Geetanjali – Part 57

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The day came..anjali n aarav’s birthday..
The whole family was in maneets room with balloons n toys waiting for their small prince n princess to wake’.when they did not woke up n their patience were loosing Vicky bursted a balloon..both wake up n looked around only to see a colourful sight around them.showers of flowers falling on them making them happy.the room was also decorated with colourful flowers,papers,balloons,n small toys which are their favourite..spiderman dora n buji..
All sang together
First dadi,nana n nani kissed them both n blessed them for a long maneet took them both n planted plenty of kisses on them both wishing them a happy birthday..n then Vicky n anwesha fought to take turns to wish them..but inbetween arjun scooped them in arms n wished them..then Vicky took ani n anwesha took aaroo ..wishing them they exchanged both n again wished each others’
Humei bhi moka chahiye’to wish the two cuties’
The sudden voice caught their attention n they all turned to see who it was’
There were four peoples standing at entrance’their face were hidden with wearing elephant,other horse..other a parrot n last one peacock..ani n aaroo clapped their hands seeing the funny masked people infront of them..
two persons came near the cuties..the elephant shook its head making the trunk move left n right..both kids laughed
do u like us..
they gave a wide smile..
anie:aaplog kaun hai’
maan n geets parents were silent knowing who it is..
geet was looking them shocked..
anie:why u r wearing masks..
the next pair said..
we are angry with someone..they forget us..we don’t want to show our faces ..but kya karein..we are invited here for can we miss to wish our birthday babies..
geet :armaan..ridz..meer dev..when u came from abroad’.
they removed their masks..they went to her parents n took their blessings n moved to dadi repeating the same..they took babies in their arms cooing them..we are ur aunties n uncles bacha..even though they don’t know them,they had an instant affection n they clicked on to them..they loved the way they pampered them’the four totally avoided geet’geet was looking at them with her mouth wide opened..they came to maan n hugged him..
thanks’that’s what they could say..their voice chocked seeing a happy family,which they wished to see’
haw..r u my friends r maans’chamelions’.
Maan:geet close ur mouth or fly will go inside..
Meera was in full mood to fight with geet..
Meera:friends..we r chamelians u know how much worried we were..u did not even think to share ur happiness..u r back to india ..back to ur family..happy with maan n twins..did u ever thought of us u know how much we missed anjali..when u r back we thought our anjali is back’but u too left us’if u have thought us friends na,u would have said us..that ur problems are solved..we want only ur happiness geet..we were starving to see the happiness in ur face..n u ..u..
Meera had tears in consoled her..
Dev:meer..relax.dont get emotional.its not gud for ur health..
Geet held her ears,which made the two kids cute their mama looks apologizing to her friends with cute puppy face’
Geet:I’m sorry..pls is bar maaf kardona’first I was lost myself in sadness’now in joy’but in both its maans fault..
Maan:my fault..geet..for ur kind information,i only invited them here..
Geet:oh.. u cant escape singh khurana..she showed her fingers daring him..
Geet:.all time only u were stalking my mind..chahe wo gum ho aur khushi..u did not give me time to think about anyone..n now even kids are better..if they leave my pallu also u r not leaving me for a minute’
She said all in 1 go not realizing,she has made a way for them to tease’
Ridz:acha,tho jijaji tumhe bohut tang karthe hai..
Geet:yes..suba se raath thak..meri peeche hi ‘she stopped
She bite her tongue realizing what she bluttered..maan looked at her with teasing smile where others looked at her ..geet was totally sharam se pani pani..she hide herself behind maan..the elders left them to sort n enjoy themselves..
Armaan:geet, bahar aao..
Dev:y r u hiding geet..
Vicky:sis,all know about ur romance..ask me..guys..i’ll say how their romance was always in air’
Armaan:so ,we have much to talk’hmm..
Geet:dare u Vicky..
She came from maans back n scaring vicky..
Vicky:im not scared for u sis..when u both can forget ur surrounding then y I must be shy to say hu..for example..yesterday too,what u both were doing in garden..
Oh.shit geet was again fully red’but she realized she must ask if they forgive them r not..
She looked at all four..
Geet:kya aap logone mujei maaf kiya..pls sry..s..o..r..r..y..sry..pls pls pls..she made puppy faces n make them laugh.. baar maaf we don’t want u to be upset on cuties birthday..
they all joined for a group hug..
geet wacked armaan n r u drs’
fine dude..
n meera n dev u both..
meera :hmm..ive a gud news for u..
Meer was blushing furiously..
Armaan:if u blush then when will u say..after ur child comes to earth.. so many months..
Maan was looking silently as a mute viewer..he was happy that he brought back her friends in her life..
Armaan:n we have gud news for u..
Geet:aaplog bhi..what?
