Geetanjali – Part 53


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The next 9 am all were ready..eagerly expecting to know where they are heading to..geet also packed necessary things for arav n ani’it was quiet intriguing for all as maan kept it as suspense’dadi,Vicky,geets mom n dad ,.maneet with babies sat in the limo’.they were driving in out skirts of delhi..
Vicky:jij,pls say where are we going..
Maan kept mum..
Geet:maan,why are u keeping mum now too..u can say now..say na..
Maan :u will know ‘then he encircle geet waist without anyone notice.. but geet cheeks turn pink.. but she manage to hide it from everyone.. maan enjoying his effect on her..
Knowing his stubborn attitude,even dadi n others didn’t question him..
Arav n ani made them divert’with their fun n bubbly gestures’
When the car took the turn all came to know where they were heading other than he is new there’
Dad:beta,hum hoshiarpur ki taraf jarahi hai na..magar kyun..ab humei wahaan koi kaam bhi ghar na farm..he said painfully..
Maan gave a sweet smile..assuring him whatever he does will not hurt them..
Maan:trust me..mei aap ko duk nehi doonga’
Geet looked maan with meanful look..n he assured everything will be fine’but none couldn’t understand why they were back..
Vicky:sis,will u say what place is this’n y all are getting emotional..
Geet looked outside n started to explain she n anjali spent their times inhp..when she was a rano explained..n it mostly had only anjalis memories’
The villagers looked at the limo in curiosity..n some followed the car stopped before their house..geets father n mother was lost in old memories looking at the house which once belonged to them..n which they sold before leaving with geet..the painful memories stopped when maan asked them to come inside’they entered with a confusing look..when they entered they were overwhelmed to see the house in same position..only difference is now which was filled with maneet arav n ani Vicky dadi n rano with kids ‘the lovely moments with each other…n in mid was anjalis photo with a garland..
Rano:maan sab..
Maan:I know mama..u all have memories with this house..n how can I let it go even if u had..even my memories are anjalis bachpan yehi se shuru hua na..and geet ka bhi..meri wajase aap logo ne ye bejdiya tha n u know how hurt I was when I heard that u sold ur house n farm’I bought it back..
He gave the documents of house n farm to geets father..
Maan:papa,pls..dont do this aap ka ghar hain’aap ka hi rahega’geet looked maan with tearful showed her gratitude thru her eyes..she came near him n hugged him..
Geet:thank u maan..
Maan:why are u saying thanks geet..kya tumhare mom n dad meri mom n dad nehi hain..i lost my parents when im small..ur parents are like my parents’I’m not that bad geet to take away my parents memories from them..they have already lost anjali..not the house which has her memories n this house they had spent their full life here..’till im alive.i wont let it go from them…
Geet closed his mouth instantly’dare u say something like that maan ur life is not urs its mine and kids.. samjhe
Dadi:maan,when all things are getting right y u r saying anaap sharaab things..u brought us here to enjoy or make us sad..
Maan:sry dadi maa..i want every one to be happy’I cant change the past..
He looked anjalis photo n said’all can sense the pain in his voice..
Maan:..but I can change the present n future..there will be no more sadness in our life’I’ll fill it with happiness..
Ani came crawling to him n he took her in his arms..
Haina baby..we all will have a happy life..and peck her chubby cheeks..
Arav also came to him..n maan took him on other side’
Maan”babies,say how is ur nanis get excitted and showing their toothless smile to all..
Maan took them with him taking a tour of the house..n they reached geets room..maan was saying all sweet things
Maan:we will go to farm also..we will do lots of masti..
Aroo n ani gave a cheeky smile’
Geet came from behind..without
He pulled her to his laps..
Maan:how can we without u sweet heart..he looked at her with an intimate look..n winked..she blushed’
Geet”maan leave me na..babies are seeing us..
Maan:meri pyaari bacho..aankhein band karo’we will play hide n seek..
..ani as an obedient daughter closed her eyes.but aaroo how can he..he still had a little possessiveness on his mom..he cant see his dad with too he was fuming inside seeing his dad hugging his mom..remembering how maan teased him by kissing his moms bossoms,he closed his eyes half heartedly..maan looked at his two cuties..then smirked at geet..who was shocked seeing the kids obeying him..her mouth was wide opened in big O..maan immediately took her lips making her knees jelly..her gasp made aaroo open his eyes’ n he was shocked seeing them both kissing..maan kissed geets cheeks n said’
I love ur cheeks when it turns apple..
Geet was too shy..she looked here n there’
Aroo..i know my dad..he will be close to my mom’he pouted his small lips’he is again kissing my mom’
Geet was moaning maans name..when she opened her eyes she saw aaroo with pout n she understood him..she came out of maans spell n hug..she took aaroo n kissed his both cheeks’now its time for maan to make baby faces’n aroo looked at maan with winning smile..see my mom left u for me’.
maan- u leave with ur son.. i m going with my darling daughter.. atleast she give me kiss without teasing me not like u both…
Maan took ani n moved to the living room’after sometime the house was filled with villagers who loved the handas..they were very much happy to see them back in their house..with geet married to maan n havingtwins..maneet with Vicky n kids went to farm’maan has arranged caretakers n so the farm was still maintained..they all sat under a big tree..ani took the dry leaves in her was colourful n attracted her..aroo also took it n both started to play..maneet n Vicky were chatting..maan left for some time..he came back n showered geet with hand ful of flowers’she was shocked seeing maan being romantic even before her brother..
maan – love u mishty… geet is get too touched with this and hug him tight..
geet – love u too maan… and kiss his cheeks.. then realise vicky is watching them she blush and hid her face in maan’s chest..

