Geetanjali – Part 55


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Adi took the file n went to make fair copy again…though maan was first upset,then he his kids were trying to imitate learn things fast..he was proud of them..if they goes this way,they will take over kc soon..maan chuckled at his thought..he took both of them on either side n kissed them both..n they kissed his cheeks..
Maan was the happiest man at present..his kids made him realize the real happiness of life..getting a profitable deal in business cant give u the happiness,the kids presence n their loving kiss gives u…maan sat on floor n started to play with them ..along with playing he was teaching them..he took the horse n said..
this is horse..
Do u know how it goes..tak tak tak tak…
He took the dog n said
do u know this is dog n how it barks..bow bow bow wow..
the kids giggled at the funny sounds n repeated like maan..
maan became another child with them..after 1 hrs..adi came with the new file n saw his boss playing with child..his smile on his face said how much happy he was…he was no more rude..he was back as maan..the loving caring friendly boss…
adi:sir ,I want ur sign in this..
maan came to his chair n took his seat n started to check the file..adi was busy explaining aroo n ani got bored staying in one place..they saw the opened door..n moved outside…maan was unaware of it …they moved outside the cabin ..all staffs looked at the cuties n tried to take them in their arms…when they tried first to take ani,aroo slapped them …he was about to scream,they left anie down fearing what maan will do..if aroo cries…
ani n aroo were walking around the floor with hand in hand..they had a wide smile in their face as they were exploring something new…the partitions in office for works,the wall hangings the lights ,the models of buildings all made them happy..they both clapped their hands..
sasha saw the cuties..she lovingly took both of them at same time…aroo saw sasha he has seen her before also,he did not wriggle much or slap her..(y not she has took him also na)..sasha smelled something wrong..then she took both to near by washroom n removed their diapers…aroo has wet..but anie had did her potty…sasha washed ani n binned both their diapers…her scarf fell on floor..she dipped the scarf in bucket n hanged it to dry..she then brought back them to maan’s cabin..
maan finished his work..adi left..then only he noticed both are missing..when he saw them in sasha’s hand he was relieved..
sasha:mk..ur kids were exploring office..
maan smiled..
sasha:n this cutie did not allow anyone to near them..
maan:I know about aarav..
sasha:I am thinking how they let me take them..
maan:becoz u did not take only one..u r carrying both…n he has seen u many times in my cabin..
sasha:may be..the known face..
maan:sasha..i need RJ project file..can u give me..
she placed kids on floor..n closed the door before going out..anie cutely frowned at aaroo..he was also having a cute pout on his face..
maan went to use washroom confirming kids are ani stood up n tried to pull a file so she may write on it again…maan has kept his phone over fell down on floor which aroo grabbed soon..the ac was full n aroo was on floor..the chilness made him do susu..ani looked aroo..she thought y pipe water is flowing from aroo..aaroo looked at the wetness..he thought sasha dripping her scarf in water..he took the cell on put it on the wetness n was tapping it like he used to play in water while bathing…making the phone n floor more mess.ani got busy reading the file..mama’s child saying abc…
when maan came out he was shocked seeing aaroo playing in his susu.n was making footprints on floor…maan took him immediately to washroom holding him, without making him wet..he made him stand on leg n turned to take a cup of water..
aroo was angry at maan as he spoiled his playing..he gave a slap with his wet hand..maan made yucky face n washed his face..aroo again slapped him..maan first made his hands washed n then washed his face…now aroo slapped him again thinking it as a game..maan smiled n removed his half pant n washed him n took him he got another shock..his files torn into pieces by ani…lol..ani trying to make paper boats… when he saw the floor his phone was in floor fully soaked wet…he took his phone n went to washroom n showed it under water..pehle sehi phone maan blackberry was now of no use..
maan was getting mad between these two..he called adi n sasha n cleaner to clean the floor…
adi looking at the floor n started to give his famous laugh..again feeling helpless…
adi:he he he..
the torn paper said, he has to do the work again…
adi’s st:ye bache mere peeche kyun padi hai..
maan looked at adi:wo..adi..ani teared the file..pls make it again..sasha help him…I think,I should keep babies away from office..
adi st: after making me do things again n again it strikes u..
maan:ye dono shararti hogayi hai..
adi st:wo tho hai..shayad apne baap par gayi ho..muje tang karne mei hi mazaa aatha hai..
sasha saw adis expressions n she reading his mind..
