Strangely in Love – Part 13

Part – 13

maans friends took himto his room n placed him on bed..
maan was blabbering on something..nothing was clear other than one word..moonshine..n his hands searching beside him in bed…arjun took the pillow n kept between his hands..he hugged it n slept…
all thought he is asking for drink …only geet knew he was searching for her near him..not the drink n as he is hugging the pillow,they don’t know nowadays she is his pillow to sleep peacefully..
boys ngirls went back to their homes,when nakul said he will take care of its normal..his drinking..n losing conscious..
geet was confused where to maans place it was different..she was in same room..but here..then she heared maans blabber n searching her again ….
Geet sighed..he says na i am debted to him..n nothing is left more to think..she went n layed beside him..his heart was pulled to her feeling her presence..he turned her side n pulled her to his embrace locking her in his arms he slept soon..n geet too tried to sleep soon..thinking about her cursed fate..but she couldn’t..she thought for a minute..maan is sleeping peacefully..why cant I go away from him..
She took his hands from her waist slowly n walked out of his room with determination,that she will chose the way which can ease her pain..
Did she know,she is destined to be with much she may try she will not succeed..when their fate is tied up..
Geet took slow steps.there was no one when she came out of the house.. when she reached the gate of the farm house..she was stopped by the gaurds..
Gaurds:sry,mam..u cant go out without sirs permission..
She still tried to move on..
Gaurds:pls mam,we have family n we don’t want 2 be in bad books of him..if we are thrown out we wont get job anywhere..aap sir ko jaanthi nehi hai..he never forgives mistakes..its our strict order to keep u inside the house n not allow u alone without his knowledge..geet felt defeated..
Wo ab apna mann ki mallik be nehi..she cant do anything of her own..
She came back only to see him sitting leaned on the bed post..
Feeling her presence he opened his eyes..
Maan:where did u go moon..leaving me alone…if u want to go out say me..i will take u ..
His voice was very cold..that she can sense his anger behind it..
Geet came n layed beside him silently..
Maan pulled her into his embrace..
Maan:never try to go away from me..i cant bear it..
Geet sensed his pain..dependent of her in his voice,but shrugged off thinking he is saying in effect of drug..she only thought he wants her..n that’s y he is saying those things..
The next day maan had an important meeting in he avoided office for so many days,the works were lined he took geet first to KP..n made her change n he too dressed up for office..
She wore a saree after nearly 15 days after that incident..
Maan looked at her..he was getting affected by her..but his guilt never let him repeat that night..she was looking extremely that blue sari..her features were very well curved n it was prominenet by the way she wore it..maan could not take his eyes off her..
Maan:I must hold back..i wont try to get intimated to night caused my peace..n I wont repeat it..i only want my moon safe with me till eternity..
Maan:moon,lets go..
She nodded..she never asked him questions..she just followed whatever he asked to do..she is prepared for everything,if he wants her to be in bed too..may be that is the punishment for her to live this painful be treated as a pleasure giving toy for him..
They both had their breakfast n sat in the car..
Both headed towards Kc followed by his bodyguards…the last picnic has made her atleast notice her surroundings..a break from her grief..she was awed by the entrance of KC..the car stopped n maan moved towards the lift along with geet..he can see the questioning eyes of gaurds looking geet..he didn’t like it..he kept his hands on her waist n walked inside the was an another way of warning for them…don’t look at things that are mine..geet is mine..he held geet protectively n moved…geet looked at the staffs wishing him..some running here n there seeing his presence..some looking at the beautiful girl beside him..maan stopped at mid of office..
He looked around n saw the mess ..he was not for 3 weeks n the office doesn’t look like how he left..
Maan roared in anger..
