Geetanjali – Part 56

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Evening dadi,maneet,ani,arjun,geets parents,n vicky were having coffee in garden’.kids were playing in the lawn’geetu was in pram looking here n there..the greenery n the tiny figures ani n aroo running here n there..,the birds flying n their sounds’.some times ani n arav will chase the birds trying to catch them up..when the birds flew away,arav will make a frown n then will again play with ani..geetu was smiling seeing the funny faces of them’arav came to her..a
arav:how dare she laugh at singh khurana…i cant catch the bird n she is giggling ..arghhh’now I’ll teach u lesson for laughing at me’
he took baby steps n looked at her..the attitude feared her..she stopped her giggle..she was holding her favourite toy..aarav took it from her n threw away’
geetu started to cry with loud voice’.aaahhh..
he kept his fingers on his lips n threatened her..
aarav:sshhh’she kept her mouth closed ..still sobbing silently..
he went to play with ani.. n geet came n took baby in her hands trying to pacify her..
geet:no baby..dont cry..maami will scold him..u r a gud girl na..gud girls never cry’geet picked the toy n gave 2 her..
anie who was seeing aarav said..
anie:bhabhi,ye aaroo na bhai se kam nehi..dekiye iski attitude..
geet:haan haan apni papa par gayi haina..yesehi hoga..
maan made a frown..
geet:don’t make faces maan..jaantha hoon mei aap baap bte ko..u both know only to scare others..
maan came to geet n whispered in her ears..
maan:I know other works too..
geet knotted her brows like what..
he neared her n said huskily..
maan:I know to love also..geet looked at him now,’his eyes were looking at her supple lips..his one gaze was enuf for her to blush..
Vicky:ahem ahem’love birds..we are also here..this is family time’if u want u can go to ur room’
Maan wacked his head..
Maan:badmash,we were just talking..
Vicky:hmm..hmmm..we saw it’haina arjun bhaiya..ani babhi..
Ani arjun:yes yes..
The elders were just looking at the youngers..they were pulling each others legs..teasing each other..they were happy seeing them happy what else they want’
Geet:maan,ye aaroo n ani kahan hai..they are not here.. aaroo..dont know what naughtiness he will be doing..
Geet:u can complain afterwards go n see maan..
Vicky:jij..u r still sitting here..go soon before my sis beats u up..he winked making maan fume bcoz of his teasing..
Maan:Vicky..let me find ani n aarav..then I’ll come n teach u a lesson..aur haan mei geetse dartha nehi hoon..samji..
Arjun:haan haan..we much u r joru ka gulam..
Maan:arjun..u too..
Geet:maan..i told u 2 see kids..
Maan:haan jaaraha hoon..
Geet to baby geetu..ur maamu na beta..bohut careless hai..
She gave geet a toothy smile n geet kissed her cheeks..
Anie:ji babhi..
Geet:geetu is so quiet n gud girl..bohut pyaari bachi gave geet again a cute smile..
Anie:ye tho sirf when u are with her..she makes us run after her..she needs all near her.. u cant leave her alone n do any work..aur ye tho papa ki princess hai..sirf unki sunthi hai ye..
Baby was throwing her hands n legs up in air n smiling..
Geet:ani..tum na..meri geetu ke barein mei bohut bolthi ho..she is gud girl..
Arjun:kahiyen anie se..4 months hai wo..n now itself she is complaining her..
They were having chit chats on all chapters..maan was looking for ani n the vast garden’maan was looking between every bushes n plants..calling their name
Maan:ani’.aarooo..where r u both beta..
Ani saw a cute puppy in garden when arav was busy scaring baby geetu..she followed the puppy..n arav who also saw it followed her..they were far away from their family as the garden was so big..the puppy which lost its way from its home barked in low voice..
Bow wow..
Ani:wow wow..cum cum..she was calling it showing her hands to cum near her..aarav came n pulled the puppy by its ears..the puppy screamed in pain..ani n arav thought it as an another was pulling its ears other pulling its tail..the puppy bichare was scared of this two n trying to meek voice made maan look at the place from where it is ani was trying to touch its black eyes..arav was pulling its tiny hair..
Maan:ye kya karrahi hai tum dono..he pulled puppy from ran n hide itself under a bush.looking maan like his savior..
But aaroo was in so love with this new toy/puppy..he gave a big fake cry. Lying on garden throwing his legs up n down on floor..
Maan:why r u crying now..
Aaroo:toy..mera toy..u’u..pulled’.aaahhh
Ani was looking at her nautanki brother..
Aaroo:dada’toy..aaroo ‘s toy’.aaahhh..
Maan kept his fingers in ears..his ears may become deaf with his scream’his scream made the family members gather there..
Geet:maan:kya hua..why he is crying..what u did’
Maan glared geet
Maan:when I did nothing u r asking me..arghh..u n ur devil son..
Anie n others giggled..
Anie:sahi kahaa bhai aapne..ur devil son..
Maan shot an angry glare on her too..
Dadi:maan ,show ur looks say why aaroo is crying’
Geet gave baby geetu to anie n took aaroo who was still crying lying in floor..
Geet:olele mera bacha..y r u crying..what ur papa did..
Maan:why all think that I did something..
The elders suppressed the laughter..maan took ani in his arms..
Maan:my princess is always gud..ask ur ‘
geet gave him a glare..
maan:ok ok..ask our son what he wants..
Aaroo:mama..papa..pulled my toy..
He cutely complained n all could not stop their laugh..they bursted out holding their stomach making maan fume in anger..
Geet:maan,ye buri baath hai..y u pulled my aroos toy..
Maan:toy..see the toy there..which is hiding from ur devil son..if I was too late,he would have chopped into pieces..
All looked at the direction where maan showed’there was a puppy trying to hide as much as it could..fear was written all over its face..vicky bent n took the puppy out..
Aaroo n ani:toy toy..uncle toy..
The puppy went more into vickys embrace trying to hide from this two cuties/devils..
Maan:u know geet,,aaroo was pulling its hair..n ani its eyes..if I was a bit late na..they would have tortured it more..
Maan:Vicky,go n put the puppy out of gate..
Aroo started to cry again like he understood what maan said..

