Strangely in Love – Part 6


i want to thank u all friends for sharing my pain n giving courage when i was in need of some support ..thanks for u all u so ive tried to give the next part ..hope i ve done upto ur expectations..if not pls sry..will try harder for next ff …

Geet came back to house..she gave her mom the medicines n made her sleep…but sleep was far away for her…geet was thinking about ranjani..she feel very bad for her..she felt helpless as she could not help her..from when her father died..she thought her life is full of misery..seeing ranjani..she thought her life is better than ranjani..then she thought about maans encounter in lift..she did not like the way he can he think low about her without knowing her…she now thought about her hug..somewhere deep she felt like that embrace gave her some peace..but how can I feel like it for an unknown man..that too who had no values for women..his words are poisonous like a snake..ready to snatch away the peace of me…but his eyes…why I feel a pull..why it seems like what it shows is not its reality..there is something hidden behind those dark eyes…if im right..his eyes showed pain..
No..he is also same like all men who is behind girls..evn that rahul..both were looking at me like they will eat me…I hate them..their looks on me…I cant even resign my job n search for a new one..i cant till mama get salary is the only source for her treatment..
why babaji why?why always girls have to this what God has written in fate..why they are not safe after the head of family leaves them without any support..she felt her heart like a rock,weighing high..when she dosed off she don’t know…
The next day she woke up early with red n puffy eyes…she did her work soon .made rano also ready n went to ranjanis house..for the first time there was awkwardness between them..both don’t know how to speak..ranjani was happy as geet was back in her house..she expected a indifferent behavior or to turn up her face..either she did…n that’s enough for her..
Ranjani broke her silence..
Ranj:geet,I’ll look after ur mother..u can go to office…
Geet bid bye to ranjani rajesh n rano n left..
She reached office on time n started her work..
Here in hotel room..
Maan opens his eyes ..he was again having his hang over..he adjusted his eyes to the sunlight falling in his room..he saw the moonshine bottle,which was empty in the side table..he saw it changing to geet.
Maan:moon shine..hmm..u r beautiful ..u occupy my thoughts..u r here only..i thought to come n see u in park..u know was very difficult for me to hold myself back…
He said seeing it..but he was brought back by the shrill of his mobile..
Maan took it frustratingly…bcoz geet has vanished making him realize its his dream
Adi” morning
Adi:sir..on ur right there is lemon will help u..morning we are free till we get sashas fax of blue prints..
Adi:we will have to meet rahul by 3 pm with our final reports n drawings..till that u are free
Maan:aur kuch
Adi:ive ordered ur breakfast too sir..thats all..
Maan freshed up n had his breakfast..he switched on the tv ..but he was not concentrating it..geets face often came to his mind n he was lost in her thoughts..he threw away the remote making it shatter into pieces..for the first time he was not able to control his thoughts..the man who can make the world dance in his finger tip cant keep a girl out of his thoughts..he brushed his hair back…
Ye kya horaha hai mere saath..why she is affecting me so much..
He closed his eyes ..only to see geets eyes which he saw in that moonlight flashed in him..
He opened his eyes.. can affect me..
He took his laptop n tried to work..but couldn’t..adi came n saw his room messed up.. sab
Maaan sighed..
Pay the amount for the damage I did n say them to clean it..n by the way ..what are u doing here?
Sir,we have meeting at shyam garments..i told u morning..
Oh..ok..i’ll change n come..i forgot..
Adi looked at him confused..maan never forget things..

Geet was sincerely working without knowing the two pair of eyes watching her closely thru cctv
It was rahul n store keeper
Rahul”must say..she is epitome of beauty
Sk:she is not only hot n sexy n young..more over girl oof character too..
He said caressing his face remembering how she slapped him before..
Rahul:there must be some weakness..
Sk:she is poor..she needs money..phir bhi..she is not like other girls
Rahul smirked..
I love taking nectar from fresh hook or crook
Sk”I know u..but keep patience..i’ll make her feast on ur bed..instead u must give me a flat
He smiled sheepishly..
Rahul seeing geet
Anything for her…
They talked for to make geet fall in their trap..
After that rahul called geet to her cabin..
