U,Me,Aur? – Part 94

Part 94
The next morning geet was sleeping peacefully..when she woke up she saw she was in their room’she turned around n looked for maan..she felt his presence ..maan came out from washroom’

she ran to him n he took her in his embrace ..both found solace in each others arms’

maan scooped geet n moved to the bed..she was snuggling more to him..she started to think how she came here..n a mist image came to her thought..someone removing vicky from her lap placing him on bed..n she was carried .n the aroma was maans ..so no doubt it was maan who took her back here to their room…on the way she saw wall full of vickys photos’which she has never seen..she again slept.n she could not remember more…after sometime she was placed in her bed n was feeded juice in sleep..the taste was still in her mouth..
Geet:prince..u came..she asked hugging him tight..

Maan:how cannot i..when my princess miss me so much..

he kept her head on his chest..she found her sounds from payal is different.when she moved’.she immediately looked at her legs..
Geet:naya paayal..par kese’

Maan gently placed his lips on hers..just 4 a second without scaring her..then kissed her both cheeks..geet was losing herself..the strange feel started to flow again inside her..her stomach felt butterflies..she kept her eyes closed n felt it’ Geet:hmm..aah..she moaned.. she don’t want him to stop..but he did..

Maan came to her ears sliding a neck piece on her neck..
Maan: i bought u..gift for my life partner,who gives me loads of happiness ..who makes me forget my tension of work’happy anniversary n happy birthday jaan’

Geet has almost forgot her bday..the tensions has made her forget’then her thought went to the previous year..they got married n at evening they celebrated their birthday together’then it striked her..its his bday too..
Geet:happy birthday to u also prince..happy anniversary too..
Maan showed his cheek pointed by his finger’geet gave kisss on both sides..
Maan took the bangles n ring n watch which he bought also..he weared it..geet looked at the set..it was an unique design..fully diamond’.the payal was gold’the watch had diamond stones with platinum finishing’she came out of his hug..maan knotted his brows..why she is moving now..
Geet got down from his lap n stood..she lifted her pant n saw the payal..she ran to n fro making the payal jingle the music..chun chun ..chun chuna na..chun’she giggled hearing it..
Maan loved at her childish excitement..after a while she came n sat in his laps again..

Geet:sry..i did not buy gift for u.i forgot..’u bought me so many’
Maan:u r near me..thats my gift..more than it u gave me kiss also..a return gift..i don’t need other gifts.when u r my lifes precious gift’
Geets heart was doing summer sault ..
Geet:did u bring me here..i was sleeping in mansion..
Maan:yup..now im sleepy..jet lag..lets sleep for a while mishty..
Maan layed on bed taking geet with him..
Geet said she was not sleepy..so she will go with her routine works..maan accepted’geet wants to do something for him..she squeezed her mind..making it juices..no idea came..what to gift prince..she sat next to him thinking’
Then she got an idea n she made her way to freshup’
Maan woke up after an hr..it was only 5.30’maan looked for geet n a big sound took his attention..he ran to the direction from where the sound came..
Maan looked at the sight..he couldnot control his laughter’he broke out n laughed holding his stomach’geet was fully covered with wheat flour..the kitchen was fully in a mess’
Maan:g..g.e..e..t.tt..hu ha ha..whats this joker’
Geet made a cute angry pouting face’with an angry glare’maan again fall in laughter’
Kala n dadi came there to wish them n stood there mesmerized seeing maan laughing wholeheartedly n that too so soundly..
Geet:prince..u r laughing at me’
Maan suppressed his laugh..she was looking like a white pomerian puppy with almond eyes’
Maan:hu ..no..no..first say..what u r doing in kitchen’
Geet looked down at her toes..wo..wo..
Maan came near her n dusted her..
Maan:wow o..i got it..shayad paani nehi aaraha hai pipes mein so u took bath in flour..
Geet did not miss the tease in his words..
Geet:ive already taken a shower’
she hit in his chest’n maan backed up..she chased n he ran’
geet:I’ll not leave u..
maan:geet mei masak kar rahi thi..leave me sweety..
geet:no..ill not leave u’aap muj par has rahi thi..
she smugged him also in flour’the kitchen looked like a place where tsunami attacked..they both fall in laughter n stopped when they were heavily panting’maan hugged her so lovingly n she too reciprocated..
both parted when they heared the giggles from dadi n kala’
maneet:gud morning dadi..gud morning kalakka,,suba suba..aap dono yahaan’
dadi:happy bday n anniversary 2 u both’
maan pulled geet n both touched dadis feet n took her blessings..
dadi:u both live happily ”””.like today..i want u both to smile like this always..
maans smile immediately vanished ..n he again came to msk mode..
kala too wished them both n she asked
kala:geet what are u doing in kitchen..
geet:wo mei..i made coffee’then I tried to make roti for him..but it slipped n make u all notice me..
mujei kuch nehi aata haina didi’
geet thought now she will be stopped from doing things for maan’as she has messed up the kitchen room ‘
kala:im here na gudia..
geet:wo I want to make something for him..my mama always makes special dishes 4 papa n chachu’s birthday n their anniversary..its my duty na..i want to do 4 my husband’
geet said looking at ground..there was nervousness n shy..she looked adorable with mixed emotions’maan was again bowled in her love..whether it is care or a return gift’but she always made him feel special’
maan:geet..u don’t want to do things like this..
geet with a crying face:I know..ive messed up all..so only u r saying not to do na..
maan:no..im not saying not to do..do with help of elders..so u can learn easily..they will guide u..n u will not mess up things..
geet:u r not gussa with me na..
maan:no..how can I ‘that too on ur birthday..

