U,Me,Aur? – Part 93

Geet:dadi,who is this?
She asked showing the photo of a small boy who was crawling on floor.giving a bid smile’
Dadi lost in her memories..n then said..
Dadi:this is ur husband’this photo was taken when he was 7 months..
Geet giggled..he looks so cute..
Dadi:ya..he was very chubby n naughty when he was young..he was a chatter box at that time..he cant shut his mouth for a minute..
Geet:but now he talks less..that too only when its needed..
Dadi:sighed..:yes’he has totally changed’
Geet looked at other photos n started to question who they are..
Dadi made her sit n took albums 4m the cupboard in her room n came back to her..’
Dadi:see this geet..this is maans dad rajesh khurana’.his wife ravali khurana’
Geet saw it..it was their marriage album’they were looking at each other n smiling in all photos’
Dadi:they both loved so much..
She took the next album’
Dadi:this is maan s elder brother dev’
Geet:veerji..wo kahan hai..
Dadi sighed..he is no more..
There was devs picture from child hood to grown up’
Dadi continued..
Dadi:dev was the eldest n he brought us all happiness.. after dev ravali got pregnant after 6 yrs..n she lost that child..n her health came worse..still she craved for another child.. humari khushiyon ka kisi ka nazar laggayi..when ravali got pregnant with maan it was late pregnancy comparing 2 her age..’dev was 16 yrs at that time’during delivery complications happened n ravali gave birth to maan n she was bed ridden’ rajesh was heart broken’but dev was so matured..he looked after maan.’

rajesh kept pammi as care taker for maan n his mom’rajesh avoided kc..dev was schooling n bcoz of rajeshs state he looked after kc too along with me’.
Ravali got a gud friend n sister in pammi…when maan was one year ravali thought rajesh needs a girl in his life to take care of her kids..she pressured him to remarry pammi..rajesh didn’t accept’ravali made her promise that she will give divorce n go to her mayka’rajesh accepted atlast..
Ravali chose pammi in her place’n after their marriage ravali died in a month..maan was left alone..but dev was always their for him ..he took care of him like his son not a brother ..dev also accepted pammi as his mother..Vicky was born after two years’maan was very fond of Vicky n dev..dev was his world..his day started with dev n ended with dev.. ‘as maan n Vicky were small they played with each other n had a gud time’maan loved Vicky’

After few yrs,Dev introduced naintara ..he wanted her to be his life partner.. all were happy..rajesh who was keeping himself in shell after ravali’s death made a grand engagement for them’dev was only 20 at that time’maan was 4 n Vicky was nearing a year.. dev used to take maan with him to office n always kept him under his care..though it was presentation or finalizing a deal’funnily dev taught him how to do business at that tender age itself..n dev used to say his n papas dream is to make kc No:1’in business’

After that things changed’our happiness drained’rajesh n pammi started to have fights behind the closed doors..rajesh never said whats that about’..n one day he had a massive heart attack..drs said he has less time to live’he was looking dev n nt..i knew its his last wish..n I arranged their marriage’dev n nt got married the happiness extended rajesh’s life..he was again to km..

‘dev started to spend time with nt..it made maan away from him..its not like that dev avoided maan..whenever dev was with him maan was showered with his love.. maan was more brilliant than other childrens..n he understood bhabhi needs time with bhai n never complained’but the loneliness started to affect him’

things started to change in maans behavior..dev was out of city for a meeting for few days’n maan was missing him badly..he always asked when his bro will come back’he started to keep distance from Vicky ‘maan who was fond of Vicky started to hate him’he will make Vicky cry..he will take things which Vicky was playing..sometimes he will break the toys or threw it away from balcony..pammi started to accuse maan ..he is trying to kill Vicky’n once we saw it..vicky was near the first step of stairs..he has fell down n screaming..vicky was holding maans shirt tightly so that he wont fall..maan was pushing him ..if naintara did not see at time we would have lost Vicky on that day’
I too scolded him for differentiating Vicky as step mom s child’
that day again there was a big fight between pammi n rajesh.naintara talked to pammi also..i don’t know what went wrong..pammi left all of us..

