U,Me,Aur? – Part 102

PART 102.


Vicky carried unconscious geet into hospital followed by his friends..all were worried to see geet like that’AV was trying to join the dots..if geet is vicky’s bhabhi..then who is maan..we have seen his care n love towards her..
Arun:varun..i have one doubt..
He whispered in his ears..
Varun:I know what u think..but if so,maan must be vickys bro..but have u ever seen them together,,even today they both behaved like they don’t know each other..i don’t think so..
Arun:all are confusing..
Varun:first lets know how is geet ..then we will ask Vicky..
Dr.who saw geet was shocked..
An hr before only she was talking to maan about geet..but now she is unconscious..
Vicky:dr..see her na..
Dr:geet..geet..what happened to her..n who u r all..
Arohi:we are her friends..classmates..
Vicky:she got fear attack again..
Dr:did she face fire..
Vicky:no..idk actually what she said..
Vicky hesitatingly explained everything..the humilation she faced..
Dr:then how she is sleeping now..
Friends:geets bhai brought her some injection..our senior maan injected it..after that she was calm n sleeping..
Dr..too acted like she don’t know about maan..
Dr:oh..correct decision at required time..will u all be outside till I examine her..

All came out n impatiently waited for dr. to come out..but his friends had a lot of questions..n now they bombarded Vicky with their questions..
Arohi:Vicky,u never said geet is engaged
Prem:he did not even say she is his babhi..
Manju:hmm..more than 1 n yrs we r friends with geet..we r together ..
Pari:she too never said she is engaged..
Mani:engagement kab hua..bol salei..humse bhi chupali tum dono ne..
Heer:why did u hide it from us..bol Vicky..
Arohi:why Vicky..y u made us feel we r not ur friends..when we all asked u ,whats the reason u care for her..u never said..
Heer:we all thought she is kid.n u 2 call her baby only..but how comes she engaged..
Av:Vicky,who is ur brother..we have never seen him with u nor geet..u never introduced him to us..
Arohi:Vicky,we are asking u..y u r silent..answer us..
Prem:Vicky:moo kholo,y u hided the biggest truth about geet..
Pari:Vicky,we also care for her..u know na..then y..

All were asking him questions..only renu was quiet..she was ashamed of her brothers behavior..as a girl she can understand geets plight..n already geet is not well’her bhais behavior just killed her..she was unable to face her friends too..when Vicky called geet bhabhi,her 1% of doubt on relation to got cleared..but now the problem is how her friends will react..will they talk with her like before..she want to ask sorry..but words did not come out..she want to go near vicky n comfort him..but she couldn’t..she stood in a corner n watched him..

Vicky was first shocked seeing geet like that.his mind has stopped working n became numb when he saw geet wild n maan said she needs medical attention..the drs rushing her to check up..there tensed face..when he came out of shock,his friends questions were making him speechless..if they are getting angry listening half truth,then what wil l they say if they come to know geet is married..but I cant say it..maan bhai ne mana kardi hai bhabhi se..then how can I say..but he cant keep quiet n make his friends stay angry on him’he must convince them..

Vicky:ya..geet is my bhabhi..she is engaged to my bro..not now, even before she joined college.at that time only she lost her family in fire.from that she is staying with us..she belongs to our family only na..ya she is innocent like a kid..i call her baby babhi in home..outside only baby..
u all know bhabhis situation..see her now also..she is not even in sense ..my brother want her to be happy..to come out of her shell..forget her past n enjoy her life like all do..if all knows, they may tease her or make fun of her being engaged at small age..or u all may have treated her differently..thats y we hided it..bhabhi has promised bhai,she wont say anything about her to anyone..even to her friends..so,I have to go along with her..till bhai comes before u all,I cant say who he is..he don’t want anyone to know about his relation till bhabhi finish her college’
Arohi:hmm..we can understand..but where is ur brother..we have never seen him..
Vickys st:u all know him ..i am the unlucky one..u all have atleast talked to him..
His face went sad..
Prem”:Vicky till now we haven’t seen ur bro..
Arohi:hay..i remember geet said to me once she is with vickys bro..iska matlab..u all are together..
Vicky can’t even say no..so he decided to say lie..but it was half truth..they all live inside one compound two houses..what an irony..
Pari:how come we don’t know or see him in ur house..
Vicky:he is always busy in his office..n he don’t want anyone to know about him n bhabhi..if he comes babhi may split truth in her innocence..what is his relation with him..u know na she cant lie..
Av:hmm..ye tho such hai..geet wont say lie nor breaks promise..n whatever she did is also for gud only..
Vicky:pls..u all too let it remain a secret na..