Maan:I want my office everything back in place tidy within 10 minutes..r else u all r fired..u all r enjoying the lack of my presence..i assure u if I found any mistake in work I will not think once before throwing u all out….im not paying u all to gossip..n chat in my place..nor any tv show is going here…
He said saying at the staffs who are looking at geet…geet felt needles piercing her every part with their she lowered her gaze…
Maan shouted.:now all back to work..n all HR’s in my cabin right now within 2 minutes..all ran for their life n work..if they failed to give perfection,they wont get job any where else..
Maan again held geet n walked inside his cabin..he asked her to sit in the couch..he heared the knock..
Maan:moon,be comfortable urself..i’ll be here only..if u want anything ask me..
He said n sat in his chair..
Maan:come in..
The hrs came inside fearing his wrath..
Geet only looked at him n the staffs..his way of working..his works..
He was held with continuous meetings..n site visits…in all he kept geet with him…n this made geet realise..1000s of families is working under him..dependent on his business…just becoz of her,he lost one deal which lead to crores of loss..
Geet st:is his lust for me more than his crores..for rich people profit or loss doesn’t matter..only their desire is mean to them..for him ,I am his lust,a toy in bed to satisfy his needs..he is with me only waiting for me to get physically fit to be in his bed..mei bhi tayaar hoon..i don’t want his staffs to suffer for me..
Geet was taking the dinner quietly…she ate all food which maan gave her..
Geet sat on bed waiting for him..he came n made her sleep on bed..n tucked her under the duvet..
Maan:u must be tired so sleep..gud night moon..
Geet was getting confused by his behavior day by day..he says he want her but never came to her ..
He pecked her fore felt so natural between them..
Maan made his way to bar n took his drink..n sat in all days he tried to search his parents in the sky..
Talking to them thru his heart ,sharing his pain,n questioning them y they left him alone in this world to suffer..y he cant be happy like his friends,y he snatched the purity of an innocent girl..y..y..y..he got no answers..he was more talli,not in senses..he came to geet.n slided next to her..nakul was silently watching him..wen he went to bed,nakul closed the door n went to his room to maan looked geet..
I am sry dear..mei na bohut galath kiya tumhare saath..tum mujei maaf karogi na..he looked at her sari.she has not changed…her waist exposed n making him a magnetic pull..he placed kisses on her waist n belly button..his hands unknowingly removed her sari n kissed all over her n stopped after giving smooches in her lips..geet was in deep sleep bcoz of sleeping pills he gave today..he don’t want her to go away from him like she tried last he changed her pills…he was murmering ..
Im sry..give me peace dear..i get it only from u..pls get well soon..i cant see u like this..
He did not proceed..he hugged her n slept in the valley of her chest..
When geet woke up,first she felt heavy..then only she realized the weight on her is actually maan sleeping over her..
Nakul who came with the lemon juice saw this..he thought ,like all days there will be no relation between them..geet could not move as maan was sleeping over her..she took the spread n covered them both feeling embarrassed…her sari lying on floor…nakul immediately closed the door. never he expected this..nakul st:is she also like other I wrong judjing this girl..oh god..pls keep maan safe from all miseries..he cant face another betrayel..
Geet tried to free from his grip…but he pulled her more..n snuggled to her like a small baby..
Maan murmered:mujei chodke math jao moon..
She thought he is asking for she layed there silently,thinking what happened last night..why she don’t remember anything…maans hands were moving on its own accord in his sleep..geet closed her eyes tightly..its second time for her,to be touched by him more intimately…his hands went under her blouse. N kneaded her curves..geet started to shiver knowing what may be his next he is going to repeat the night..
Maan woke up with a sudden jerk..he thought he was dreaming..but her shiver disturbed his sleep n he came to reality..he was shocked to see what he was doing..her sari not drapped on her..his hands on her body…
Oh shit…
He immediately removed his hands n looked at geet..she was suppressing her cry by biting her pricked him to see the salty water on her eyes..
Maan pushed his hair backwards..
Why must I do things to regret..kya wo raath kaafi nehi tha..
Geet opened her eyes when she did not feel him on her..
