U,Me,Aur? – Part 97

geet took the file n moved to maans cabin…
geets st:dadima told prince hate vicky..then y he is depositing money in his a/c….
geet decided to ask him..maan was busy in his file..she searched for words..she knew maan wont like talking about Vicky..he has cleared before also..now if she questions him,will he answer..so,she decided to play safe..not to hurt maan or disobey his words too..
being with maan in office,she also started to behave maturely..she can differenciate both maan’s..in office when it comes to work,he is serious ..same time he is opposite maan with geet..he loves pampering her n helping her works..she started to watch him more close in office n somewhere she started to lose her innocence..adi also helped her learning office works..she has started a professional life..that made her slowly grow to a mature girl..she started to make decisions..still she will wait for maans final approvement..
she is in college for more than an year..vickys guidance,friends care n sharing more time with them made geet change..she is nor innocent nor mature..shayad if she was still not in treatment,she would have been now a grown up girl by all means..maan must have made her change..he still cares or to say fears only for her fear attack of fire..
geet looked at maan..sometimes she admires him..how can he be so workaholic..his day starts from 5..n she never knew when he sleeps…
geet sighed..n an idea clicked her mind..afterall GMSK..kuch tho maan ka asar hona chahiye na..she gave a missed call to Vicky…
maan who knew geet was there for so long time..called her..
maan:mishty,why r u standing there..do u want any help..
she came to him..
geet:u r too busy..so,im standing..
he pulled her to his laps..he kissed her cheeks..n she kissed him back..he rubbed his thumb on her lips..without knowing geet is under his spell..
maan:have u finished the work I gave u..
geet:yes..oh babaji..mei tho cabin mei bool aayi..
maan:what are u thinking about..
she cant never lie..but he has taught her..hiding things is not a lie..like they hided their marriage..
geet:wo..i saw the HP college file..her eyes moisted..
maan:u miss ur village..
geet did not answer..
adi came to maans cabin ..but stopped seeing their intimate position..maan was kissing the tears which rolled from her eyes..adi silently closed the cabin door n stood outside..he was happy for his boss..
maan:if u think u can face them..i’ll take u to HP..afterall u r the life of all there..they miss u like u miss them..
Hp reminded her her childhood..her family..her villagers..their love..ram..her family n her house..
Geet stiffened she digged her nails in his hands..maan looked at her changing emotions..her eyes turning fire..
Maan:is she going to have an attack again..
She sweated thinking about the fire..
Maan:I must act fast before she turns violent..how to divert her mind..
He knew only one thing now which may calm her ..he kissed her at crook of neck..n his hands went under her shirt..squeezing her waist..he slowly placed her on table n lifted her shirt n nuzzled her belly with his nose..
Geet giggled feeling tickled sensation..
Geet:p..p..ri..nce..pls..dont tickle..
He tickled her with his fingers..she jumped from table n tried to move..he pulled her to him with full force..she was breathing heavy because of his tickle..she has hugged him tight in fear n her breathe fall on his chest,which had his first three buttons opened..maan slowly moved his hands on her back..geet again started to feel butterflies..he was sensually touching her ..she started to play with his buttons n unknowingly her hands moved between his opened shirt..n held him by neck..her phone buzzed making both part..
Maan felt gud as she has forgot HP moments..
Geet took the phone..maan saw her dress not in place bcoz of him..how much he loved her slim waist..the white skin n slim waist..he draw paterns on her making her hold tight on him..he pulled her shirt down n set in its place.n placed a peck over her dress in stomach…he can hear geet speaking in phone n the other side person talking to her also.
Vicky:hello babes..
Geet:hello Vicky..
Vicky:baby..what r u doing..i’m waiting for u in canteen..have u left from office..i’m getting bored.ye humare sare Bandaraur bandariya bi nehi aayi abi tak..
Geet giggled seeing him addressing the friends as monkeys..
Geet:im in office only..abi nikalraha hoon..
Vicky:ok.i’ll wait for u..
Geet:chalo tum dadi se paise maangi kya..did u ask her y she did not deposit money in ur a/c…
Maan stiffed n looked away from her..geet saw it..he is avoiding her ..
Vicky:wo baby..ive not used to it na..so,I didn’t ask her..shayad boolgaye hogi..if I ask her she will feel bad na..
Geet:u asked me money na..
Vicky:wo that my friend met with an accident..uske liye liya tha..mereliye thodi na maangi..
Maan who was standing still till now bursted..
Maan:geet..u give money to others..do u know the value of money..i wont stop if u help really the needed one..but why u help those peoples who are cheated in the name of friends..atleast u must check the help u r giving goes to the right person..noo..u all r fools..idiots..dont have mind to think..they show crocodile tears m u fall for it….aur tum..tum bi uske saath sath ullu horahi ho..dammit…so only I told to stop the money this month..but never thought he will empty all his money in a/c…
Vicky was hearing on other side..his brother bashing him..one side he was happy knowing it was he who is giving money..then his words made him think..if bro is saying like this..something must be behind it..am I fooled by my so called classmates..yes..i am emotional fool if it comes to family..i know the pain when u r away from them n cant get love from them..this view of mine is always my weakness..as bhai said r they misusing me..he was left in thoughts..
Here geet was looking maan like an alien..here maan after spilling all his beans bite his tongue..how I could tell all those ..oh my wifey..when u r around me,I cant keep my hard shell..u make me week with ur presence..
Geet:prince..u deposit money for ur brother..
Maan did not say anything..he kept silent for something..then cupped her face..
Maan:ya I do..but it’s a normal thing..kc always pays a partial amount of money for all members.. dadi..,u.,me, aur ..vicky ko bhi..haan u will not say about this to anyone..swear on me..
Geet nodded her head..
Geet looked at him..there is something in his eyes..when he talked about him..he is hiding from me too..is this my illusion ..or reality..
Then geet shrugged her thoughts saying,she is not capable of understanding others..she is still small to this things like her prince always says…

