Strangely in Love – Part 10

Part – 10

maan was still blaming himself’
maan:im sry moon..where r u..where will I search u..what will I do without can I live without u..
maan was blabbering’when u lose it,u will know how much possession u hold for it..
maan in a trance without knowing himself was saying..he cant live without her..she has become a part of life’
love makes u do strange things which u have never done before..his claim on her is also a sort of possessiveness,..he want to prove her ..she belongs to his madness he made her go against her culture..n now he is repenting for his deed..the burf was heavy..maan was sitting there still looking at the half moon..
the officer of the jungle who was leaving to home find him..n instantly recognized him also.
Officer:sir..aap..its burfing too much..come with me..
.he took maan with him to his office..maan was following him without questioning him..
He lightened the fire to warm the room..
Officer:sir..what r u doing here..
Maan gave him a weak smile’
Maan:came to search my life..but,don’t know where she is?
He said absent mindedly..
Officer:u come with me..we will go back to city n give a u have any photo..
Maan nodded no..i told her to go..she went..
Off:come sir..we will search in shimla..this place is not safe..
Maan:pls can I stay here for night..u leave me here n go..i want to be alone’
After he went.Maan came out ‘the jungle was looking scary..fully covered with snow’the only light was moon’maan saw an axe near by..which they use to cut logs of wood..he wants to take his anger out..he took it n started to cut the trees on his way screaming
Maan:why I did it..sry moon..sry..pls come back..come back to ur maan..i will not let pain near u..i was wrong..every thing has its price..but u r priceless..i did not realize it’sry for what I did..pls is moron ko maaf kardo..give me a chance to seek forgiveness..
Suddenly he thought,what if she has returned till her mother..
Maan fished his pocket n called adi..but adi was in plane n kept his phone switched off..maan felt frustrated ‘his heart was still restless…he was moving in unknown direction,where his legs where taking him’ his eyes caught something flying in was stuck in middle of a tree’
Maan whispered in shock: moon..moonshine..its..its her sari..
How can he forget it..he rushed to the was hard for him to reach walking between the trees in snow..he climbed the trees to reach the spot’he to0k the cloth,which was hanging in pieces…the aroma of the sari confirmed its hers..
Maan shouted:moon..moon’moon..kahan ho tum..he started to search her like a maniac in the dark jungle’the man who never knows what fear is was feared for her..scared thinking that his moons life is in danger..he stamped on something n stumbled’he adjusted to the dark n saw what it was’his earth slipped away from his feet..
He removed the snow over her..she was freezed..her body had no moments’he scooped her n came to the place where he can get some light of moon’his hands were sticky’when he saw it his blood froze’as it was her blood..he looked around..whom can he seek help in jungle..
Moon..utto na..uttona jaan..pls im sry to snatch ur sanity..pls sry dear..give me a chance to explain..
there she was lying in his lap lifeless..he hugged her n said
Maan:kuch nehi hoga..kuch nehi hoga tumei..i will not let anything happen to u’
He was saying it repeatedly not to her..for himself..
He lifted her lifeless body n ran to the officers room’he placed her before the fire’n looked at her’she was in her inskirt n blouse..the clothes were torn in some places..which gave him the view of his love bites turned blue..he closed his eyes repenting for the previous night..
her body frozed in snow..blood oozing out from several places..his heart pricked to see her like that’
he rubbed her feet n hand trying to heat her body..he searched the room n found a first aid kit..he cleaned her wounds n applied medicines n bandaged it’there was no movement in her’n her body was still cold..he covered her with several blankets n screen clothes whatever came to his hand..still she was lying their senseless..he took his phone n called the ambulance. N dr..dr.said due to snow fall they cant reach to the place where he will take time..
maan shouted at them,scaring he will kill them if anything happens to her’
he was mad..mad at himself..mad on drs..mad on the worse situation they were stuck..’khurana’u have one option..
He roared in anger..
Dr:give her ur body heat..the patient may get out of cold..
Maan was numb hearing it..
One time he did it..n he is facing the worse..not again..but he must save her..he removed the blankets’his hands trembled to touch her..the same hands which feasted her body last night now shivered to touch her..he removed her torn dresses ..he closed his eyes ..he don’t want to witness the beauty which he went her lifeless body knocked him sense..the beauty is only the skin..which will die in time..he undid his dress n hugged her from back covering them both with the blankets..he rubbed her body creating heat..his eyes were looking somewhere n his thoughts were only revolving around to get her back ‘he can sense her body gaining heat.. she started to shiver n her lips trembled in cold’maan could not see her like that’he said to himself..
u must do it save it..
he placed his lips on hers..only to give his hot breathe to her..there was no passion..only fear of loosing her..loosing his moon’loosinghis life..
her lips were calm n her body started to respond..her breathe was normal..
maan entangled his fingers with hers..
he was thinking how she came there..only one thought came to his mind..rahul..rahul must have harmed her..i will not leave u rahul’for harming my moon..