Ridz was blushing now..
Geet:ridz u too..
Ridz nodded fastly no no..
Geet :then what..
Armaan:we are getting married by next month..
Geet was happy..this day is really a big day for her..first her kids bday..then her friends reunion..meera preg news..arman ridz marriage news..she cant thank god enough for filling happiness in her life..
Dev:now enuf of us..u say how r u..
Ridz:haan geet..bolo..we want to hear from ur mouth’
Geet looked at all four..then at maan..
Geet:if I say im the happiest person on earth.n I am living in heaven.will u all believe me’..yes..i am living in heaven..maan has made me forget all those painful days in these morning starts with him n ends with him..he has suffered a lot..same like me..then too he came for me n filled my life with happinesss..i would have never known what my life would have been with this two kids all alone in world..but he came back..he came back for me..for our love..the love we feel for both..we have crossed all thorn paths n now we have stepped in heaven..he is the king of heaven ..n I’m his queen..n our kids are our angels’I have no regrets for past..everything happened for gud..if we have not faced that phase..i would not have experienced this happiness..i never know his one small gesture of love can give me so much happiness..we want to be tied for all births’I want to be his in all life..
Maan was looking at her dreamily..

Vicky:gave a loud yawning sound..haaaww’sis from when u started to see films..
Geet knotted her brows..
Vicky:u r speaking filmy dialogues..from which film u stole it..
Geet:tum..tum..tum u think it as filmy dialogues..
Ridz stopped them..
Ridz:Vicky.cant u see the truth in her words..she meant was from her bottom of her heart..
Vicky:sis,when I told geet sis is lying..i have seen them suffer n seeing them happy..i just want to make fun of my geet u ever know she is getting emotional nowadays..
Maan:Vicky..i think its enuf for them their rooms..u all fresh up n cum for pooja soon..
Vicky:ok jij..we are going..we wont be here to disturb u lovebirds..
Saying so he ran away making the four giggle n maneet blush..the four too went to freshup n get ready..
Maan:geet ,we must get ready soon..he took the milk filled sippers giving to babies..they started to have it as they were really in hunger’
Geet:I’ll make tub ready for them..
Maan:ive already made it..just give them bath..
Geet entered bath room only to see that also decorated with scented candlesn ballons..the tub filled with milk n rose water toys for kids to play..
Geet:maan,when u did this..
Maan:morning..afterall its our angels must be special’
Maan removed aravs dress n geet ani’s..both placed them in warm milk’both had a gud bath enjoying a new feel..they can feel something is special that’s y they are treated specially..
Geet gave them next a baby shower..both were splashing water on each other making their parents too wet..
Maneet wrapped them in towel n took them outside’when maan was drying them geet took their new clothes n weared it..anjali in a pink puffy frock n aarav in blue sherwani..
Geet:ab lagrahi hai dono meri angels..
She placed kiss on their forehead..n maan also kissed them..
Maan:hmm..awesome selection geet..
Vicky:hmm..if u both have admired can I take my GF n the naughty aroo with me..all are waiting for them..
Geet:ok..i’ll fresh up soon n join u..
Vicky took both on either side n moved toexit..he stoped n said..
Vicky:sis,I think..u will take long time..bcoz jij will not leave u..n kids too not their to disturb..
He winked at both n left ..
Geet:is Vicky ko..arghh..he is too much..he is hell bent on embarrassing me..
Maan came n hugged her from back n placed a kiss on her shoulder..
Maan:waise geet..vickys idea is not bad..
Saying he scooped her n moved to the washroom..
Geet :maan..kuch tho sharam kijeye..guests are here n u r in naughty mood..
Maan came to her ears n naughty with my wife only..
He opened the shower making both wet..
Geet:maan..pls..sab bahar hai..
Maan:I know..he said kissing her forehead..then kissing her eyesn coming lower..
m.a.a.n..she moaned n he took her lips in his.chewing it n nibbling it..his passion made her week..she held his shoulders tight..he was removing her dress kissing her nape n middle of valley..soon both got rid of clothes n kissing each other madly’
geet in dazzled state said..maan puja..
maan stopped n looked at her…giving her a soul searing kiss..he said
thank you jaan for giving me the worlds happiest moment n making me a father..both took a shower together controlling their urges n moved out..geet gave him a sandal coloured sherwani n she weared a meroon colour sari..she took the matching jewels to wear..he stopped n weared it by himself..he pecked her forehead n said..u r luking gorgeous..he took the sindoor n filled her mang..she closed her eyes feeling completed..she opened her eyes after some minutes only to see him loking at her with full of love..
armaan who came to call maneet stood at entrance..seeing them lost in their eyelocks..
