You are my Love epilogues 3

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Dev n naina’s room..
Naina,don’t u think atleast now we must wake them up..its 4 darling..
Dev I know what u trying to do..u want a chance to tease they have given u chance ..
Hmmm..yesahi sochlo..
Thank god dadi has went to friends house..warna,she will also give u company in teasing them..
No probs..dear..when dadi comes I’ll say her..
U r impossible dev..
Ayush beta..lets go n make ur mummy papa red..chalo chalo..
Ayush nodded like he understood what his chachu said.. dono..dont know what r they going to do…hmmm.if veerji comes to msk mood dev will come back silently..
Naina took the scattered toys n started to place in its place..

Dev carried ayush in his arms n knocked maneets room..
Ayush call mummy whispered in his ears..
Maan was busy sucking her curves..
Maan chodo na..
Mummy daddy..
Geet pushed maan n rushed to wardrobe..she quickly wore a nightdress ..maan also lazily weared his dress..but again he layed on bed..geet checked herself in mirror n opened the door..
Ayush jumped to her..
Haan wo kya haina bhabhi..ayush was missing his mummy papa,who did not show up today fully..
He moved inside..
Geet was fully red..
Do u know bhabhi what time is is 4 evening..
Dev came n sat near maan..who was tossing on bed..
Bhai..i think ur hunger must have drained now..dont u think ur stomach also needs some..

maan glared at him..
Bro,have u broken bhabhis all bangles..
He pointed the broken bangles in bed..
Geet wants to hide herself..her devar was teasing them like hell..
Dev neared his ears n said..
I never thought my soft bhabhi will be so wild with you..
Maans eyes widened..
Bhai,u both have tried to hide ur best’but kya karun bhai..ur bhai hoona..
ur lips swollen same as bhabhi..n bhai u must have weared a shirt not vest’see
Maan immediately closed his mouth with his arms.. was saying something inside his palm..
Geet was too red..maan pushed dev out of his room n closed their room..
He is too much..
Geet smiled at him blushy blushy..
Geet I’ll eat u alive again’don’t blush..
Ayush jumped to his daddy n blabbered in his baby language..
Geet went to fresh up n next maan also..they both came downstairs only to face again dev n nainas teasy grin..
Maneet had their food silently as they both were starving..
Naina,is this the time to have lunch..
Nehi tho..wo kya haina dev..if we lose more energy we will eat too get energy..she said suppressing her smile playing along with dev..
Maans one angry glare made both shut..but they giggled for annoying them..
Ayush was in geets lap having his milk holding his bottle..
Bhai,did u see the envelope in ur room..
What envelope..
Our client malhotra’s invitation for his new venture..
So,ive bought tickets for u both..
Whaaat.hum dono..
.maneet asked in unison in shock.
Seriously geet,don’t u think u both need a break..enough of ur tie up of works..u both need some time for ur own..first u had personal problems..then work in kc n responsibilities..then marriage..then baby..then taking care of meera..her death..then ur also u both are running behind kc,ayush n responsibilities..the one week in farm house is the only time u spend with each other..
n I thought this will be best..
geet looked at maan..maan too thought they were saying the fact..they both have never spent time with each other..other than house..
but office dev..
I will look after it bro..u can trust me..
Ok..when is our flight..
Tomorrow morning 6..n mr.malhotras function is at evening..ive arranged for ur stay n all..
Ok..geet pack things..
Geet I’ll help u..

Naina,dev maaneet n ayush were in maneets room packing things..geet took ayush dresses..
Geet why ayush dress..
Then what will he wear their..
Ayush is not coming with u..
U both are going alone..n ayush will be with his chote papa..haina ayush beta..papa ke satth rehengi na..
He nodded yes..
Chachu ki chamcha’he always says yes to you..but can we without ayush..n what if he cries..shimla is not so near to reach..
Bro..he is my boy..n he will never cry when im with him..
Bro,do u think we cant take care of him..
Maan sighed ok..
In their packing sections n teasing sections geet forgot to buy after pills n have it..

