Strangely in Love – Part 20

Part 20

The next morning both wake up..they both were so close cuddled with each other..there was no barriers between them..they can feel each others skin glued to each other…geet clutched the sheet on her chest..n maan too did not move..both hesitated to leave from bed…they could not see each others eyes..their passion was marked on each others body visible to other..whatever they shared at night came before their eyes..though both did not regret,
maan was in his own thoughts..he has broken his own vows made to himself..that he wont touch her he has broken his oath..
Geet saw him lost..
Geet:you don’t want to avoid ur eyes..its me who was in need to forget kuch bhi hua usmei aapko koi galathi nehi..
She said as if reading his mind..
Maan:no moon..though u r in pain,yesterday,I would have been with any girl..she must have been dead under me..every year I do things which will make me forget yesterday..mujei bhi apne dard se bahaar anekeliye kuch chahiye thi…its u that who reduced my pain yesterday..
Geet:aap bhi dard mei thi..
Then geets mind went on dadis words..maan must cross this this was something dadi was talking about..
Maan:hmm..i don’t know why u r in pain..but today I want to share my pain with u..i ve not shared with any one..bcoz I dont trust anyone..but today I want to share my pain..will u listen to me..
She tried to move away from him n dress up…
Maan:moon,pls can u stay like this till I share my past with u..
She again came into his embrace..she kept her head on his chest ..his hands moved on her bare back softly..
Maan:moon,do u think me as a womanizer..
She lifted her head as he questioned her..
She said what she felt..
Geet:why u asked me maan..
maan:I want to know ur opinion..
Geet:if u r a womanizer,u must be sleeping with different girls daily..i’ve seen many girls behind u..when they tried their best to impress u with their short dresses n sexy moves u did not care them…
maan:ya..u r right.i don’t want any girl..but I need them when I am in pain…the lady who made me hate girls.. i will take my revenge on the girls..the experience what i got from women,I want to give them back
geet saw his grip tightening on her waist as if his whole body is burning remembering the past..his eyes were red splitting his venom..

