U,Me,Aur? – Part 91

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geet kept her hand in his neck..checking if he has temperature..
Maan knotted his brows n questioning her..
Geet:wo..wo…I thought u r having fever..
Maan:who said I’m having temperature..
Geet:wo..that girls were saying ..u..r ..hot..so,I thought..u have temperature..
Maan was looking curiosly at her…
Geet:u don’t have temperature..then y that girls said like that..u had fever in college..how i don’t know..
She panicked n started cursing herself
Geet:mei bhina..kitni jalli hoon..kaise wife hoon mein..u had fever..all of them knew it..except me..
Maan chuckled hearing it..
Geet did not listen to him nor let him say any word..she pulled him to bed and made him lay there..
Maan:geet,meri baath suno na..
Geet:no..u always look after me..c,I did not look after u..
Maan want to say,he is absolutely fine..but her next question made him embarrassed..more than it her innocence was there..
Geet:prince unsab ko kaise pata aapke barein mein
Maan :kya???
Geet: aap hot ho ye un sabko kaise pata.. kya un sabne aapko touch kiya hain
She started to crib to her babaji.,looking at the ceiling..
Geet:hey,babaji,he told me,only hubby n wife can touch each other..now see,,all have touched him..
Maan was ??bechaara..kya karein
Maan:geet,they did not touch me..
Geet:then how do they know..if they didn’t touch u,u must have said them…haina..waise ..i don’t like it..when they were talking about u..
Maan can see a tinge of jealousy in her eyes..he loved this side of geet..
Geet:aur kya kaha tha…haan..yaad aaya.. u r sexy..
Maan:what? sexy..ye kisne kahaan..
Geet: prince ye sexy kya hota hain????????
maan :princess wo.. sexy… wo…
geet – haan pata hain ab aap mere ques k answer thodi na doge ab aap mujhe se baath be nahi karte isliye u doesnt told me that ur hot.. jayiye i will not talk with u
maan sighed..geet has turned her face other side..he cant see her like that..he pulled her towards him..she fell on him n their eyes captivated each other..
maan:princess..im not having fever..see ..
geet:then y they said it..
maan:that’s not the meaning of hot..they meant other way..
geet:other meaning..what..
maan removed her over coat..n started placing wet kisses..on her exposed skin..
geet was losing herself in his passion..
maan stopped..when she missed his lips,she opened her eyes,only to see him looking at her..
maan:how do u feel now..
geet:u know..my body is burning..like something..an unknown feel..
maan:that burning sensation is hot..u experience by my touch..they feel seeing me…they are attracted towards my appearance..its an infactuation..waqt ke saath wo badal jayegi..
geet nodded her head like she understood..then she saw the dinner untouched..
mei bhi na..prince..u have ur dinner..
maan had his dinner,while geet was looking at him only..
maan:jaan,u had ur dinner n medicines na..
maan:then go n sleep..i’ll
geet:u only make me sleep daily na..
she pouted..
maan:ok..come..i’ll make u sleep n then will finish my work..
maaneet moved to bed..geet placed her head on laps..looking at him..maans eyes moved on her exposed skin..
maan:beta,control..get a grip over ur feel..
maan threaded her head slowly..
geet:u did not say what is sexy means..
geet:u also don’t know..its ok..i’ll ask Vicky tomorrow..then I’ll say u..
maan st:ye ladki sach mein mujei pagal kardegi..
maan:geet..i..i know..
geet:then say na..
maan cleared his throat..but words did not come out..
maan:geet..wo..sexy matlab..bohut achi lagrahi ho..
geet:itni si..
maan:haan..wo..i was wearing different costume na..thats y..
geet:yes..u looked so gud in that dance costume..i liked it..
maan:ok..now sleep..
after geet slept,maan sighed in relief.he took his rope n tied his hands. not trusting himself seeing her sexy form in that nighty..which was like a 2ndskin clinging 2 her..
the next day..some vip passed away..n the government declared a local holiday..so,maneet were in house..
maan was checking cctvs..bahadur n raghav was trying 2 fix one which was repair..geet got bored..so she left to mansion…
Vicky was also bored..so,he called renuka n was flirting with her thru bluetooth…
Geet:v icky
Vicky:yes baby..
Geet:where are u?