they don’t need words to express their love..their eyes are windows of their soul..they were promising eachother to love n to be loved’
armaan coughed to gain their attention ..they immediately parted..looking everywhere than armaan..
armaan:erm..panditji aagayi..dadi asked me to call u ..
maneet came to the hall…
all were already present ..n their eyes were teasing them both..
dadi”maneet sit in puja with kids..
they both sat with kids..
the pandit started the puja was for giving happiness to family,to keep kids healthy n give them a long life..n to keep away evil eyes from the happy family’
aroo n ani were throwing flowers on each other n playing..maneet had difficult time holding them in one place..
after puja the aarthi was done n all went to the mandir..they prayed to god n gave offerings to the needy n came back home..they had break fast to gether..the mansion was filled with laughters n teasers ..the childrens childish talks n puppys bow wow..still ani n aroo chase the poor soul scaring it..but the puppy also now loved playing with them..
the lunch was grand for the family as it was special day’
evening 6Pm..
the mansion glittered in the lights..guests started to arrive..all were awed by the decors..the combination of pink n whitescreens,ribbons,balloons,stars,lights,everything was mesmerizing..
the theme was fairy land..n the kids were asked to dress up like angels’n in the hall too there was pictures of fairies with magic stick’hanging n portrayed here n was giving a perfect look for the theme’

geet has already given the family the dresses she bought for them to wear..dadi as usual in her new half white sari..geets mom in pink sari..n her father in white ..arjun in white casuals n anie in pink sari which had silver works’n the cutie kiddo was dressed up in a cute pink frock..vicky was also in white with his shirt worked with silver sequences..ridz n meera tried a full frock n dev n armaan cladded in white pant n pink shirt..
all were waiting for the birthday babies n their parents..suddenly the light went off..n a spot light fell on the stairs’there came the lovable pair holding their kids in hands..maan n geet were complementing each other..maans pink shirt n his first 3 buttons left open’all girls were feeling jealous of geet..he doesn’t look like a father of two..he was still looking hot n dashing’geet was not less than an angel descending the stairs..her pink sari with silver works..her simple diamond necklace n mangal sutr around her neck..her diamond bangles..with same pair of danglers in was touching the corner of her cheeks teasing maan to kiss her..she wore a simple waist chain with diamonds placed in it..the shining diamonds were making maan to bite her n take her n make love to her then n there..he controlled his erotic thoughts n placed his hands on her waist encircling her,but more than it to torture her with his simple touch..geet gave a nervous smile feeling tickled n butterflies flying when his rough palm touched her soft skin’
arav was wearing same like maan..with a small chain n diamond bracelet in hand..the most beautiful looking was anjali..her pink full Barbie girl frock she was wearing a diamond set of earings bangles n short chain’ her hairs clipped with matching cartoons..her small crown on her head n a small magic stick in hand’she was really looking like a pari..
all the guests were looking at the perfect family..
dadi:maneet,shall we start the cake cutting ceremony..
maneet yes dadi..
nakul came with a big strawberry cake n placed before them’maneet made the cuties stand in a chair before the cake..both cuties looked at the cake n was about to take a piece from it..
Vicky:sis,they r very eager to eat lets cut it soon..
Geet was holding their hands so they don’t mess it..
Maan:ani,aroo..blow this candle..
Maan:ufff..karo dono..
The air was not in toched the candle n went away..all chuckled..
Vicky:GF aur zorse..
Ani n aroo..ufff’the candle went off n all clapped n sang happy birthday song..
Maan made them cut the cake n maneet gave a piece to both of them n asked to feed each other’they happily had it..
geet:aroo,ani ko kiss karo..
he kissed anies cheeks lovingly imprinting cake on her cheeks.
Maan:ani dear,bhai ko kiss karo..
She was about to kiss aroo..he saw something..

he peeked his heads n looked at baby geetu aka kiddo..she was in placed in basket n a boy was kissing him’something irked can he kiss her..ani managed to kiss his ears..maneet made them feed all cake by the hands of kids..all guests blessed the kids n gave them gifts..when all were relaxing a having a pair dance…aroo came to the boy who kissed kiddo..he pushed him down n showed his fingers like dare u kiss my kiddo again..the boy cried..mommy’.aroo pushed me..the music n the peoples chat did not make the boys sound audible..
Aroo was going back..the boy pushed aroo..he fell on sofa..he turned..
Aroo’s st:how dare u push Arav singh u r gone..they both started to fight holding each other..all parents were busy n failed to see them..anjali came between them to stop..she then took baby steps ..whom to say dada or mama..she saw them dancing at centre..vicky was standing near her..she went to Vicky n pulled his pants..
Vicky:what GF..
Ani:aroo..f8..cum uncle..
