Geetanjali – Part 54


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maan left office leaving shocked staff.. all were confuse y maan cancelled deal all of sudden when everything is going according to their conditions??????
all knew that if now anyone can change maan’s mind is only geet.. so adi called geet and narrated what happen just now..
geet close her eyes knowing y maan cancel deal…
hey babaji what should i do with this over possessive dad and bro… for god sake ani is just 10 month baby.. but both get scared like someone will take n run away with her… what will happen if ani grows up..these two khurana’s will not step her out of house…or will surely come home daily beating up others..what i am going to do..if this possessiveness grows in future…she was cribbing when she heard kids sound from living room.. she called servent and asked him to tell maan that she is calling him..

maan came to their bedroom.. and saw her angry pale face.. he was already mad on mr.khanna and here her jaan is also angry..

maan : geet y u r not sleeping?? u must take rest na??????

geet gave him glare..which make maan gulp his saliva and murmered ye aise kyu looks de rahi hain?

maan come close and sit next to her he cares her plam… but geet jerk his hand which make maan more confused… no actually scared..

maan ; tell me na jaan y ur so mad on me????? what i have done?????????

geet ; maan ,what happened to todays deal?did we got it..?????? maan get startled with her this sudden question…

maan poor guy not able to say lie to geet …he started stammering..
maan:wo… ya… we.. almost done..but..but i dont some of their i cancel deal..

geet gave him again a threaten look
geet:maan,o really,… what condition..that u dont like… he pulled ur daughter’s cheeks or u dont like him kissing her.. haan tell me maan

maan shocked listening her.. omg how she come to know all this..

maan ; geet its not like that.. he said without looking into her eyes..

geet take his face into her palm and make him look into her eyes..
geet:maan y u feel so insecure ..haan.. no one can take away ur daughter from u now..she is only ur daughter maan.. y u r behaving so possessively. Haan..if this goes sure oneday u will not let me also to touch ani n aarav..

maan put his palm and said
maan:geet i know ani is mine but i cant see anyone else touching her u aur aro …and that grr client kissed her and u know even anni giggled n was smiling at him..he said pouting her lips like baby..
maan:geet,she is my baby how can she giggle with someone else..haan tell me.. my son,aaro understand my pov but not u..

geet ; maan exactly my point is arro is kid not u can u cancel deal just because of that silly reason..

maan remove her palm from his face and stand facing his back to her..but geet hold her wrist and again make him sit..put her head on his chest..

geet; maan plz dont cancel the deal.. its very important deal for KC and think ..arent u over reacting. u work for kids na..for their good future.. plz maan for kids sake.. accept that deal na..if u dont want ani n khanna to meet..just avoid taking ani with u..its simple logic…

maan nod halfheartedly and call adi to continue the deal… and then made geet sleep.. and went back to kids..after getting fresh..