they both forgot the two persons who were standing n looking at them adoringly’
kala:ok u both go n get ready..i’ll bring ur coffee n later will prepare breakfast..
geet:ive made coffee already..
she went n came with the coffee..maan took it from her n walked to their room’
geet:how is it..
maan: u know my taste’ its perfect geet..
geet first went n took a shower’kala came n gave the new dress for both’maan quietly took it as he don’t want to spoil his day..when he went to take shower,kala dressed her in sari..while helping her change to sari she told geet they must go to mandir n take gods blessings also’
kala made her way back to kitchen..n gave a thumps up to dadi..their work will be done..maan came out n was mesmerized seeing her in sari’with matching jewelery..his intense gaze made her look other side ..she was blushing’
maan:one thing is missing..
he went n opened his luggage..he came with a pack which was wrapped in gift paper..
geet:whats this..
maan:this is also a gift for u..socha kuch aur din mei isei doonga’but today it will be perfect..geet opened n saw it..it wasa waist chain’she tried to wear it..the hook was difficult for her..maan came n kneeled before her..he took the chain n weared it..his hands was tickling her senses n maan was getting wild thoughts..the slim waist attracted him n he lost his control..she always does this to him’

he pressed his lips on her stomach n got up..geet was grabbing him tight..
geet was still under the magic of his touch..she absent mindedly said hmmm.. maan look her flushed face and felt very special that his princess is affected by his touch..
it took few minutes for her to be normal..she was clutching the saree near her heart,which was pacing faster..she looked at man who was getting ready..
he was doing his works but looking geet n smiling also’both came down..kala signaled her if she asked,,maan noticed it’
then geet asked..
geet:prince,today we must go to mandir..i always go on my bday..shall we go.
Maan doesn’t want to disappoint geet’
n as expected maan accepted geets wish to go to mandir..he glared both ladies who trapped him to go to temple’n they looked everywhere than him’dadi too accompanied both..its her wish to take them both to the mandir,which her husband built’she has already made a special arrangement n outsiders were not allowed for an hour’panditji blessed the couple who looked made for each other..he was a loyal employee working for them n taking care of the temple..so he also knew the reason behind the marriage kept away 4m outer world..n he will also keep it as secret’the aarti was done..geet was not fearing seeing the fire..
they sat their for a while near the steps of water…maan kept mum as his childhood flashed in his mind..how he n his family comes every week end n at all functions’he tightly closed his eyes trying to get rid of those memories.. but some where in his heart he knows now he is not alone his angel is always there for him to shower her precious love on him without any selfishness… he always feared to come here because of the bitter memories but today with that bitter memory geet’s love was also there to support him to face this bitterness ..it is very less in front of geet’s happy face..
maan’s st:princess i can face anything to see this adorable smile on ur face.. now it has become my life line