sasha:mk..bache hain..yese hi hothe hain..we must be careful..its paper so its fine..think what if anything else in its place..u must have a close watch on them.. only I thought.i will work from home…u called me for meeting..ok..till geet recovers I will not come..u both handle kc n inform me ..give me reports before leaving to house..
sasha n adi:yes sir..
then they saw some noises between kids..
the three could only laugh..
ani :ame same shame…
aroo was standing without pant..n ani was kidding him..
as her mother said if u don’t wear ur half pants all will say u bad boy..n will say shame shame puppy shame..
ani remembered that n was saying it to aroo…aroo walked to the bag which maan had packed kids things..he found some cloth n tried to wear was anis frock..
all 3 were laughing at this cuties..maan took a pant n weared aaroo..
maan:sharam aarahi hai tumhei.abi se…huh..he tickled aroos waist..n he laughed..
maan:now lets go home..dadi ke pass..
ani n aroo:mama ke pass..
maan saw how much the kids crave for their mother..
maan :haan haan mama ke pass chalthe hain..
adi helped him till car..n the driver drove to Mansion..both were looking outside curiously n talking in baby language…
maan settled babies in their nursery.n called dadi to be with them..he went to geet ..he gently placed a kiss on her fore head..n touched her neck to know if she was having fever..
maan:how r u sweet heart..
geet looked back for kids..her eyes craved for their one glimpse..
maan:both are in nursery with dadi..
he tried to make her feel lighter..
maan:geet,do u know what ur ladla beta n my ladli beti did today in office..
geet:wo apka beta beti kuch bi kiya ho aapko hi imitate kiya hoga..
maan:hmm..would u like to watch..
he gave the cell which he recorded both of their naughtiness..he went to washroom..freshed up n came only to see a smiling geet,who was watching the kids again n again..
maan:aaroo was chatting with GF’s in face book..u know..he said teasingly..
geet:maan..mazaak mat kariye..wo aapka girl friends hoga…
she said with same teasing..
geet continued..:aur mera bacha unka band bajadiya hoga..
maan noded his head..kuch nehi hone wala ..if I teased her ulta she tease me,supporting arav..then he asked..
maan:what are u thinking when I entered..
he changed the topic..
geet :kuch nehi..i was thinking,what should I do ..n how to seduce my husband…even if he has so many Gfs.he is my ram…he still waits for himself to know more about his wife..
maan took her in his embrace..
maan:geet,u don’t want to seduce me..ur eyes is enuf for me to fall in that ocean..ur smile is enuf for me to seduce ,to take those luscious lips in mine.. ur breathe when fall on me,makes me breathless.. ur body though covered with piles of cloth make s me to think tear it n make u mine then n there itself..u tempt me a lot..
geet :maan u r making me arouse with ur words..
maan:sighed..sry u must think only about ur health..the sooner u recover,u will be with babies..he pecked her lips softly..
maan:did u have ur food..
geet:no maan..i am waiting for u…first give food to babies n come..we will have dinner together..
maan fed both babies..they were all the while saying mama mama..mama ke pass…maan tried a lot to divert them..being in home they were looking at doorstep for their mama…maan then made them play n dadi came their..
dadi:maan,ive sent food 4 u both..geet will be ut dinner n come..i will take care of babies..
maan:ok dadi…
maan made his way to geet…she was trying to move..she felt weak n was about to fall ..maan held her in his embrace..
maan :geet,r u alright..
she has kept her eyes closed in fear n was clutching his vest tight..
geet opened her eyes n saw her safe..
geet:ya f9..wo..i am feeling dizzy..just weakness..
maan felt bad for her..
maan:do u need something..
geet:ya..need to wash my hands…
maan made her rest on bed post ..he went n came with a bowl of water..
maan:now wash ur hands..
geet looked at him..
geets st:if he want he would have ordered servants to bring water to wash..but here he is working for her..helping her..the love n care was evident in his eyes..
maan kept it aside..
maan:did u take tablets that should be taken before food..
maan now took the soup n fed her..
geet:maan,u have urs..i will take myself..
maan:no geet..u r weak..let me feed u..then I will have m9..
geet:why are u troubling yourself maan..i can have it..
maan:I know how can u have..this soup will be fed to ur dress if u take urself..chup chap peelo..or I know the way of shuting u up..he looked at her lips smirkingly..
geet silently had by his hands…he wiped her mouth with towel n gave her warm water to drink..he gave her medicines n told her to rest..
geet:maan,u have ur dinner..
he had his dinner n looked at geet who was lost in him…
maan:what geet..
