U,Me,Aur? – Part 92

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Vicky n others finally made geet wake up..geet was first confused were she is sleeping ..then she saw her friends n Vicky..she was still in dazzled state..
Arohi:hai,sleeping beauty’
She teased n geet was embarrassed by the comment..
Prem: I’ve never seen someone having a gud slumber,inbetween the tensed situation..then it hit geet n looked at the boxing ring n found it empty..no students were there other than them..
Geet looked at Vicky..she want to know what happened to maan..
Vicky showed his both thumbs up making geet smile..
Pari:haye..kitna acha match tha..oh my dreamy..what a punch..he bowled shyaam n drop at his feet..
Vicky coughed hearing it..he saw geets face who didn’t like it..she was murmering inside her mouth..may be cribbing to her babaji..
Vicky:senior must have heared u pari..u know he never lets anyone near him..
Mani:he would have looked pari with his burning eyes..
Manju:haan haan..by this time pari would have been turned to ashes..
Arohi:such mei geet..u missed the match..what a match..u slept without seeing it..sleeping beauty..
geet pouted ..she was so much eager to watch the match..n she slept..she wants to call maan..seeing her friends around her,she avoided it..
Vicky:ok..ok..enough of ur teasings..dont tease my baby..we have more matches to watch..
Lets go baby..
He gave his hand n geet stood up holding him..she felt still drowsy..so she held Vicky ..sometimes leaned on him while walking..the seniors always thought vicky n geet has affair..so, only he is over protective to her..the day was busy..all were having fun n appreciating their friends ,classmates n hooting for them..after the lunch,geet took Vicky aside n called maan..
Maan was standing in a lonely corridor..so he took the phone immediately n smiled..
Maan:hello princess..
Geet:where r u?
Maan:look up..first floor corner..im watching u only..
Geet looked up n got his glimpse..he was fine..that gave her a relief..
Geet:im happy u won..but na..im so sad..sad..
Geet:aapki mishti sogaye..she missed ur match..
Vicky chuckled..then thought he must give space for his bhai n bhabhi..so he stood a little faraway from geet..but kept his eyes on her..
Maan:oh..my cute mishty..missed my match..or missing me..hu..
A red hue crept on her cheeks..
Maan missed to see sameera watching him..
She came to say she is not a girl to take his humiliation to heart..but what she saw n heared angered her..his smile which no one had seen..
Sam:Mishti’who is it’
She asked out of blue making maan jerk..
Maan:I’ll call u later..saying to geet,he cut the call..n geet looked up n saw sam talking to him
Geet:samkeliye..unhone meri call kaatdiya..she was little hurt by his behavior..
Sam:who is mishty?
Maan sensed her anger..n defeat in her voice..
Maan:mishty..hmm..my life..my breathe’my angel’
He can see her colour fading..his friends came n saw sam there..
Maan:I think u got ur answer..now go..
Sam :I never accept my defeat maan..i’ll make u mine..wait n see’tumhare angel kya cheese hai..maan knotted his brows n look at her disguistingly..
Maan:u cant never stand before her..now get lost’if I saw u next time near me..think that day will be ur hell..this is my promise..maan singh khurana ka promise’I swear..i say what I do..
Sam :lets see..
She stamped her foot n went away in anger..who is that mishty..if she is maans love..then how come no one knew about it’no..i want maan ..by hook or crook..i want his money n power ..i want to be mrs msk..
She finally came to an end,she will find out who is mishty..even if it’s a tough task finding maans secrets I’ll find it n will make mishty faraway from him..his thoughts too..
After sam went,maan looked down at geet n her group..his mishty,who can cool down him immediately..arjun also looked down n saw arohi..with geet..
Arjun:maan,u r watching arohi na..
Maan looked at him..he did not see him watching geet..
Maan:no..i was just seeing down..hmm ya..now I can see ur arohi there..
Hiten:kitne log hain neeche..lekin,arjun can find his love anywhere..
Gauri:its not only him..u can sense ur love where ever she is..but,the donkeys like u cant understand it..u must have brain to think n heart to feel..
Hiten:what a lovely dialogue..u r right gauri..my brain n heart is not working from when I saw u..hope I loved a girl,who cares for me’
N that’s it for gauri..she started to chase him
Gauri:gadha,u want another girl..how dare u think like that..i’ll not leave u..
Hiten starts running for his life..
Maan.arjun,save me from this chudail yaar..
Gauri:chudail..mei..ab mei tumhari hoon peekarhi chodungi..
Hiten:are kese friends hai yaar..save me..