She sat on the bed n the sheet slipped from her body..she did not try to cover..nothing is left that he has not seen nor touched..maan took the sari n covered her..
Maan:I am sry..i did not know what I am doing in sleep..
He closed his eyes n said without looking at her..
Geet for the first time spoke..there is nothing left,that u hv not done to me when u are in sense..this is nothing regarding that night..u said u want me..n I wont stop u..becoz I am already feasted by u…nothing is going to change when u repeat it..
It was like a slap to maan..her every words pierced him n made his heart bleed..
Maan heared the knock n geet moved to washroom..
Nakul came inside n gave maan the lemonade..maan looked at nakul,his look was not so pleasing..there was dis approval in his house its first time ever maan has been with a girl n nakul did not like the closeness of maan with geet..
Without saying anything nakul came back to kitchen..he called dadi n said about what he saw in morning..dadi decided to meet the girl..she don’t want any one to play with her grandson,who is already broken….
Here maneet got ready n maan took geet again to office with him..he can see the improvement in,he decided to keep her in change of atmosphere..till she is ok..
Maan went to conference room leaving geet alone in his cabin..geet came n sat near the window..she was lost watching the busy life of delhi highways..she did not realize the elderly lady who came inside n watching geet for a long time..
Dadi tried to get her attention..but she was so much lost in her past life thinking about the lovely moments with her parents…how they pampered they did not let her sad even for a much they hated tears in her eyes…but now happiness is not there in life ..only tears are left..n it will also dry in few days..then only blood will come..she was lost in grief ..she turned feeling a touch on her shoulder..she turned n saw the old women claded in half white sari,adorned with pearl jewellary..royalty was oozing out from her n geets brought up made her immediately touch her feet..
Dadi took a step pinched geet..
Dadi:I am maans dadi..dadi straightly came to point…
Geet now knew the reason..why dadi stepped back..
Dadi:so,u r the girl staying with maan..
Geet kept mum ..
Dadi:u seem to be from a gud family..then y r u doing maan is already a broken man..i beg u pls don’t play with him..
Geet looked shock seeing the elderly lady folding her hands before her..
Dadi:I don’t know what is ur intension..pls,don’t break his heart..i have only maan for me..n I am already dyeing seeing him suffer becoz of the womens he met in life..he has not yet came out of that betrayel..n u don’t be a ghee over it,,his fire is already turning him to ashes..uske saath saath hum be ash horahi hain..pls..if u want money ask me..i’ll give more than u want..pls mere pothe ko chod dho..i cant see him broking again..i am still carrying this life only to see my maan happy..whatever is left in him,dont steal that too..he is already a broken man..dont push him more in dark…
Dadi looked at geet expecting her to answer her…geet was in shock hearing dadi’s words…she did not answer her..dadi left the cabin..geet was standing still in same place..dadi ,the grand mother of maan ..she too judged me I am after maans only I am staying with him..dadis words has brought her back..she was forced to think,y she is with him..she decided to confront maan once they were back to house..she want to get rid of this painful life..she will ask him today,when he will free her ..
Maan came to his cabin..
Maan:moon,come lets work is finished at present..
Geet thought they were going home..but maan took her to a restaurant..maan made her sit n ordered food for them..both had the lunch silently stealing glances on each other..
Geet tried to speak,but her throat went dry whenever she saw maans eyes..
After lunch maan took her to the mall..maan want her to enjoy the surrounding ..but she was walking quietly behind him..
Hai maan geet tum dono yahaan..asked arjun yash n prateek..
Maan:hmm..just like that..i was I came with will be a change for her too..what u 3 r doing here…
Yash:our gfnds called us here..they r purchasing for arjun arohis reception…
Y don’t u join us..
Maan :ok..