Dr.came outside..
Dr:have u all informed her family..or shall I call
Arohi:Vicky is here na dr..he is her family..
Dr.knotted her brows..
Vicky:wo dr..geet meri bhabhi hai..his face pleaded not 2 say more..
Dr.s face turned shock..then she remembered he only gave her every details of geet..
Dr:u come with me..u all stay here..
Vicky followed dr.to her cabin..asking his friends to be there with geet..

Dr:so,u r..mr..ur full name please..
She wants 2 confirm again..
Vicky:vickranth singh khurana..geet maan khurana meri bhabhi hai..he said..
Vicky:how is my bhabhi..
Dr:nothing 2 worry..
Dr.noticed Vicky also bleeding..
Dr:u need to be dressed..
Vicky:let it be dr..i must feel the pain..its nothing compared to what my babhi is going thru..i deserve more pain..
Dr. tried to convince him,he did not accept..let it bleed dr..it will atleast give me peace..
Dr.thought,khurana bro’s are zidhi..
The next second dr. saw her cabin door flung open scaring her.maan came there..
Vicky stood silently..dipping his heads..he failed to protect his bhabhi again n fallen from his responsibilities..how can he face maan..
Maan:dr.how is my wife..
Dr:cool down mr.khurana..she is perfectly fine..i checked her reports..
Maan:then y she get wild..again..
Dr.u know mr.khurana..she has faced a situation before also like this..this incidence has just brought her memory back..that fateful day..which she cant forget till her eternity..its a deep scar inside her..she may have forget but it comes to memory when u face it again..its like that..when someone misbehaved with her,she got that memories..
Maan:will she be wild again when she wake up..
Dr: I don’t think so..she is mostly cured..but lets see when she woke up.. she will search for u when she comes out of sleep…so,u must be near her..if she gets wild,only u can control her..
..but I am sure..she is capable enuf to face now the reality.other than fire.at present. she will need some comfort…so no need to worry..
Maan:ok..but I cant go before her friends..they will identify me..n ask me why I am here..
Maan said how to avoid the situation..
Dr:don’t worry..i will take care of it..
Mr.vicky khurana can u come with me..
Vicky:dr..call me Vicky,my friends don’t know iam a khurana.
He said looking at maan..maan looked everywhere than Vicky..vicky did not miss to see his red puffy eyes n his tightened fist,which showed his suppressing anger..
Dr:ok mr.vicky I understand..
vicky.followed her..dr.once again checked geet..she was still sleeping..
dr.came out..
dr:to geets friends..she is fine now
friends:thanks dr
dr: ..u all may go to ur houses..only 1 attender can be with the patient..hope u guys understand..

friends:..ya..we understand..we will go once she woke up..
dr:it will take more than 3-4 hrs..
vicky:guys u all go,I’ll be here with bhabhi..once she wokeup I ll call u..
friends left half heartedly..renu came near him n hesitatingly kept her hand on his shoulder..
Vicky:pls go from here’I want to be alone..i know u r not at fault..its ur brother..bcoz of him mt bhabhi is here in hospital..but I need some time..if I see u now ur bros face come before me..i don’t want our relation to break becoz of ur bros act..both are different..
Renu:I will wait for u..take care of geet..
She too went away..