later we found pammi has married rajesh’s friend ..he could not bare the truth pammi cheated him’ rajesh got second attack ‘
n rajesh died’ maan was again lost’..
dev asked maan what happened..he only said he was only saving Vicky..naintara came n said she herself found maan pushing Vicky from stairs..maan is lying’
maan looked dev n naina..then he packed his things n went to servants quarters where kala n her mother lived.’he did not say anything..from that day he kept himself in a cage..he talked less..that too only to kala n her mom..
dev tried to get maan back’man was stubborn’but he used to come with us to kc..but will sit their like a zombie n watch our works..he stopped talking to me after that incident’
geet showed a picture where dev was standing near a sports car n maan was sitting over it with a helmet in his hand..
geet:this photo dadi..
dev was a champion in car race..he used to participate in all..this was the last race which dev participated..dev always took maan with him..as he thought maan was his lucky charm..n his strength’
geet:then what happened dadi..

one day..dev n naina came to me n said they are going out for a dinner..
dadi was in tears’
geet:dadi..y r u crying..
dadi:they had an accident’n both died’
geet looked at maans pictures’mostly the room was filled with them two’dev n him’
geets st:I thought only I lost my family..but prince also lost his family..but..y I cant believe prince tried to harm vicky’
she again went through the album..maan was holding Vicky n playing with him in the photos which they were together..

there was a photo in which dadi,rajesh was sitting..dev naintara n maan was standing behind them..vicky was in rajeshs arms showing his back to the photo..
geet: dadi, is Vicky sleeping in this photo?..
dadi:which photo..oh this one..how can I forget this photo..maan rejected to stand n created a big fuss..vicky was no less..pammi went to see her friend’he was missing his mom that day..n was crying badly’we tried to make him face the photo n stop ..but he didn’t..this was the last family photo which we took’
geet:veerji s death must have affected him na..
dadi:I think so..when devs body was placed in the middle of km..maan came running..he stood silently shedding his tears’then he said only one thing’u also left me bhaii’y..y u did like this’y u left me alone..

geet:after that wo aapse baath kab ki..
dadi:maan will go to school from kala’s home..he had his food there itself’ ‘fearing maan might harm Vicky I sent him to hostel.. maan will stay alone for hours..i asked him to get back home’he refused..once my health was fully down..that day he came to me..he started talking to me’n in my absence he took care of kc’he was totally a changed person from my maan whom I brought up.he hated the mere sight of girls..he must have hurt by my words..n that’s y he thought all will hurt him ..only kala was excemption…the maan whom we see is only the shrewed business maan the great msk’he straightly asked me of his share of profit when his first presentation was approved’he built kp in that n slowly extended km n kp..by his own money’the renovation was done by him..he never stepped in km’only till it was more urgent’
geet saw a pic of maan n sam dancing..her blood boiled seeing it’
geet:if he hates girls then whats this?
Dadi:it was another story’sam played with his emotions’she is money minded..we had a fall in kc..n she left him thinking he will be no more rich..this was at his first year ..they both danced for pair dancing competition’though maan hates me..he respects me..he came here with her one day..n I straightly rejected her..maan was also soon after the blind magic when he came to know about her true intensions..he started to hate girls more..

dadi wiped her tears’
dadi:it was till he met u..u made him again a man..to smile..to live..to be happy’tumne wo sab kiya jo mei nehi karpayi’I only want to see this km n kp united..i want all of u to live under one roof..maan must accept Vicky as his brother’
geet thought for a while..
geet:dadi..u say prince has changed becoz of me..then he will accept whatever I sayna..i’ll ask him to talk to Vicky..prob solved..
dadi looked at geet,who was nave’
dadi:its not easy gudia..what if he turns more cold..what if he scolds u..ur relation ship may get in trouble..i don’t want any hurdles in ur relation.u r the one who makes him smile…dont ever talk to maan regarding this n make maan hate u..r distance from u’ur babaji will solve all problems’
geet:ji dadi’
she accepted half heartedly’

dadi left to her room..geet again looked around n saw maans pictures’mostly all pictures he was smiling..its rare now’something is missing’.thats what only she can feel..but cant point out whats it..