dadi was explaining geet about the mandir..how it was built n how the family enjoys spending time there’
geet:dadi,why did not we come here before..
dadi:bcoz u were afraid of fire’n now u r better’
then all went back to mansion..maan first refused..but geet forced him saying she wants to go n check vicky also..n don’t want to disappoint dadi..maan accepted to her plea..
when they entered,nakul was their with chocolate cake..maneet cut the cake n fed each other..geet gave to dadi..maan sat on couch silently’vicky made his way silently n took the cake n applied on geets face’
Vicky shouted n ran:happy birthday n anniversary babhi’and in low voice bhai..maan heard it but others did not because all were busy in noticing geet…he was shocked but maintained a straight face
Geet:Vicky..u..u’spoiled my cake n face..i’ll not spare u..
geet started to chase Vicky..he stopped seeing geet struggling to run in sari..n stood still n let her do what she wants..she too applied cake on his face n fed him too..
maan excused himself saying he got a call n went back to kp’
geet came back with a doll of her size ..the servant kept some more gifts n went away’
maan:geet,whats this?
Geet:this is for us both..vicky gave..he told me to open with u’
Maan tried to keep his calm self..
Geet unwrapped n saw a couples watch..
Wow..this is for u n me..looks alike na..
Maan looked other side..geet was blabbering..
Geet:I thought Vicky forget..but he gifted me this teddy n this also..she showed him a ipod..n dadi gifted me this..she showed a necklace’n this one..small teddy by nakul bhaiya n kala didi..bahadur bhai gave me a story book..raghav bhai gave me a cartoon collectin dvds’her list was long’maan chuckled seeing the gifts’geet is happy in small small things..a toy gives her happiness’than a precious jewel set’or which are costly gifts’
Kala came with her special dishes n maneet ate silently ..
Maan :kalakka..we don’t want lunch..
Kala thought they must be going out’
Kala:ok chotu..
Maneet sat together n watched tv..after an hour maan lifted geet n moved down to kitchen..
Geet:where are we going?
Maan :to prepare our lunch..
Geet:but idk..
Man:u said u want to make for me’n I want to make for u..so,we both will prepare lunch together..
Geet:gud idea’
Maneet started to work together..maan guided geet in all ways..to chop veg he stood beside her n his hands were on either side..he was teaching her how to hold the veg between fingers n chop with knife..his breathe was falling on her nape..she was having goose bumps..when maan nudged her with peck on her shoulder geet lost more in his aroma and love but next movment maan kiss her cheeks and brought her back to realityshe again concentrated to cut’both made their lunch n had it together’
they both had it in one plate feeding each other..then they took a small nap..
geet wake up soon..her moments made maan also to wake up…he looked her and asked what happen princess where r u going now
wo..prince i feel like eating ice cream.. its out birthday and anniversary na we had everything except ice cream which is my fav… i want that now…
maan shocked that how come he forget this… her princess fav dessert is missing from her meal.. he check time its 3 noon..
geet also make puppy face… how can he resist such a cute face.. he call his body guards and ask them to bring ice cream of every flavor as soon as possible… geet got excited hearing this.. and kissed maan’s cheeks in excitement…
in a while KP living room is full of ice creams… and both enjoyed it feeding each other very lovingly..
both started to chat on random things..

evening geet made him coffee n both had it together then they both went for an evening walk around their house.’maan spent his whole day with geet in kp’making up for the 2 days they both missed’

adi also called n wished them both’.n he gifted them a full framed picture of their marriage photo..it was the most precious gift maan thought..he hanged it in center of their bedroom’next to his wordings hard work works’

At night
Again both prepare dinner’maan arranged a candle light dinner surprising his little wifey’then they both danced on a melodious music..enjoying their togetherness

maan swayed n twirled n turned geet according to the music..then they made their way to their room…maan gave her medicines..
Maan:geet,y u didn’t take ur medicines yesterday?
Geet:wo..vicky was unwell na..isilye boolgayi’but..she looked at maan confusingly..i feel like I had it..
Maan st:so she remembers that I gave her with juice..
Maan:its ok..now u have n sleep’
Geet had it..but questioned him..
Geet:prince..till when I have to take this bitter medicines..why cant I be normal’
Maan has no answers..even drs don’t know..
Maan made her sleep on his laps’n started threading her hair..
Maan:don’t know jaan’but u urself can see urself..u r improving..u have started to see flames of gas..n now u have started to c fire from log..u scared b4 seeing the fire in match stick also..isnt it great now u have improved a lot..a little more time’keep patience..u will also be normal..
Geet:cant u stop my medicines..
Maan”if u want to cure u must have’
Geet was not answering him..he looked at her sleeping peacefully..he stayed there so that she may sleep peacefully..he also drifted to sleep..with the thought of next day..how geet will react..will it take a toll on her..can he control her’so many thoughts run over him n finally he dosed off