Maan:now its time..u must go to college..ur Vicky has already gone..now u must go alone..u first move..i’ll follow u in few minutes..
Geet:ji..she moved to door..
Geet smiled n turned..
Maan:before going out wash ur face n go..
Geet moved back to washroom inside his cabin..she saw her hair..n kajal messed up…she washed her face n wiped in towel..did her little makeup n combed her hair..she came out..
Geet:prince is it ok…
Maan:ya its gud..now go..
After she went..adi knocked the door..
Maan:comein adi..y u r knocking..
Adi:he he he..
Maan glared at him..
Adi muffled his laugh..
Adi:till now it was not required when we two were working..now when geet is here..i must not disturb u guys na..haan pls sir,close doors before romancing with my sister..mujei sharam aarahi hai..he he he..
He said in one go…but stopped his laugh seeing MSK look.
Maan:bohut bolne lagi ho..geet ki asar dikraha hai tum par..
Adi:the reflect is also in u sir..i can see u changing..trying hard to live..not like before like a machine..i’m happy to see u like this..
Maan took the file from him n signed n gave it to him..
Maan:yes adi..my wife has filled her life in me..so,only im living..ok chodo..now im leaving 2 college..u take care..
Adi:ok sir..gud day sir..

Maan left to college..he saw a crowd inbetween college..he would have moved on if he would not have heared his mishty’s voice along with her friends..he saw there Vicky fighting with his classmates..
Vicky:u fooled me saying reasons..i helped u thinking really u r in need of money..but u are spending money in clubs n for ur time pass..n u..
He came to next one..
Vicky:I helped u too..u said ur sister having tumer..but u have no sister..
He came to other one..
Vicky:u..u took 5 laks from me..i too have never spent money on myselves..i gave u..but u spent it in horse race..
Classmate:so what Vicky..u r a fool to believe us..do u have any proof that u lend us money..then u can go to police..we r ready to face it..this crowded peoples witness also will not be taken..i will easily prove,that they r faking lies on me..
Vicky was hurt..so was geet..one way she is happy if maan has deposited money,Vicky would have never come to know the truth..maans words has knocked sense to go thru the truth n he has enquired n found it..
Vicky:what I did to u yaar..i helped u thinking u all as a part of me..y u cheated me..
Cm:uff vicky..u r such an emotional freak..n have money.,but don’t know how to enjoy…we need money ..so we used u..
Vicky grabbed their collars..
Vicky :u cheats..
Vicky ‘s friends trying to stop him..they also supported him..n his classmates n his gang fought with Vicky group..
shyam n sam group were watching it like they are watching some interesting movie…
shyam:sam..i think this junior na..he is a joker piece..he is creating such a drama like he is hero..haina maan..
maan s anger was growing..
maan:what if really he proves..he lend money..
shyam:ok..lets have a bet on this..if u can..u r great msk..if u can prove it..i give u 1 day time fully..tomorrow morning u must show me proves..
maan smirked..
maan:u will lose ..i don’t need a day..1/2 an hour is enuf for me to proof..
shyam:then prove..the bet is as usual..i’ll say what u do..if u win..r u ‘ll do what I say..
Maan gave a msg to geet..
Geet thought maan is upto something..she came in middle of them..
Geet:ye aaplogone teek nehi kiya..vicky ke saath..
Cm:wo..here comes the innocent child..r 2 say vicky’s…
Vicky kicked him hard..
It was hard for him to digest that they were looking geet with nasty eyes..n then the words..how can they say..its his bhabhi maa..he punched him hard er n harder.his classmate was also giving him punches in return.. the two gangs were fighting with each other..even vickys gang was angry with the words they used..but there stood geet without knowing why suddenly the scene got more heat..she screamed seeing vickys mouth bleeding..vi..cky..
Vicky looked at his innocent bhabhi who don’t know the reason..she is humiliated..here maan was in height of anger..he made his fists tighter..his palms started to bleed..
