U,Me,Aur? – Part 101

PART 101.
Maan finished his work . his next meeting was cancelled as the client couldnot reach him for some reasons..maan thought to go to college..then he thought about the previous days..how geet neared him..nowadays its very hard to control..he cant trust himself anymore..he has decided to say geet what is husband n wife relation’he will say her he wants her physically also..shayad,by clearing it,she may accept him in all ways..she would come to know why it pains ..n it will be only for sometime..then it will be only pleasure..

Before he talks with geet,he want to know how is her health..will she be able to bear the physical pain..is she fully ready for a married life..he must first have a talk with her dr..so,he decided to go to hospital first..then to college..

He is thankful to his principal n proffessors..they always gave him the liberty..as they know he is taking care of business n studies..constructing the college for them in low budget..n he never lacks in studies..that is the main reason they allowed him to do his works at his own time..but he must inform them before..

Maan first went to hospital n met geets dr..
Dr:mr.khurana..aap yahaan..is geet ok..
Maan:yes..she is fine..wo..erm..
Dr:yes..do u want to ask anything..
Maan:hmm..wo..i want to know how is my wife now..
Dr:she is faraway beter now..just a little more treatment..she will be totally fine..she will get no more fear attacks after that..
Maan:wo..i want to know..is..she..
Maan searched for his words..it was totally embarrassing ..
Dr knotted her brows seeing maan shy n stammering..
Dr:is she..what mr.khurana..feel free to ask..she is my patient..n I must clear ur doubts’when its considered to my patient..
Maan:u know dr..she is not well ..so..i avoided to have any relation with her..now she seems normal..n’n..i want to move on with my married life..thats y..i want to know..will geet be fine when we move on..i mean her health..
Dr..looked maan deeply..she has witnessed his care n patience towards geet..but never thought a married man can control his physical desire even after being married’. More than 1 n yrs maan is being in control..if its real,then she must say he is the most lovable husband..
Dr.took her pad n prescribed some tablets n ointment..she gave to maan..
Dr:ur wife is perfectly fine for a married life..after 18 yrs every girl is physically fit..though our law says its better to marry at 21..but I know u care for her..so I don’t want to worry about my patient..i have prescribed some medicines..after having physical contact if she has pain in stomach u can give the tablet ..n that ointment apply on the part if she is sore ..i think u understand..
Maan was blushing thinking itself..his heart was dancing balle balle..
Dr:others upto both of u..
She smiled at maan..maan grinned foolishly at her ..he thanked n came out to go to college..he was feeling butterflies in stomach n was flying in his own thoughts…he is going to end his thirst today’he will speak to his mishty

..he was regersaling in mind,how to talk to his wife..

Mishty..wo..i want to say u something about our relation..i want to make u mine physically also..
No..no..its not gud..kuch aur socho maan..
Sona..wo..i want to talk to u..do u know what is sex..
Chi chi..this is more awkward than first..kuch aur socho maan..
Geet..i want to explain u things..u asked me that day..will u listen to me..u told na its paining..about that..do u know y..its not like u said,that I want to hurt u..its a desire to make u mine..
Go on this way maan..ye teek hai..slowly u must explain her about physical relation..without scaring her..then she is all yours..

Maan was dreaming a lot..without knowing what is happening to his wife there in college..he was near to college when his phone buzzed n broke his dreams’what he heared made him anger..his eyes turned red..he drove more fast to college..

(Girls I am changing the last session of part 100 a little brief according 2 precap’..)

Vicky was punching the boys who tried to get hold of him..they could not fight equally with him.vicky ‘s punches were strong that the others couldn’t hold him.. ,his boxing practice helped him today’.shyam came back to Vicky n punched him hard..vicky stumbled a little ..as he was not as strong compared to shyam..n shyams friends took this opportunity n held vicky’s hands back..so that he cant move..shyam smirked..
never mess with shyam..
Vicky:pls leave her..vicky jumped in air to get rid off them..

Sam smiled seeing this..hmm ‘..dont know what is there in this geet..y all r behaving so mad to help her..she turned to geet..
Sam:u gave me before ur watch,bangles bracelet..then y u r denying now..common give me..i want ur ring’
..sam forwarded n geet took steps back..
Geet:its not like other things..i wont give u..
Sam:whats special in it..
Geet:becoz its my engagement ring..

Geet did not even realize what she said’ she was not in sense as they asked her engagement ring..they are forcely trying to remove it..its hers n she never removed it from her hands from the day of engagement..
Her words were loud enuf that her friends who came finishing the works also heared it.n the body gaurds too heared the voice ..
Bg:it looks like mams voice..
Raghav:yes..lets go..n c whats happening..y mam disclosed the secret..

.a sudden silence prevailed there..all were shocked..not only her friends..shyam n group too..