Geet tried to catch some sleep’but sleep was away from her’she paced restlessly in maans room’the new place did not let her sleep’poor girl she doesn’t know she is missing maans warmth to sleep’it was his presence which always gave her a deep slumber than the medicines n sleeping pills..she looked at her phone’she expected him to call’
But maan was there busy in a meeting..he too want to talk to his mishty desperately’but the meeting extended to so many hrs’
Geet stamped her foot n lay down on bed’she twirled on bed’she finally gave up n made her way out..she saw dadi sleeping’the worry lines on her face said geet,that she must somehow make this two bros together..she moved to vicky’s room..he was watching wrestling match in tv’n was shouting in his seat.like he was live sitting in the match..he saw his baby entering..he immediately changed the channel to music channeln put it on mute’he don’t want his baby 2 witness the violence..
Vicky:bhabhi’u r still awake..
Geet:erm..wo..i couldn’t sleep’
Vicky:u had ur medicine..
Geet:if not u dadi n didi will leave me hai kya’I had my medicines..phir bhi mujei neend nehi aaraha hai..
Vicky:r u missing bhai..
Geet stopped at her tracks..she sat quietly on his bed’
Vicky:so silent..means u accept it baby..
Geet:ya..i miss him..
Vicky did not fail to c the blush forming her cheeks’
Vickys st:hmm..nice improvement..bhai ki naam lethehi..bhabhi blushes..
If she was a normal girl like others he would have teased her’but he was worried of her health..
Vicky:waking up late night is not gud for health..
Geet:u r also wake up na..
Now what can he say’
Vicky:baby..i’m going to bed only’
Dexture who was sleeping was wake up by the sound of geet n vickys conversation..
Dexture:hmm..geet missing her husband’mei kisko miss karoon..ive no one to miss..if I get my lover then only I will miss na..in logon ko tho meri parwahi nehi hai..
It again slept’
Vicky:teek hai..i will make u sleep’
Vicky took her to maans room’n made her lay on the bed’he gave maans picture in her hand n asked her to look at it’he gently stroked her hair’geet looked at maans picture n smiled..she remembered their close moments’vickys pat made her to sleep’
Vicky gently tucked her in spread’n watched her sleeping like a child’he bent to her forehead n kissed her’

Vicky whispered in her ears..gud night maa’bhabhi maa’

He felt his eyes moisted..the precious word on earth..but it’s a curse to him’he hated his mother..but he also craved for mothers love’
It was said bhabhi is ur second mother..n here she is..n he loved to call her bhabhi maa before the whole world..he wants to scream n say loud..geet is his bhabhi..she is not only a bhabhi..his friend..his world..who took away his loneliness from him’though she was childish..naive n innocent..she has filled his life with happiness’he has become a child playing n seeing cartoons with her..the child life which he lost was now back..he is matured to outer world’but a child when he is with his baby’
He stopped at the entrance n looked back..her sweety was lying in the table..he smiled n went back n gave it in her hand..geet embraced sweety along with maans photo n slept’.
He again caressed her face n looked at maans photo..
Thanks bro for giving me a wonderful bhabhi’
He left to his room ‘he slept at 4 nearly after watching the wrestling match till it finished’
Dexture was cursing Vicky:hmm he has something to enjoy,,but y he takes away my sleep..ufff..i was having a romantic date n dinner with my love..this Vicky spoiled by keeping sound’it made cute faces n went under the cot closing his ears with his forelegs..