when all left maan came to geet’maan signaled the nurse to go out n the nurse left them alone.the door was kept open.vicky stood outside n watched them both..maan cupped her face n kissed her forehead n cheeks.he sat beside her caressing her lovingly..his eyes were moist seeing her pale face..
Vicky smiled adoring maans love..he came n sat in the chair outside..
Vickys st:babhi..i am sorry..i could not save u..i am bad..too bad..u faced ur worst before me..i failed to protect u babhi..pls mujei maaf kardo..come back safe to us..babhi ki babaji..pls be with her..n save her..punish me for not saving her..usei teek kardo..pls’he shed tears thinking how shyam tried to humiliate her..
Vicky:I wont leave u shyam..i will kill u’even after knowing she belongs to my brother,u tried to touch her..i will kill u..
He was raging in anger. His thoughts were disturbed by his phone buzzing..
Vicky got call from dadi..
She was angry on him..
Dadi:what the hell are u doing Vicky..cant u even protect ur babhi..
Vicky was silent as he was at fault..
Dadi:u did not even inform me she is admitted in hospital..did u know even ur responsibilities..
Vicky:I was scared..my mind did not work..when bro told take bhabhi to hospital I straightly came here..i am sry..
He whimpered..n dadi felt bad..
Dadi:ok..dont cry..i am coming there now..ragav informed me..
Vicky:come soon dadi..i will be waiting for u..
Vicky again stood n looked thru the door..geet was gaining conscious..she was murmering
Chodo mujei..ram..chodo..
Maan immediately patted her cheeks to get her out of her state..
Maan:princess,wake up..see,ur prince is here..no one will near u..see dear..open ur eyes..
Maans eyes brimmed,seeing her still tossing on bed n murmering
Geet:leave me..i want to go..leave me..
Maan lifted her up a little n hugged her’she must feel him..she is safe in his embrace..he rubbed her back saying all sweet things..
Maan:jaan,open ur eyes dear,u r having a bad dream..see..ur maan is near u..no one can harm u..utto jaan..wake up from this sleep..
He kissed her eyes,nose n cheeks n pecked her lips..
Maan:common wake up..lets go home..u don’t like hospital smell na..u say na..its yuck..then how can u sleep here..enuf of ur sleep..
Geet slowly started to feel maans warmth around her..she opened her eyes..
Vicky closed the door half..dont want to witness their moments..which has both love n pain..his bro loves her so much..he has witnessed it today..the pain in his eyes n his hug..the way he was making her hear his sweet talks..to make her feel she is safe in his arms..he wiped his tears n turned only to see arohi standing there with confusing look..vicky closed the door fully..
Arohi forgot her phone there..so,she came to take her phone..n she saw Vicky standing outside geets room’when he must be inside beside her..she peeped inside the room what he was watching so emotionally..the door was half closed so,she couldn’t see the face of the person who was holding geet..
Vicky :arohi..tum..yahaan..
He said little muffling..n thinking did she saw bro..
Arohi:Vicky,what r u doing out..who is inside there with geet..
Arohi doubted seeing him stumbling.
Arohi:who is it Vicky..tum geet ke saath usei akele..she stopped..
‘.vicky..is it ur brother..
He cant lie when arohi has seen geet with maan..
Arohi:can I see ur bro..
She was eager to see him..even a glimpse has given her a respect on him..how much he loves geet..
Vicky:how can we go inside,wo..bro will not like it..
Vicky:what r u doing here..when u left long before..
Arohi:I forgot my phone here..saying she took it from the chair where she was sitting before..
Arohi:omg.i kept in vibration as we r in hospital..c .papa has called me..16 missed calls..
Vicky:first call him..
Arohi called her papa n he asked her to come soon..as some relatives have arrived ..
Arohi:ok Vicky,I ll c u later..bye..she once again looked at the closed door n went..
She thought one second its maan..but the colour of his shirt..she thought its not him..how can he change soon’no no..it cant be maan bhai..