in evening doc come to check geet.. and again inject her..this time maan is the one who screamed like kid.. geet and doc rolled their eyes on his childish behavior…
After dr.went maan had a hard time..geet was very weak n kids who were with dadi started to cry for maneet..atleast they need one by their side..
Maan fed geet a lil soup with force n gave her medicines..she tried to sleep’the fever did not let her sleep’
dadi came n called maan as both kids were out of control..n she will be beside maan made his way to kids room’both cuties grabbed his neck missing him.
Maan :mama will come dear..
Nakul :both did not have anything’.give this..
He handed maan milk..maan gave them both n they took it silently from him’then maan placed aroo on his lap n ani on his shoulder n patted them both’.slowly they drifted to sleep’
Nakul brought the crib from their room to their nursery room..maan placed them on crib n went to look for geet’she was still awake n dadi was near her saying her to sleep.. body is aching..i couldn’t sleep..
Maan came in
Maan:dadi,u be with kids..they have slept now..i will be here..
Dadi went..n maan sat near geet..
Maan:geet,close ur eyes..
She did..
Maan took her legs n kept in his laps n slowly pressed it..
Maan, legs..maan pls don’t do..
Kyun geet
U r my husband’
Hmm’husband..if I am in ur place wont u do it..
Then y u r differentiating geet..sirf suk duk mei nehi..tumhare dard ko bi mei kam karoonga..she looked at him..the love he express in all ways..she felt special..the pain of past year has vanished in these days..he is making her feel how much he loves her’he never mentioned anjali nowadays..he always spoke about them n their kids..he did not care about kc..he spent time fully with them..he is trying his best to fill the lack of his presence for the days which he was never there for them’
she made maan lay close to her and kept her head on his chest..
Thinking about maan ,his care,his love..she slept peacefully’
Maan made his way to nursery after a while…they have woke up..he asked dadi to sleep n played with kids’the kids very much missed their mama..n often cried for her..maan made geet talk to them via phone ‘n it satisfied them a little’
The next day was same…
Maan found very much tough only feeding babies..they threw all tantrums on him n messed him up with food’maan behaved very patience n fed them..n after that he will surely take a shower’he was somehow successful to keep kids away from geet’but geet..she had a hard time’its not only the kids being away from her’its also her feed she did not feed the kids she started to feel heavy..her fever increased n she started to feel pain’though the dr. has prescribed medicine to stop her latching..the first two days were very incredible for her’the pain was unbeareable,that she even cried also..
Maan was also in pain seeing geet suffering so much’when he was holding her to ease her pain..he always thought how rudely he behaved with her..he has promised himself he will not think about past..but the situations made him think about past..he was never been with her in pregnancy nor when the kids were born nor when they grow much difficulties she has faced alone’the most precious thing in world is motherhood..have he ever made her feel it fully..surely she must have faced the pain in that time he was not with her’
When all were normal the fate is again playing with them’geet is away from her kids’n kids away from her’all three were missing each other’geet will be questioning about kids always..what are they doing..did they have their milk’’are they playing’are they missing her like she does’are they sleeping’
Maan said each n everything about that she may be in peace..
Maan:geet,I know u care for kids’u miss them’I can understand..its only for a week’then they will be with u again..till then im with them.. don’t worry..i can handle them’ u take rest..i will go n see them what are they doing..
Geet stopped him by holding his wrists..
Geet: I want to say u one thing.
Geet:I am sorry maan..for keeping babies away from u..when im away from them only I can feel the pain u must have gone through..
Maan sat next to her n caressed her hands..
Maan:I don’t even know I have two childrens..until I saw never faced the pain..ya..if ive known I am dad of two’n they are not near me..i would have brought even those skies under my feet to get them near me’
Geet:u love them so muchna..
Maan:haan’but I don’t know I can love them as u do..always mothers love ,to their kids are more than dads..
Geet:no maan..u love them more than me’I can see the possessiveness in ur behavior..the immense love in ur eyes’
Maan kept his fingers in her lips..
Maan:shhh..ab bohut hogaya’now take rest..
Three days after..geet s fever was still’n she still puked which made her more weak’babies were doing well with they enjoyed throwing tantrums on him n making him run after them with their naughtiness’
it was night and anni and aaro not ready to sleep.. they both missing their mama and her feed.. its so sudden she stopped her feed.. and kids having habit of feed in night in last 3 days maan somehow manage to make them sleep but today both are really out of control… they were crying in top of their lungs which made maan worried even geet heard their crying and get restless.. she call maan
geet ; maan y both are crying this much??????
maan ; geet both are missing u and not ready to sleep.. both are very sleepy..
geet; maan put phone on speaker.. maan do as she say..he come close to kids but both r getting mad too much first they are sleepy and second geet is not their from last 3 days and they both craving for her feed… so they snatch ph from maan and through it on floor.. and again start crying…
geet maan dadi and all servant get worried seeing both of them like this.. then maan get an idea.. he run into his room and when he reach his heart break into million picess seeing his jaan crying hidding her face in pillow.. maan come close to her and cares her hair.. she immediately look towards him.. and start panicking
geet; maan what r u doing here??????? at least u should be with anni and aaro both need u now..what r u doing here??????
maan ; geet relax dont panic or else u will get more sick i just come to take my laptop and u too use ur laptop ..u talk with kids through video calling..
geet nod and maan handover her laptop to her and run with his laptop.. he connected the video calling to geet and place it in front of kids who r crying…
geet ; aaro anni..
anni aaro ; mama.. and come to the lappy and cares its screen.. both stop crying.. and pout their lips.. maaneet with dadi felt relief atlast both r not crying now…
geet have to be strong n not to cry in front of her kids.. because if she does so they will also start crying again…
maan come to them and make them sit them on his lap and himself sit on floor.. and cares their hairs.. both kids talking with geet.. making different different faces…
geet talked to them saying sweet things..n also started to tell them story ..both heard only half of it and slept in their dad’s lap.. maan make them sleep in their room and come to geet.. who had tears in her eyes..
maan:geet,y r u crying..
geet:i miss ani n aroo..
maan:i know..but its for their gud..or they will be affected..
geet:ya..i know..but i cant stay away from them
maan carressed her head..
maan:geet,atleast u r voicing it..but think about kids..they just say only mama..they miss u too much..
geet:i dont know i can keep myselves away from them for the next days..maan,say give me severe dosage..injection anything..i can bare the pain..but i cant stay away from kids..
maan:geet,do u think dr. Doesnt know ur will not be gud for ur health to give over dosage..just few days..then kids will be with u..
maan some how console her.. and make her sleep

