Strangely in Love – Part 21

After some time geet parted away..she felt like a new bride waking up in her husbands arms..the thought made her blush..she was turning red..suddenly her thought went to maans view..his past..he don’t believe in relations..there is no relation between them..she is one among those girls who spent night with him..she may be a little more than them,as he said he want to spend time with her again n again in bed..he did not say anything more..he likes her companionship in pricked her,though she guessed about him like this..not a man of one girl..
she only thinks him as husband..but he doesn’t..there is no name for this relation other than sharing bed..just a partner on bed..what will he say when the outer world questions him..he is owner of a big empire..but me..i am not suitable for him..her face went pale realizing the truth..what will dadi think when she come to know about their she came into his she trusts me..when she knew the truth,I accepted to stay with him she will hate me..she will think me I am ,really like other sell her body..geet was in turmoil fighting within herself not able to come to a conclusion….
The most pricking was man with other girls..she cant imagine can any wife tolerate the bitter truth..he must not have shared if he thinks her as an important girl of life..she is one among the girls..geet turned very possessive much bitter his past may be I wont let him go 2 other girls..i will be not let him go to other girls..he is mine..
The wife inside her decided to fulfil all maans wishes n keep him happy..
Maan who was looking at her from when she woke up asked..
Maan:y r u silent..y u r pale..
Geet:k..kuch nehi..
She moved from him to get from bed..the pain between her thighs n abdomen made her stumble…before she hit the ground maan held her..
Maan:what happened moon..
He asked in concern,still holding her..
Geet:wo..dard horaha hai..
Maan:lagtha hai I went too far..
Geet:no..its not like that..
She said seeing his guilty face..
He scooped her in arms n moved to washroom..she was looking at him..her hands went on his neck holding him..she can see the concern in his eyes..but is it love or what?
Geet:no,he hates the word love..he said na..
Maan placed her on feet n filled the bath tub with warm water..he placed her inside the tub..
Maan:u may feel relaxed..
Maan moved
She bit her lips for what she said..maan had a naughty grin on his face..
Maan:I don’t mind joining you..he stepped inside the tub..geet was shy n embarrassed..she hid herself in his chest..maan pulled herbetween his legs n hugged her from back..
Maan:Geet,kuch kahoon tumse..
geet who was lost in his gentle massage on her body whispered
she said in trance lost in him..
maan: I don’t know why,I am happy to be with hold u.i feel lightwhen I stay with u like this..mei apne sari dard booljathi hoon jab tum mere saath ho..u make me forget my surroundings..i couldn’t control myself when u r around me..i feel aroused..he said applying soap on her body..geet who was happy with his first set of words..broke down hearing his next set of words..
man was just expressing what he feels..he want to know why she is bothering him so much..but it gave a different impact on geet..
man was applying soap on her curves..gently kneading it..both were loosing again..
man:tum soft ho geet..n this soap is making u more soft to feel..
geet moaned..maaan..
maan.:hmm moon..bolo..y I am attracted to you..why cant I stop myself..i don’t want to make love to you..but I repeated it..see now too I want u badly..again under me..
geet:then y u r stopping urself ..go ahead..
man nibbled her ears..
man:u r in I will control myself..but night I want u..
geet:I will not stop you..coming near aap ka haq hai..
geet mentioned haq ..thinking he is her husband..
man took her lips in his trying to quench his thirst in it..he gave her shower n let her go to dress up..he then took shower..there was an unknown satisfaction n happiness he don’t know why..
man:yese kya hai moon tum mei..i couldn’t think anything else..i like this feel whatever it may be..i want her to be like this..with me..
here geet who stepped out dressed up in sari..
nakul has kept their breakfast in their room..
may be when they both were in washroom..
geet was sulking inside with the feel what others will will cost his she doesn’t care of her every women,she cares for her husband..his name..his respect..

Geet was looking out the window..searching for answers..
Man who came out dressed up n called her..
maans voice did not reach her..
Maan touched her shoulder..
Maan:come lets have breakfast
Maan thought to ask about her..why she was depressed ?dr.also said that she must open up..after sharing my past I feel light..some burden has reduced..if she opens up n say what is torturing her mind…she will also feel light..for that I must talk to her slowly..
Maan:moon..hmm..i saw ur work u know..i mean what u have studied..
Geet:I ve finished architect..
Maan looked at her unbelievingly..
geet:last year

geet:in Mumbai..
Maan:that’s now I can take ur help ll give u an appointment in kc..from tomorrow u will work with me..
Geetst:as a staff na maan..i love to work with u but as a wife..par lagtha hai wo meri kismath mei nehi hai..
Maan:what moon I am saying u a gud news u did not reply me
geet:jo aap teek samjei..
Maan: wo..kal tum depressed kyun..
geet: like u yesterday is my dads death anniversary..
suddenly there was a dead silence in the room..maan did not expect this..both were sailing in same boat..
Maan:geet apne barein mei aur kuch kaho na
Geet:kya kahoon..kese kahoon..
she stood n walked towards the window..its her favourite place from when she cameto his place..