Geet”ji sir.u called me.
Rahul:ya..geet..come in..take ur seat..
While geet took her seat,rahul was drinking her beauty thru his eyes..geet felt hundreds of needles piercing her skin when his gaze travelled on her..
Geet:sir..u called me..
She broke his trance..
Rahul:ya..adi called me..they wanted u to represent our company..they like ur working style..
Geet:par sir..
Rahul gave her a cell phone n an appointment paper..
Rahul:I heared u don’t have any we could contact u at emergency of work..n I love u..
Rahul:I mean I love ur work..u r so I ampromoting u as head designer cum accounts head..ur salary will be 10000 from this month..u may by a two wheeler..the loan will be paid by company..the petrol expenses will be paid by company..
Geet was shocked..surprised..increase in salary means a lot to her..
She thanked god mentally..
Sir..i don’t know what to say..she said with choking voice..
But what u r doing is more than..
Oh stop giving u the basic that a designer of shyam garment should have..u r also a mere staff doing this seeing ur ability..
He said each n every words carefully making geet believe it…
Geet :thank u sir..thank u so much..she said with full joy..
Geet:sir shall I make a call to my mom..i want to share this to her..
Go ahead..
She called ranjani n shared her happiness..but on other side there was silence..
Di,kya hua?
Geet wo..rajesh..his health is not gud today..can u come back..u stay with ur mama..ill take him to hospital..
Geet:ji didi
Geet apologized rahul n asked for a half a day leave..
he gave..geet left to her house in joy..

Maan adi headed towards geets office..maans heart was pacing fast..he was never excited like this..when they entered the floor,his eyes automatically searched geet..
Rahul welcomed him n they started the meeting..maan was not concentrating on meeting..adi saw it..
Adi:sir where is geet..i asked u that she will also be here..
Maans ears sharpened to here the answer..
Rahul:she is in leave..she will come tomorrow..
Maan stood up..
Adi,u continue the meeting..i’ll meet u tomorrow..rahul
He stormed outside leaving all look him like an alien..
Maan was frustrated …the disappointment that he was not able to see geet was taking tol over him..he took his moonshine n drunk..he drove back to his room n continued drinking,thinking he may forget her..when the alcohol took over his senses he slept on the couch itself..adi came n saw him..the empty bottles made him sure that maan was drunk beyond limits..he heared him mumble..
Maan:I want u moonshine..i need u..i don’t know why..but I want u…
Adi thought he was mumbling about the wine..but maan was saying about geet..
The next morning maan woke up with heavy head…n as usual adi has kept lemon juice by his side..maan had it..still he found his head heavy…
Maan:shit,why its aching too much today?
Adi:becoz u had u r over drunk..i think u need one more lemonade..
Adi gave n maan had it,thinking y he drank too much..geets thought flashed in his mind
Maan moved to freshup..the coldwater was soothing his body,but the fire burning inside his heart has started to flame high..he missed even a glance of that girl yesterday..but why im after her..
He thought again deeply..n he came to the same conclusion..
She was beautiful than the girls he has seen he is attracted to her..
Maan n adi had their breakfast n first went to their house which was under renovation..after checking it,maan n adi reached shyaam garments after lunch…
Geet was doing her work more sincerely..rahul n sk laughed seeing her working..
Sk:sir u r brilliant..u seriously made her think u r professional n she achieved promotion becoz of her work..n the salary increment has made her bowled..
Rahul:slow n steady wins the race..u have heared it na..slowly I’ll make her trust me n once the girl comes to my place I’ll finish her..
Sk”sir,why cant we drug her..
Rahul:its risky…she is perfect at her timings..ive watched her in this days..poor girl is running after her mothers office we cant drug her everyone will suspect us..i want her with full sense..usi mei mazaa hai..
They laughed thinking about geet..