but Vicky didn’t care much..he was happy for make the situation ease,he started a normal chat..
Vicky:lovely place peaceful’n serene..fresh air..this make geet look vicky and she too start talking normal..
Geet:u know Vicky..i n anjali use to swing in this tree…n she use to hide behind this tree whenever we play hide n seek.. she said lost in her memories..not knowing maan is also reliving his past’.this hp is the place where he met her’he fall in love with her’.
Vickys scream made maneet back from their thoughts..

(thanks alya khan for this picture..)
Aaroo grabbed a handful of dry leaves n showered on ani..along with sand
Geet:omg..aaroo,what u did to ur sis..gave him an angry glare
‘ani’s hair was messed up’geet tried to dust it..then they walked to the pool n gave ani a bath..aaroo got scolded ..from all three..
Geet:where u get all this naughty ideas aroo..
he made a grumpy face n showed maan.
Aaroo:dad a..mama..
.then only it struck..aroo was copying maan by showering leaves on ani..geet gave a stern look to maan..n maan made a puppy face..saying
maan:muje thodi na patha,mere devil dear son will copy me..
Vicky chuckled hearing his appreciating phrases..
Vicky:jij,beware of aaroo..later when he grows up he we don’t know what he will copy from u’
Maan:ya..i must be..prepared for everything’
Vicky:I forgot to tell u leaving for chennai in two exams are nearing..i must look after company will miss u all specially my gf’
Vicky became sad n geet also was sad’
Maan placed his hands on Vicky:I can understand.ur studies are important…but,whenever we get time we will come n meet u..n u can come whenever u want’when u have finished ur exams,I promise I’ll change ur college here..u will be living with us..with ur gf’they will also miss their uncle’
Vicky:thanks jij’
Geet hugged him
Vicky,don’t think u r alone..till now I was there for u..n from now maan is also there’n don’t utilize ur liberty flirting with girls n partying..
She said to cheer him up..
Vicky:sis,,im not a boy like that..
Maan:ya..i know how boys are brought up abroad’dating girls from tender age..
Maan said teasingly
Vicky :jij u not like that..i want a girl who loves me..not to flirt r 4 something else..
Geet:ok ok cool’ do u have anyone in mind.. only 18 yrs..let me enjoy..i cant fall for girls, n to be around them carrying their shopping bags ,buying sweet flowers n doing all stuffs when they get angry..
Maan:well said..girls are always like that..u know they always fake cry to be pampered..
Before he continue Vicky n maan were wacked by geet..
All girls are same u included me also..
U r also a girl na mishty..
Maan teased her..
Aaroo n ani have dosed off in maneets arms’so after a lots of leg pulling n happy moments they reached home n had their dinner n slept’
The next day also the three went out exploring the places’n after lunch they decided to go back to delhi..geets parents preferred to stay dadi,Vicky,maneet n kids left back to delhi..vicky also went back to Chennai the next morning’
Geet was feeling tired n was sleeping than ever..maan let her sleep’maan woke her with morning coffee..
Geet:maan.pls let me sleepna..
Maan:geet have something n sleep’its nearing 9..dont forget u r feeding babies..u cant reject ur food..
Geet hmm..
She tried to sit..her head spinned n felt heavy’she held her head in both hands’maan looked at her worriedly..
Geet what happened..
I feel like my heads are weighing heavy’may be bcoz ive not had anything..maan helped her to sit up..
She tried to get down..
What geet..
Maan I want to use washroom..let me brush’
Maan held her by waist n took her to washroom..he helped her to brush n washed her face..she looked pale..
maan .bache..
they are playing with dadi’
maan made her sit n gave her coffee..
maan,I don’t tongue tastes bitter’
maan came to a naughty mood to cheer up her..
oh so..let me check..he pecked her lips n when his tongue tasted hers he felt the heat n bitter ness’he immediately checked her neck..she was warm..
geet look like u r haing temperature from inside..
he immediately called dr..then he gave geet coffee..she ran to washroom n puked out all..maan helped her to wash..he took her in his arms’n placed her on bed..he was impatiently waiting for dr..he touched she was shooting high by outside also’
maan called dadi n dr also reached..she checked geet n asked her a lots of questions..
maan asked the dr..losing his patience is she?
Dr.took the srinj n injection..ani n aroo started crying looking at injection..thinking its for them..maan took ani n aroo n consoled them..nothing dears..
dr.injected geet n turned to maan..
Dr:mr.khurana..i think she is having viral fever..
Maan:but how short time she has travelled a lot ..chennai ,delhi then hp..the change of surroundings ,eating outside or water may cause this’ a final test karni hai..then I will confirm’
Maan was worried..dr.collected geets blood samples..seeing geet the kids cried aloud’dadi took both outside..
Dr turned to maan..
Is she feeding babies..
Yes dr..
I prefer she stop feeding now..the fever may easily attack babies if she continues feeding..she wrote few medicines..
Mr.khurana..keep babies away from mother till she is cured’
Dr..she will be ok na.. a week or 10days’but its upto the care u take of her..
I’ll take care dr’
Dr.went away leaving a worried maan..
geet i m so sorry dear.. i must look after u na.. mein samjh hi nahi paya u too need rest.. its not good for u to travel so much.. i always land in giving pain to u… geet put her palm on his mouth to stop him saying further
maan i m ok… its just fever..dont u worry too much.. aur now u have to look afters kids too na..
maan did not say anything just hug her tight..
in hall anni and arro crying on top of their lungs.. they get afraid seeing there mom like that… dadi try to control them but failed..
she came back to maaneet room… and knocked the door..maan open the door.. and get more impatient looking his two angels crying.. he immediately take them and consoled them.. they both look geet who is sleeping due to med effect..
anni aaro see ur mama is perfectly fine… nothing happened to her.. ur dada is here na..
they both some how stop crying.. then maan take them to kitchen and make milkshake for them… and feed them.. both happily take that because both love to get pampered by there dada..

