U,Me,Aur? – Part 96

Part 96

It was 2 midnight..maan released his tie..he stretched his hands n body to relax from his sitting position…he saw the lights glowing in bed room..what is geet doing till now..she hasn’t slept kya?
Then the reality dawned him..water slipping on file..she did not do it intentionally..phir bhi..i yelled at her n gave her file to finish..
How can she?when she don’t know even A of the file..ye meine kya kiya..
He moved to the bed room,only to see geet sleeping in siting position on stomach…amidst the piles of papers,files n lappy in bed…the lappy screen was still on indicating him,that she must have slept now only..
He cursed himself for behaving rudely with her…he came to bed n cleared the things…he placed geet on bed comfortably..
she snuggled to him like a baby..his eyes got on the table which had her medicines untouched..
How can he be so careless..about her health..
He opened the fridge n poured juice in glass..he powdered the tablets n mixed in it..he took geet n made her lean on him..
Maan:gudia,wake up..
Maan:sweety,have this juice n sleep..

He patted her cheek slowly..she opened her eyes n adjusted to the lights..
She sat immediately..
Geet:wo..erm..i am sorry..i am sry prince..idk I slept. i did not spoil ur file intentionally…i will finish ur work..but pls don’t get angry on me..
She said in one go..
Maan saw her eyes moisted..he was reason for her tears.when he himself has promised to keep away from every sorrows…he kissed the tears away..
Maan:no,geet,I am sry…I will do the work…u drink this n sleep..
Geet:I know u have mixed med in this..if I drink I will sleep..then how will I finish this..
Maan:its ok geet..i will do it..im sry 4 giving u work..u don’t know anything about presentation…how can u do..
Geet:but I read it in files..n I ve done it..one urs n one of my choice..ive 2 take printouts n make out the last pg only..
Maan couldn’t say anything..what he is hearing..she has done it..he must believe or not…
He took the files n checked it..
There were two files…
The first one was made by the staffs..she has redid that file..
n second one was made by geet with a lots of changes..
maan was shocked n surprised as geets presentation file was far better than the file made by his architects..n his happiness knew no bounds
maan:wow..geet..its awesome…superb..mind blowing..u don’t know what u have did..he hugged her in extreme happiness n kissed her with all his force..
geet:did u really like it..
maan:yes dear..
.maan was seeing all the work done by her..n couldn’t believe his eyes…
Maan st:geet,u r too intelligent.i never thought my innocent wifey can do work of her own..without seeking my help..i cant even express in words how happy I am..my wife is getting matured….
Maan again hugged her tight..
Maan:thank u so much jaan..haan..i will take print outs n do the rest of work..u must go to sleep..u have college n u said ur group is giving presentation before outsiders..
geet:u r not angry with me na..
maan:nope dear..what ever u did is also for gud..this presentation is flawless.far better than the old one..i will present this tomorrow..
geet was not listening to what he said..she heared only one thing maan was not angry with her..
she inserted a cd n copied the presentation n gave it to him..
she took the juice n drank it..she layed on bed showing her back to him..maan was surprised..she never sleeps on pillow,then what happened today..
maan:princess,what happened..neend aarahi hai kya?
he asked caressing her hair..
geet:mei aapse khatti…u did not talk to me..u ignored me..u scolded me..haan change ur dress n sleep..u r still in office attire..
maan can hear her voice chocking.n her care also…he removed his coat n shirt which was irritating him too…he was in his vest..he is obeying his wifeys order.