Maan:I’m with gauri..u said all stuffs to irritate herna’now face it..
Hiten ran to class n gauri followed him chasing..
Arjun sighed..
Arjun:uff..ye dono..tom n jerry..but loves a lot..
Arjun:maan the girl next to arohi see na..
Maan:usehi tho dekraha hoon..
Maan:wo..she seems to be close to her..
Arjun:yes..arohi says,she is so innocent like a child..n she shared me one incident..u know what happened..
Maan looked at him..something he don’t know..whats that about geet’
Arjun:there was some senior boy,who fell in love with her..but couldn’t say her..so,he thought of proposing her..he daily made geet to deliver books to her friends in name of notes..once he gave notes n said..there is a paper inside for her..n he wants reply from her. ..i said na she is innocent’.n her friends knew it..n the twins AV thought something is in it’so they took the notes n saw it was a love letter for her..
Maan was shocked’
Maan:does she knew..
Arjun:still now she don’t know..n I can assure her friends didn’t say to her..
Maan was thinking..where his protection failed..how they missed..n more over how he didn’t know about it..he was in dark about this incident..
Arjun: AV made that girl busy n placed a maths problem sum in it’.u know what she did..she solved the problem in paper n gave to that boy’the boys face was quiet worthable watching it said arohi..
Maan:how she knew it..
AV n their group all together made that plan n sent geet to give his notes back n they hided themselves to see whats going on..n to safeguard her also..what if she gets in trouble..the boy asked whats the answer n she cutely said ive solved ur problem..he thought as positive answer ..she came back to her friends n they were watching him scratching his heads..lol’
Maan yaar..here im saying funny incident n u r not giving a smile too..
Maan st:how can I..she is my wife dammit..n how can I laugh knowing someone gave love letter to my wife..n she doesn’t know about it’n what the hell Vicky was doing at that time’
Maan:do u think it funny’she is innocent ..n others taking advantage..
Arjun:.y u r taking it serious yaar.. after she went..the friends threatened the boy to stay away from geet ‘.after that he didn’t show up..arohi was so much fond of her..that boy vicky mostly sticks to geet as a bodyguard..that day he was called by professor n the boy used it to use to his favour..ulta her friends made the boy scare d to hell’
Maan sighed in relief..
Before they start conversation,they were called up for reast of competitions’n maan was participating in all’geet forget to blink whenever he participated..she always heared appreciation of maans work..n dreamy words by girls’geet n arohi went to use washroom..when she came back she saw the whole girls’mouth opened wide..n saliva running from mouth’geet looked at their view..n she saw her handsome husband standing only in his shorts’n vests’.the swimming competition started..she stopped in her track’seeing the looks girls giving on him..what he said’yes hot look she was burning inside’arohi pulled n made her sit..
She can hear girls again going gaga on him..sexy.handsome hot..all same complements,which made geet irritated to extent..
the one who can see the uncomfortable feel of geet was Vicky..he was smiling inside..
His bhabhi is having jealousy..
Geets mobile rang..n she got confused seeing the name flashing prince’
She looked at maan who was swimming..then she showed to Vicky asking thru eyes how can it be’
Both looked around n saw sam standing near maans things..vicky who knows about sams intension n the reason behind geet still not revealed as mrs..msk’he thought to handle himself as geet was nave to face cunning girl like sam..
He took the phone n moved a little far away from crowd..he changed his tone like baby..
Sam:Hello,who is speaking
Vicky:aunty..u only called me na..then u must only say who u r..
Here Vicky took his phone n messaged maans Body gaurds..(BG)..sam using maans phone..
Sam:erm..u sound like small baby..give to the owner of this phone..
Vicky:mommy ko phone dhoon..
Vicky calling fake:mommy, someone calling u from dadys phone ‘
Sam was shocked hearing it..when BG came there they took maans phone from her hand..’.sam stood a little behind seeing the tough looks of them..’
Here Vicky came n said what he said in phone..geet laughed hearing it..

Sam st:I went to search who was he talking to at lunch time..i searched his call list n found only 1 call at that time’so I called it,but what did that kid say..his papa’no..something amiss..maan is making fool of me..then why the kid said so’wo..i’ll get mad thinking about maan’
She decided to talk to maan..when maan came out finishing his laps..koi shak he win the competition..
He removed his vest making all gasp..he squeezed it n stood bare..he took his towel n started to wipe his wet hair. when sam came near him..she traced her fingers on his exposing shoulders n arms..
Sam:gud structure,looking hot..maan shoved her hands..
maan spitting his anger:Don’t touch me..behave ur selves..