While geet was talking to sam
Shyam took her hand in his holding tight to remove the ring..he was shocked hearing she is engaged..n that angered him more..he was really fida on her beauty..n wants to make her his..he cant even think geet belonging to some other..n his hold on her tightened n geet who never gets angry on anything got angry..first he was holding her arms n trying to remove her ring n his hold was paining..
geet:leave me..
shyam did not budge..

..geet gave a tight slap on his face’it echoed all over the ground..the slap made all her friends come out of shock..they must save geet n Vicky..n they moved fast to near them..vicky was proud to see a sherni geet or to say a lady msk..

Shyam felt insulted before his friends..his ego was hurt again..it enraged him..n his anger blinded him..geet was moving to Vicky..shyam came from behind n held geet by waist ..
Shyam:after u slapped I will not leave u taking my revenge’
Geets friends came n saved Vicky beating his friends’Vicky n others tried to near shyam..he kept his hand on geets throat chocking her..if u near me I will kill her..
Geet:chodo mujei..she struggled in his arms..she coughed ..
..bahadur came there..leave her. I say..he roared..
Shyam:oh..maan ki chamche..ur duty is to guard maan..go away from here..dont interfere in college students matters..u will have to face many questions..
Bahadur:I said u to leave gudia..
Geet called him..bhaiya..vicky…
All felt helpless..
Shyam:hmm..not bad so maanki bg is ur bro..so before all I will take my revenge..shyam ka panga leneka natheeja tumhe bugathnahi padega..
shyam hugged her from back n his head slightly slided towards her cheek n rubbed his cheek on hers n neared to kiss..n his one hand moved to touch her curve..
all said to shyam to stop..
Vicky screamed in fear ‘..bhabhiii..nooo’shyam bohut pachthaogi..chodo meri bhabhi ko..
It was next shock for all.vicky calling bhabhi…thats y Vicky was pampering geet so much..
By the time raghav also came there after calling maan..
Raghav n bahadur took out their guns..n pointed shyam…
Raghav: chodo humari gudia ko..or I ll shoot u..leave her..
Shyam:I wont..till she is with me u cant do anything..but ,I swear,be ready to face the police..i ll complain against u..be ready..
Bahadur:we r also ready to face anything..

But what happened the next was unexpected..when shyam hugged her from back geets mind went to past..ram too hugged her like that..the touch felt disguisting..now too she felt same.ram was trying to behave same like shyam n next her house was in ash..(remember part 47)
she opened her eyes n started to hit shyam like a wounded sher..
chodo ram..chodo..leave me..i want to go to mama papa..leave me..she bite shyam n scratched him with her nails..
nothing came to sense..as she called shyam as ram..
Only bagadhur n raghav know who is ram’the others looked at her astonished..seeing her wild behavior..even Vicky don’t know who is ram..

vicky n her friends called her..


geet did not hear anything..she was in her past..n if geet was same soft innocent geet shyam would have controlled her..but this wild geet had so much power inside her.. her every blow was hard.n her teeth piercing his skin… shyam s hold loosened .she hit him again n again n shyam backed from her.all wanted to strangle shyam,but their first priority was geet.her friends neared her to calm her..she was out of control..she behaved wildly with them too..vicky n renu neared her n her deep heart told her not to harm them..she wriggled in their grip..she was only repeating

chodo ram..mujei mama papa ke pass jana hai.. chodo mujei..

she kept on slapping there hands..nailing there skin..

bahadur n raghav got hold of shyam n tied him upside down in the tree..

bahadur:if anyone tries to release him I will not think once to shoot him..dont think I am saying 2 scare u..my gun is fully loaded n original..
bahadur shot a tree ..n the branch fell down..all shyams friends backed off in horror’sam sneaked away from there in fear..what if they took her also in control n hang her like that..she cared only for herself..

bahadur n raghav neared geet..
bahadur:gudia,gudia..she is getting wild..we must inject her..
Vicky:then y r u standing here..get the injection soon’
Bahadur came to car n opened the fridge ..he took the strips of injection.n came to geet.he was confused which one..he took the drs slip n read..before he could take the right one he saw maan snatching the injection from him n neared geet..vicky left geet seeing maan..n geet was wriggling to free from renu’s grip too..
maan filled the sringe n held geet s hands ..she moved n hit him also..she did not see its maan.. his eyes showed immense pain seeing her wild again’she tore his shirt..he did not mind it..all were looking only at geet..
maan now held her hands tight n made her lie on there..renu n Vicky was holding her legs which was kicking in air..maan injected in her hand’n within seconds she went to sleep..
arohi:bhai..u know geet..
arohi asked seeing maan knowing about her health..how can one inject so suddenly..