he came to her side n held his ears..
maan making a puppy face..
maan:sry jaan..is baar apni pati ko maaf karo na..wo na bohut gussa wala hogaya.. bohut boora admi n a..apni office ka tension tum par nikaldi..budhu hai..apni pyari patni par chillayi..
geet turned to other side,though she felt like she want to hug him tight n say don’t say sry..but her childish heart cried at his ignorance..
maan came sliding next to her on bed n hugged her from back..his hands on her waist tickled her..his breathe on her chin made her knees jelly..
maan:sry na sweetheart..pls pls pls..he turned her ..she broke down in to cry keeping her head in his chest…
geet:prince..pls..never ignore me..i cant bear that… agar sab log kuch kahe tho mein aapke pass aathi hoon..if u ignore me where I will go..
her simple sentence broke him apart..he has hurted her a lot..
maan:im sry geet..im really sry..i was mad..tomorrow is presentation n cd broke files missed..n u messed it again ..i was in work tension..really I didn’t mean it..u don’t know what u r to me geet..u r my oxygen to live..u r my life..if I ever repeat this slap me..scold me..punish me..do whatever u want..
geet:what r u saying prince..how can I slap u.or scold u…u r my husband na..
the childish geet asked him question n maan could only chuckle..
maan:if im not ur husband,will u slap me..
geet was lost in his questions..idk..
maan:geet soja..
he shifted her to his laps threading her hair..she drifted to sleep soon…maan took his tracks n changed..he went back to study n took the print outs…he finished the bending works geet left..he looked once again..all the work looked perfect for him giving 100% satisfaction..he came to his room,taking geet in his embrace ..gudnight wifey..im bowled again with ur surprise.one day,u will also become a NO:1 architect..now I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow…im sure this deal will be ours…
he slept soon..
next day morning kala came n knocked the door.but no response..so she went away…maneet were still sleeping becoz of late night work..around 8 am both woke up..
their day started with their lovely wishes n morning kiss..geet went to fresh up..maan gave her a dress,
maan:wear this..it will give u professional look before the outsiders..its said half is ur physical appearance n half is u urself..which will impress others..
geet nodded .. she didn’t understood what he said,one thing she knew,her husband will say it for her betterment..
maan was mesmerized seeing her official look..he blinked his eyes ..he want to see her the whole day..but, noticing the time he rushed to washroom..he was getting late to office..
geet took her lappy n her books n went to km..maan went to kc..he kept the cd safe in his room…when all staffs came he explained about the new presentation n placed the cd on projector giving them more clear view of what they should do before the clients..all clapped for the boss who did an extra ordinary work overall night..maan was having a smile which was noticed only by adi..he was smiling thinking about geet..her presentation being appreciated by all..least they knew its mrs.msk who did the presentation..maan was soon covered with next works..that he failed to remove the cd from there..a man came n made a little scratches over the cd n went away..
he silently said..
sry,bosss n went to make a call saying their work is done again..

here in college..
all were drooling geet n Vicky who just entered the campus..
both were wearing same combination of dress.. Vicky black n white suit..n geet with black long skirt,white shirt n black coat..her hair was tied as bun…said by dadi…a simple bracelet n watch on hands..
after a normal start in classes they were called ….all were split in groups n were doing presentations before the proffessors of other college..it was new experience..geet was sweating badly..she has done before her classmates..but doing before other proffessors made her fear..
Vickytried his best to make her relax,but he failed..then he asked geet to call maan..he thought only maan can comfort her..
Geet called maan..n her breathe itself told maan she is scared..
Maan:geet,take a long breathe n leave slowly..
She did..
Maan:before going to do ur presentation,relax urself by breathing in n out few times..then close ur eyes n think no one is there before u..think anything which gives u happiness n make u smile…think only u n me or there..n u r giving presentation before me..,like u do in our house…never let ur confidence down…
Geet”what if I did any blunder..or mumble..
Maan:I know u wont..if u do any mistake ask sry n continue..
He was going on n on…geet was gaining confidence in her..
Maan:now r u confident..
Geet:think so..
Maan:geet.. u r mrs..geet maan singh khurana..u cant be nervous..be brave..i know my wife can do it..will u prove me right..
It brought a smile n red hue in her cheeks..
She kept the phone..her group turn came..
All did well..its turn for geet,,she did what maan said..when she closed her eyes only maan thought came to her.the way he kissed her ..a smile came to her lips..

She started to give her part of presentation..n the whole surrounding was standing there seeing her with admiring look …she forgot there are persons before her listening to her..after finishing she was brought back by the applause of her friends..she smiled cheekly..
Geet:thank u sir..for giving me n my friends ,this opportunity to give presentation..
She moved ahead n joined her friends..all were very happy..
Geets group were selected the best for presentation..

It was lunch time..all were celebrating the success in canteen after having their lunch ..

Same time maan was in hyper…he came to know the cd is not working..
Adi n maan was in maans cabin..others were scared to go in..
Adi:how the cd is not working now..
Maan showed the scratches…it clearly showed the scratches made by a sharp pin…
Maan:find who did it..
Adi checked the cctv n find all were normal but roshan looked restless n sweating..he was checking his mobile often..
Maan threw the files from the table…one paper caught his attention n his eyes widened reading the stuff..he showed adi..he was also equally shocked n was worried too..
Adi:now what to do sir.. its roshan..
Maan:give this paper to raghav..he knows what to do…
Adi:yes sir..but what about presentation..do u have any copy of it…
Maan:no adi..but I think..one person can help us..
Adi:whom sir?
Maan:the person who made this presentation..
Adi:its u only na sir..
Adi:then who did this sir?
Maan:it will be a surprise for u also..first I want to make some calls..u go on with ur work..
Adi:ok sir..