geet:kuch nehi…
but her eyes said she was admiring in a short time he has made her forget the past..the way he cares n showers his love,she herself cant believe they were away for years..
maan came to her n made her lay on bed n tucked her in spread..
maan:geet,I will go n make kids sleep..zaroorat pade tho call karoongi..
geet :ok…he kissed her forehead lovingly..
maan:try to sleep..
she bite her lips n nodded no..
maan:why geet..
geet:i..i..cant sleep without u..ur warmth..ur care…ur love..
it was a simple confession..yet told him how is she used to him..
maan:I love u..will be back soon to make u sleep..
geet:I love u too..
here dadi was trying to make the kids sleep..they were msk’s will they sleep without throwing tantrums…when neither maan nor geet was there to make them sleep..
maan entered the kids room only to see dadi keeping hands on her head..
dadi kya hua..
ani n aroo:dada
maan understood,dadi was not letting them to play as it their sleeping time…
maan took them both n moved to bed..he placed ani in his laps n aroo in shoulders..he patted both slowly..
n talking to them sweetly..
maan:acha.dadi did not let u play..
dadi:maan.ur kids is more naughty than u..making me run after them in this old age..
maan laughed at the cute complaint..
maan looked at cuties..
acha:dadi ko tho pardadi banne ka bohut shauk tha..then she must bare the naughtiness also na..
he said supporting kids..dadi laughed..
dadi:for that only I wished..see the house is filled with their laugh,play n shararart.. now,it looks like a house than a house of 4 walls…I feel I have no complaints against god…meri family pooori hogayi..
maan lost in his thoughts..
maan:no dadi..not yet..
maan :I want a cricket team in my that my dadi will be ampire..
dadi :thath..besharam…
..ok..gud night…
She left to her room..maan saw kids has slept…he placed them on crib n went to their room n cuddled with geet..she immediately shifted herself to maan…her head on his chest..maan caressed her hair…the temperature was light..
Maan:how r u feeling geet..he asked when he felt her body stiffening n curling..
Geet:better maan..but,my body is paining like I gave birth to kids now only..every inch of nerve is paining..n I couldn’t sleep becoz of it..
Maan:now it wont pain..
He placed her head on pillow n shifted from her..she looked at him curiously..he started to place soft kissed starting from forehead ,eyes,nose,chin,cheeks,,ears..he pecked her lips softly..he can feel her body relaxing…he undid her night suit n placed butterfly kisses all over her body..geet started to feel the pleasure n forgot her ache in body..he took her in embrace cuddled up with her upper nude body..though he want to proceed,he thought of geet..her sickness n controlled himself..he placed his face in crook of her neck n kissed there..his hands gently rubbed her back easing her pain..geet went to a deep slumber having her maan in her dreams…n maan also felt relaxed holding her in arms…
It was midnight maan heard anjalis cry..he placed geet in bed covering her securely with spread n without making noise he came to kids room..maan saw the time..may be they r hungry…aroo was silent n ani aroo is hungry..maan took aroo in his hands n started to make his milk..his eyes grew wide when he felt aroo sucking his nipples..he was in so much hunger n maans bare upper just reminded his mothers feed n he was sucking in sleep thinking its geet..maan placed the bottle in his mouth…n gave another bottle to ani…she took it n soon both were again in deep sleep…he again placed them on crib n kissed them both..he felt warm on his cheeks..he touched to see n it was his tears…
The only feel he got was to be proud of she must have taken care of two kids as a single parent….when he was struggling to take care of them only for few days…
He kissed them both again..the heart was feeling heavy..
Maan;I am sry bacho..papa was too bad..but not more..i will bring u happiness to ur feet..he took the small hands of both n kissed them…aroo removed his hand from him in sleep n protectively held his sister in sleep..this made maan chuckle..possessive bhai…
He made his way to his room n saw geet tossing on bed missing him..he took her in his embrace n caressed hair..geet felt again solace n slept..
Maan st:ye bhi bache se kam nehi…but she is mother of two..who will believe….
After two days dr.came n checked geet..
Dr:do u puke..
Dr:ur fever is no u have body pain..
Dr.checked with other reports n was surprised to see the improvement.. is geet.. I can be with my kids na..
Dr:mrs.khurana..i can understand ur feelings as a mother..u r missing ur kids na..
Geet was restless..this was not the answer she expected..
Dr:mr.khurana..ur wife is better now..
Geet interrupted..
Geet:dr..pls say can I meet my childrens..
Maan can see the craving,helplessness,love,care,fear n mixed emotions playing on her face with a hope to hear yes from dr..