The next morning maneet left to shimla’
They were in plane..geet was thinking about the last words naina said before leaving..
Geet,dev is so stubborn in having child only after hearing atleast u r pregnant..u know every girls want to be a mother..n I too..please give us gud news..soon..
Par naina..he is so much fond of kids why will he avoid having ur baby..
Yes,he also wants to be a father soon..but when it comes to his bros happiness..his happiness comes second..we have seen u both suffered a lot..we want u both to enjoy ur,only he has decided this..n I also agreed to him..bcoz meera will be happy to see u both happy..
Geet hugged naina..
I don’t know what to say..u all think about us so much..
If u want to say thanks..say it by giving us gud news..
Geet nodded..but her heart knew maan will not accept it..
Maneet reached has booked them a suit n they went their only to see it’s a honey moon suit’it was decorated with rose petals n smelly candles..creating a romantic mood..n maan s mood was on..he turned at geet who was fully red blushing seeing the arrangements of dev..maan lifted geet n moved to the bed which was decorated with rose petals heart shaped..
Geet closed her face with her palms..
Maan removed her hands..
Geet, im still having my clothes..r u having erotic dream ‘
Maan..she smiled shyly hiding herself in his chest..
Hmmm..i can make ur dream true..
With that he started to take off his clothes making geets eyes wide..
He winked at her..

Now mrs..khurana..aapki baari hai..

he said huskily near her ears making her shiver..he slided her saree n reached her blouse strings n removed the buttons..
Maan..she moaned..
Yese hi kaho gives pleasure to me..
Maan removed her blouse n started to kiss her from forehead ..placing butterfly kisses all over her face n sliding down her heaving chests..

Maan..she moaned when he took her mounts in his mouth.. name sounds musical from ur mouth..
He took another mount in his mouth kneading the other..
He came down to her stomach n kissed their n bit a was pleasure than pain..
Am I hurting u jaan..
No maan..u can never hurt me..its pleasure..
Oh love..
Ur simple words take me out of world..
I love u maan..
I love u too jaan..

He kissed her lips entering her mouth tasting her nook n corner..their tongues rolled over each other dancing like never before..
Maan again captured her full mouth n kissed her madly..
Oh..geet..u r so ravishing..
Maan came down again removing her sari along with skirt..his long fingers massaged her thighs bursting crackers in her body..maan bit her a little n she moaned..
Maan started to mark her his again from top to bottom..
Maan..pls..stop ur sweet torture..
Wait dear..u only asked me to take u often..n when I cherishing u ,u r asking me to its impossible to keep my hand away from u..when u have waken the desire inside me..
Maan opened their luggage n took the protection n weared it..
Hmm..its needed now..i cant see u in pain again..
Maan..i don’t think its needed..i want u without this..
Maan shut her with his kiss
I don’t want to take risk jaan..
He parted her legs n entered her slowly making her adjust n raised his speed when she was comfortable..n colapsed on her after another love making..they cuddled to each other n slept..but repeating some more times..
They had a wonderful day with each other..

Dev called him
Bhai..sorry to disturb ur lovey dovey moments..
Maan gritted his teeth..
Oops sry bhai..lagtha hai galath waqt pe phone kiya hai meine..kya karoon bhai..i want to remind u u have to go to malhotras place’
Hmmm..ok..n where is is he..
Don’t worry bro..he is fine..he is playing with all our staffs..
U are making kc as play station..
Its ok bhai..its all ours..ayush can play wherever he needs..
Hmm.. n say how is bhabhi..zyadha tang math keejiye meri bhabhi ko’
Dev cut his phone laughing loudly holding his stomach..
If bhai was here he would have killed safe here..

Geet n maan took a shower..they changed to best outfits..geet tried her best to hide all her love bites in makeup..when they came down all looked at the couples..same was at malhotras place..

when maneet entered all were looking at them only..they looked like made for each geet was beautiful..maan was handsome..both were complementing each other..they stayed their for some time..geet got some friends n maan was busy with some others..suddenly geet saw maan was missing..
She searched him every where’n he was not seen..
Maan called her..
Jaan..i got an urgent work..u wait for me there I’ll be in half an hour..geet got super angry with him..she tried to keep a smile face before all’atlast she went out n sat in the bench cribbing to her babaji..making baby faces ..