The next day both got up n were again in their routine works’maan was already informed that they are doing barsi in kp’n all things were arranged’geet was changing the date in calendar..n she started to cry..maan came immediately n hugged her’she has remembered the day’

Geet:why they all left me prince’she sobbed’
Geet:they knew na I love them so much’.phir kyun mujei akele chodkar chale gaye’
Maan rubbed her back n hushed her..
Maan:ek na ek din sab ko jaana hi padega geet’their time came they went’u r not alone..im there for u’they thought u will be safe with me..so only they went..they are with ur babaji’don’t cry dear..ur tears will make them feel bad..
After lots of talks geet sat their quietly..her body was trembling in fear thinking about the blast n all of a sudden she started to behave violent’
Maan panicked seeing her..
Geet..aag nehi hai..see..
She hit him with full force’n started to run around the room..maan took the injection n trapping geet in his strong arms,he injected..for which geet immediately went to a slumber..
Maan called the dr..n she came n checked..
Dr:Nothing to worry mr.khurana..its only a fear attack..she will be normal when she wokes up’this day has brought her memories ..make her busy like other days..so that she wont get into her past..thats the only way to keep her in peace..
Maan sighed in relief..kala sat there with geet n maan came n finished the barsi’after lunch maan let geet go to km..vicky was going somewhere..seeing geet he stopped..she was looking pale..her usual self was missing..
Kala:Vicky..wo..chotu told geet to be with her friends’so can u take her with u..
Vicky know the reason ..he immediately called his friends one by one..then they planned to go to arohis house n surprise her’
Geet called maan
Maan hesitated ..then thought..now she is doing gud ..n in houses there is only gas ..which geet can face’n he accepted.. then he called vicky’s BG and told them to take care of geet n vicky
All friends gathered in one place n joined geet n Vicky’
Arohi was shocked with the surprise that her gang gave’the whole gang have never been together in any friends place’more than it all were shocked to see arjun there’n they saw the blushy arohi’which made them clear..they are dating..arohi introduced arjun to her friends’
Vicky:aru..did ur dad know it..i mean he is here at ur home..
Arohi:yes..dad knew it..
All noticed geet aloofness n arjun who has already very eager to meet geet also felt something wrong with geet..
Arohi:geet y r u looking so low..
Geet gave a week smile..vicky stood behind geet n asked all to keep mum’he will say later’anand,arohis father came out n saw arohis friends..geet bent n tok his blessings whereas all were saying hai hello sir..anand had an instant liking on geet’he welcomed them n had a small chat.. ‘he was looking extremely happy’
Arohi:u r looking happy dad..
Anand:yes dear’I ve got a contract..i was applying it for last 5 yrs..but this time we succeeded getting it..
Its ur friends entry gave me a gud news..
They all have experienced geets gud luck,,arohi experienced it now n said to her father..he was so glad to experience it
he left saying he has an urgent work regarding it’
arohi with the help of servants arranged for pakodas n tea’by the time all friends eyes questioned Vicky n he said geet to call arohi’at that time he said to them’
av”Vicky.y geet is dull..
arjun:I too heared she is childish’but she did not even open her mouth..
Vicky”wo..today is the day which she lost her family..she is missing them.. morning her health got worse..
so only I called u all..i want her to forget that incident.. all decided to make geet happy’
they all decided to play n have fun’
they all forcefully made geet play with them..at 7 all decided to go 4 a comic movie..arjun called hiten n gauri n maan too..maan how cannot he say no,when his mishty will be there’maan agreed..all met in theatre’again it was only them in theatre as maan had booked the whole for themselves’the both group became friends..bcause of arjun arohi..pari was openly drooling maan..it brought geets jealousy back..the way geet starred pari said maan she hates pari s presence..
maan maintained a stern face..all others took seats as per their wishes’arjun arohi’hiten gauri’heer prem..mani manju .yash meera…vicky sat with renu n geet on either sides..arun varun with pranav sat leaving a seat between them n geet..pari was irritating maan by sitting next to him’maan could sense geet fuming n cursing under breath..he stood ..he looked around n saw geet n av..he sat inbetween the chair’pari stamped her foot n sat next to pranav’pranav who was having restless seeing pari behind maan now felt happy..he was in love with pari,though he did not say it to her..