Maan enetered the office..he can easily smell geets aroma n his eyes turned to the side..geet was discussing something with her collegue..he was answering her in a friendly way..then she thanked him n moved to next ocabin..she talked with viswanathan sir n handled him a file..she came out n talked to everyone without knowing that a pair of eyes is fuming in anger seeing her socialism with staffs..she was walking without seeing infront..she dashed with rahul who was coming there to welcome maan..rahul utilized the situation..he grabbed her by waist squeezing her n keeping her close..the whole office witnessed it..geet was scared first then the hard scent smell n she being safe made her open her eyes n see the most embarrassing moment of her life..she immediately tried to step back..rahuls hand was holding her tight..her single touch made him insane..her soft body made him crave for her more..
Geet:sir leave me..she said in alow voice..
Rahul”are u ok..he acted like he was concern…
Geet:yes sir
Rahul”ok..join us in meeting
Mr.khurana ..welcome.lets go…
Maan tightened his fist controlling his anger..all settled in meeting..adi showed the final blue prints..geet was happy seeing her suggestions portrayed on paper..rahul was also surprised but tried to play to make geet fall more in his trap..
See ur idea is approved by them..u r brilliant enough to impress them..n I hope u will assist them n give me a gud building..
Hmm..geet is this ok..whats ur view..geet bent on table near him which he pointed..rahul inhaled her aroma..maan was looking at geet with piercing gaze..if look could kill someone it would have been rahul been ashes now..maan was a silent viewer..
Geet:its ok sir..
Then all are at place..this deal is final …im happy with ur presentation..
Adi gave him the deal papers n rahul signed..maan also signed..they both shook hands n started to leave..
Rahul:mr.khurana,why don’t we have a small party tomorrow night..
Maan:tomorrow im going back to delhi..
Rahul”atleast a dinner together or lunch…
Maan:ok..lunch will be flight is at 6pm..
Rahul:that’s done..
Maan started to move..adi stayed to collect the copies of papers..maan saw geet busy talking with someone..when she came from there maan pulled her to aside..they were standing in alonely corner of corridor,where no one can see them… maan was angry n irritated seeing her with others..he want to get rid of her..
He looked at her..her eyes expressed she was shocked…but there was something behind it…he saw her lips trembling in fear..he pinned her to the wall n about to kiss her forcely..he backed…heran his hands in his hairs..geet was standing in shock..
Did he tried to kiss me?
Maan st:no..i cant..i never forced a girl…yes I ned her..shayad if I get her I can get out of her thoughts..the attraction will go..
He turned to her..
Maan:whats ur price..
Geet was now dumbfounded..they have just signed the deal..they have met 2 3 times..this man asking whats my price..what the hell he thinks of himself..
Geets tongue was tied hearing his next words..making her sure all men are same only after this flesh of body…
Maan:whatever it is..ill give u even double of ur price..but I want u tonight
Geets eyes turned red in he thinking me as an auction product raising the price..she took her hands to slap him..same time his phone rang..while taking it from pocket it slipped on floor..he bent down to take it n her slap went in air..maan attended the call..before that turning to geet he said
Will be waiting for u soon..
He went away talking on phone..leaving a fuming geet..she went to her cabin n pushed all things..she did breathe in n out..when she was normal,she arranged her cabin n concentrated on work…maans words tortured her….why it hurts me so much…that store keeper too asked me like this..i slapped him..but I did not feel this much heart broken..even I face sk daily,I avoid him..but I did not give importance to his words then…fighting with her inner turmoil,she couldn’t work..she took permission n went back home…
Seeing her mother geet forget about her encounter with maan..she chatted with ranjani,rajesh n night she took her mother n vasanthis daughter for park…after spending some time they were heading back to house..geet took them to a veg shop n she was picking vegetables for the next days..vasanthis daughter n rano were standing near..when geet was busy calculating the amount to pay the grocer..rano heared a horn sound..the man looked like geets father from back..
Rano started to walk on her own accord without sense…when the bike went away she ran behind it screaming..
Suniyeji..rukiye..geet..ur papa..tell him to stop..still running behind the bike..
Geet was shocked seeing her mother running inbetween the vehicles..
U stay here..geet said to ranjani’s daughter ..she ran behind her mother to catch her..before she reach she heared the creech sound of tyres n vehicles hitting each other..geet froze in her place seeing her mother in pool of blood hit by the truck…
The truck driver applied break,,but the lorry which came behind him hit it n the truck hit rano..
Geet ran to her mother who was unconscious..