Here geet was already holding her anger..n sams touch was adding fuel to it..
Her friend started..
Arohi: chi..see how shameless she is..even after getting nose cut in boxing match,she is again behind him..
Pari:kutti,kamini.. how can she touch him..he is my dream boy..
Geet looked pari,whom must she get anger sam or pari..?
Pari continued..is chipkaliko mein tukde tukde karke crocodile ka dedunga..
Here Vicky was controlling his laughter seeing the weird faces geet was making..he can say geet is not liking pari n sam n other girls who were drooling maan at moment..
Geet looked at sam who was touching him again..maan was moving to the changing room..
Sam:u lied me..its a baby u called n fooled me saying its ur angel..maan was confused,then bahadur gavae his phone saying sam had it..
Maan was frustrated..
I said u to be away from me..dont u have manners..u took my phone without my permission..now u have messed mith me..n I’ll now make u feel for this..
He said in anger n stormed out of the place..
Maan:what geet said talking to her..why she said a baby talked..aahhh..y its complicating..i;ll not leave u sam for interfering in my life..
sam tried to follow him..his BG stopped her n covered him..
geet :Vicky,I’ll come now..
geets eyes was fixed on maan n he guessed she is going to meet him..
Vicky:baby,how can u..bhai will not like it..
geet : vicky leave my path right now…
She gave an angry glare..
Vickys st:Is she threatening me..omg my baby is getting hyper..
Vicky then kept his friends busy in his talks..geet looked around n went near the changing room..seeing her the BG’s covered her n helped her getting in..here maan was still in his shorts n taking his things out…geet stormed inside..she saw the towel n threwed it on him..
Maan was surprised by her act..
He looked at her n the towel..
Maan:princess..whats this..
She tried to say ..
Geet:aap na bohut besharam ho..koi yese bahaar goomtha hai kya?
Maan smiled seeing her..
Geet:u said..only I can see u like this..then y u r showing urself like this ..
Maan enjoyed her plight..
Geet;n u cut my call for that girl’I’ll not talk to u’she stamped her foot n went away..
Geet..are suno tho..
She has gone..
Maan:now u must work hard maan’to manofy ur princess..
The sports event finished ..n maan was all rounder..
Geet was still in foul mood..whenever Vicky made her forget,pari n others will bring the topic of sam’saying all cursing words on her..vicky saw renu entering parking lot..he excused his friends leaving geet with them..he came n saw renu ,who looked worried..
Vicky:renu..he touched her shoulder n she started to cry hugging him..
Vicky don’t know how to console her..he is happy for maan n sad for renu..both bros stood opposite n one should have been defeated..n shyaam was not a nice person to be supported..
Vicky blankly asked..how is ur bro..
Renu:fine..his hands n legs were broken..drs said it will take a month to recover..
Vicky:erm..i don’t know what to say..its a match..
Renu:I know he is bad..but he is my bro na..i cant see him screaming in pain..
She again sobbed n vicky don’t know how to stop her tears..he started to kiss her..her sobs slowed down in his passion..thats when all his friends with geet stood there..they all came to take their vehicles n saw their romance
Prem:kamina..this is what u do at our back..
Renu hide herself in vickys arms getting embarrassed..n Vicky was also blushing..
Mani:tu tho chupa rustam nikla yaar..
Geet stood there frozed seeing the intimation of Vicky n renu..she started to crave for maan..how he always kisses her tears..vicky saw geet n she looked away..her cheeks were turning red..vicky thought to divert the topic..
Vicky:erm..wo..i was asking if she is fine..she went with her bro na..
They all consoled renu.saying it’s a match…n then all went back to their houses..vicky n geets ride was silent..

Maan was again in his mission manofy his wifey..he again bought things which can make her happy n bring smile in her face..he remembered how she accepted his apology last time..
Geet was waiting for him..but there was a strange feeling inside her..butterflies flying in her stomach thinking about him..n anger also took over her thinking about maan n sam..n pari’s words..
She was wearing a suit n fiddling her duppatta..
She pouted her lips n sat in bed with grumpy face..
Maan came with his gifts n gave to geet..he expected geet to look at it happily.geet looked at toys,cds story books n all..,she threw it all n started to cry..maan was worried..she was silent when he entered..then why she is crying..
Maan:geet..what happened why u r crying.if u don’t like it..i’ll change it’don’t cry/.he wiped her tears n hugged her,rubbing her back..she sobbed clinging to him n holding his shirt in her fist..he started to kiss all over her face’n she lost herself in his kiss..she hiccupped..