Maan:no ways im going to allow doggies here..
Ani who knows how to cool her dada gave a sweet smile n kissed his cheeks..
Ani:dada..toy..ani aroo pay(play )
Maan sighed..ok..
Aaroo:dada’u must pay for it..u did not accept in first place..wait what I do for u..he mentally gave a clap to himself..
Geet:when aroo asked u said no..when ani asked yes..this is partiality maan..
Maan:how can I see both sad..
Maan called a servant’
Maan:take this puppy,give a bath n then give milk to it..from now take care of it also..
Ji sir..
Maan:call vet dr..n ask him to cum n check it..give it when babies play with them no infection must affect them..
Ji sir..
Maan:ok lets go back..
All sat again in the garden again n was chatting..ani n aroo was playing with ball..aroo was looking for puppy to be back..maan got a all were chatting he excused them n came a little far from them’aroo who was playing stopped..n smirked’ water pipe was flowing to the plants watering .. he took the pipe n showed on maan..
Dada,have a nice bath..
He said in his mind ‘
Maan was fully drenched in water’he screamed geeet..
Only to make all laugh at him..
Ani was trying to save her papa..she was tring to pull the pipe from aaroo’s hands..he was threatening ani..
Aaroo:ani..jao..c papa bathing’
Geet pulled the pipe from him giving him a small wack on his back..
Geet:badmash this the way to make ur dada bath..
Geet:maan..did u have a bath in morning..i think only aarav gave u problem..let me get u soap n towel also..u can finish ur bath here itself..
Maan who was already fuming ,becoz his phone was drenched n not working..geets tease gave him a naughty idea’revenge time geet..he smirked..
Maan:oh yes geet..when u both did not bath then how can i..he took the pipe n showered her drenching both geet n aaroo..
Geet:haaaw..maan..u ..u drenched me n aroo..i’ll not leave u..
Vicky’wipe arav n change his dress..mei tho ab maan ko chodunga nehi..
She kept arav on his feet n started to chase maan..maan ran all around the garden..he was too fast n geet could not chase him..
Dadi:when u both finished ur game come inside..they left the two love birds alone to enjoy them selves’
Vicky took aarav who was fuming that his revenge back fired him..
Why I always lose infront of dada..
Ani looked at him with smirk..ab aagyana maza..u drenched in water..aarav showed his tongue out’rano took ani in her arms n all went inside..
Maan ran to a corner hided himself..,when geet came searching him’he lifted her by hugging her from back n twirled around..she was scared first when two hands lifted her in air..then feeling his aroma she stopped..
Geet:maan,leave me..
Maan:I did not pick u up 2 leave u..
He kept her on feet.still hugging her tight 4m back..
Geet:maan chodiye na..koi deklega..
Geet:what if some one comes here..
Maan:let them come..
He slowly nuzzled his nose on her nape making geet weak on her knees..
Geet:maa..aa.n’she moaned ..
Maan turned her around facing him..he pinned her to wall n started to kiss her lips in hunger..he was passionate but aggressive too..geet was losing herself..she pulled him more towards her threading his hair..she too was kissing him back with equal passion’their body was seeking more n geets hold on him was tightening ‘he groaned inside her mouth’he pecked her lips softly..
Maan:u must change ur dress geet..or u will fall ill again..
Geet:u too maan..
Maan:lets go inside..
Geet nodded her head..maan can see her cheeks red..
Maan:geet..dont blush like this..then I will eat u raw..
Maan:what I did geet..
Geet:chado..she stamped her foot n moved to mansion fastly..
Maan:ruko geet..
She did not hear him’she went away cursing him under her breathe..