Babaji..will any one do like asking you husband left me here without even informing me..whats that work,that he left in half that work more important than his wife..
Mei hoon pagli.waiting for him more than an hour…mera beta..mera ladla wahaan delhi mei..aur mei hoon pagal us dusht ke saath yahaan aayi..aur wo..usko tho meri fikr nehi..he is busy with his work leaving me in this unknown place..babaji..mei kya karoon..aaphi bathayi ye..
Why are you troubling him jaan..ask me I’ll say u’love ur hubby..jaan..
Geet turned her face..
Chado..mujei aapse baath nehi karni hai..
Teekhai..baath math karo..lets go now..its burfing..
No..i’m not coming with u..
She again turned n sat showing her back to him..
Ufff..madam is really in a fowl mood..bohut manana padega maan babu..
Maan neared her n touched her shoulder
She pushed his hands..
My darling
My sweetheart..
My mishti..
Geet did not move a bit..maan smirked n imediately scooped her in his arms..geet jumped in his arms..maan..chodo..chodo..
Koi deklega.. carrying only my wife in my arms..
Geet melted in his words..maan placed her in car n drove to the hotel..
Maaneet entered the hotel..maan blindfolded her..
Maan..what r u doing..
Shhh..patience jaan’
He took her lift..
She heared the click sound of knob n sound of water flowing down..
He removed the blindfold ..she blinked her eyes to adjust to the light..
Do u like it..
Ye koi poochne ki baath hai kya..
I love it..par aapko ye idea kahaan se aayi..this looks like some function hall’
Geet looked around once more’the hall was very big.. side was lawn..
The other side was decorated with full greeny plants n flowers a small water fountain..n in middle was a bed actually a bed of flowers..
Maan im asking you..
Do u remember our intimation in park’
Geet remembered..they were almost about to make love in park that day..
Geet was again blushy..
Maan kissed her sideways..then eyes..he took a flower n traced a line on her back..
Maan..she moaned..
I want to make love like in park..
So,only u left me there..
Hmm..i want our time to be special..this is our second honey moon..jaan..
Geet lowered her eyes in shy..
He lifted her chin n kissed her again..
Don’t take ur eyes from me jaan..thats the window of ur soul..let me have my full meals today..
with that he took to the flower bed n soon they both got rid of barriers..n started kissing each other as they are kissing each other for first time..n their hormones started to play creating current inside them..
Maan with drew from her..
We can look after that tomorrow maan..dont go now..i need u now..dont leave me..
Maan again started from first taking her to highest peak of pleasure n then entered her with full thrust..
Yes dear..
Keep me calling dear..
He pushed himself as much as he could making her every nerves jolt ..
Are u ok..
He tried to be gentle,but he was out of was another endless night for them..
The next morning they both were again starting,when she woke up cuddled with him..
Geet ive made u so sore..n ive teethed u..are u having pain..
Geet smiled..
Its pleasure maan..not pain..
So then we can repeat whats ur opinion..maan asked naughtily..
N geet accepted..
They stayed in shimla for a week..their romance n making love was in full swing..they did not fail to callhome n chat with all..they missed ayush badly,but it seemed ayush was more comfortable with dev..he was so chipku to dev more than maneet..n maan was happy seeing it..
Maneet went for shopping n brought gifts for all..
When they returned home..they got the gud news of brij n pramis marriage fixed..the engement was fixed on that Sunday n the marriage was after 3 months when rajji s exam will finish..
Brij prami engagement held in a simple manner..

It was two months
geet n maneet were close to each other..maan was using protections n when he didn’t he thought geet is taking pills..but in real she didn’t..
geet found her periods skipped that month..she was sure she was pregnant again’still she want to confirm..she approached naina after a lot of hesitation..n the report came confirmed’naina was in cloud 9..geet was happy still confused how will maan react..
Geet requested naina as she herself will say the news to maan will be a surprise for him..
Naina accepted..
Naina was thanking god n meera for being supportive as an angel..she suddenly stopped thinking When she got her last periods..She went to check herself..

