Strangely in Love – Part 7


Maan was in bar sipping his drink,watching the dance done by a group to entertain the drunkards..or to sy maintain the customers..the girls were seducingly dancing…but maan was least interested..he was looking at them just 4 time pass..but seeing the girls he remembered only geet..her simple way of dressing which added beauty to her..when he hold her the aroma n peace he got…her way of work..her anger filled eyes…
Maan:I need her badly ..what will be her reply.will she agree to be with me…he one can resist msk’s charm..n the money he pays..she will come..
.a men came n sat opposite to him..he was also drunk..
Drunkard men:u r I r8
He mumbled
Maan nodded..
Dm:kafi suna hai aapke barei mein..
Maan kept quiet as he was not interested…
Dm:u r thinking how I know u…
Maan was looking at his drink …not him..
Dm:wo kya dad usually talks about u n ur u r reaching the heights in business…
Maan did not continued..
But I pity u…my father said ur father killed ur mother…
That’s it..maan ‘s anger reached height..he was already tolerating him for spoiling his peaceful timing…he started to punch him..
Maan:how dare u talk about my father..what u know about him…that lady is not my u know that..for whatever he said ,maan was punching him till he was bleeding ..the waiters came n hold him aside..dare u say a word against my father..maan again kicked him with his legs…the drunkard was already unconscious…
The waiters dragged maan out of bar..
W8r:sir,this is not gud 4 a man like u..
Maan was already fuming n he threw the things n broke it which came to his hands..all kept mum n let him do whatever he wants…they cant stand opposite to maan n face his wrath…
Maan stopped n ran his hands in his hair..
Maan: what my father did was right….he screamed loud n walked..
W8r:sir shall I help u till ur room..
Maan:no need..if u want to help me..get me a moonshine..
He pushed others n walked towards the lift..the drunkards words were ringing in his ears..he felt like strangling him to death n enjoy his plea…the w8r came n gave him the wine..he pressed the lift…
W8r:sir..if u don’t mind…I think some pleasure can calm u..
He bowed the arrow at right struck right..
Maans st:shayad I can get rid of other thoughts…about what that man said n geet also..
Maan:ok..get me a girl..but within an hour..
W8r was so happy ..he stopped the lift n went out calling the middle man who supplies girls..
Maan pressed the top floor ..he gulped the bottle n threw it breaking into pieces..even the bottle reminds geet for him…suddenly he thought what he is angry for…for that man who blabbered in drunk or geet who is making him restless day by day….

Rahuls floor same where maan is staying…
Rahul opened the door n saw geet who was standing heavily panting..
Rahul:geet..tum yahaan..come in..
He gave her way to enter n sat in the living room…
She followed him hurrily..
Geet:sir,pls I need a help..
Rahul:what geet..
She did not notice his lustful eyes roaming around her heaving breathes which made her curves move up n down..he smirked..only a little more time..there will be no barriers..
Geet:only u can help me now..if u help me I will be thankful for u for several mother met with an accident.. so sry to hear this…
He said pitying her like he don’t know..
Geet:sir,pls drs said she needs an operation..
Rahul:then u must go with it..
Geet u r panting..let me get something to drink..
Geet: no need of it sir..i’ll be ok..…pls sir I need money for operation..
Rahul stood n moved inside the room opening the fridge..pouring a cool drink in a glass…he looked at her..she was still standing in living room..
Rahul took a small packet n mixed in it..he made a drink 4 himself n came to geet..
Rahul:how much geet?
Geet:2lacs sir..ive arranged 4 50thousand..i need the rest..pls sir help me..only I have my mother for me..i cant live without her..pls can u help me with money..give me as a loan..u may take apart from my salary..pls sir..she fall on his knees n cried..
Rahul lifted her up…in this way he touched her too..he made her sit in sofa n sat next to her..he gave the drinks..the first one was what rahul mixed which was kept on her side..
Rahul:have it geet..
Geet: no sir..pls sir can u help me..
Rahul: I will give u..i want to check how much I have or I will get my atm card..we both will go n I will give u money..