geet gasped when maan sat next to her…he never approved talking in public..then how he came n sat infront of all’av gave each other a meaning look like they expected it’but they kept quiet,,Vicky was like sitting in fire..he couldn’t behave normal..as his bro is a seat ahead..renu was cribbing him n he answered nun..he was sweating profusely thinking what would be his bhais reaction seeing him with renu’
geet nervously looked on maan..maan leaned on the chair comfortably n whispered in geets ears..relax mishty’n see the picture..behave like u don’t know me.. maan entangled his fingers with hers without others noticing..but 3 pairs of eyes noticed..AV n Vicky..
geet relaxed n enjoyed the film ..the close moments between the hero heroine reminded only their moments’she slowly started to forget her pain in the film’ n with maans nearness..
it was break time..maan moved outside n joined his friends..all were ordering their favourite snacks..when Vicky was again ordering geet pulled him back n ordered only a bread sandwich for him..
Vicky:baby..pls..let me have my choco cake,finger chips n burger..
Geet gave an angry glare..which made Vicky shut..
Renu was curious why he shut with geets glare. N she asked..
Renu:y u r stopping him..
Geet:ask him..he was suffering a day before..he is better today only..
Pranav:is it so Vicky..
Vicky nodded yes..making baby face seeing pranav relishing choco cake’he was irritating him further by making sounds cherishing it n licking his fingers..
Vicky:baby..pls..one piece..
Geet out of blue’
Vicky,u had lot yesterday only. In our birthday’I will again make u bath in cake if u repeat it’
There was a sudden silence n all looked Vicky like they will murder him..
Meera:our bday..matlab..ur bday was yesterday..
Arohi:so bad geet..u did not say us..
Arjun:wo kya haina arohi..she may have thought u may eat her cake alone so only she did not call u..haina geet..
Geet:no bhaiya..yese nehi..
Yash:will u explain’
AV:Vicky..atleast u must have informed us..we would have made her day special..
Maan was silent ..thanks she did not blutter that its their anniversary..
Geet:wo..kya haina..i too forgot my birthday..
She sounded low’
Vicky:her day was happy yesterday n sad today..what should I share with u all..i left to her choice..i don’t know she herself forgot..
Arohi:then whose bday u celebrated..wait..she said our birthday..means one more who is it..
Maan cursed arohis smartness..now what will they say..vicky n geet looked at each other..
Vicky:erm..wo..my bros birthday also yesterday only..bhai n baby share same date n so dadi made cake n celebrated within us..sry..
Hiten:guys why r u making a big issue..u can celebrate again..
Gauri:omg..iski dimag ka bathi chalne lagi.. nice idea..
The whole group decided to celebrate on the week end..
All sat again in their seats..maan was standing still outside..av came to him..
Maan :yes..
Av:wo..we want to talk to u..we wwere trying 2 get u alone for many months..
Maan looked at them..
Av looked around..
Maan:but y..
Av:we cant say here..pls tell us were we can meet u alone..
Maan:u can say here also..
Av:ok.we don’t want to talk before other friends..
Then hesitated n looked around n said
Av:its regarding geet..
Maan got alarmed..but still tried to play safe..he kept mum..
Av:I know there is some relation u share with her..we did a mistake..geet know it..
Pranav n yash came:are gadhe..the pic started come inside..
Av stopped n looked at maan..
Maan :ok come to my office tomorrow 10 am..
They all went inside n saw the rest of film’maan all the while was thinking about what av said..whats that I don’t know’
After the film all dispersed to their houses..geet went with Vicky n maan left after having chat with his friends..
When they reached home maan tried to figure out what av was talking but geet kept mum..
Maan:did u promise u wont say..
Geet nodded yes..
Maan:st:now she wont say anything..how much u pressurize..
Maan:ok lets sleep..
Though the day started with heavy heart..geets friends made her feel better..

Precap for future updates:Av in KC’geets bday again’maan topped n all back to college’maan joining mba’someone spoiled the presentation file..maan in anger’


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