It was fourth day’maan had an important meeting in he took both kids with him leaving geet under dadi’s care’
Maan kept kids on floor in his cabin n gave them toys to play..they played without disturbing him..but were watching his every moves with great care’lolz’
After lunch ani n aroo slept’maan made bed for them on floor n placed them in it..after an hour,Maan went for meeting..he thought he will return back before his kids wake up ‘he asked adi to check kids every 10 min’n he agreed’
Maan was busy in meeting n adi came n checked babies who were still asleep ‘after adi went aroo wokeup..he searched for maan ..he was not there’he saw ani sleeping n woke her too’
They both twisted their lips n came out of bed’aroo got bored n he climbed on maans seat n sat on it..whereas ani also sat on other chair where staffs usually sit’…maan has already kept their milk ready filled in bottles…both were they took it of their own n started to suck..
ani took the pen n started to scribble on the files kept on table..thinking how her papa signs on every paper..
Aroo was no less than ani’he was very much fond of tv..he thought maan was working in tv looking at his computer’maan has forget to turn off computer’so,aroo started to press keypads with his tiny fingers ‘n imitated his papa..the funny part was he was having his milk too..looking at the colourful screen..

adi came to check on kids when he saw aaro on maan;s chair.. even maan came.. followed by sasha.. he also witness aaro’s new mischief and take out his cell to record it ..sothat he can show it to geet ..after recording he come to aaro who was still busy in his work.. and tapped his shoulder…
aaroo shrugged his shoulders to which sasha n adi chuckled seeing juniour msk..

sasha was imagining what juniour msk must be thinking..
oh!my God!all Gurti fans on line…want to become friend with me…what if papa comes to know about this…mere peeche girl friends ki line laggayi.papa naraaz hojayegi na..ab unki gf meri gf hogayi..lolz
maan again tapped his shoulder n turned his chair facing him…
aaroo showed the screen n started to talk in babyish language……
maan understood that he is saying he likes computer..he took him in his arms n looked at ani…then glared at adi..
adi got a big shock…bcoz the file which he came to take to present before the clients was scribbled by ani…
adi came near her..n tried to take it from her..she was not ready to give…
ani beta..pls give dear..he tried again..
ani got angry on him…she took her bottle from her mouth n started to hold it upside down..the milk was flowing down the whole of nipple making the file drip in milk..
adi gave his famous smile in a crying way..feeling helpless
he hehe ..he.. the file has now damaged..he want to make it from start..