At night ..
Maneets room..geet was lost in her thoughts..maan came hugging from back..

Where are u lost jaan..
Bus yuhi..kuch sochrahi thi..
What is difference between pain n pleasure
Ye kesi sawaal hai geet..
Hmm.thats what im also thinking..
Maan closed the door n neared her..

He bite her earlobe..she screamed but held him closer..
He came to her lips n bite her..blood oozed out..geet was in trance of his kiss..he licked the blood n smoothed over it with tongue..
He came to her neck..where the skin was exposed’he bite her hard to make her scream again..he licked the place with his tongue creating havoc inside her..
Maan pecked her lips again..
He lifted her chin n said..
This is the difference..
Our pleasure is more than our pain..that pain also gives u pleasure..
Exactly..u said what I thought..
Maan,U ask me every time..,am I ok.r im getting hurt when having intimacy with u…what do u think was I in pain or pleasure when u made love for first time..
Maan looked at geet..
Whats the matter geet..u are asking such questions..
I’ll say maan first answer me..
Maan sat n made her sit in his laps..
Geet,at first it will be painful..u had immense pain when I broke ur virgin..
After that..
Now its pleasure..
Do u agree maan love making is pleasure..
Maan if I ask u anything u will give me na..
Hmm..when I have denied u geet..
Maan.. I want to experience a pleasure again..
What pleasure ready now he came nuzzling his nose to her ears..
Maan,aap bhi na..
Then what geet..
Geet took his hand n kept on her stomach..
Maan was thinking what she is saying about..
n maan realized what she said..
She is I was so careful..when I missed..
He looked her with scared face..he was living those moments again..

Maneet heared a knock on the door..
Geet went to open the door
Dev n naina entered the room followed by dadi n ayush..
Dev n naina was smiling sheepishly..
geet came n stood near maan..
naina asked her in whisper..
geet ,have u said the gud news to veerji..
she nodded yes..
naina pushed dev from stood opposite to maan..
what happened dev..
dadi was smiling at his stammer’
he took the sweet box from behind n extended to maan..taking a piece n shoving it in his mouth..
bro..i’m so happy..
im so happy’he jumped like a kid making all chuckle..
maan couldn’t say anything..
are you not happy bro..i’m going to be a father..hei hey..
what..what what..come again..
bro..naina is carrying..
maan looked at geet..she made him give the explanation himself..n made things very clear,she want to feel the pleasure of being a mother again..naina was also with me..she also faced the same situation n now she herself wants to be a mother feel the pain..she knew it’s a pleasure..yes get was right..that was pleasure for her..i will not spoil her happiness..she is fine after the birth..only I am living the past’I’ll overcome my fear…
maan hugged him tight ..yes dev I’m so happy..not only for u becoming a father..i’m also becoming a father again..
dadi was so happy to see the two girls conceived again..
dev..u said u will wait till my 2nd baby arrives..then how it happened..
bro..aap bi na..
dev was sharm se pani pani.. I’ll not leave u..tum tho mujei koi moka nehi choda chedne keliye ab meri bari hai..
maan tickled himn dev started to run..maan chased him..when they both got tired running after whole mansion,they sat in couch breathing heavily..ayush was clapping his hands in joy..seeing his father n chachu playing..
dadis eyes was filled in happy tears..
geet n naina was looking at them talking with each other..
no one can say he is going to be a father..he is running like a kid..
dev ko chod..maan ko dek..he is going to be a father again..n he is playing with his brother like a kid..
maan n dev sat in the sofa panting heavily..
bro..ok..ok..wo..that day after seeing u both happy I decided to move that ok..
maan sighed in relief..
im so happy..badepapa jo banne wala hoon..
from that day maan n dev looked after their wives carefully..