At night..
All were discussing about the birthday..
Arjun went out for some work n came late ..he joined them in discussion.
arjun:ani,kiddo kahaan hai..ani:she is sleeping in nursery..
nakul:ji dadi..
dadi:arrange dining let us have dinner..tomorrow lots of work is there to do..we must get up early..
nakul:ji dadi..i’ll arrange..
dadi n others carried on with discussion..they forgot the two cute devils who were playing there..arav moved to dining..he climbed the chair n sat on it..ani too followed him n took his next chair..
nakul saw both..they smiled cutely at him..
nakul:tho bacho booklagi hai aapko..
nakul:just 5 min..till that u play with this..he gave them a bowl n spoon..
ani n aroo was used to it..making sounds in it or like rolling the spoon inside the bowl..the sound created by them they loved it..
ani was making sounds,whereas aroo looked at dining..his favourite noodles’n milk was there..nakul has kept to become cold’
why always noodles must be served in plate..n milk in glass or sipper..arav climbed from chair to table..settling him in top of it..ani gave him a mean look..bhai don’t do mischief.or u will get scolded.aaroo looked at her like ..i don’t care..he took a glass .he started to fill it with noodles..the noodles was slipping from the spoon everytime..he is son of MSK how can he leave it..he tried n tried n successfully made it ..he took the sipper n poured it in the bowl in which noodles were kept before’he frowned as it was pouring in drops..n the bowl was not filled’he got angry on sipper n threw it ‘it straightly landed on vickys head opening the cap n drenching him in milk’
all bursted into laughter seeing Vicky n then the kids who did the was easy to note that it was aaroo..the dining was in whole mess..ani was eating the noodles spilled on table n her face ,mouth,hands n dress were messed up..aaroo was looking more funny with the noodles all over his dress sticked ..
maan:noodles baby’
aarav:my’ vvv’
he took more than a minute to say..he was repeating again n again..
maan:ok..ok..u r aarav’I think noodles baby must have a shower again to become aarav..
aarav’s st:uff I hate this name..noodles baby.. by day ur naughtiness is increasing..she gave him a pat on back n took both of them to bath..
Maan:haan Vicky..
Vicky:I was thinking if u both give them bath daily or not..
Maan shot an angry glare..
Vicky who was no more afraid of him said
Vicky:wo kya hain jij..they r taking bath this way..always creating mess n taking bath..
Rano:babies r like that only Vicky..lets c what ur baby will do..hope ur baby did not take bath in paint..
Maan:thank u mama..
Vickys face was quite worthable to watch..
Vicky:lets c when it happens.
Maan:I’ll go n help geet’
He went to their room n saw geet removing their clothes..
Maan:do u want me to help mishty..
Geet:maan..take dress for both n towel also..
Maan:ok sweet heart..
Geet:maan..night time take banian material for aroo n cotton frock 4 ani..
Maan:ok darling..
Geet filled the tub n placed both babies..
Maan came with dress..
Maan:is this ok sona..
Geet:maan,this half pant zip is not working..take some other..ani’s frock ok..
Maan:ok..let me take another one dear..
Maan came with another one..
Maan:ye kesi hai biwi..
Geet:achi hai hubby..
There conversation was only making aroo fume..he made a big grumpy face..
Dada calls mama in different mother name is mama..
looking at maan he said..

Maan understood what he meant..
Maan:for u mama..for mishty, sweet heart.. darling.. sona.. my wifey..
Aroo was growing red..
Geet:maan,why u r hell bent on teasing him..she wrapped arav in towel n gave to maan
Arav gave a slap on maans cheek..saying my mama..
Geet suppressed her laugh n said..yes aroo ur mama..
She took ani n wrapped her in towel..
Maan nuzzled his nose in aaravs dare u slap me..u know all fears me outside..n u..u slapped me..he said kissing him..
Geet:u can be great msk outside..but here u r his dada..samji aap..
Aarav gave a toothy smile to geet ..for supporting him..
They both dressed them n came down..they had their dinner having a great time with family n retired to their rooms’here maan was feeling like a love sick teenager,who is waiting for his lover n show his surprise’
Maan:only one day,geet..then see what happens’
He took her in embrace ..she snuggled to him more closer n both slept soon’


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