strangely in Love – Part 22


Maan:I like it..

Geet st:along with it if u say I love much happy I will be a wife I will do all my duties..i will give you all happiness..n as a wife I wont allow any other women touch you..bus aap mere sath ho..wo mere liye kaafi hai…,,…patha nehi meri nazeeb mei kya lika hai..i dont trust my fate..which gives me only pain..what if one day maan gets bored of me n keep distance from me..for him i am nothing..he is moving with the flow of life..he is at present concerned for me..but there is no name for this relation ..for me he is everything n i will live this life to my full…which will be a gud memory for my rest of my life..
maan saw her lost in thoughts…
maan:moon..what happenned..
she kissed him again ever so lovingly..n went 2 washroom..she washed her face n went down..

there was a pooja room in the house…only dadi or nakul used it..maan doesnt have faith in god..after what he faced..he hated to believe in god..geet lighted the diya n prayed to god

geet:babaji,pls give me strength to live this life the way its going..its happy or sad i have no expectations any more..but keep my husband n his dadi all wife i only wish my husbands long life n his with him always n make his dreams n wishes come true..

geet went 2 kitchen to help nakul..she made snacks n coffee n placed in the tray n took to maans room
maan felt lazy as he never slept in day he went to gym to do some warm ups..feeling fresh he entered his room..geet was placing the tray on the small table searching him…he silently sat on the sofa pretending to read news paper..
she saw him..
geet:where were u maan..
maan:im here only moon..
geet:haaaw..jute..i was searching you..
maan pulled geet..she stumbled n fell on his laps..she tried to move..he held her waist tight in his frame..
maan:y r u searching continue where we left..he moved to her showing his mouth..geet took the pakore from one hand n shoved it in his mouth..
maan pouted n geet giggled..maan took one n stuffed in her mouth..
now maan chuckled seeing her full mouth..
geet saw the sweat running from his forehead down his cheeks..she took her pallu n wiped it…noone has did this to him..if his mother was alive may be he would have felt this feel..the love n care…maan closed his eyes feeling the fragrance coming 4m her n her sari.

maan nuzzled in her neck..geets grip tightened on him..maan tried to play more…
maan:u r smelling gud moon..but im smelling bad..i want 2 freshup..
saying he distanced himself 4m her..geet who was expecting more from him gave an angry glare..he was making fun of her…teasing with her senses..chado..
geet tried to get up from his laps..
maan kept her captivated..
geet:maan,chodiye na..
geet:ur coffee is getting cold..
maan was in full mood..
maan:so what moon..i can have my coffee with u like this ..
geet frowned..but her heart was happy.he want her near him…she took the coffee n gave him..he sipped it..n he was making faces
geet:kesi bani hai..
maan:not sweet moon..
geet:oh…saying she tried 2 get up..
maan pulled her again..
maan:moon where r u going..
geet:i’ll get sugar 4m kitchen
maan:sugar is here darling..
geet was confused..she failed 2 c the naughty grin on his face..
maan pulled her head towards him n held closer to him…he took her lips gently nibbling it..
maan:now its so sweet..
geet was baffled at first..but then she too responded it with equal favour..he started to lose himself in the passionate moment..geet opened her mouth giving him entry..maan licked her lips n entered her mouth..both heir saliva were exchanging..their gentle kiss turned wild..maan pulled her more closer n geet also kept him in hold..both lost the time..maan came below her face kissing her exposed neck.earlobe n her cleavages over her sari..maan ‘s hands find its own way n slided the sari 4m her shoulder…his hands roamed on her upper carresing her every hidden part..he unhooked her blouse..
geet was shy..she stopped him.n maans face went pale thinking she did not like it…she knew he was hurt..his face was like mirror expressing his feel…
geet:wo maan..door is open..she said in a meek voice..clearly saying she too needs him the same way he was..
maan scooped her n placed her on bed moving 2 door to lock it..maan was like now u r in trouble…geet looked the designs of his room..than him..maan removed his vest,,giving her a clearly view of his manly body..
geet was fully red..maan pulled her again n both were kissing again like never before..her hands moved on his hard structure feeling him..he was already unhooking her blouse making her gasp..maan was struggling 2 unhook her bra…she turned around making his work more easier..maan placed her hair one side n undid her dress easily..she was helping was clear she was desperate as him..there was no regret after the night..both are happy with each other..n maan let his life go the way it is..he dont want 2 think more other than geet n the peace he is getting now…its only her acceptance , what he wants..maan layed over her n cherished her both twins ,,geet moaned as he squeezed it hard n took it in his mouth..maan lowered n came to her belly.smooching her softly..her moans were only making him go insane over her..he was hardened.he parted her n looked again for her word..
maan:moon,can we
geet looked at maan..
geet:i am urs maan..i told u morning too..dont hesitate maan..this is ur right..
when geet has decided to be a wife..she knew physical pleasure is also a part of it.its the first thing brought them close…n she cant let maan to go in search of another girl when his wife is with him..

maan entered her feeling her fully around him…her one word is enough..he felt satisfied rocking inside her..he drowned in passion taking geet along with him..the room turned hot with both of their sweet moans..maan was very careful not to make her in pain as the previous night lingered in his she was stumbling 2 walk in morning…he was gentle moving inside her..she bite her lips to control her moans..but can she..geet ‘s every nerve jolted in uncontrollable pleasure.
maan:dont bite ur lips..its only mine..geet smiled seeing his possessiveness..
with that he took her soft petals in his rough ones..making another passionate moment…soon both hit the climax..n maan layed his head on her chest panting heavily..

when geet started to make pattern on him..he was aroused again..her soft kisses on his body made his desires awake..soon both w ere lost in was totally a new feeling..a bliss..both had a sleepless night..he was making her his in all ways… he did not leave her till both exhausted n slept..the days started to move on..maneet were in full swing making out where ever they bedroom hall or kitchen,when noone was there..

in office too romance was in air…geet was helping him in his gave an immense satisfaction using her studies in works…n getting appreciation from maan..she kept distance from all staffs..she talked less n worked more for him…there were gossips seeing both together in office..but never reached their ears.n that is one of the reasons geet was still peaceful…

due 2 maans busy schedule maneet n friends ,arjun arohis party postponed to other week end…maan never went to disc’so,this time his friends made their mind they will take maan to disc..with geet n celebrate there..they have seen him changing n they also tried to make him feel happy..they want him also to enjoy his youth life like them.
yash called him..
yash:maan,this week end we are going 2 disc..
maan was like what the hell they are planning..
yash added..
yash:geet will also enjoy it..she has not gone out..this will be a stress relief for u both..
maan thought for a minute..its true he has not taken her out..other than house n that day for shopping..after that both were busy.. u all wish..
yash to his gang..maan maangaye..yippeee..
maan can hear the hooting n whistling n joy sound of his crazy friends..
maan kept the phone..


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