in mean time dadi is looking after geet.. she is sitting nearby her… and caressing her hair.. geet enjoy warmth and sleeping peacefully…
in living room maan half heartly playing with kids because he cant take them near geet or else they also get affected… he need to look after them too..
aaro is start crying for his mom because he is used to near geet most of the time.. maan try to divert his mind but failed.. looking aaro crying anni’s eyes also get teary ..she is verge of crying ..maan cant see it s..o he decide to go out with kids…
at that time his mobile ring. its adi’s call from office informing maan that a cilent is waiting for him in office…its very important deal for KC ,so maan need to be there… maan inform dadi that he is going office due to some important work and he even took kids with him…

aaro and anni get excitted when both reach office.. there mind got divert from geet.. maan take both in his arm and come to conference room where cilents are waiting for him…
maan – sorry mr.khanna to make u wait.. mr.khanna is 30 years old young man with handsome look…he love kids…
mr.khanna get ups from his sit to do acknowledge maan wishes… maan put both on ground mr.khanna within no time sit on ground and pulls anni’s chubby cheeks…anni giggle with this.. where maan get jealous seeing other man touching his pari… but aaro is 2 step forward to his dad ..he came to mr.khanna and slapped him for touching his sis.. both khurana is hell possessive for baby khurana..
mr.khanna get startled with sudden slap… maan giggle inwardly but maintain straight face..
maan – wo sorry mr.khanna but aaro not like it when any STRANGER touch his sis.. so i hope u understand it..he stressed on stranger…
mr.khanna understands it and they started the meeting… in whole meeting kids are there n maan wwas looking after them and doing work together… both kids playing together without distrubing there dada.. because both are use to of it…
after meeting get finish.. mr.khanna start to leave when he come again close to anni and kiss her cheeks… its limit for maan and aaro.. both are fumming in anger.. mr.khanna leave the confrence room when maan come close to anni and kiss her cheeks god knows how many time.. and in anger
maan – adi cancel this deal and leave from there with kids leaving confused adi and other staff…


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