Maneet joined them..though maan was not interested in shopping he was with them…he thought geet will become friends with them n everything will be in place..but geet was fearing to speak to them..what if they too questions the relation..what will she say…
She kept herself again in cage till they finish…maan saw a red sari cladded in a doll..he thought it will suit his moon ..he bought that sari…then,they all went to coffee bar..having gharam pakodas n coffee with chat..thats when maan started to feel his stomach pain uncontrollable..he held geets hand for the pain increased his pressure on her hand also increased he diggged his nails n blood oozed out..she looked at him n his painful face..his friends too noticed the change in expressions..
Maan,what happened..
They asked him..
Maan:its paining again…
Before he complete he fainted..all of them immediately took them to hospital…drs immediately admitted him n did a full check up..dadi n nakul also reached hospital..
Dr. came out..
Dadi:dr,mera maan kesa hai..
Dr:u come with ..i ‘ll say u..
He said looking at the friends.. sab meri hi bache hain..u can say anything before them..bcoz they all know maan better than me..n they r well wishers…how is maan..
Dr.sighed:at present he is fine now..but there is a bad news mrs.khurana..
Dadi:dr..bad news..dont say anything..i have only maan for me..i will die if anything happens to him..
Dr:gabrayeyi math..its in ur hands now..
Arjun:dr..pls saaf saaf kahite kya kehna chathi hai aap..
Dr:before that can I ask u something..
Dr:from when mr.maan started to drink..
Arjun:not sure..but may be 10 yrs r more..
Nakul:when he learned to live alone from that time he is drinking…
Dr:hv u seen his hands shivering or any symptoms like he will go wild if he did not take his drinks..
Nakul:yes dr..ive seen like that..after drinking he will get normal.. the problem is maans liver is getting u all say I can guess maan cant live without alcohol..he is addicted to it..we must send him to centre to make him get over the addiction..
Nakul:ye tho na mumkin hai..
Dr:namumkin ko mumkin banana hai..if u don’t want him to go there u may all try by ur own efforts..he must stop any how…I will give medicines for will help u..but if he again drinks,it may cause his life..
Decide what u want to do..send him to centre or u will make him stop by ur efforts..
For now u can take him home..consult with him..he is a great businessman..if u all advice him,he will understand…n he needs healthy spice for some days..
Dr.gave the prescription n went..maan was back to his house..he looked at the faces of his friends n dadi..girls have left to their houses..
Geet s heart was restless from the minute she heared anything may happen if maan takes drink..n dadi’s position was more vulnerable..she cried n cried looking at maan..her bps hooted n her health got worse ..she landed in bed…
Dadi:maan,pls stop drinking..
Maan looked other side..
Dadi:pls maan,don’t leave me to suffer in this world..i want u beside me maan..i want u settled..i want to see u happy..i want to see my great grand childrens..mujei nirash math kijeeye maan..promise me..that u wont take alcohol from now..
Maan:u know dadi..i cant live without it..
Here geet came out of dadis room..
First time she went to kitchen n called nakul..
Geet:kaka..can u come with me..i need ur help..
Nakul:help?what help?
Geet:come with me..i will say u..
Nakul followed her..
Geet went to maans room..
Kaka:remove all his drinks from here n bar..n make sure he must not get any bottle in his hands..wherever I found ive binned it..u r here u may know where he may have kept than the regular places..
Nakul:ji..i know..
He went n took the bottles from the book shelf,washroom collected all..
Nakul:that’s all
Geet:before he comes here,take all n bin it or hide it..
Nakul:thanks..i did not get this idea..
Nakul immediately hide it all before maan comes n searches for the drink..
Geet:I am doing this for the old women crying there..
Her st:how it feels losing ur closed ones..i only knew..i don’t want that women to face the loneliness at this age..
Precap:hmm..what will be next part..idk….??????
1)maan getting wild,not getting any moonshine….what will happen when he comes to know its geet,his moon did it…iska anjaam kya hogaL
2)Geet breaking her silence..what will the reaction of maan be?will he be more pushed to dark or will overcome his guilt..
3)maan ‘s past..which made him like this..


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