for u..
I ‘m betrayed by ur father..
Still I love him..
His love may not ne true
But my love is true..
If he had said about to me
I would have happily made him married to another girl..
Nothing is more important than his happiness n u..
If he comes to you..
Don’t hate him..
Bcoz he is ur father..
If ur step mom accepts you..
U stay with them n shower ur love to ur siblings too..
-Tumhare Badnazeeb maa
Meeras mother died giving birth to her..bcoz of the over pressure in heart..n the stress she went thru in last days during pregnancy..her father mr.singhania brought meera up.he did not let mohinder near meera..he gave his name for meera..n the properties also went to meera…but thinking about his daughter’s death he was so much devastated..he too passed away ..then maasi brought her. mohinder came to see meera 3-4 times a maasi only knew about her mothers letter she thought he will take her with him one day with her..meeras love will conquer his heart..but he never said to rano that he was married n he has a girl..later he also stopped visiting meera..poor girl after reading her mothers letter she kept on waiting for her father..she lost her patience once n visited hoshiarpur..their she came to know mohinder n rano died in an accident n she asked about his children ..they said they were staying in relatives home.but did not give any solid information..from that time she was searching for brij,she don’t know geet n rajji was also left in her family…
Whats the reason with her father n our marriage..
I will answer naina..mei koi mahaan nehi hoon share my husband with another girl..
This sentence shocked maneet..
When I came to know about our baby..i was so happy..but my heart will continue to our drs said to abort n I did..then I took u to anath ashram..bday parties of adopted childrens..introduced u to families which took test tube babies treatment..u was so stubborn having ur own child..n u gave me such a strong hope that u will not go to other girls ..u so much tried to keep our relation..i came to know how much u was shattered after ur parents was ur reason to come back…so,I don’t want u to shatter again..i thought of giving u a new reason to I searched for surrogate mother..which u don’t approve..i thought a girl who can gain ur trust can become a mother of ur child..n I choose geet as ur secretary.her innocence n her pure heart…purely thinking to make her a mother of ur child..its only my selfish ness..i took her situation as my positive a girl ,I know how her life will be after giving ur child n I helped her to study’rajji took my heart..without knowing the reason I fell in love with both’I made u both know each other..but which I never expected happened..u started to fall for geet’the reason which I thought maan will trust geet,the same reason made maan fall in love for her’but he avoided thinking of me’I saw the same love in geets eyes..
A fear came ..what if u also did the same as my father mother did not know about my father..but I know..i cant give u baby nor ur happiness. ..then I thought any ways my life is short,why cant I make u both one…making u married with my permission will give me less pain than u betray me’sry..maan its not like that I don’t trust u..but,my father left such an impression in me’at one stage dev found ur attraction to geet’n I have to spill the beans of my health n ur love..n he also helped me to get u married to geet..
N I made geet accept uto give baby. ,as she felt its time for her to show her gratitude..i told half about me..n the other half I never had time to say..i t was really hard for me to keep u away n see u with geet..mei bhi ek satharan insaan hoon maan..dard hua..seeing u with geet..till I saw brij’he is a copy of our father..n I understood geet is my heart n mind quarreled that day..what I did with my sister is right or wrong’after that I came to a husband is a precious gem..who can keep my sister happy till eternity..n my sister is so caring ,who always think about others happiness..u both are made for each other..geet can take care of dev n dadi after my departure.’n then what happened u all know’
Sorry geet..if I have hurt bacha mera khwaish hai..sirf meri nehi dev aur dadi ka bhi’do u accept me as ur sisterna geet..or do u hate me..
Didi’how can I hate you’for the mistake of our father..u have always taken care of me as sister ..u r always there for me,when I needed someone most..whne I missed my family,my brother..agar aap nehi hothi tho kya hotha..i couldn’t even think..aap meri didi ho..hamesha rahegi..bus bhagwaan se yehi shikayat hai,why I did not meet you long years before’
She cried hugging meera’
I love you didi..i don’t hate you..
It was so emotional naina also had tears seeing the sisters..
Meera.u did all this for me..
Meera saw the guilt in his eyes..
Will you both promise me one..
I don’t want to see guilt in both of you ‘maan you will look after my sister n take care of her without guilt.. ..u both will never leave each other’.i want to be a gud memory in your life not being a cause of guilt’wadha karo..
She extended her hands n they both promised her..
Maan,I ve transferred mu properties to my bro n sis’take care of them..
Hmm..why are saying this meera..nothing will happen to u..we are with you..
maan,saying fire will not burn ur mouth..let me finish what i want to say..i must say this today or tomorrow n u must know it
Geet,maasi has no one for herself..from now you 3 will be her childrens..n..
Mei maaka khayal rakunga..aapka maasi meri bhi maasi hai..i’ll take care didi..bus aap aaram keejiye..geet brushed her hair’
She closed her eyes in tired n maneet screamed
Meera opened n smiled weekly..
I’m just going to sleep..not to die..
Maneet closed her mouth..
Naina looked at meera..she was sleeping peacefully as her burden from her heart is removed..but her hands was holding maneet together’