Help me..she screamed..n ambulance came soon taking them to nearby hospital..
The attenders n drs were saying it’s a bad accident n the condition seems worse..
Geet was crying bitterly..holding her mother..
Geet:mama..aap ko kuch nehi hoga..u must be back for ur gudia..u r the only reason for me to live maa..pls fight maa..for ur daughter..
They took rano inside..
The nurse came outside n asked her to pay money as advance for operation…
How much sister?
Two lakhs..
2 lacs..geet stood shocked hearing the amount..
ur mom is injured much soon u pay the drs will start operation soon…every minute u delay u count ur moms life..geet sunked on the floor..
u start the operation..i’ll arrange for money..
she thought of asking help in office..
nurse:sry rules hai..atleast u must pay half amount before the operation..
mei kya karoon..itni paison ki intazam kese karoonga mei..
vasanthi came there running with her daughter n husband..
geet cried hugging her saying her mother ‘s position..
vasanthi removed her goldchain n gave to her husband to get money..
vasanthis husband:I’ll go n ask help near our house..also..kuch tho kaam aayegi..
geet:..di..i dk how to thank u..
vasanthi:we will talk about this later..aasoo pochlo..n think how to arrange for more money..
geet:I’ll go n ask in my office..
vasanthi:ok..u go..nothing will happen to ur mom..god is there..i’ll be here with ur mom..
geet gave her number..
geet:di,if dr.comes out call me immediately..
vasanthi:teek hai..
geet rushed to her office…most of them have went as the office hrs has finished..
she rushed to viswanath sir..
vis:geet kya hua..why ur dress is soaked in blood.. mom met with accident..i need money..pls can u arrange for me..i’ll pay u back in installments..
she cried falling on floor…the few staffs staying there came n looked at her in pity..
vis:this time bank will not be open ..otherwise I can arrange..he fished his purse n gv 2000rs..the other staffs too gv which they had..the night time became hard for her..all had money but in bank..they don’t hv atm cards…geet looked at the money..10000rs..
geet got a call from hospital..
vas:geet ,he arranged for 20000rs..n we hv deposited..what about u..
vas..ranjani said she will give 20000..she has given to someone..n wil give in half an hr..all together 50000rs..what about rest..
someone at geets behind said..
go n ask rahul sir?
Geet:di I’ll arrange..pls say them to start the operation..
Vas:come soon..atleast u need 50000rs more..
Geet thanked all n came out..
Storekeeper came to her..
Sk:u r going to rahul sir..i u know where he stays..
Geet was not in situation to fight with him..moreover she don’t know where rahul sir is staying..
Geet:idk..can u say where he is staying..
Sk”xyz no:XXX..
Geet thanked him..she took an auto n on the way to hotel she paid the money in hospital..she looked at her blood soaked dress..she went to washroom n changed the sari wearing ulta..the blood was much hidden..geet rushed to the xyz hotel..the same hotel where maan was also staying..
She went to rec:xxx room..
The receptionist showed her way..geet ran to the lift n entered the floor where rahul was staying..there were two rooms on the floor..she looked at the number..of the room..not this…
Saying she restlessly knocked the room of rahul..
Rahul was in phone with sk
Sk:sir..bird is coming to ur place..she is in emergency..u can utilize this situation..
Rahul:what are u saying..
Sk:as she is coming there u can drug her n feast her..dont forget my deal
Rahul:thank smiled sheepishly
Sk:if u hv finished give me a call..if u allow mei aapka jhoota khaloonga..u know she is so beautiful..
He heared the knock
Rahul:lagtha hai pachi aagayi..he smiled wickedly..
Sk:then enjoy sir..i’ll call u later..
Rahul opened the door n saw geet who was standing heavily panting..

precap:rahul came n gave geet the drinks which was mixed with drugs..
rahul:have it..u will feel relaxed..till that i’ll get u the money..
geet hesitated..she was not in mood to have anything..she dont want to say no to her boss when he himself has served her the cold drink..
she took it n started to sip..
rahul smirked when she had drank half the glass..he went inside his bedroom..preparing for the night…with geet…
ok guys this is for now..what do u think now what will happen?


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