Geet:dr.pls say yes or no..
Dr.smiled:yes..but before that sterilize all ur things u used till now..still I prefer,u keep some distance for 3 days more…
Geet was happy..she felt like she got energy again..she immediately started to remove all the things she used..from spread,pillows,glass…
She felt like a 5 yr old child got her fev choco..
Maan:geet,what r u doing..
Geet:jo kaha..
Dr:mr.khurana..she is eager 2 meet her children..
She said the prescriptions for next days n went..maan helped geet n put the things to wash..he called the servants n cleaned the room..n covered with fresh spreads n all…after al left maan locked the door n came to geet who was standing in tears of joy..
Maan:one more work pending mrs .khurana..
Geet:what maan..all works are done…
Maan lifted her in arms n moved to washroom..winking at her..
Geet:maan what r u doing..
Maan:hmm..dont u think we must also fresh up that we will smell gud..
Maan placed geet on foot…he filled the tub with warm water ..
Maan neared her n she walked back till she hit on door..maan removed her clothes n wrapped her in a cotton cloth like towel..he then took a bowl which was filled with oil…he started to apply on her body..
Maan whats this..
For ur body pain..
He made her sit n massaged all over her body..geet was moaning in pleasure..maan was having hard time controlling himself..this fever has made her weak n loss weight also..n he cant give her more pain …he then placed her on bath tub..the warm water did the magic…n maan s hands too..suddenly,geet remembered her first night,after that night maan gave her similar bath..she was in pain as he forced her..
Maan looked at geet,who was not responding to his touch..the wrinkles on her face made him think n he said…
Maan:I am sry many times I may try..but the past comes in front..i am sry for that day..
Geet:maan,I forgot came to my doesn’t give me any pain more..becaox my husband only touched me na…
Maan kept his forehead on hers..
Maan:tum itni achi kyun hai geet..y u love a moron like me..
Geet:kabardar if u say urself like that…u r a gud person maan..its fate n situations which made u rude…otherwise..u r still a baby…
Maan:I am a
Maan:in what ways do I look like baby..
Oh..i got it..
Maan:smirked..i am baby na geet..
Geet can see the teasy smirk..
Geet:haan tho..
Maan removed his clothes..except his shorts n joined her..
Maan:baby don’t wear clothes na geet..
Geet opened her mouth wide n maan silenced her replacing his mouth..he was hungrily kissing her..geet was trying to equalize his raw passion..geets nails digged on his skin..
Geet:maan,pls take me now..
Maan left her
Maan:no geet..u r not well..n if we proceed u cant take it..
Geet:pls maan..i cant wait more…
Maan:I will give u the pleasure u need geet..but not the way u asked…he took out her cloth n started to kiss her each n every place..his tongue tesed her buds n hands were massaging all over body n her moan filled the washroom…he thought for a while if he is doing right or wrong..his mishty needs him n he cant do that..this way is better to please her…his hands moved between her thighs feeling her soft skin..hehovered over her n she can see him hardened..he moved over her rubbing his m****** over her core without removing his barrier..they were making out without removing clothes..he exploded first..geet was still need of him…he inserted his finger inside her wet c***..n moved gently..she now knew what he meant now..she cant deny that he was giving her pleasure..his fingers moved inside her to n fro making her moan..maan..ahh..ya..hmm…when she exploded,maan made her relax n washed her..both took a shower n geet was all red n was shy even to look at maan..they have made love in different way after a long time…maan dried her n gave her dress..she quickly made her way to kids room..seeing her the kids ran to her n hugged her legs..geet kissed both madly…her eyes filled with she was away from them she only knows..
Geet:ani..aroo..what u did without mama..
That’s what they needed..they started to blabber in their language..what they did in they played..what maan brought for them..geet was sitting their hearing to them..she can sit their whole day seeing the cuties n listening to their baby language…
Maan n dadi stood at entrance giving time for the three to finishthe next days maan looked after the trio..he was happy to see his geet recovered..he forcefully fed her more so that she may get her weight back..the kids did not throw any tantrum to geet when she fed them food…they were enjoying each n every day..dadi was happy to see the love inbetween them..
anie n arjun will call every week n talked to them..same was Vicky n geets parents..
the days passed smoothly..the life was again pleasent for them..maan got a call that day..
man:sir,jo kaam apne di..thats finished..
maan:u will get ur payment..
man:thank u sir..
maan st:so,mrs..geet its time for surprise…
Maan:what geet..why are u calling me like I am a ear is bleeding ..geet:haw..maan..did u say me indirectly as a speaker…
Maan :ya..tum itni chillathi kyun ho..
