You are my Love epilogues 2

Hai friends,
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warning this part has 18+ contents
It was ayushs first b’day..
The mansion was decorated was a grand party..all persons from relations,friends n business were present there..All were happily celebrating..ayush was jumping from one person to,naina,dadi,maasi,brij raji..pinky adi.geet maan…he was so much loved by all..he was such a cutie pie..after the cake cutting,ayush was fed by both maan n geet..ayush was told to give maan n geet..n ayush being naughty applied cake on boths face more than giving in their mouth..then the cake was distributed .maan n geet excused themselves to get cleaned’when they entered the room ,maan locked n pinned geet to the door..

Maan,,aap ye kya..
Her words stopped when he started to lick the cream in her face..
Maaann..she moaned pulling him closer..
Will u not clean me..
He asked her with a naughty grin..
Geet slowly started to lick him with her tongue..when she came to his lips she made an out line of his lips with hers not taking fully..

Maan gave an angry glare n captured her lips..
U r so tasty..
He said within the kiss..
Its cake not me..
I know how lavishing u r..
He came down kissing her neck..
he kissed her earlobes..biting softly..pressing himself on hers..his arousal was felt by her n she needed him badly..
Maan..i couldn’t hold..take me..
She asked..
Maan stopped..
Geet guests are down..we must go..
He went to wash room n cleaned..he avoided her eyes n went back to the party..
Geet was now sure something is wrong n maan is hiding..

After the party has finished all were chatting happily in the hall..
Maasi:dev,now its ur turn..when are u going to give us happiness..
Dev:maasi,what r u saying..i don’t understand.. r u not happy now..
.naina slammed her hand in her forehead..
Naina:he is so buddhu..
Geet heared n giggled..
Naina grew red..
Tumbhi geet..
Dadi:dev,she says its time for us to see ur baby..
Dev smiled sheepishly:oh..
Dadi:dev..we are waiting for ur answer..
Dev:wo..hmm..dadi..when bhai will give us another child na..after then..

Maan shouted:what?
Dev:whats in it bhai..u r screaming llike this..
Maan:dev,we have ayush..its only an year..n u asking for next..
Dev:we have decided bro..may be 2 -3 years..we will wait..we will also enjoy till then..n ive made arrangements also..he winked at maan..

Dev:see in ur room’
Geet looked at maans face..he was suppressing his restlessness n he looked pale..
What happened maan..
Wo kuch nehi..i’m tired..u all continue..
Maan left to his room..leaving baffled family members..
Brij,u r also settled thinking to search a girl for u..
Brij looked down in shy..
Wo maa..
Bhai,u r shying..matlab..who is the girl..
Prami..juniour artist hai.she has only a brother…if u all are ok..i’ll ..
Okok..we understood..
Brij..tum tho chupa rustam nikle yaar.. its magni fat shadhi..kal mei panditji se baath kartha hoon..
Shadhi tho hogi ..when my rajjis exams are finished..
I love u bhai..mei ye sochrahi thi I cant enjoy having exams..
After a lots of leg pulling,teasings n chats all retired to their rooms..brij has bought a house near mansion..n now he lives with rajji n maasi they went to their house..

dev took ayush to his room..ayush is now used to sleep with dev n naina..
geet entered their room thinking she will confront maan today..y he is ignoring her..n y he screamed when dev took the topic of another baby…she felt hurted with her husbands ignorance..what will be the reason behind it..when she has shamelessly asked him to take her..after that too he avoided her…

but maan was pretending to sleep …geet took her night dress n moved to washroom..maans aroma was still on her..n she was craving for him..he has awakened her desires that her body was earning to be touched by him..she opened the shower n stood under it..
where I failed to be his wife.. she started to cry..
maan opened his was more than an hour geet went inside n has not come out..he can hear the flow of water..
he decided to call her when he heared her whimpers..he opened the door immediately only to see geet on floor hugging her knees n crying…
geet..jaan..kya hua..why are u crying..
he asked wiping her tears..he was also drenching in water along with her..
maan..whats wrong with u think I lost the beauty after becoming a u think I’ll not satisfy u..
no geet..its not like that..
then say me maan where I failed to be a gud wife..y u r not nearing me the way u was before..have u got bored with my body…
geeet’he shouted..
how can u think like that geet..
u r the most beautiful girl in the can u say I got bored with u..u r looking more gorgeous after ayushs birth..u have got a glow after his birth n I couldn’t take my eyes out from you..nor my hand..
geet looked at him..
then say y u r avoiding me..
nehi maan..i feel like im no use of u..or sometimes I think our marriage is only for baby u got u don’t need me’
geeettt..he don’t know how to stop her..