Vicky:im here..he came from balcony..
Geet:im getting bored..lets play something na..
Dexture came there seeing geet..licking her legs n moving around her..
Dexture:geet,u came..im also getting bored..for how much time I’ll hear his lovey dovey talk to his gf..why don’t u think about giving me gf..i wont get bored na..chalo teek hai..lets play..
Renu:Vicky,what geet is saying..what are u going to play..
How can he say they always play running n chasing or (blind folding) hide n seek..or throw ball..like small kids..
Vicky::baby..hmm..lets play shuttle..
Geet:teek hai..
Dexture..ye lo..i thought they will play with ball..atleast I will get ball sometimes to kick..they are going to play with that feather..arghh..i’ll tear that in one bite..dexture..chalo..they wont play with u..better u see their play n pass ur time…
Vicky n geet moved to back yard..with shuttle n cork…
Vicky was in his shorts.n tshirt..his usual dress in house..geet was in her suit..
They both started to play..geet was trained by Vicky..so nowadays she play it better..
Maan was viewing the cctv of backyard n smiling..
Vicky was still in Bluetooth talking 2 his love..geet was panting heavily..so they both stopped n rested for a while..
Geet looked at vicky..he was looking gud..n that too when renu was in line..he was having an extra glow in his face..
Vicky:ji bhabhi..
Rebu:Vicky,what u r calling her..bhabhi.
Vicky tried to divert it..
Vicky:no renu..i called her baby..u must have heared it wrong..
Renu:oh..may be..
Geet:Vicky,why are u talking 2 urself..
Vicky:I’m not talking myself..wo..im talking with my friend..tell me baby..
Geet:u r sexy..
maan,Vicky n renu..the three was shocked..
renu:Vicky,what is she saying..
Vicky:ba…by..what are u telling..do u know the meaning of it..
Geet munching the chocolate kept in the table..
Geet:haan..sexy means gud looking..u look sexy in this trousers..n tshirt..nice combination..
Vicky nearly fainted n renu started 2 laugh on other side..
Renu:hu..hu..omg..vicky..geet..haha..geet is saying u r gud looking..omg..gud..sexy..haha..
Vicky was pissed off by that teasing..he disconnected the phone..
Geet continued…ur bhai too has started to wear like this dress u know..he also looks sexy in it..
Vicky was thinking how to stop her..
Vickys st:if bro hears this,bhabhi is saying me these stuffs…he will kill me..meri bhabhiki babaji bachalena mujei..mujei nehi marna…I want to live for many more years..
Vicky:bhabhi,who told u..
He wants to bang his head…n decided he will never wear shorts b4 his bhabhi….who will kill him with her innocence…
Geet:wo yesterday all said prince is sexy na..so I asked him..he said it means..gud looking..
Vicky:bhai..ye aapne kya kahaan…ok..go n ask him again..kabarthaaar ,if u again say this word again..
Geet made a baby face..
Geet:meine kya kya..chado..u too threatening me na..im going to my prince..khatti..
Vicky:im sorry bhabhi..
Geet moved to mansion..vicky looked at dexture,what to do,,
Hear maan was too much shocked.n he was still staring at the computer screen..
.knowing how innocent geet is he said the easy answer to escape..n now the result backfired him…she told Vicky,I only said this..ye kya sikhaya meine..
Me thinking poor khurana brothers..
Dono sharam se pani pani..after geet went Vicky went to mansion,thinking now how to manofy his baby bhabhi..
Maan tried his best avoiding geet..n kept himself busy ..he kept geet also busy by doing her college work n prepare for her exams…as Vicky said only to ask maan,she tried her best..
Maan was successful till night..when they had their dinner n went to room,geet looked at him with questioning n accusing eyes for avoiding her..
Maan sighed n moved taking his lappy pretending to work…
Geet tapped her legs making sounds showing her irritation n went to dressing room to change..
When she came out maan looked at her n was mesmerized..he kept the lappy aside n his legs started to move at its own accord towards geet..
She was cribbing to her babaji about maan,who was avoiding her question..
When maan neared her,she felt a strange feel in his eyes..n that made her look down in shy..
She was wearing a pink 3piece night dress…
Maan st:nowadays she wears dress only to test my controlling ability..her waist was clearly visible..as the top ended only before her assets n the overcoat was flying in air giving him the view of her waist between pant n top..as he took steps,she took steps backward..
