Strangely in Love – Part 19

Part 19

Nakul:did u ask maan..
Geet:no.. if u don’t trust me,body gaurds can come with me..maan wont say anything if I am with bodyguards..i swear I ll be back in an hr..pls..
Nakul agreed n sent 4 bodygaurds with her..he want 2 ask maans permission..but maans sudden arrival at office timing surely alarmed him maan has got into his past..he has remembered this day..n more over geet has never stepped alone..she was pleading him for,nakul sent her with maans car..
Driver:where should i go mam..
Geet:to any temple nearby..
Driver stopped the car..before the temple..which was at top af a hill..she climbed the stairs n reached it.she sat there fighting with god..for the first time she broke into tears looking the idol of god before her..

God,y did u do this to me..what wrong I did to u..i n my family has trusted u a this what u gave me for the faith I had on year passed is the day my papa left mama lost her sense..i became orphan now..i don’t have mama too ..i cant do my papas barsi..i have no pic of my parents too..i have become the worst daughter in world..i have betrayed their a daughter I failed my a daughter I don’t have any right to live..par..mei kya karun..with whom I am living,he doesn’t know what I am to him..n I am living for what reason?mere pass paisa bhi nehi aapki barsi keliye..kisse maangun..kis haqse mangungi..unse’mei bohut boori hoon papa..i cant even do a pooja for u..meri kya galathi hai bagwaan..y r u testing me so much..give me death or give me a peaceful life..meri jeenekliye koi tho waja dedijeye bagwan..
There was sign of storm n the bells of the temple moved to n fro in air making a loud sound..
The clouds darkened.n it was going to rain..
It felt like the storm inside her heart was out n the rain was her tears that god was showing to the world..
She walked n stood on the corner of that temple..she can see peoples walking down..
Still geet had a thought to end her step ahead she can fall down …n she will leave this world…but something inside her stopped..maan’s thoughts clouded her..she is his medicine..i must bring happiness in his a wife ,i want my love…my husband to be happy..

The body guard came to her..
Bg:mam,shall we go..its going to rain..if maan sir knew u r not back for a long time our job will go..pls mam..
He pleaded..
Geet wiped her tears n followed him ..she turned to the god..
I ve lost faith in u..u r only a stone..who has no emotions..u only like to play with peoples emotions..i wont trust u anymore..i wont come to your place again..when u did not save my family..then why should I worship you..this is the last time I am coming here..
A baba blocked her way..
He looked at her like piercing her soul..then he said..
Baba:u will come back to him..yes he likes to play with persons end he will give them happiness to extent..u want a reason to live..n u will get it..its not far away from you..n how many times u may try to end yourself ur rakshak will always keep u safe..
He walked passing away..
Geet can understand half of his words..she walked away following the bg..she was totally broken now..she straightly went to their wash room n sat their under water..her heart was heavy,like it would blast any moment..her tears mingled with the water..geet tried to wash away her sorrows in life in the flowing water..she cried n cried n fainted inside the washroom,without knowing in what position maan is’
Here nakul was worried ..the person other than dadi who knew the truth about maan is can he forget this dark day of their life..maans father shot himself to death..every year maan will be wild than other days,thinking about his fathers death..he is used to take his frustration on his gym,a girl or by drinking fully till he lose his sense..
After geet left,nakul thought maan must also be back when geet is he went in search of maan,who is madly searching his drink..he pleaded nakul to get one,which nakul strictly said he wont give him drink nor let him drink..then only maan went to his has been 3 hrs..maan was in gym..his every part of body is fed up..weak with the tortures he gave..
This day always brought his childhood memories was not sweet like others..he is not like others..he was born with curse to be left in pain..he broke the wooden slabs n bars of ice..he started to play with fire..he did not show his pain..or must say he did not feel the pain..when his heart was filled with hatred n can a body pain affect him..
Nakul started to panick as the fire sometimes burnt his skin..n maan did not flinch in pain..nakul tried to stop..but when he had listened..