one morning in dining..
naina n geet was losing their patience ..the two brothers have took the kitchen for themselves,saying they will prepare dishes for their wife’s..
maan came out with pannier parotta..geets favourite..
dev came with pasta,which was naina’s taste similar as maan..
geet n naina ran to washroom to puke..
the husbands also ran behind them to help them..
when they were back to dining both naina n geet shouted on them for making dishes that made them puke’maan n dev s face turned sad..
now we are hungry..what to do..
geet took the pasta n naina took the pannier parotta n started to have it..
they are cherishing the dishes like it was their favourite..
maan n dev looked at each other n started to laugh..
their wife’s n their mood swings..
aap log kyun hasrahi ho..
bhabhi if u wont beat me I’ll say..
actually I dono to make pasta n bro don’t know to make panneer he made pasta n I made parotta..n u both are now cherishing our dishes..
teek hai teek hai..zyadha udneki zarroorat nehi..
they had fun having breakfast..n each n every day was their most happiest day..
3 months after ,brij-prami marriage also went so well..rajji topped her exams’every day maan n dev was baffled by the mood swings n cravings of geet n naina..n more than that ayush was becoming naughty day by day..all were running behind geet,naina n ayush..
n the day came for geet..maan n dev were in office..
N all others were in mansion ..making plans to make evening delightful..
Geet got her pain n this time she was taken to hospital..
Brij was about to call maan..geet stopped him..
U call dev..but ask him to bring maan at the time of babys birth..not before it..hw will get worried.
But ..
please bhai..
Ok..n brij called dev n said what geet said..

Geet was admitted in hospital..though naina was near her..another dr..looked after geet as naina was also in due..
Dev was in touch with naina n brought maan exactly at the time when they heared the cry of baby..
Maan was happy to hear the baby sound..
Dr.came out n gave the baby to them..
Congrats boy again mr.khurana..
Thanks dr..
Maan took the baby n kissed him..he gave to dadi..n baby was again passing to one by one..
how is geet..
She is absolutely fine..n mr.khurana..i want u to sign a paper..
Ur wife asked to do birth control operation,u know..
Maan thought how understandable geet was..
Ji dr..

Where is naina..
Dr.smiled at him..
Shayad bhagwan aapko aur khushi dena chahtha hai..naina is in labour’
Dev was nervous..
N maan comforted him..
After a while they heared the babies cry..
Dr.came out.. is naina..
She smiled ..she is fine ..n surprise for you..
two nurses came out carrying two babies..
yes mr..khurana..u r now father of two girls..
will there be more joy for them than this..
all were happy n in cloud nine..
after some time geet n naina were shifted to rooms..
maan looked lovingly at geet..
thanks geet..for another gift..
thanks tho mujei kehna chahiye maan..i was really worried that day..what if u don’t accept ..
how can I geet..when u explained me so much..n see now im the happiest man in we have two boys n dev has two daughters..we all are settled n promoted’as parents
same was with dev..he was in over joy of having twins..
naina..u know its twins.. a dr myself dev..n I know even the gender of our babies..
u did not say me..
it will not be this happy if I ve said u before..
hmm.thats true..

after a few days..geet n naina was discharged from hospital..
the day came for naming the childs..
this time maan asked geet to select the babys name..n dev has already decided what to keep..but kept as secret..
the pandit came n started the rituals..n asked maneet to say the name of child..maan looked at geet..
aman..aman maan singh khurana..
maan smiled..only changing a letter from maan she has named aman..
now dev..
meera dev singh khurana..n meena dev singh khurana..
maan n geet looked at dev..
bro,meera said u only not to name her..but not me..n meena..
meena is our mothers proud of u dev..
no bro ..its u who made me like this..aapki parvarish hai ye..
they heared ayush cry..
kya hua beta..
ayush stopped his cry..when dev took him in his arms..
sab nautanki hai his mother..noone is looking after him na that’s why this fake cry to make u all notice him..
ha,,kya kaha aapne maan..

phirse boliye..mei nautanki..ab mei batha tha hoon aapko kaun nautanki hai..
maan held his ears n said sry sry.. n geet was in mission not to fall for his plead..
all laughed at maneet as their rootna manaana n fake angers were always a part of their life..seeing maneets fight ayush n aman was also silent..when bade bache masti kare wahan chotein miyan ka kya kaam..bus dekthi jau’
its not going to be an end.of maneet.but an endless masti’with maneet n their along with their babies..

****** the end********


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