Strangely in Love – Part 15

Part – 15

the next day,maan woke up n saw he was sleeping in geets chest.over her softness.hearing her heart beat..he laid there for somemore time hearing it..if he can he will be there in same position..but the reality struck him n he sat in bed’she was sleeping leaning her half body in bed post n he was sleeping hovered over her..missing the weight over her,geet too opened her eyes lazily..
geet:u woke up..geet say little uncomfortably…she is concious
maan: ohh…i want to say…thanks..
she can feel maan said from heart for the first time..she gave him a weak smile..though it was weak,he felt gud to see it.atleast she recovering from her num state…it looked like his day will be good today seeing the smiling face of hers..
geet:why ur thanking me???????
Maan:first time I had a peaceful sleep without drinking..bcoz of u..
Geet: u know u must leave it…its a slow poison for u…
Maan:I will..if u are with me to support me..
Geet:if u think my support can make u out of this addiction then surely I will..
Saying she left to fresh up..n maan layed on bed looking at the ceiling of wall..
He was thinking when he had this peaceful sleep without was many years back when he was small’
N for the first time he did not have hang up or feel dizzy’
Maan looked at the side when he heared the sound of door opening..geet came out wiping her hair..maan was mesmerized by the sight..she looked beautiful with those water droplets dripping on her face..the morning sunlight adding more beauty to her..he stood looking at her..she looked like an angel with her pure artificial make ups..
Geet:u need anything??????
Maan:hmm.. no i going to get fresh…
He came out of his thoughts..she moved out..
Maanst:why I was looking her like that ?maan..tu pagal hai..u r checking her..what if she has caught u..isnt ur sins enough for u to repent..she has taken out from u last night u want to spoil this unnamed relation too..what is she to me..a friend or present you must be careful with her every moves..u cant make her , risk her life again..
He sighed n went to take bath..
Geet came to kitchen and saw nakul making lemon juice..
Geet:wo…what are u doing kaka can i help u?????
Nakul:lemon juice..for maan..he will be having hang over na.
Geet:kaka..he did not drink yesterday ..u know it..we only hided every bottle yesterday..
Nakul stopped preparing lemon juice..
Nakul:wo,adadt hogayi na..isiliye..thank u beta..
Geet felt her eyes moist hearing the word beta..she looked other side hiding her tears..
Geet:kaka,what will maanji have coffee or tea..
Nakul:black coffee..
Geet:ok..i will make it..u prepare for breakfast..
Nakul:do u know to prepare blackcoffee..bcoz maan beta wants perfection in everything..
Geet:when we don’t have milk we use to have black coffee only..
She said thinking the days in shimla..when her father was alive he never allowed her take coffee or tea..she was special..rano always kept horlicks,boost,complain n all varieties for her taste..
Thinking it geets eyes moisted..
Nakul made milk n gave to her..its maan’s order to give her milk,she may get out of weakness soon..
Geet:kaka,u go n give this to him..till that I will have my milk..
She don’t want maan to know,she made it..
Maan came out of washroom..his eyes searched for his moon..he looked from his room..he can see geet there.
Maan:whats going on with me..she is not before me I am searching for her like ihv not seen her for ages..
Maybe iam used to her presence that y..
When nakul came out,he saw maan lost in his thoughts..
Nakul:gudmorning maan baba…
Maan:gudmorning kaka
Nakul:ur blackcoffee
Maan took it n ..sipped it..he stopped n looked at nakul..
Maan:what happened to u the coffee is tasty..
Nakul:wo geet ne banaya..
Maan: moon prepare it…its awesome…
Maan was cherishing his every sip..
Nakul saw him..whats there in black coffee that he is tasting like having some sweet..
Maan returned the cup to him n went to do his regular works..
Here geet n nakul made breakfast..geet took the tray n arranged breadsandwich,veg salads n fresh juice in a tray..
Geet:I will go n give him his breakfast..
Nakul:beta,then y u made parathas..
Geet:its for dadi n other servants..u knowna,what dr.said..he must have healthy foods no spice nor oily till he recovers..
Geet:so only I made this ..haan dr to come n check him now.
Nakul:ji beta..i will call now..
Geet went to their room..n nakul called the dr..
Dadi was silently watching geet’s every moves..she want to say sorry to her..but thought to watch them with a little distance..if she talk with geet,geet may behave normally with return she will also behave gud..but maans view of geet,she must watch from distance only..not from geets view..
Maan was often looking at entrance waiting for geet’she entered with the tray n kept it on table
Geet:hmm wo suniye…,ur breakfast..
Maan:ok..but for u moon..
Geet:mine too is here only..
Maan came n sat on couch..she served him..he did not say anything..he had it ..for first time he felt everything new..from his morning till now..he looked at geet..
Maan:u have urs..
She too had hers..after finishing geet went n kept the tray in kitchen..she came back n saw maan taking files..
Maan:moon,lets go to office..u r ready na..
Geet:before that u must have checkup..if dr.allows u can go..
Maan:but moon..
ok..with one condition..
Maan:call me maan..
geet: how can i call u by ur name…its not look good naa..
maan: y…u dont like my name???
geet: no its nothing like that but taking ur name…
maan: moon plzzz for me u can do this bit na…
Geet:ok..maan’now ok..
his name from her mouth sounds like heavenly music to him…Maan smiled..
Nakul knocked the door n got their attention..he was standing with Dr..
Maan:yes come in dr..
Dr.examined him..dr.did not believe that maan did not take drinks the previous night..
Dr:its gud to hear mr.khurana..must say u have a great will power..if u go on like this u will be out of this addiction..
Nakul:dr.he wants to go to office..
Dr:sure..he can go..his habit of taking drinks is only at night times,he will feel shiver n may be vulnerable at that time much as he concentrate on other works forgetting drinks its gud to him..
Nakul:when he will be alright dr..
Dr:if he passes this one week successfully,I am sure he will be alright in 2 months..u must take care of his medicines..i will give sleeping pills..if he need it u can give..divert his thoughts whenever he is need of alcohol.. depends on ur confidence n will power..which u got last night u must maintain it..
maans eyes went to geet..if she was not there he would not have been slept..
maan:ji dr..i will try my fullest to come out of it..
after that maneet went to office..geet told nakul,what to make for lunch n asked him to send it to KC
Both entered the cabin..n geet sat in couch like previous day.
Maan:moon,if u want anything call receptionist..her name is pinky..she will help u..
.maan asked his assistant to come..he came n gave his work schedule..geet was now looking him..she was no more numb..her only time pass was to watch maan’
the way he talks..his attitude..his anger..his working he makes things he makes his staff run to do his work..
it was 11..she called reception..
pinky:yes sir..
geet:hmm wo’I want fresh juice or black coffee for him..
pinky:yes mam..
geet :call me mam..
pinky:wo..sir will not like it..i don’t want to lose my job..pls..mam..
maan was busy with his staffs making preparations for next presentation..he heared the knock..
maan:yes come in..
the peon came in n kept his black coffee..
maan:who told u to bring coffee..i didn’t call..
peon:wo pinky mam told mam asked for it..
maan looked at geet..she said yes thru her eyes..
maan was astonished ..he started to love the attention n care he got from geet..he was getting this care from outsiders for first time..dadi nakul or adi..they all belongs to him in some way..but geet..she must hate him..but she is caring for him besides what he has done to her..his heart was feeling light..unknowingly geet was reducing his pain n loneliness of his life’.
maan turned to peon
maan:get one orange juice for her..
peon went n came with juice for geet..
it is the real care..both did not think about them,but cared for others pyaar nehi tho aur kya..but will they feel it or express it ever’
precap:the dark past day..for both


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