Geet:u avoided me today..then y u r nearing me now..
Maan stopped ,coming out of his trance..
He turned to go back..she stopped him..
Geet:tell me what is sexy..vicky shouted at me for saying that word..u lied me..
She started to cry..
Geet:bcoz of u,I said khatti to Vicky..
hu..hmm..hummm..she started to cry..its his weakness..
Maan immediately cupped her face..
Maan:I did not lie..its also one of the meaning..but u must not say before others..
He kissed her eyes drinking the droplets falling..
Geet sniffed..but his nearness gave her goose bumps..she kept her hands on shoulders..
Geet kept her eyes closed even after he left her..n asked
Geet:then say me whats another meaning..
Maans hands were rubbing her back comforting her..when he lost his tracks he don’t know..he started to move inside her coat feeling her bare skin..
Maan took her to dresser..
Maan..:geet,look at urself..u r looking beautiful in this dress..saying he removed the only knot holding her overcoat..
he removed it n threw away..
geet now look at urself..geet was too shy to look herself ..the upper part was covering only her curves..her pant was glued to her legs..she shied n turned..she snuggled into maans embrace..
geet ,c the mirror..
She looked as he said..he was standing keeping her back on his chest..
He made a line from her shoulder,lowering her curves,drawing outline of her waist n below till legs..all her curves were outlined by him..
She was shuddering at his touch..it was his index finger moving over her..n she was already in fire..insearch of herself..y she always have some feel when he touch her..
Geet can u feel ur body’s ups n downs…its so beautiful..a girl or boy who has perfect structure making others look at them ..they are said to be sexy..even glamour is said to be sexy..
Hmm..she said ..but her voice dried in throat when he placed his lips on her spine..she arched her back clenching her pant in her fists..maan bend a little..his hands were lowering in front n stopped in her softness.lifting the cloth.he started to knead it..whereas his lips were making trails of kisses on her back…geet was lost in his passion n her knees became jelly..she was barely standing..she opened her eyes n saw them both..maan was biting her earlobe n kissing there..his eyes were closed..her bare upper was visible n his hands moving on it n her belly..there was some pleasure when he did it…she again closed her eyes drowning in his passion.when he started to nibble her shoulders n in between her cleavages..it started to turn red..she stumbled feeling week..her hand touched the vase n
It fell down beaking their passion..
Maan looked at geet,he wants to confirm if she was ok..or crying..she was blushing..he slowly turned her correcting her top…he placed a kiss on her forehead n cheeks..
Seeing her struggle to stand,he scooped her in his arms n made the way to bed..he placed her ..he started to move..she stopped him..
Pls..stay with me..
Maan sat next to her..n she kept his hands between her hands over her chest..maan has already having a hard time..it took lot of courage to stop himself from her..here she is hell bent in testing his patience..he patted her over her chest slowly n she slept feeling safe..
He took his hand,n went to have a cold shower..he was smiling thru out his bath,thinking about geet..she did not stop him nor question him today..hmm nice improvement..
He came out wiping his hair…he went n finished his bending works n went to his private space..then came back to his bed…, he pecked her lips n said goodnight . tying his hands like all days,keeping her in his embrace he slept…
The next day he woke up earlier…today is the sports event…he want to prepare to knock out shyaam..this is his day for revenge..
He don’t want her to wake up..so,he placed geet on the pillow n untied his hands..he went to his gym n started to do his practice..he punched the sand bag thinking it as shyam..
Geet was still sleeping..kala came with his black coffee ..she found the door open…so she entered his room n heared the sound from his gym..
Kala was about to call him loud..she saw geet sleeping peacefully with her sweety in her arms.her spread was somewhere in bed..kala saw her exposed skin n the dress she wore..maans nail mark on her waist..n her skin below her neck had turned red at many places..
Kala thought geet is sleeping bcoz of tiredness..(love making)
Kala blushed a little ..thinking about her husband nakul..
She took slow steps to gym n saw maan practicing..
Maan stopped
Maan:ji kalakka..
Kala:ive brought ur coffee..
Maan:ok..i’ll have it..akka..
Kala:gudia is sleeping..she must get ready for collegena..