Geet turned to them..
Geet:do u know ever how much money u lend from him..u don’t even know how much digits it carry…u monsters..u r coming here for time pass na..
Vicky n her gang looked geet weirdly..what she was saying..
Cm1:hmm.i know..5 laks..5..0..0..0..0..0..
Cm2:ha ha..u baby..want 2 know the digit I lend..3.laks…3 n 5 zeros..
It went on..they humiliated saying geet as pagal ..asking such questions…
Before they went on with another fight..some one said..princi…
All dispersed silently to their class..geet took her scarf n wiped his blood..
Vicky:im fool na baby..emotional fool..
He hugged her n cried..
Vicky:am I that fool baby,I did not know they r faking behind me..my crave for love has made me fool..i thought them as my family..his family as mine..his sister as mine..is it fault..
Vickys gang supported him n tried to manofy him..
Geet has no words..she kept on rubbing his back hushing him..
Geet:Vicky don’t cry..or I ll also cry..mujei bhi rona aaraha hai..
Geet said chocking her voice..
Vicky wiped his tears..
Vicky:no baby..see..im not crying..u don’t cry..
his friends were happy seeing him stopped his emotional trauma..
arohi came with first aid..geet took it n she bandaged him..whenever he hissed in pain when the spirit touched..she blew air over it n made the place cool..
renu was watching Vicky..she want to be in place of geet..she cant stop geet..aur Vicky may get hurt with her behavior..
all the friends were quiet surprised seeing the care between them both…there hug was something different from other days..there is something between them more..but they cant figure it..but they knew it is divine as their friendship..
prem:ab chal..sab teek hogayi na..r u want us to call ambulance..
pranav:have u ever seen Vicky the great fighting..wow..vicky..
he lifted his brows admiringly..
mani:are yaar..i visited hospital previous month..this month he is taking turn..
heer:then whose turn is next month..
pari:meri nehi..
manju:did they say u..u r saying like u r pregnant n in terms ..
pari:yuck..i don’t want 2 have a baby..
arohi:but want a handsome hunk to romance..whats the use say..
renu:arohi:she wants only to maan..u know..our senior..
pari who was about to fight with them got into her dream..
pari:haye mera dream boy..uskeliye mei tho..
pranav shut her mouth with his hands..
pari:h.s.r .br..m/mm..,..mmm
pranav showed all Vicky,who has kept his hands on either side of geet..so that she don’t hear all their bakwaas..
Vicky did so..becoz..he knows his bhabhi will get jealous hearing about maan from them n their bakwaas talks..what if she question before them asking what is pregnancy..omg…geet ki babaji aaj aapne is bache ko bachaliya..he said looking up like geet does…n all bursted into a big laughter..actually they were diverting Vicky to become normal..but it went to far,that Vicky has to keep check on their words..n care for his baby friend..
Geet who was pouting now smiled seeing Vicky also smiling..

There was an alarm which made all students to assemble on ground..there was a big projector which started to show the confession of the boys….
Cm1:hmm.i know..5 laks..5..0..0..0..0..0..
Cm2:ha ha..u baby..want 2 know the digit I lend..3.laks…3 n 5 zeros..

The boys were shocked..who made the video..
Then under that displayed this evidence is enuf for u all to rot in jail…
They turned to vicky n group..
They held vicky’s legs..
We are sry..pls don’t send us to jail..
Geet was equally shocked seeing the video..but soon knew who must have done this..her prince…
Maan recorded that scenes in his mobile n showed it before the whole college..he turned to shyaam.whose face has lost its colour..
Shyam:u win..say what should I do..
Maan showed the canteen building..
Maaan:u must paint it..by ur own..u can take ur friends help..he saw sam making yuck faces thinking paint sprinkling in her face n dress..
Maan:but no workers..
Maan left shyam to deal with his friends..maans friends smirked seeing him giving a gud task…they hi5ed each other n went 2 class..