The next day geet woke up n found herself in bed alone..it took few minutes for her to realize she is in km not kp..she mechanically started her day’n went with Vicky to dance class..when she returned she was restlessly looking at phone’
When maan called her she took even before the first ring ‘
Geet:hello prince..
Maan was surprised with her first pick up n the way she said hello..she was desperately waiting for his call..maan felt bad for not calling her last night’
Maan:gud morning princess..sry..i was stuck up..i was not able to call u at night’I am really sorry..r u angry with me..
He apologized geniunely. How could she be angry when she was missing him like hell..
Geet:no prince..im not angry with u’I am missing u badly..
Is that not enough for maan..his love is eagerly waiting for him..missing him like he misses her..he cant voice out how much he is missing her warmth..if she has the habbit to sleep in his arms..same was he..he is also used to it..n couldn’t sleep without holding her..remembering her antics n the innocent love she showers on him..the love n care which he craved from when dev died..he got only from his geet..his wife’
Maan:miss u too much mishty..
Geet:u have never left me alone before..
She cutely complained..
Maan:yup..i know..but this is urgent..ive to come..im trying to finish my work soon n come to u… mujei bhi yahaan kuch bhi acha nehi lagtha tumhara bina..
Acha ye bathau..what u did yesterday..
He tried to cheer her up..n as he expected she started her blabber..how she n vicky spent the time playing video games n hide n seek..tennis..then watching cartoons..then time with kala didi,nakul,dadi..dexture’then what all she ate from morning to night..how she chatted with her friends group..at night na..i came to ur room to sleep..dadi showed me ur family pictures..n said about all..
Maan:geet..pls..i don’t want to talk about that..
Maan:pls mishty..u obey ur husbands words always..this time also..pls kuch mat pooch aur kuch mat bol’
He sounded very low’n geet accepted..ok..
Then both chatted at random things..its been 1 1/2 hrs both are in phone..vicky who came to call her for breakfast looked at her like an alien..how much she talks..n he never expected his bhai also can talk so much..both were in their own world till dexture came n pulled geet..
Geet:leave me dexture..
Maan:kya hua sweety..
Geet:wo prince..dexture is calling me some where..
Then she saw Vicky who actioned they are here to call her for breakfast..
Geet:wo..breakfast keliye..
Maan:acha..tho tum chalo..bye..ummah..
Even the sound of kiss tickled her sense n she blushed..
Geet:bye..have a nice day..but call me often..ummah..
She also placed a sound kiss on celln smiled herself..vicky though was embarrassed 4 witnessing the moment..he smiled.. their relation is progressing’
Vicky cleared his throat to get her attention..she looked at him..
Vicky bowed before her..
Vicky:if rajkumari has finished her works n chat with her rajkumar ..shall we proceed towards the dining..we slaves were starving n waiting for ur presence..
He rubbed his stomach n said..geet giggled at his antics n followed him to dining..dadi was waiting for her..all trio had their food together..
Dadi:whats ur plan today both of u..
Vicky:friends have called out for a day out..so we are going..
Geet:kab..mujei nehi patha..
Vicky:now I told u na..go n get ready’
Geet:but..i didn’t say to prince’
Vicky:so what..now call n say him..
Geet called maan n said she is going out..
Maan:ok..go n enjoy..but be careful..dont eat things which ur health wont accept..n don’t go alone anywhere..
He said in concern..
Geet:thank u..
Maan kept the phone smiling..hearing her cheerful voice..