Maan:dont wake up geet..

maan:today is sports meet..n I have boxing match..all students will be there..i don’t want geet to come to college today..n witness it..it may affect her..she is too nave n cant see the violence of match..
maan:akka,u tell dadi also..make her stay here itself..
maan was indirectly saying Vicky..she understood..
kala:ok I’ll say them..
them meant Vicky too..
maan:akka ive meeting at 8..so I’ll leave soon..make my breakfast ready..
she said n went to mansion n said the news…
Vicky decided to make any excuse n make geet stay n he will go 2 college..
Maan had his breakfast ..he took his spare dress n boxing gloves..his essential things for match n went to kc..
Here our sleeping beauty woke up at 7.30..she opened her eyes n blinked few times..she looked at the time..n made a big o
Geet,how could u sleep like this..prince..prince..
She called few times..
Kala came in..
Gudia,tum utgayi..
Geet looked herself..she took the spread n covered herself..geet was behaving like this for first time..something inside her said to cover n she did..she don’t want anyone to see her like this ..
Kala looked at her n said..
Kala:no need to shy infront of me..when u got married with chotuna..i only washed ur hair..n u use to wear only towel..this is much better than that..
Geet was fully red..
Kala:im happy for u both..seeing u like this gives me peace..our chotu loves u so much..
Ab jao..ive bought ur milk..go brush n come..
She looked everywhere than kala..
Kala:chotu has went to office..u r missing him morng itself..
She said teasingly..
As geet was not getting down from bed n clutching the spread tight,kala left to kitchen..geet quickly made her way to washroom …last nights incidents flashed inside her.. she smiled clentching her dress..she took a quick shower n changed to a skirt n top..
she took the milk n gulped it in one go.. She took her bags n closed their room..she made her way to mansion followed by kala..
she got a call from pari..
pari:geet..where r u..
geet:ghar mei..kyun
pari:I called to remind u..today is sports meet..my dreamy in boxing match..
pari:yaar..mei bhi kis buddhu se bath karrahi hoon..maan..my dream prince..
geet gritted her teeth..
I can only call him prince..how she is calling..him?
Pari:heared that shyam is also a boxing champion.n more powerful than maan..im worried about maan..bcoz of u n arohi only this stupid match is happening..
She taunted n geet felt a pain in her heart..
Pari:maan ko kuch na ho..im worried..
Geet cut the phone n rushed to mansion..
Vicky said he is taking off from college n geet will also not go..dadi n all also made many excuses..but geet was nowhere to listen ..she used all her weapons n she won atlast..vicky was left withno other option than following her..
Dadi called maan..his phone came switched off as he was in meeting..so,dadi thought she will say directly when she reach kc..n Vicky n geet left to college..when dadi reached kc maan has already left to college..he directly went to changing room n changed to his sports dress..first was boxing match n it was in first floor..maan was doing warm-ups..he switched on the phone..he was called geet..
Maan:hello jaan..gud morning..
Geets phone was on table n Vicky took it ..babhi phone boolgayi..
maab found someones presence..he turned n saw sameera..he cut the phone n it turned to silent mode..
sam heared him saying jaan..she thought herself,she will find it later..
Maan:what are u doing here..
He asked in extreme anger..
Sam:came to wish u gud luck maan..waise ,I know..u will lose today..n I’ll will win..she winked..
Maan got hyper n he turned his face showing his back to her..sam expected this action..she quickly opened his energy drink n mixed the drug she bought with her..
Maan:before I lose my patience leave from here..
Sam smirked as her work is done..
Sam:ok..lets see in boxing ring..
Maans friends came n they all chatted..
Maan took his things n moved to the place where the match is going to held..
Vicky was worried..n mostly feared of maan..as he is not obeying his words..vickt again tried to stop geet going to the place..but she left with her friends leaving him to scratch his heads..
Vicky atlast followed geet..he was crossing shyams room..sam was saying him..
Sam:shyam,u will surely win
Shyam:I know..im the best..
Sam:no..i saw maan practicing..looks like he also knows boxing
Sam:don’t worry..i mixed drugs in his drink..
Shyam:I gave u ,to mix if needed only..
Sam:I don’t want any risk..take it easy man..u will win..