maan now closed his eyes..what he must answer..he cant say she is his wife’
maan:hmm..she works part time in kc.. take her to hospital soon…she needs medical attention..raghav ..take them..
Vicky scooped geet n looked at maan..his eyes showed no expression’it was calm before storm..
none knows the turmoil of maan..when he heared his wife in shyams grip n her getting wild.his earth slipped away from his feet…he was already near his college..seeing geet he so much controlled himself to stop himself taking her in his arms ..his fragile wife who was recovering from her past was pushed to past..n her wildness was the witness’
he will get peace only after punishing the man who is the reason for this ..till that he wont face his wife..he cant face her with guilt that her husband the great maan singh khurana did not save his wife when she was trying to be humiliated..he will face her after punishing shyam..
all left to hospital with geet..

maan came n sat in his car n called bahadur.. he changed his dress .
bahadur:ji sir..
maan:u failed ur duty..
bahadur..sry sir..i was not in duty today..went to post office to send money to house..i came now only thinking u r here..n I thought its like usual ragging n teasing or fights between students..i did not see it from distance..its gudia..n vicky..
maan:ok..i accept ur excuse..but the other bg’s will get punishment..for lacking the duty..
bahadur:ji sir..i will give them punishments’now what must I do’.
maan:whop shyam..i want to see him dripping blood .. ‘but before that keep my phone in his ears’I want to speak to him.. how dare he touch my wife..after knowing she is engaged also he tried to ..chi’I cant even say..i feel ashamed of myself..beat him till he begs..
bahadur:ji sir..

bahadur came to shyam..his friends were long escaped..not wanted to get into troubles..
bahadur:a call for u..
shyam:u will pay for it..u r a mere BG..u don’t know who I am..
bahadur:I know who u r..but first know about the person whom u have messed with..n I am sure it will not be easy for u as u tried to humiliate gudia..u have to pay heavy for touching her..u don’t know how possessive he is towards her..u will repent for ur deeds’.
shyam:lets see..
bahadur:first talk to the caller..

maan kept a kerchief on the phone..so his voice cant be identified..
shyam:whoever u r ..tell him to untie me..
maan:its not possible..u still have to face more..r.. your Adrelines rushing from toe to head..now u will see it touching the floor..
maan said in a cold voice..though it shivered shyam..
shyam:dare u touch me..u will repent..u don’t know about my father..
maan:hmm I know ur father..indeed ur dad is a political leader..n his position is making u like this’
maan said about shyams fathers every detail..ur dad born as a farmer..he joined the xyz party as member,,maan continued saying his fathers every detail ,how he became a politician..
shyam too don’t know this much about his father..he was totally speechless..

maan:I think this details r enuf for ur fathers past ..n future I will say now..
he will be restricted from his own party..he will be arrested for corruption..n..will be rotted ..
shyam:u r a fool..u r day dreaming..u cant even near my dad’
maan:ok..lets c..but I know u r always high headed ‘.becoz of ur fathers post,all feared u..no more..but now its punishment time..for touching my love..becoz of u,ur dad is also going to be punished..
shyam then only thought he did not know to whom he is talking..
shyam:who r u?
maan:i said u..u r going to get punishment for touching my love..u must have known by now..
shyam:geets would be..vickys brother..
maan:yup..n I never forgive anyone who harms my family..u have to face my wrath..
bahadur..it was loud enuf for bahadur to hear his boss’s order..unsaid words..
bahadur took a long stick from a tree branch n started to beat shyam..
shyam screamed n shouted,cried ,atlast pleaded also to leave him..maan was watching it from the car..shyams every scream gave a peace..as he remembered how geet screamed..maan held his fists tight..he failed to protect his jaan’its 2nd time’geet is getting fear attack in college n he failed’it made himself hate more..n he looked at shyam who was in pool of blood hanging in tree..he is half dead n the floor was having his blood stains’
bahadur called maan:what I should do now..
maan :smash his right hand which touched geet ..then release him..he must survive to see his head bowing down before others..i will make the proud out his head ..he will not show his face out..itna sharm ayegi wo apne shakal dikane ki layak nehi hoga..
say him to face his pride grounding in this week..
then follow me..im going to hospital..
bahadur let shyam free ..he was not even able 2 stand..bahadur took a sharp piece of wood n pierced in his right hand.
Bahadu:this is for misbehaving with our gudia. bahadur loved geet as a brother’it only made him fury seeing geet like that n obey his master,more than his order..he want to kill him ..but maans way of revenge..he will support him n see him falling down on his own eyes..

shyaam screamed in pain..the wood pierced thru palm n came thru other side..he was facing hell in real..his pain was unbearable.he felt dizzy as he lacked blood…bahadur hand overed to the watchman of college..to take him to hospital..he patted shyams cheeks to wake him up..when he opened his eyes a little..
shyam said:I’ll not leave u’my father wont leave u..
bahadur:hmm lets c..u don’t know u cant even touch me..ur friends will also not say anything against me..we r leaving u alive..do u know y..the man whom u rubbed the bad side wants to show u ur down fall.before ur eyes.count the days from today..8th day u will be a zero..
bahadur said in pride..he knew his boss very well..if he says anything,then its final..
bahadur followed maans car’.. his duty is to follow maan..n he too want to know how is his gudia


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