after sometime when meera was in deep sleep they removed the hands from her n went out of the room..
Naina followed them’
Their heart was weighing like they have a rock in it..the burden which meera lessened was in their heart..
Is there any chances we can do for meera..
Bhabhi kuch keeji ye na..
Its too late..
We cant do anything..than keeping her happy n fulfilling her wishes’I n dev was doing that till now..n from now I wish u also do the same..
Maneet looked at each other..
We will keep her happy..
When will u discharge meera..
Tomorrow..we can take her home..this type of droppage in health occurs often..that time we should take care of her’
Maneet stayed with meera in hospital..rajji came after some time ..she hugged n cried ..later brij,dadi maasi n naina left to mansion as maneet wanted to stay with her..
geet forced meera to eat n meera forced geet to eat..she said she needs for health n meera said geet to have for baby..atlast they both fed each other n slept..maan was looking the bond between them’he made his mind..he will keep meera happy n fulfill her promise..thats what he can do for her..

the next day..
meera was better the next day..n was discharged..
they returned to mansion..but meera asked to go to outhouse..
she asked maneet to take maans room n she will take their next..
maneet denied..but getting angry glare from meera,they accepted..
u have to accept the relation infront of me..u will behave normally before me..facing me daily u must get that u did not do any mistake..rather u have given me extreme happiness of my life..
at first it was hard for maneet n slowly they became normal’
meera used to go to mansion n she will close the room which she used with maan..maneet don’t know what she did behind the doors..but others were they know..
after 10 days, meera took maneet to the room n opened it’it was painted with blue n white was totally changed into a nursery with all boy stuffs’it was decorated with small n bid toys n cartoons hanging..a small crib ..geet was over whelmed.. sab..
meri AYUSH keliye..i know it will be a boy’
dev came..what if it’s a girl’n will be a small meera..
no dev..even if its girl u will not name her meera..i want to be in ur memories..not by keeping my name..n i think my name is unlucky..i don’t want their baby to live long..
she said in a stern tone..
samji will never keep my name..
dev tried to calm her..
n what else u have bought for ur boy..
meera opened the cupboard..n showed the clothes n shoes which she has kept along with the things maan bought previously..
maan ,the things u bought for girl ive kept here she opened another cupboard..
dadi ,maasi brij and rajji also joined them’rajji n brij behaved normally with geet..brij was doing well in his carreer n rajji was topping in her studies..the thrre got mothers love from maasi..all hided the pain before meera n kept her happy the same time all pampered geet n her baby..geets reports came normal at the end of 3 n naina sighed in the complications are no more’at one side all are happy expecting babys arrival..and on other side was unhappy knowing any thing may happen any time to meera..the care n love has extended meeras time..
maneet was in their room at night..maan was kissing geets belly showering his love on it..they have accepted to live along with fate..maneets romance was still on..but they kept inside the room..maan took same care of geet as he kept in farm house’they were back again with teasing n romancing..n feeding healthy foods..maan made her happy knowing geet must also be happy n out of that her delivery will be easy’n the baby will be healthy..

after 7 months’
geet was in mansion’n all family members also having breakfast together..geet got labour pain n naina asked maan to take car out so they may take geet to hospital’
geet refused n asked them to take to maan meeras room which was now the nursery for baby..geet was too stubborn n they have to agree for it’naina took her equipments n came to geet..she also gave some prescriptions to dev n asked to get them immediately..she asked the servant to prepare hot water..maan dadi n maasi was beside geets side’geet was screaming in pain..maan couldn’t see her suffer like this..
he asked geet why she don’t want to go to hospital..
no maan..aaahhh..this room will have..aah’a new memory of didi..her ayush will give’aahh birth in which his badi maa has decorated’aahh’naina was all ready now..
dadi,maasi u both can go n stay out..let maan be here’
they left..brij n rajji were pacing outside restlessly’
geet..take long breathe in n push with full force’
geet clutched the pillows tightly..
push geet..
maan was getting so hyper n restless moreover helpless..he just hold geets arms n requested her to push’
after a few minutes of struggle geet gave a final push n the baby came out crying.outside all were happy hearing babys cry..
‘naina holded baby upside down..
geet see what baby is it..
maneet smiled n said in unison..
haan ayush..boy..
naina cleaned baby..n treated geet..naina gave the baby to maan wrapped in towel..he took the baby to meera’s garlanded photo..
congrats meera..u have become badi maa..ur ayush has come to the world..i’m father now..a tear rolled down his cheeks..
naina came to him..are u crying veerji..
no khushi ki azoo hai..meera ne meri har sapna poori ki family is completed’he came to geet n giving ayush in her arms’

precap…epilogue..with maneet romance..
i need lengthy comments this time..n i request silent readers also to comment for atleast one this is last part..i want the epilogue atleast after 15 pages of comments..i get min 150+ to 2oo+likes..cant i expect 15 pgs cmnt this time..


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