They both smirked..vicky gets scared first he calls ,maan’s body guards..they were on ground floor n they had no permission 2 be with maan.. n was ordered by maan,they’ll not interfere in match ..vicky said what he heared to them..
Vicky hesitates..whether he should call maan.. he puts his hand in his pocket to take phone..for his luck he saw geets phone with him..he msged 4m her phone..
Vicky was watching maan moving to the place..he did not see the msg as he was busy with arjun hiten,n gauri..vicky’s tensionwas raising every minute…how he is going to stop his bro..same time maan was opening the bottle to drink..vicky moved fast n tripped over him making the bottle fall n ran from there muttering a quick sorry before maan notice him.
but..maan saw its vicky..then he saw him moving to geet..vicky saw maan staring them both with killer looks..
Maan was now tensed.
He took the phone to call bahadur n dadi for not informing him..
He saw the msg there.his anger raised for them..he saw numerous calls from dadi n bodyguards..he has kept in silent n so he missed the calls..
Hiten: see the boy..he pushed u..
Maan:see hiten..all are moving..we are standing in mid..may be its an accident..
Gauri:hiten,he said sry too..
Arjun:yup..so no fault of him
Hiten :ok yaar..the bell rang lets go inside..
Maan:u all go..ill come now..i must make a call now..urgent..
The trio winked n left..thinking he is going to chat with his angel..
Maan called bahadur n he said,geet was so stubburn to come to college as she know about the match…maan immediately planned, how to keep geet away from this situation..maan made bahadur bring some juice packets..maan mixed geets sleeping pills in it..n asked him to call Vicky n give that packet n make geet to drink it..bahadur called Vicky n gave him the packets n gave geets separately saying its mixed with sleeping pills..
Vicky was happy..n he did as said..the boxing match started..
All students were hooting n whistling..
Geet n Vicky were sitting tensed,biting their nails..vicky for geet,she is still awake..
Geet for maan..what if shyam harms her prince..
The mediater came n made maan n shyam shake hands..
Both smirked at each other..
The first round started..
Shyam was the first one to move fast..he tried to punch n kick maan..maan nudged all..n shyams kicks went all in air..
The first round went fully like that..shyam was so happy n overconfident that maan did not try to punch him back..he was only saving himself..but was in thought also,how he managed to budge all his kicks..n why the drug is still not effecting him..
The second round started..
Maans eyes was on geet who was falling asleep on vickys shoulder..
Man was happy..
Then he made the perfect start of match..his legs moved front n back n his hands asking shyaam to kick him now..
Shyaam n others were now spell bounded with maans audacity..
Shyaam tried to punch him by right side..maan was closely watching his every moves in first round n was making him physically week..
N now he knows how he will kick n punch..he immediately cut him by his left hand..n that one kick broke his hands bones..shyaam punched left..maan kicked in his stomach before his punch touch him..now the place was silent n the girls were totally lost in maans every move..his abs n muscles moved at his every punch..vicky was enjoying maans moves..arohi was so happy..at one point,shyam was taken in air n dropped down by maan..he came to shyaams ears..
This is for misbehaving to girls..
He lifted him up by his vest n punched him again..whispering that only shyam could hear what he says..
This is for breaking juniors hands..
Maan made a fist n punched him hard..
This is for messing up with MAAN SINGH KHURANA..
I thought the match will be fair..but u cheated in that also..
He gave him a final blow…n shyaam was down on his feet..maan knew he is knock out..but still waited for him to get up…
The whole college started to count..
Shyaam did not get up..Maan was declared as winner ..
Maan gave an angry glare to sam..
he neared her..
maan:U want a kiss from me na..go n get it from any pig..u deserve that..
Sam was humiliated before her friends who came to take shyaam to hospital..renu was also there..though she was his cousin n she hated his deeds,she loved him as brother..
Hiten gauri n arjun jumped in joy hugging n congratulating maan..
arjun:Yaar u did it..
gauri:U know boxing..
hiten:How much surprises u have for us..what else u know yaar..u r an allrounder..
Maan before moving looked at geets side..vicky n others were splashing water on her face to wake her up..maan smiled n followed his friends..
hiten:Hmm..ur lady luck works…
Seeing his smile hiten said..
Maan :will u move on..we have other matches too..
precap:swimming competition…geet jealous…now another que for maan…

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