She pointed that side n Vicky went n took aroo by lifting in his hands..he was still throwing his legs n hands in air that he want to crush the boy down’
vicky:aroo,I’ll say papa..n will say not to get u new spiderman..n will say to leave puppy out of gate..
aroo stopped..he wants spiderman n puppy..
aroo I’ll leave..but will see him later..vicky to that boy..sry beta..go n play..
he sniffed his nose n went 2 play..
then maan called all kids n a magic show was performed..following it many kids games were conducted n gifts were given to them..
the kids whoever touched the fairy portrait were surprised when they got chocolates from the stick..
maneet were happy seeing the whole mansion filled with happiness n extreme joy..maan took geet aside..he gently pressed his lips on hers n whispered
maan:thank u jaan..for coming into my life’n giving me two angels..I cant say how much happy I am..
.geet:im also happy happy..thanks to u also..for giving angels in my life..

Here aroo who was searching his mom, witnessed it.. dada hamesha meri mama k peeche padi hai..jab deko kissy detha hai’
maan:geet,ek baath poochoon..
geet:hmm..she could not say anything more as he nuzzled his nose on her neck..
maan:will u become mother of my child again’I want to be with u..i want to experience that phase of my life which I missed’I want to feel the baby growing inside u..the babys first kick..ur cravings..i want to feel everything again..
geet looked at maan..there was still repentance in his he missed ani n aroos most precious part of life..
maan:I know geet,we have already two..n that’s enuf for us..but..i want to feel those moments..pls can u give me that..
she silenced him with a kiss..
geet:im always ready for u..n I’m also eager to fulfil ur wish..
she said shyly..
maan lifted her chins..n said’
maan:then be ready..i want another small geet by next year..
geet:no will be chota maan..
maan:no..i want child like u.. u..
they were quarellling with each other,when Vicky came n stopped them..
Vicky:stop u both guys..ive a solution for it..
Vicky:jij,sis..there will be no problem if u give a twin again’n when will u give it..iwill make arrangements before itself..a nother
Geet was getting shy..she moved from the place..
All guests started to go home after having a wonderful dinner..only family members n geets friends were there ‘adi n sasha settledthe payments for all n they too retired home..
Geet changed the dresses for kids to a simple one..n all were chatting about how well the function went..dadi n geets parents went to bed early as they felt tired..kiddo was placed on a mat on floor..geet took her in arms n kissed her nose..
Sry dear,maami was busy in guests..i couldnot take u till now..
She gave a wide smile to her..aroo was seeing both..he took baby stepsn came to geet’
Geet:kiddo,did u say happy birthday to aroo..say happy birthday..
Kiddo was looking aroo with a fearful eyes..
Aroo bent n kissed kiddos lips n placed his head on geets laps to sleep ..making the whole group present shocked n stunned..geet too was looking at aroo with her mouth in a big O..she knew where aroo got this idea from..she gave an agry glare to maan..all the looks now turned to maan..maan was also shocked by aroo’s behavior..he never thought his devil dear son will copy him in this too..maan was making an innocent face I did not teach him..
Arjun:suna tha,Vicky se..about ur romance..
Armaan:ab dekbiliya..
Dev:chi chi..u both before kids..
Ridz”see the after effect of ur romance..
They all teased them..maneet were not in position to face them..geet moved to the next room,taking aroo with her n placing geetu on cradle..maan was holding ani as she too slept..he was restlessly waiting for all to go to their room..atlast they went after an hour..ani was sleeping in sofa..maan came to geet with milk in his hand..
Maan:feeling tired..
Maan:have this..u will have a gud night sleep..
Geet had the milk..
Geet:maan..i want to say u one thing..
She yawned..
Maan:I know..
Maan came to her close n said..i love u jaan..
Geet smiled n hugging him ,she said..i love u too jaan..maan hugged her close to his heart..he can feel her weight on her.she has drifted to sleep…he kissed her forehead..
Maan :so its time for surprise jaan’
He scooped her n went out n placed her in the limo..he came back n took aroo n ani also without disturbing them nor making sound or waking up others..he walked silently n kept them also in the car..he went again inside n came to their room n took the packed baggages n moved out’he was shocked to see arman looking at him in shock..
Maan st:oh I must say to him..
Armaan came to drink water..he saw someone moving out n in..he thought may be a thief n came to have a look..he was shocked to see maan walking with slow steps like a thief in his own house..
Armaan:where are u going..bina kisisekuch kahe..n we are here to spend some time with geet n kids..where r u taking them’
Maan smirked n moved to car..settling the luggage..he came to armaan who has followed till exit..
Maan:amy..i’m kidnapping my own wife n my children’only for myself’.
He winked n sat in the car..driver drove away leaving a baffled armaan back’.
armaan got a msg in his cell..
the unsaid words of maan was there..


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