Maan:what are you watching..
Geet:u asked about I was thinking about that..
She showed him the tree which she was watching..
( note:I am trying different one..she will say her past like a puzzle..if u don’t like it tell me..)
Geet:maan,can u see that tree n the small nest of bird..
Man looked the tree..a small baby bird was there n its parents was gently covering it with their feathers..
Man:hmm..i can see..
Geet:my family was also like that…both were very protective..i am the only daughter so they pampered me so much.. i don’t know what the word worry or sadness means..u r right..this world is so mean n cunning..
the bird use to try to fly..but it will be stopped..i can hear what must the mother bird would have said..beta don’t fly high.eagles are flying there n .when u will fall down ur wings will broke..then u will not be able to fly….it was parental care..meri duniyan bi yesehi thi…sirf meri mama aur papa..
Suddenly there was scream of bird outside..both looked outside..the tree was hit by a truck..n the nest fall down..the father bird was crushed..the mother bird was cocooning the small one..its legs were broken..the small bird trying to help its mother..the childrens around them looked at the small bird n tried to play with it..its feathers were so soft,colourful n attractive..they started to pluck it.n chidrens were enjoying how many feathers they have collected..but did not think about the pain of bird…it somehow escaped n fly away.some one who worried for its mother took n kept it on other branch of tree..
Maan n geet were looking at the birds..both were in pain looking at the father bird..
the morning turned noon..they both were standing there still the air was heavy..maan was waiting her to continue..
The small bird was looked around n saw some grains on next went n took it in its beak n came to its mother n fed it..the mother bird was crying in pain ..
Geet:can u see it maan..suddenly a baby bird became a mother ..
Geet closed the window not able to see the small birds attempt with its mother bird..
Maan hugged her n rubbed geets back..
Geet:what will happen u know will go out searching for will be trapped by the will try to get out.. n will enter a thorn half way she will find the path has no thorns..but u cant assure there will be no thorn in the way it will wish the path ends soon or will wish to stay there itself..who knows whats in its fate..
Maan understood what she said..though it was like a riddle,he can understand..
Maan:I will say what is the birds fate..
He went out n came inside after some time..nakul n deepak came after some time with the birds in hands..
Deepak:sir,this small one fell in the rose plant..its thorns has pricked it..
maan took the mother bird n bandaged its legs..he took the small bird n removed the thorns from its body…n applied turmeric powder on both birds wounded parts..he gave both birds to geet..
maan:both are in safe hands..for little ones will grow soon n fly high..
geet looked at both birds n caresses them softly..they both looked at maneet with a thankful look as they felt safe there..geet took them to the garden n placed them there..she kept a bowl of grains n water in other bowl..they pecked geets cheeks lovingly..geet felt ticklish..but was overwhelmed with the affection they showed in return to her..
geet:you both can be here till u want..noone will harm u..
she went back to their room..maan saw her face in peace..
geet:thank you so much maan..
she said with joy..n her face expressed the happiness..maan are saying about yourselves comparing to them..but how u transformed forgetting ur pain for them..your heart feels pain for birds too..
geet saw him starring at her..
geet:man,kaka is asking whether we will come down for lunch or we will have our lunch here..
maan:hmm lets go down..
both had their lunch n was again back to their room..geet was oblivious of nakuls eyes which was asking so many questions..but did not voice out..even if he asks she cant voice out what is between them..
man was looking
after some files when she entered the room.. we did not go to office..
maan:we are off to office today..
Maan :becoz..
He came near her n scooped her in his arms n placed her on bed..
Geet:man,whats this..
Man:becoz my moon is very tired becoz of me..n I want her to take rest..
He said tucking her in spread..
Maan:so jao moon..meine tume bohut tang kiya na raath..
Geet:hmm..wo..mujei wo tang bhi pasand hai..
She said n closed her face under the spread in shy..
Geet st:who will not love to be loved by her husband..i don’t know what is my future..but I will do my duties as wife n cherish my every minute with you..becoz I don’t trust my fate..
Man sat next to her on bed placing lappy on his laps..he has already called the office n said what to there was no disturbance for them..geet lowly slipped to sleep..she snuggled close to him..maan kept the lappy aside seeing her restlessness..he took her in his arms..she slept peacefully..maan too slept holding her..nakul came with coffee for he knew if he works he will be need of it..
The door was kept opened he saw both sleeping..there was calm n peace in maans face..n same was in geets face..from when she came here he has not seen the glow like this..
Nakul:babaji..agar in dono ka shadhi hojaye kitni acha hoga..why they both are not giving relation a name..they can stay like this peacefully..i cant think this girl bad..she has changed a rude man into a caring a short period of one month..even for a bird..its only becoz of geet..jaldi indonoko akal dedena baghwaan..
He went back to kitchen without giving the coffee..
After two hrs geet woke up n saw she was sleeping cuddled with man..
Geet lifted her head up n started to admire his features..his magnetic eyes are he sleeps..can anyone say he is a rude man..his straight nose..she drew a line on his nose..hamesha gussa nak pe hai..she drew line on his m shaped lips..a smile formed in her lips..perfect feels very manly..his one touch makes me lose we carried on last night..she shied remembering their passionate was not like what they shared in shimla..he was more careful n gave her extreme pleasure..making her forget her pain.. dad..again I forgot him becoz of can I forget that..i want to forget the pain..not my parents..but how easily maan makes me forget even my parents..
She was still drawing patterns on his lips in her deep think..maan opened his mouth n took her fingers in it..
Geet shivered at his sudden suck..
Man:u must do it with ur lips..not with ur fingers..i was waiting for that..
Geet:maan..aap na..bohut besharam ho..
Man:sirf tumhare saath..i can cross all my limits..common now finish the rest of work..
Geet:work?kaunsa work..
Maan showed his lips naughtily..
Geet smiled n bent towards him n pecked his lips..,,
Maan:I like it..
Geet st:along with it if u say I love much happy I will be a wife I will do all my duties..i will give you all happiness..n as a wife I wont allow any other women touch you..bus aap mere sath ho..wo mere liye kaafi hai..
what happened all maan turned man..lolz..
precap:may be a


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