he crushed his lips on hers..taking away all her pain in his..his hands founds it way removing the strings on blouse n sliding along with her sari..he kissed her bossoms..its beautiful than before’
he came again to her lips devouring her.their wet body was creating havoc inside them..

maan kissed her again removing her dresses n thowing it aside..geet also did the same..n this time she made him bare as her..
maan carried her to their bed’
she gave him hot kisses .not leaving an inch of his body..she was making him jelly ..she came over him .
maan I love you..i cant live without you..i cant be away from you
I need u geet..i too need u..i too love you geet..
She silenced him with another open mouth kiss..this time she was evil a swift of moment she settled herself over him..n maans last ounce of contol broke when she moved up n down..
Geet..geet..he moaned her name ..his hands wandered on her body ..he flipped her n now he was on top of her..he moved with where she stopped..geet was moaning his name..n it gave him immense pleasure to speed up his rhythm..he marked her body with his love bites..his control of one year he lost today.. it was so much in need to have her under him every night n he was making love taking his longingness..
Ah..maan..yes..yes..yes..her every sweet moans took toll over him n their romance heated up their room..
He collapsed over her filling her..they started again when he saw the softness under his lips..he sucked her,licked her,teethed her ..geet pulled him more closer n closer to feel him..he started the process again feeling aroused..they lost the counts of love they did throughout the night..till morning..they slept around 5..
Morning all were in dining..maneet did not show up..naina has already given bath to ayush n dev was feeding him baby food..
Where is maneet..
Bro must be thinking about what I said..
Another baby..ayushki bhai or behen..
Dev..tum bhi na..they must be tired after yesterday..
It was lunch they did not showup..
Im sure bhai never denies any of my wishes..
Dev kuch tho sharam karo..sab ke saamne..
Dev took ayush to wash basin n cleaned his mouth..
Chote papa..nini..(dev made him call as chote papa not as chachu..he wants to be like a father to him..)
He placed him on his shoulder n patted him to sleep..

Here maan woked up n saw geet looking at him..
She again took his lips in his..
He encircled his arms around her waist..pulling her close to continue another kiss..they broke for air..
For what..
For last was wonderful..she said blushingly..
Maans face expression changed.. u’regret it..
Geet asked in hurt..
Maan was mum..
Why maan’please open up maan..i cant handle this torture of being loved at one time n other time being distanced..mei marjaungi maan..
She cried holding maan..maan immediately shut her mouth with his..
I don’t regret last night..bcoz I too want u badly..but pls take an after pill now..
Geet knotted her brows..
Maan rested himself on bed post taking geet in his arms n placing between his legs..

Geet..i don’t want u to go through the same pain again..
What pain..which pain u r talking about maan..
She turned on his side all over him..his softness pressing his hard chest ..his hands moved on her back..she kissed on his chest..
Labour pain..
Geet lifted her up..
Maan..dont u want to have another child..
No geet..ayush is enough for us..
But why..
Im scared geet..he said lowering his voice whereas geet laughed like hearing a joke..
The great maan singh khurana is scared..oh..funny’

Its not funny geet..he shouted ..making geet jump..
Do u know geet what I went through when you are screaming in pain..
Maan..she gasped seeing his eyes showing pain..
Geet,u are not ready to go to hospital..we cant do anything against ur wish..i was with u that 2 u know how many deaths I faced that time..ur every scream took away my breathe..
When meera left her last breathe I was with her..ive witnessed her every pain..her every scream..n when I saw u screaming my mind was not working..i was dieng thousands of time..
maan showed his arms..
Do u know whats this geet..ur nails impression still in my arms..u held me so firmly, that ur every pain I felt when u scratched me..
You are my love geet..n I cant see my love in u know how much scared I was, till I saw u n ayush safe..that blood..i still remember fresh in my mind..what if anything happens to u both..kese kese khayal ayaa us din..
You are my love n he is symbol of our love..i cant survive without u both’I cant..n so only I decided to keep away myself from you..i know I can take protections to near u..but I feared what if I cant keep my hands away once I touched,I thought to keep our relation heartly not physically..bcoz you are my .breathe everything..mei tumhe khona nehi chahtha..i love you geet..i love you so much..than my life..
He poured all his thoughts out..his insecure feel..which was making him restless for past one year..
Maan..she silenced him again with a soulful kiss..
Maan..i never thought u have suppressed so much inside so sorry..n geet ko kuch nehi hoga..till maan is with her..
N they started with another session of love making..
Geet ..ayush is enough for us..
Maan..we will talk about it later..first let me take revenge on you for making me starve for an year..she kissed him n bite him making him moan..n maan also gave her the pleasure that she was seeking him..without knowing his sperms has already made its way to her womb’


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