Geet:muje acha nehi lagtha,when all girls talk about u..when that surpankha.. kutti kamini gadhi chipkali chudail was touching u..
Geet:haan she was like that chipkali na.which always stick on wall..she is also always sticking to u..n I hate her presence around u..
Maan:n who taught u this words..
Geet:that pari..n us pari ko mei’
Maan:pari..what she did..
Geet:she was saying u..u r her dream boy..i don’t like them she also kutti kamini..
Maan :so..and geet dont use that kutti kamini…its not good language
Geet:u r asking casually..u know I never felt like this..i wanted to..
Maan:wanted to..teasingly…
Geet gritted her teeth:I want to pull their hairs n bite them till they say they will not talk about u..r look at u ..n u..u r standing there showing ur bare body to all..u say me ..now what about u..all girls are like surpankha , who love to see my prince…she was going on n on..
Maan placed his fingers on her lips..
Maan:chup..bilkul chup..
Geet stopped her bak bak..n looked at him..their eyes met n locked with each others..her lips felt heavenly on his fingers..same was geet..his fingers created havoc inside her..
Maan:r u jealous geet..
Geet:jealous..me..y’I must be’ Maan:u r jealous..
Geet:I cant understand..why I must be jealous..
Maan:u cant see me with others..isnt it..
Maan:that’s jealous..
Geet:par,..how could u say..
Maan:..u don’t want to share me with anyone..even if its ur friend talking about me..
Geet:yes..y I feel so..
She looked at him for answers..
Maan cupped her face..bcoz u think I’m urs only..n u only have rights on me..
Geet:did u also feel like that?
Maan chuckled..
Maan:yup..i cant see u with others..its true..
Geet:but,im always with my friends na..
Maan:friends are different geet’their intensions are not wrong..so,I don’t think possessive seeing u with them..we feel jealous when we feel insecure..r negative vibes from opposite person’I’m urs only geet..n no one can take ur place..
Geet:hmm..i think u r right..
Maan:wont u see the cups..he showed all n geet looked at him lovingly..
Geet:how u manage all..studies..extra curricular activities..office..ghar..
Maan moved to his study followed by geet..maan placed his trophies n cups in shelf..
maan: waqt sab kuch sikatha hai geet..
there was a sadness in his tone..
geet:mei samji nehi..
maan:u will not understand..u r too nave to understand geet’I want kc to become NO:1 company..now we are equal place with Chopras..but I want Kc to reach more heights..my papas dream..i was alone this all years..only dadi looked after Kc..she is old also..so in my tender age I supported her..n I have to look after studies also..at start it was hard for me..now I can manage all..if u r not talented u cant become first..
geet : prince how can u say that ur alone.. i m there for u na..i never leave u alone…i give u every happiness plz dont be sad ever.. i dont feel good when u upset.. geet try to cheer up maan..
geet:when u study..i never saw u with books..u r always with office works..
maan:I concentrate when proff take class..thats enough for me..
maan smiled inwardly..
the topic has changed from random things n geet has forget her anger..as well as maan sadness…
later they both had dinner n slept..

a week passed..n all were busy preparing for exams..
sam came to see shyam..
he was lost in his thoughts..
sam:shaym..how r u.
shyam:im fine..u say..whats going in college..
sam:hmm..ur image is trashed..now no one scares for ur name..
shyam smirked n it was evil smile..
sam:u have some plan..
Shyam:if u cant defeat ur enemy..then behave friendly n defeat him when he is weak..
Sam:matlab..u r going to give a friendly hand..
Shyam:yes..that s the only way to defeat him..i trust u..so only im saying to u..
They both chatted n sam went thinking she will also underplay for few days..now she must concentrate on exams also..
The exams went nice to all’shyamm came n attended his exams..he did not see maan..the vacation started..maan was busy in kc..geet was busy with Vicky n friends..she enjoyed outing shopping n cinemas with them..sometimes all met in vickys outhouse n spent time playing with each other..maan n geets relation was same..geet has started to feel for him..but maan kept distance from her..he thought still she is same..n she behaved like that mostly..her innocent questions always sealed his mouth..
That day maan got an urgent meetin in London..he left abroad..after consoling geet much..he said he will be back the next day..but it took two days..here geet was feeling low withot him..dadi asked her to stay in mansion n she did’dadi opened a room ..which was maans once..
Dadi:u stay here till maan comes..
Geet:ok.. dadi..
Geet looked around the room..which was fully filled with pictures of maan n his family..
Geet:,dadiwho is this?
Precap:a small flash back..maneets first anniversary with birthday n geets parents barsi


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