Geet:maan..she touched his cheeks..her one touch melted him..he leaned on bed post taking her more close..he continued..
maan:u must have known by now..i belong to a rich family..
maan:my mom died giving birth to me..i was premature as I was born on 7 dad n dadi appointed best drs to save me..they loved me a lot n I was saved..but I was mute..i did not talk till 4 yrs..not even a word..
my dad took care of my every need..for him my mom was his world..after her death I was his world..he pampered me a lot..still I remember those times like a blur vision..
geet looked at him..his voice was painful.his eyes were moisted..
maan:dad took me for treatment every week to a make me speak..there we met with pammi..she is a nurse there..i don’t know why,I did not like her at first itself..
geet can feel him shiver at that thought..
Geet:pammi aur aapka kya rishtha hai..
maan:nafrat ka rishtha..i hate her..i hate her..becoz of her I am like this..i cant get out of my past..becoz of her I lost my dad..i am accused as a killers son..
geet gasped..
geet:killers son..but ..
maan:u r shocked na..its the truth..becoz I am the witness,who saw him killing ..
geet:but y?
maan:do u remember when I asked u for giving money..i said u..i don’t do favour in which I don’t get anything in return..
geet:haan..iska aur aapki atteetka kya matlab hai.. all started when my dad’s friend who came to our house asking a favour to him..he is not rich..he is in love with a girl called pammi n his parents n her parents disowned them hearing it..he asked him to help dad gave them shelter to stay in our outhouse..when dadi asked them to marry,pammi said when dad’s friend finds a suitable job n a stay place they will marry..till that she will wait..
my dad was searching for a private nurse for me, as the nurse who was looking after me went away getting married.according to medical reports I am normal..i can they decided to give me speech dad arranged a special teacher also to teach me at home..i started to learn alphabets n understand things..
n my bad fate,pammi offered dad that she can be my nurse..n my dad happily approved without knowing her dadi was already forcing my dad to remarry..but he was an one man women..he denied it saying I am enough for him..dads friend n pammi also knew it..
my dads lonely life did affected him..if he is at home,he had no one to,he spent time with his friend n pammi ..when dads friend was out she took full advantage n started to spend more time with dad..before dad she always faked she loved me..n taking care of me..n dad was impressed thinking she is gud… a 4 r 5 years boy what can I do..i always feared pammi.
One day dads friend was out.. dadi went for some function to attend..when my dads friend came he saw my dad n pammi on bed..
Maans nails pierced geets skin while saying it..
Maan continued..
My dad was drugged by her..she utilized to present herself like my dad spoiled her life..snatched her purity’pammi faked dad n his friend had a big fight over dad in anger threw the vase on him..n the friend fell unconscious..pammi who saw this went n checked the man..pammi said he is dead..he killed his own friend betraying his behind..he snatched her..what will the society say about her n him..they will talk ill about them both..what will my dad do..his name will be in headlines..if he was arrested..then how will he take care of me..a motherless boy..who is dump..
It was a perfect point which shook my dads nerve..he started to cry what he did in will he let me down..pammi is gud that no one is they will hide their body n escape from police too..with no other way he accepted..she asked my dad to take the car out..when he went pammi took the pillow n made my dads friends breathe stop..he did not die in my dads was she who killed my dads friend’I was the one whole eye witness for whatever happened..i was dump..i don’t know 2 write nor explain 2 my dad pammi trapped him..
They both went out n came back..the next few days dad was numb..he was lost in his friends death..he always hugged me n cried..i tried to explain by action..he did not understand..but pammi did..she threatened me..n when my dad was out she locked me inside a room..i was tortured without others knowledge..not physically but dadi also was always out taking care of business with I was left alone..only thing was my teacher..she taught me to frame sentences n write..two months went away..i tried to speak myself..i want to save my dad..n I started to speak in stammering dads happiness knew no boundary..
Pammi immediately made her next move..she is pregnant bcoz of my dad..dadi was shaken..n my dad too..dadi immediately made them married thinking its better for my dad..but I couldn’t save my dad from that marriage..he cursed himself for betraying my day I tried my best n ..i wrote what all happened in a paper that day..n pammi is immediately called the hospital n it proved pammi was not pregnant..dads anger was something like a volcano..he dragged pammi to hall where dadi n nakul n I too was present..i did not know what mistake ive made by telling the truth..i want only my dad to know the truth..the guilt inside him to be removed..he did not kill his friend..
Dadi shouted at my dad to behave gud with his so called wife..pammi too tried to accuse him that he is not accepting her as wife..not wife but atleast a mother..her cry was so real all fall for dad came out with his gun..n the fear of life made her spoke the truth..all I ve written was truth..she planned everything from when we came to hospital from the day when my dads friend came with us to hospital..she want to be rich n enjoy this she killed even his friend..she hated I am the heir of this khurana empire..she wants to be the owner of it..n she will kill me too..n that’s dad pressed the trigger..she fell down dead..we all stood shocked..then next what happened made me dad shot himself..maans whole body was shaking reliving that moment..
My dad smiled hearing it..that was first time I called him without stammer..
He called me n said.i am sry maan..if I did not do this she will kill u..ive got a lesson for helping my friend..all are selfish..dont do any favour till u get anything return from it..i am sry beta..ur dad failed to protect only I am leaving you alone..take care of dadi..maa..nakul..take care of my maan’
Maans eyes was flowing like a river..
Man:still I can feel my dads blood in my all happened becoz of dad gave her an easy death..but what I did..i was motherless..atleast my dad was there..but she made him too far away from me..i lost my dad too..
From that day,I don’t trust relatives..specially girls..i kept all at distancefor me, my dadi is my world.bcoz she is the only one left for me..
.what I learnt in that small age is enuf for me to know this selfish world..i searched for peace..i did not get anywhere..when I entered this field to help dadi I started to drink in made me forget I started to drink daily..whenever I saw girls smiling with some boys ,the hatred inside me grow..i saw them throwing themselves upon day one boy other day another one,that’s what I saw everywhere..i hated the girls presence ,which only reminded me of pammi n my death of my dad..
Dadi started to bug me marriage..when I cant with stand a girls presence how can i..that too after seeing my dads marriage which only took my dad away from me..i started to have fights with dadi..frustrated with her I started to stay in this palace..where no one can order me..noone can pressurize me for marriage..noone will ask me to change..
Becoz of dadi only arjun,pratik n yash are friends with me..i know they are gud friends..but my dads words stopped me trusting any one..
Once they challenged me to be with a girl..saying I am a guy..i fear girls..i cant have only provoked me..that night I spent with a girl..she came for money..n give pleasure..but I made her bleed ..n it gave me an immense happiness.that was the start..from that day, whenever I want to take my hatred or lose myself I spent night with them..its not for pleasure..only for revenge..the pain pammi gave me..i took on others..their screams n plead make me think my dads soul will be in peace..i give them pills before I have sex with them..becoz I don’t want anyone to blackmail me like pammi did..
Kal mera papa ka death anniversary tha..the day which I cant forget..from child ive never got a happy life..when I see all boys playing with each other..i couldn’t mingle with them..the scar was deep inside me..i feared friendship..i cant take it ,if someone break me,I started to break others hearts..
whenever I close my eyes I found my dad lying in pool of blood..kya karun mei..bolo moon..kya galathi thi meri..why I became rude n heartless..where is my fault in all body burns thinking about pammi..if she did not enter our life,or fake or trap my dad n cheat him..i would have my dad beside me..i never got my love of parents when I needed..itni saare paise se mei kya karun..mei hamesha akeli heart feels lonely..
Geet wiped his tears..she flipped n made him rest over her..he snuggled to her like a baby..his tears were still wetting her bear chest..
Geet: then y u asked me for night..
She wants to know the reason.
Maan:I thought u as a prostitute..the situations made me think so..
He then said how he met her repeatedly..n how it all became a mu..
Maan:I don’t know why..ur hazel brown eyes pulled me towards you..i was always restless to see you..i couldn’t concentrate on my only I asked u whats ur price..that time I don’t know u r priceless..
Geet smiled weekly..
N said:my price is 2 lacs..
Maan kept his fingers on her lips..
Maan:its my mistake..i trusted rahuls words..n smashed u..u r not like other girls..i know..i know..
He said taking her lips in his..
Man:I feel sorry for that..
He said inside her mouth..
Maan:ive met so many girls..they r not sweet like u..
He sucked her lips..
Maan:u r a delicious honey’
Maan kissed her nape..
Maan:You are not like girls who are behind me..
Maan kissed her both cheeks n eyes..
Maan:You are the most beautiful girl ive met..
Maan kissed her chest..above her heart..
For first time my heart say s to believe u..
Maan removed the sheet covering them’..
he looked at her bare body n said..
Maan:u r the first girl that I want to spend time in bed again n again
He looked at her intimately..his dark black eyes showed his desire to take her again..she blinked her eyes to go on with his desire..n it was another round of love making..both felt peaceful..he hugged her n she too..she kissed him n he too..they had no worries when they are together..for geet he is husband..for maan,he did not think..he loved to be with her..he don’t want to think more..


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