Here geet wake up n hugged maan..
Geet:prince..wo ram..wo ram aagayi..
Maan hushed her..
Maan:no princess..ram is not alive..
Geet:but he touched me here here..she showed her waist n cheek..
I hate it..prince say him not to touch me..it feels like insects running on me..i feel disguisted..
Maan looked at her scared face..he want to stop her..the feel of disguist on herself must be removed..he slowly cupped her face n made her look at him..
Geet.look at me..he forcefully made her face him straight..both their eyes were locked with each other..he rubbed his stubble on her cheek n chin..he slowly kissed all over her face…he pulled her more close n took her lips in his..assuring her he is with her.. he can see her relaxing under him
He said in her mouth..see geet,I am only touching u..feel it..its not ram or shyam..i ve punished them..they will never cross ur way from now..just forget it..try to feel me inside u’
He pulled her to his laps n kissed her again..she is not responding..but her eyes were closed feeling him..her hands tightened on him..maan bent to her waist n lifted her shirt n nuzzled his nosed there..then sensually rubbed the area with his palms replacing with sweet kisses..
Maan:there is no more of his touch on you..n he cant touch any one from now..
He said making geet shiver as his lips caressed her belly..
He was making all ways to calm her..he now stopped n looked at her..she was looking peaceful..he now came to her ears n whispered..
Maan:open ur eyes jaan..ur prince want to see u..
Geet opened her eyes..his eyes pierced thru her eyes..to see the answer..he smiled when he saw no pain in her eyes..he again bent to kiss her..
Dadi came inside,
Dadi cleared her throat.ahem ahem..
maan immediately straightened her dress n himself..
Dadi:how r u beta..
Geet:fine dadi..
Maan:dadi,I ll call dr..
When he went out Vicky came inside..
Geet smiled at Vicky..vicky hugged her tight..n kissed her forehead..he was cursing himself for not being so strong to fight against shyam group..geet’s one smile gave him life..
Vicky:I was scared seeing u like that..thanks babaji..he said looking above..
Vicky st:dr.was right..only bhai has the capacity to control babhi..in few minutes,he made her normal..
Dadi:vicky from when u started to have the habit of geet..
Then she saw vicky’s wounds..
Dadi:u r bleeding..go n dress ur wounds..she said worriedly..
Vicky:its ok now dadi..
Vicky : I am sorry..baby..
He did not say more scared what if she reacts wild again..
Maan came with dr’
She checked n said:mr.khurana I said na..she is fine..its only for that time..u can take her home..but she is weak ..her energy is low after what she faced..
Dr:u understoodna what I am saying..
She indirectly said about the conversation they had before..
Dr:she must take enuf rest..then she will be feeling gud..a week after she will be fine..give her healthy foods..its enuf..
Maan:ji dr..

Maan scooped geet as she was not even able to stand..
Maneet n dadi went to palace..vicky to mansion..today Vicky felt very low of himself..he went to his room ..first he called his friends n informed geet has returned home n she is well..not to worry about her..
then he sat before his dad’s photo..
Vicky:I am sry papa..i was not strong enuf to face that shyam..or I would have killed that bustard for touching my babhi..aaj itna sab kuch hogaya..nothing was in control..will bhai be angry on me.
Dexture came to his side n thought..this Vicky..he is always a cry baby..
Maan placed geet on bed n went n brought some salads n fruit juice..
Geet had it quietly..dadi threaded her hair n made her sleep..then she left to mansion..maan saw the time..it was 3..n his lunch was kept aside on table..he was not hungry..he took his files n started to work..

Geet was again tossing on bed left n right..she opened her eyes..maan kept his files aside n came to geet.
Maan:kya hua jaan..y u r not sleeping..
Geet:my body is aching..she said stretching her hands n legs..
Maan st:her wild behavior has made her soft body in pain..
Maan:wait..i will come back..
Maan went n came with some oil..he closed the door n came to her..he removed her jeans n tops.she was left only in her inner . he took a towel n wrapped on her from chest removing her upper inner..it was too hard..but dr’s words came to his mind..he averted his gaze from her body..he poured oil in his hands n gently massaged her legs first..
Maan:how is it geet..is ur pain reducing..he asked her in extreme care..
Geet felt relaxing..n more over his hands were creating havoc inside her..his hands reached till her thighs..n moved again down..
She managed to say without moaning..
He then applied on her hands ..she was also losing herself..maan massaged her shoulders..
Maan:geet..r u feeling relaxed..
He turned her n made her lay on stomach..he pressed her back..
She was moaning..he thought she is relaxing..
Maan made her a warm tub..then again scooped her n placed her on bath tub..maan gave her a warm shower..she was really feeling gud..she gave upto do whatever he wants..she was not in position to think other than the relief she got..maan dried her n changed her to a night suit..after dressing her up he sat on armed chair n made her sit in his lap..she kept her head on his chest..he patted her slowly n made her sleep..the warmth of safeness she felt under his arms..the hot bath also relieved her..soon she slept..maan placed her on bed n started 2 do his work..

She woke up by 6 pm..very fresh..no more fear in her eyes’
Geet now said whatever happened in college..maan consoled her n told her shyam wont interfere her in anyways..he had taught him lesson..

Maan st:sameera..wait till college opens..i will give u ur payback..though u have not done a mistake like shyam.i wont leave u too..
After dinner both slept peacefully in each others arms..
Maan st::geet..one week more..then u will be my wife..before that I must make u physically fit n fine..he kissed her forehead..she snuggled close to him n hugged him tight in sleep..maan smiled n hugged her more..


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