geet was moaning in pain..n was mumbling something..he could barely understand what she was saying..
geet:im sry leaving u alone..i know I am wrong .but,i cant see u im leaving this life before u..sry mama..sry for whatever I did..sry for not being with u..papa..pls sry..forgive me..forgive ur gudia..she lost everything..she has no right to live..a girl must not live after whatever sin she did..dont give ur back when I come there..pls papa..mama ko bi bulao na..mujei bohut neend aarahi hai papa..i ve not slept after u left us..give me peace to sleep papa..apki gudia ko maaf karo na..
maan was keenly observing her’her voice was meek that he cant hear her..but the face said her pain..she is in pain’it is becoz of him..he stayed there for hrs holding her in her embrace..the nude body now had no effect physical need..
only one thing he want..he want to see her safe..
slowly he too dosed off’geet gained her conscious’it took minutes for her to realize she is alive..the warmth around her bare waist made her turn n look the person who was holding her..
before she thinks more her mothers thought came..its dark outside..means its night..mama..what happened to mama..what if she was thrown out of hospital..what if’.noo..noo..noo..i must not live..i must not live..muje koi haq nehi jeeneka..
she stood up..she stumbled..she has not eaten from last night..n the loss of blood made her weak n feel dizzy..but,she has decided n will not back out..she walked towards the door without any sensation..that she has no clothes over her..
maan wokeup missing the warmth n when he opened his eyes he saw her walking senselessly..
the girl who covered herself to walk to washroom was now walking out without clothes..
maan rushed to her n covered with blanket..
maan:where are u going..u r not well..
she turned to him n saw him without clothes..he immediately weared his boxers n pant..
maan:I m asking u moon..go n take rest’dr.will come soon to check u know in what position I found u?
geet was starring at him..he was saying in real concern..
geet:why did u save me’
maan was shocked..
maan:what u mean..u..u..
he cant even think..
geet:y u saved me..s
geet pushed him back
geet”say me why did u save me..u want my body right..take it..
she threw the blanket which he covered her..
geet:how many times u want take it..but let me die..die after ur need is fulfilled..let me die after u r satisfied with me’
she was not in sense..she doesn’t know what she is speaking..will it hurt him or not..she did not care..
she was angry on him.not for being with her so close again..she didn’t care if he took her vulnerable position to satisfy his physical need’or not..
she is angry on him .for saving her bring back her to breathe in this earth again…
maan took steps back hearing the horrible truth..she attempt suicide’just becoz of him..yes..he is the reason behind it..if someone must be punished it should be me..then why her..
she was walking again out ..she was dizzy again n she held her has pained..but not more than her heart..she took next step n her head spinned..her eyes went black n she fainted’maan held her before she fell on ground’he took his vest n shirt n weared her..he looked at his shirt..the previous night haunted him..he gave her his shirt only to see her..but today he is wearing his shirt on her to dress her’he tied up a screen as a skirt below her waist..he remembered how he pulled her towel..
there was a vast difference between 2 nights..both were not same now..he was sleeping in peace the previous day..but today he has lost his peace..he was holding her in pleasure last he was holding her to feel her alive..
there was a knock on the door..maan opened it n saw dr. n ambulance..
dr:how it happened..
maan:she slipped from hill..
maan that dr.may not doubt her..
dr.examined geet n opened the bandages maan did..he put stitches in needed places n bandaged it again’
maan:is she ok dr..
dr:she seems very depressed n blood loss has made her giving saline now for energy..admit her in hospital for a day..she must take enuf food n take ample rest to gain her strength..take care of her..
he prescribed medicines n gave to him..
maan:can she travel’
dr:why r u asking..
maan:oh..i must be in delhi tomorrow..i can admit her there..or I can make drs look after her in house..
dr:hmm..ok..she may travel’but after 4 hrs..she needs some rest n come out of shock..after she woke up u can take will be better if she is in saline..
maan:sure dr..
there was an attender to help maan..after changing 2nd saline he too went to sleep..
geet woke up n tried to go again..she tried to pull the saline..
maan caught her hands stopping her..
maan:kya karrahi ho..
geet:I want to die..n u r saving me..
she tried to shove his hands..
geet:leave me..i want to die..leave me..
maan pinned her under him..
maan was already repenting n her words were killing him more..
maan started to shout at her’the only way he knew how to shut a selfrespecting girl..the girl which he saw a week before..
maan:this is not ur life ..that u can die..its mine..i saved u..n when I want I will let u die..u know..maan singh khurana never does favour in free..u will be with me till I want..if u think..i need ur body..then I agree ..ya..u will be with me to satisfy me..till u repay the price of ur life..samji tum’
geet was hear whatever maan said..does her life is also not hers..tears ran down her cheeks..
the sun rised giving a new light to all living beings..
maan called her..geet was again to her numb state..thinking her mom will not be no more alive..
maan lifted her n placed her in ambulance..the saline was running through her veins..her eyes fixed in air’
maan st:im sry moon..i must be keep u alive..if this is the way I can keep u safe..i will do it..


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