Vicky n dadi were chatting..
Vicky:dadi..baby is missing bhai..
Vicky:she did not sleep last n8..i made her sleep..
Dadi:idk..this..i thought she will be sleeping.i took my medicines na..so I slept soon…
Vicky:its ok dadi..mein hoona’so only I planned today to hang out..baby will also be happy
Dadi:acha kiya tumne..but be careful..take care of her n enjoy..
Vicky:ji dadi’
Geet came changing to a jean n kurti with shawl around her neck’
Dadi:ok..now im going to kc..u both come home soon..
Vicky n geet also went out with their friends’maan made sure the BGs followed them with safe distance’
Geet enjoyed with friends..maan called her often n talked with her..geet n friends went to shopping .restaurant,park..games zone..cinema..vicky chose every thing which was healthy for geet..but he dam cared about himself..he ate whatever he liked n his friends gave him..if its icecream,pizza burger sandwich..finger chips,pakkoda n whatever it is..n at end of the day when they came home vickys stomach was upset..n he was having severe cold which led to a head ache also..dadi taunted at his childishness..but geet was worried for him’
Geet:dadi.we will go to dr..
Dadi:its ok gudia..ive tablets..n its too late now..he will be ok by morning otherwise we will go to dr..
Geet:Vicky teek hojayegi na..
Dadi patted her cheeks..he will be ok..trust me..
Dadi sent nakul with medicines ,n amrutanjan..
Vicky had the tablets..geet took the balm n sat next to vicky..she started to apply balm on vickys forehead’dadi who came to check Vicky saw the care geet was taking..vicky looked at geet for a while..
geet:haan Vicky..is it paining too much’she asked him’
geet:haan bolo Vicky..
Vicky:can I sleep in ur lap..
Geet stretched her legs n Vicky placed his head..the sight was heartwrenching..tears formed in dadis n nakuls eyes
n even Vicky was so much emotional..he closed his eyes only to feel the love n care he is getting from his bhabhi.
Geet thought what if her mom will do at this place..she knew what to do..
geet after applying balm threaded his hair n patted his back’Vicky felt all his bitter past vanished n his heart was feelinglight..there was no more complaints now in his life..ek maa,behen aur dost ka pyaar jo milraha hai..he know when geet will be back to kp he will not get this chance..he wrapped his arms around her waist..like a baby seeking mothers warmth n fell in a deep slumber’

dadi went to her room wiping her tears’she so much wanted maneet to be back..but maan was stubborn in his decision’
nakul came with dadi’s tablets..
kala came with oil to give her feet massage as she said she was having pain..
kala:dadi,why r u crying..
dadi:how much I may try to shower Vicky with my love..but a moms place cant be replaced’
nakul:wo kami bi poori hogayi na dadi..dont u see gudia n Vicky..
dadi:yes..i saw..but I fear..what will maan feel seeing their closeness..we know its pure as dew’what will others think..
kala:dadi,I know my chotu..wo ithni choti soch ki nehi hai..
dadi:shayad u r r8..im only thinking all bad..
kala:dadi.. u forget something.
Dadi knotted her brows..what kala
Kala:sach mein dadi..u forgot..
Nakul:don’t talk riddles kala..say what she forgot..
Kala:tomorrow is maneet’s birthday n their first anniversary’
Dadi sat in bed’how I forgot?its their first anniversary..we must celebrate..but will maan accept to celebrate..n one more thing..day after tomorrow is the day geet lost her family..
Kala:how we are going to handle gudia..
Nakul:she seems to be normal now only..
Dadi:hmm..we will not remind her..n we will say maan to do the rituals’
Kala:ye teek rahega..
Nakul:tomorrow I will make gudia’s favourite chocolate cake..
Kala:I will make maans favourite dishes..pongal sambar vada’n kesari..
Dadi:ok ok..make whatever u want..i want both to be happy..n im thinking its an year now..tomorrow I want both to visit our temple..but how?maan will not accept..
Nakul n kala”its simple say to geet..she will make agree chotu’
Dadi:gud idea’first let me call rosy n buy new dress for both..
Dadi called rosy n ordered her to delivery a sari 4 geet n sherwani 4 maan..
Dadi slept soon making arrangements’

Geet leaned on the bed post gently giving Vicky a massage on his forehead ‘she too slept soon in same position’that day all were behind Vicky they forgot to give geet her medicines’geet was tired after the day out..n it made her sleep’.


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