Geet:bcoz I want to say one thing urgently..
Geet:did u forgot.what is day after tomorrow..
Geet:maan..u don’t remember..
Maan smiled n cupped her face..
Maan:how can I forget jaan..our anjali n aarav’s first birthday..
Geet:maan..birthday keliye..
He placed his lips on her lips silencing her…geet was loosing herself in his passion forgetting what she came to speak..they were brought to reality by the sound of shoes..geet pushed him aside,n saw back from where the sound came..ani was coming inside their room searching them..geet then looked at aaroo,who was standing there ..jealousy was evident in his means…he has witnessed their kiss..
Geet gave an angry glare for which maan made a puppy face..he went to his devil dear son..n kissed his cheeks..
I love u too much beta..
He wriggled from maan n jumped to geet n kissed her..maan took ani in his arms..this is my cute baby..he kissed her chubby cheeks..n she kissed her in return..
Maan went to his table n came with a file n gave to geet…
Geet looked at it n saw it..her eyes widened in surprise..
Geet:maan,u have already made all preparations…from card to dinner..
Maan:yup..n ive already distributed card also..
Geet got angry..u did not say me anything..
Maan: I thought to surprise u…I was planning it from 3 months.. their birthday will be celebrated like no one have celebrated before.. after all its Maan singh khuranas prince n princess ki birthday. Jo hai…
Geet: u have done all. What’s left to do..
Maan:I ve left one work for ur choice..
Geet: what?
Maan:.birthday dress ..u go n purchase dress for both…
She was excited..
Maan:ani arjun with geetu n Vicky,tumhare mummy papa sab aaj aarahi hain..
He rubbed her nose with hers..only to get a slap from aarav..ani rubbed maans cheeks with her small hands..
Aarav:meri mama..
Maan:meri patni..arghh..he acted like a lion..
Aarav:mama..papa..scares me..
Geet wacked maan:maan.u both still fight like kids..
Maan:when he is around u ..i cant even touch u..when he behaves possessive than me,I like teasing him..
Geet:hell with both of ur possessiveness..dono where it will go..
Maan:ok leave it..when u purchase dress,purchase for all..specially for geetu..
(arjun ani’s daughter geetu called kiddo lovingly)
Aaroo looked at maan..n had a wide smile..
Aaroo st :so kiddo is coming…the small doll whom I torture..mazzaa ayega..
(now he is no more possessive..but loves to make her cry..taking her toys n making jealous by staying in anie’s laps…he will take her chocos n biscuits n eat sticking his tongue out..when he nears her,she fears n goes back..he will pull her cheek which was pink n chubby..she will again cry..aaroo loved teasing her..(kya karoon baap par gaya hai..)
Baby ani will be the one who will be consoling kiddoo by giving her toys n kissing her her eatables to kiddo..ani was responsible n understanding like her mama..
The three kids have become life of dadi..

Geet left for shopping..when she came back..maan was shocked..the whole living room was filled with shopping bags..
Maan:geet did u buy the whole shop..
Geet opened the bags n showed him..
Maan,this is for arav..ani..kidoo..ani arjun,Vicky,mom,dad,dadi,u,me…this is matchings..this is jewelries..this is sandals..haan this gifts are all for kids coming for party..
Maan:bus..bohut kam hai..
Geet:haina..i too thought so..
Dadi was smiling seeing both…
Geet was not sensing maans sarcasm..
Maan:kitni karch ki tumne..
Geet:5 lakhs for this shopping n 15 lakhs 4 jewellary maan..
In one day u spent 20 lakhs..dont u think its too much
Geet:wo..erm..wo tho mein..bache ke liye..she gulped her saliva seeing maans big eyes..
Maan started to laugh seeing her scary face..
Maan:geet..u know..u look so funny with that puppy feared face..i was just sab tumhare hain..n u have right to spend..n I know u wont spend money wastly…n u r not interested like others to go for u got excited for babies n u did..n ur expenses will bring smile on other kids face also..thats not worthy before the money u spent for gifts..
Geet:maan,u..u.. u..scared me..mein aapko chodunga nehi..she started to chase him n he ran for his life..arav n anjali was laughing ..the other families who reached also saw their running n chasing…the mansion was filled with laughter n smile..
Dadi folded her hands looking at god..god,please keep this family like this always….
note:i am not sure next will be epi or i will give u a part more..let me type n c..


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