Nakul started to search geet..he had a little hope only geet could stop maan..but she was nowhere seen..when he came to maans room he heared the sound of water from shower..he knocked the door n called..geet beta..geet beta..he called her continuosly..there was no response from other side,other than the running water..what if geet did something inside..shiver ran through his spine..he tried to open the door was locked inside..he again knocked the door heavily..he ran over to gym huffing puffing..
Nakul:maan beta..
no response..
Nakul:wo ,maan beta geet is not opening the door..
Maan who was now punching his sandbag hearing geets name. stopped it..
nakul:jaldi chalo..before she takes decision in any haste…
Nakul:jaldi chalona ..d
Maan n nakul rushed to the room..maan knocked he door,n called her the door..
but no answer came from other side..he started to bang the door..
his heart was restless n he panicked as geet did not reply for him..all nonsense thoughts blocked his mind.. cant do that to me..
he turned to nakul n asked him to get any lever to break the door.nakul went..maan kept on trying ..atlast he took few steps back n with his full force kicked the door with his legs..n it opened..maan rushed inside calling..moon.moon..
his blood frozed seeing her lying on floor unconscious.maan immediately took the towel n wrapped her nude form in it..he don’t want anyone to see her like that..his whole body shivered seeing her like that..
he carried her to bed n tucked her in spread covering her fully..he patted her cheeks..
moon..moon..utto..moon..get up..
he find her cold..
for how much time she has been under water..her body has turned cold.he rubbed her hands n legs to give her heat..there was no moment in her.. her unconscious state remembered only the night how he found her inbetween the burf of mountains ..he felt like his life slipping away from his hands.. maan checked her was normal,which gave him relief..he sighed in relief..he forgot his past seeing geet in that state..
nakul came with lever..he saw geet unconscious..
nakul:did she tried to commit suicide again..he asked out of blue..
maan:no..she didn’t attempt suicide..her pulse is normal..go n call dr.soon..
nakul went to call dr..maan took one of his kurta n weared took all his ounze of controlling power to keep his hands away when he changed her..her beauty was pulling him like magnet..maan averted his eyes’
dr.came soon n checked her..
dr:mr.khurana..i think something is bothering her..she is again in depressionmake her speak maan..suppressing her pain is not gud for health maan..shemust express her pain,ager,happiness..whatever it may be.why u r not taking it serious..she will get mad if this mental stress is inside her..
Maan:ji dr.
Dr.went away giving him prescriptions.nakul went away giving space for one way he thanked god that he diverted maans mind..but he did not know that this in another stress added to him..his pain has increased seeing her like that..
Maan closed the door n came n sat near geet holding her hand..
Maan st:why its always me..who ever comes near me also suffers..
Geet was murmering something in her sleep..suddenly she wokeup with a jerk..
Maan panicked seeing her sweaty face..that was more pale..
Maan neared her..kya hua moon..
She hugged him tight..she don’t know why she did it..maan too embaraced her.n rubbed her back gently..she felt like he is comforting her..soothing her pain.
Maan:moon,whatever u feel just let it go..
He felt his vest wet..he cupped her face n saw her crying..
Maan:moon,y r u crying..
Maan st:did I hurt her again..why she is crying..
She did not say anything..but she was not stopping her cry too..her tears were pushing him to dark..the guilt was again raising in him..
Maan:bolo moon,,
Geet:don’t ask me anything..just be with me pls..sirf aaj keliye..i need u beside me..
She said within her sobs..
Both were hugging each other..she found peace in his arms..he too felt solace being with her..his heart was calm holding her..but her continuous whimpers..he hated it..the salty water running from her eyes..he don’t know the reason why..but she said she needs me beside was giving some unknown feling to him..sort of happinessthat she wants him..he thought as the time passes,the whimpers will reduce.but it was increasing every minute..her breaking out is also gud..she will feel better..she started to cry with loud sound,which broke him too..she was guilty,that in these days she has forgot her parents..whenever she sees maan,the guilt came upon she forgot them..taking care of maan,how can she forgot them.
Maan again cupped her face n asked her wiping the tears..
Maan:kya hua jaan..
His eyes were in pain..his face showed the care on her..he kissed her both eyes removing the tears..she let him do was reducing her pain..