Maan sat there silently…still there was a doubt in him,calling geet is good decision or not….it is now the reputation of kc..no one will know who geet is..she will be here till presentation n go..i will keep her secure..
Maan decided n called geet..
Geet was in canteen…she looked at the phone displaying prince…
Geet looked nervously at others n took the phone..
Maan:princess,I need ur help..u must come to kc now..its urgent..
Geetwas shocked…kya?mei..
Then she looked at her friends who were looking at her questioningly..she looked at Vicky,who guessed it must be his brother..
Vicky:guys,u all enjoy..ive some work to do..come baby…
He took geet also with him..
Maan:pls come soon..ill be waiting for u….dear..mera aur kc ka izzat ka sawal hai..
Maan:prithvi will pick u from there to kc..n reaching kc u will on ur blue tooth..i will say what to do..n u know ,never say to anyone whom u r..
Maan:do u have ur lap top..the presentation u did for me yesterday..or hv u deleted it or is it still there..
Geet:I did not delete…but its not completed na..u only did the rest of work…
Maan:ya..u first come soon..hurry up..
His urgency in voice made her worry..vicky has heared their talk n sensed maan is in some trouble..so,he sent geet with prithvi..their BG..cum driver..

It was sharp 1.55 ..
The MD of IT came..maan was tensed as geet has not reached yet..
He somehow managed to welcome the Md…with a warm smile..he introduced to his staffs n lead him to conference hall…
Md:shall we start the presentation..
Maan:hmm..ya..before that..u pls go thru this files..u will get some ideas before presentation..
Maan was looking at his lappy screen ..he has made the cctv diverted to his lappy n his view was on entrance ..he felt relieved when geets car arrived in…
Adi was waiting at entrance as maan said ..
Geet was in call with maan..
Maan was talking to her silently..
Here geet saw adi after a long time n jumped..
Geet:adi bhaiya…how r u..u did not come to see me..
But adi was shocked to see geet there..he never expected her here..is she the one maan sir talking about..but how..he looked at her attire..she looked gud..but her innocence..how will she behave before that high class professionals..his head spinned..
Geet:adi bhaiya..where r u lost..
Adi:geet..im gud..how r u..
Maan cut geet..
Maan:Geet..u will not talk to adi..come soon here..
Maan:no more jumping..stand straight..ur heads up..u will walk straight where u r guided..
She was following his orders..geet was gapping at the designs of KC..adi can see the childish geet changing suddenly , as he guided her to conference room..he can see a totally changed geet…with the orders of maan
Maan:geet,u will not call me prince nor jump nor hug before all..just behave like u behave in college..
Geet was so confused..n she said ok n did what he said..
Adi knocked the door n walked inside with geet..all were surprised seeing a beautiful girl there..who was walking with attitude not caring to look at others than maan..
Maan came to geet n said.gud afternoon mishty..
geet was confused,why he is calling her mishty before all…though its one of her pet name called by maan…
Geet:gud afternoon..
maan lied to all,its one way to keep her safe..he turned to the client..
Maan:this is mishty,who will give u the presentation now..
Md:nice meeting u..
He forwarded his hand..he was man in 30+..maan was looking at the extended hand..he did not like it..even though the man is gud guy..but a formal introduction is always a handshake..he looked at geet..what will she do..
geet folded her hands saying Namaste..nice meeting u sir..
Md: Namaste..I like this way..being cultural..i am impressed..
Maan:geet take ur seat..
He showed next to his..geet sat nervously…she was shocked from the moment she entered kc..n when maan said she will give the presentation..that too office work..
Maan:mishty,give me ur lappy..
She gave him..he opened the presentation folder n made a copy of cd n gave to adi…n asked him to insert it n play in projector..
Maan:geet,u must do it..
Geet:but ,how can i..
Maan:becoz,u made this presentation..
Geet:sab ke saamne..
both were talking in minimum voice so others cant hear..
Maan:geet,pls..u can do it..like u did in college..pls geet ..for me n our company u have to do it..
Md:mr.khurana,can we start..


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