Here Vicky thought what to do..
Vickys friends..dont leave them Vicky..we have proof now..we will handover to police..
Cm”pls don’t do that Vicky..really our parents will die inshame.
One was saying to punish the other was seeking forgiveness..
vicky shouted..stooop..i will decide..
Vicky:ok..i forgive u with one condition
Give my money back..
Ok..give us some time we will return u..
Don’t want to give to me..deposit the money in any trust n give me the evidence..but it must be true..
Cm:kasam se..we will be truthful this time..

The days were again normal…shyam painted the canteen cursing his unluck..but still waiting for the golden chance which he will make maan fell down on his knees..

It was semesters last day…all were busy preparing in exam..shyam n sam gang as usual playing with pebbles ..maan crossed them..shyam called maan
Shyam:hai maan..come join us in play..
Maan:phir kabi..muje jaana hai..r exams bi haina..
Shyam:yaar it will take only some minutes..r u scared of exams..if u don’t read again ,u will lose ur memory..or r u scared of me..that u will fail in my bet..
Maan sighed:after so much of losing ur bets too still u think u will win..
Shyam:then play..
Maan:ok…but after exam..surely..im not going to read..im going for video conferencing my meeting fixed with clients before u..
Gauri,hiten n arjun came there..
Gauri:u know shyam..he is not like u..to spend time for silly things..
arjun:hmm.she is saying truth..
Hiten:ur time may not be precious..but his time has values..each minute costs crores..
Maan:got a call..
He went away attending the call..
He stopped n turned..
Maan:shyaam..i m ready to spend few min with u..see u after exam..

Here arohi n geet were with groups also wrote the exams well..n came out..arohi looked disturbed n all were asking her reason..
Vicky:aro..will u not share ur problem with us..
Arohi:agar aap logo se share na karun tho kisse karoon ..I don’t know exactly..but I can sense dad is in problem..his investors backed out suddenly n he is having hard time..but y n how it happened ..he don’t know..n he is in tension nowadays..
They consoled her n all dispersed to their houses..saying happy holidays ensuring to meet in middle ..
geet,Vicky n arohi were heading towards park..the college was empty by now..maans class was busy watching shyam throwing pebbles in coke can..this time 10 pebbles n shyam made perfect all in cans..
arohi got a call n her earth slipped off her feet….she screamed papa…..n fell unconscious..
Vicky took the call..geet was sprinkling water on her to wake up..
Vicky:this is arohis friend Vicky..what happened.what u said to her that she fainted..
Caller:her father had a massive attack..he is admitted in appollo..he wants to see arohi n arjun..but I don’t know who is arjun..can u help us..we want to inform him also..
Vicky:I’ll call n say him..
Caller:thank u..
Arohi gained conscious n screamed again dad..
Vicky:aro..he will be fine..he wants to meet u both..
Arohi: both..
Arohi:dad will be fine na..he is everything to me..
Geet:god is with u..trust him..
Geet said..but she was also blank…if really god was with herthat time..her family will be with her na..y god always test the people who believe them?

Vicky:aro,call arjun n say to come to hospital..lets go to ur dad..
Arohi tried to call arjun..

Here in mba classroom..all were looking with jaws opened..will maan drop pebbles correctly…will he win the bet or will lose..if any one lose,what will be the task they will be given to do..
Some were hooting n whistling cheering up their classmates..due to sound,arjun did not hear his phone buzzing..
Arohi saw his car parked..
Arohi:arjun is not picking his call..may be he has muted bcoz of exams..
Geet:so,what to do…
Arohi:he is still here..see his car is there..vicky,will u pls go n say him..
Vicky:but aro…
He was thinking..its maans class..if he goes will he like it r not?
Vicky:if he is not in class room..what if he is in canteen or playground..ek kaam karo..u go 2 class..i’ll search in playground n canteen..the first one who founds him will convey the news to him ..baby..be with arohi..she needs us..
Arohi:teek hai..
Geet n arohi was going to maans class..vicky went to search in other places…
Now the class was in pindrop silence..maan has dropped 8 pebbles 2 more to go..9th pebble ..he dropped perfectly..arjun saw arohi n came out..maan sensed geet around..he was aiming his 10th pebble..
Sam:only 10 secs left maan..
Maan was thinking about geet..he can feel her aroma..she is here..but how comes she here..he threw the pebble n looked around 2 c if his mishty is there…
Hiten gauri’s shreak made him turn..
HG:kya maan..u lost..
Maan cant believe he lost the bet..geets thoughts has diverted him..maan closed his eyes..n said..
Maan:ok shyam,u win..now say what to do?
Shyam was in heaven..today he will take his revenge..but sam was also in some thought..she will give him task..
But what is the task..which made maan angry n speech less..not only him..the whole class was now looking at maan with curiosity….
Hiten n gauri too did not know will maan ever do the task…
Socho socho task kya hai…
will maan do it??????


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