Geet:maan,pls take away my pain’.if u can take away from me..mujse bardash nehi horaha heart will burst maan..pls make me forget pain..
When he himself is in pain how can he take away her pain..both were looking at each other..both their eyes reflected their pain’.both needed someone to comfort take away from the was the pain just made them near..both their hearts pulled each other..seeking comfort from the other..maan looked at her quivering lips..her one kiss always comforted him..he thought to do same..he took her trembling lips in his..he kissed her ever so softly n nibbled it gently..she too kissed him slowly changed wild like never they have done..both were taking the pain on each other..geets hands went under his vest feeling him..he was also loosing in her..his hands went under her kurta feeling her bare skin..he kissed her collar bone travelling down her body..she was also awakening him by feeling his muscular structure..her touch made him go further..
her whimpers has subsided.why n how they don’t know..soon both were rid of their clothes..maan came n again kissed her dry tears.
Maan:I hate this tears of urs..dont ever cry..i am with you forever..
The words came from his mouth unknowingly..
Maan moved down..both were not in sense..both want to get rid of pain..this was making them feel free..the burdened heart was feeling light as they found peace in each other..geet pulled him more close to her n kissed him was only awakening his raw passion..he took her mounts n devoured it..his another hand kneaded the other..geet arched her body giving him more access..she digged her nails on his bare back..he nippled her buds..both their pain was gone as their physical pleasure took over their body n mind..she flipped him down n started to kiss his manly body..there was no past..they were living this moment..they were fully drowned in their passion..she was giving him pleasure with her own will..he was going insane as her soft petals came in contact with his bare skin..geet kissed his nipples chest n came down his stomach..her eyes caught his pocking manhood which was fully aroused n ready becoz of her…geet closed her eyes..the night flashed before her..
After seeing him fully aroused by her she cant back out..a man cant control it..she looked at him.his eyes closed feeling her..his hands on her back holding her firmly..she cant deny ,their togetherness is taking away this pain also..she needs him to forget herself..
What if he did not move ahead or stopped..she has seen him nowadays as a control freak..
How to ask him that she wants as he wants her..
Can we have sex or can we make love..both sounded weird..for him its sex a physical pleasure ..for her will be love..her husbands touch..
She cant ask him..maan opened her eyes as she was lost in thoughts..he drew patterns on her breast n explored her body with his broad hands..she sat on his stomach n shifted a little n placed herself on him..maan growled in pleasure feeling himself inside her..he kept his hands beneath her buts n helped her rock on him..he enjoyed the feel to be with her..the pleasure given by her..when he couldn’t take more he came over her n started to move inside her in he was gentle not wanted to hurt her..he thrusted inside her in gentle was totally a divine feeling for them..which both had not experienced..the full pleasure that ur both body n heart accepts..his sperms flooded inside her..both panted heavily..he slept her holding her over him..
After a few minutes she started to touch him again intimately..he was again awaken by her..
Maan was silent..threading her hair..he too didnotrepent what he did..its becoz she did the first move..n he really needed that for night..for himself n for her too..she was calm when they started to feel each he was again hard..
Maan:moon,u make me hard with ur innocent touch..
Geet:who said I am innocent..
geet st:Can any innocent will agree to sleep for money..
Geet:maan..hmm..can u repeat it again..
Geet:I want to forget me again..repeat it..pls..
She said not looking at him..
Maan:are u sure..
Geet nodded yes..
He slided his harden inside her..he made sure she feels extreme pleasure n came out late..he made her every nerve weigh high ,that she became too tired after their love making ..he thrusted deeper n deeper..the night turned a passionate night.. ‘their moan filled the room..both hit their climax..he filled her with his warm liquid.. .. after repeating few more times,both slept hugging each other..their both heart knew,they beat for each other n feels the pain of each other.n they both can heal each other..
Nakul who came to give their dinner at night heared the painful moan of geet..
Nakul closed his eyes..geet is now prey for maan..he knew she is not well,then too..
He touched the door to knock..but is it gud to distub them at this moment..the girl too is with him..
He left the place disheartedly..
precap:how will they face each other the next morning…next update tomorrow..
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