Geet:thank u thank u so much sir..i will not forget this help in my life time…
Rahulst:u will not forget me in this life time geet…bcoz I will be the first to taste u..what a sexy body u have..
Geet:sir..pls ..i ve to rush to hospital..
Rahul:ok..let me check..till that u have this..he gave the drinks which was mixed with drugs in her hand forcefully..
rahul:have it..u will feel relaxed..till that i’ll get u the money..
geet hesitated..she was not in mood to have anything..she dont want to say no to her boss when he himself has served her the cold drink..
she took it n started to sip..
rahul smirked when she had drank half the glass..he went inside his bedroom..preparing for the night…with geet…
he looked at the watch..the drug will be in full effect after an hour..but she will be weak in 15 minutes..he must pass this 15 minutes..
he took of his shirt n vest..he sprayed the perfume on his body…he thought n removed his pants..he was only in his boxer..
rahul:no girl has made me this restless like u did geet..
here geet ..after rahul left she emptied the rest in near by plant..she was restlessly waiting for him..10 minutes passed..there was no sign of rahul..
why he is taking so much time..
rahul :hmm ..i must keep silence so she herself will come here..
n she entered his room hesitatingly..she felt little dizzy but she again came to her normal self..n walked inside his bedroom..
rahul came n hugged her back..
rahul:so desperate geet..
geet moved his hands n was shocked to see him in a single cloth..
geet:sir..whats this..she looked other way n said..
rahul:oh my dear..dont say like u don’t know..
he kept 1 lac rs on table..
rahul:here is ur money..n the rest I will give u after our ..he..he…u know..
he pulled her sari pallu..
geet was shocked..
she tried to pull back her sari from his hold..
geet was now feeling more week like her body was so light n she was flying in air..the effect of drug has started..but she was having senses n one thing she knew was she must move from the place immediately…
geet:l.leave me sir..she again tried to pull the cloth from him..
rahul :not so soon dear..ive kept my desires bottled up from the time I saw u..not more..see it’s a fair game..i will give u money u will give me ur body..
geet slapped him with all her force…n rahul left her pallu holding his cheeks..
geet splitted on him which made him more furious..
geet: im not the girl to sale her body..
she moved n next minute rahul again got hold of her pallu n pulled with full force..the pin which holded sari n blouse opened tearing a small portin of blouse..he pulled the sari n it came fully in his hands…
geet was fearing the situation..her legs woggled ..rahul looked at her cleavages…she covered with her hands n still she moved back pleading him…
geet”pls leave me.
Rahul:not after ur tappad..aaj mei tuje apna kar hi rahongi…she ran out of the room..
Rahul blocked the way to exit n neared her..he was having her sari..
Rahul:without this how will u step out geet..
He tried to catch her..she moved n it repeated..geet was losing her courage as her body was getting week..she started to scream loud..
Help me..koi muje bachao…
Rahuls anger raised..he threw the sari on floor in anger n moved to her…he grabbed her hand..she hit him with her fists..chodo..chodo…help me..
Rahul was holding her from back squeezing her waist ..she jumped in her place..she tried to hit him with her legs…n to get rid of him..
There was a sudden blow ..rahul was lying on floor…n he was beaten more by the person…geet moved a little..her face was covered with hair..
Rahul looked at the person who hit him..maan..maan who was already lost in his anger was now fully enraged when he opened his room ..only to hear the scream of a girl from the next room..the voice had a certain pull that his legs moved on its own accord n he took all his anger on rahul seeing him hugging a girl n she was screaming to leave…
Maan:What the hell u are doing ?he asked in anger..
He too did not notice the girl who was standing there is geet..
Rahul:my room..i can do whatever I want..Its none of ur business mr.khurana..
Maan:ya I know..but r u not ashamed forcing a girl..let me call police..
Rahul was alarmed..he need maan for his project n more overhis power..his witness can make his life doom..he immediately changed the whole scenario..
Rahul:he he..what mr.khurana..u know we people relax with girls..
Man:but ..she was screaming..
Rahul:ye ladki ..she asked 1 lac ..but now demanding double..see I gave her money too…even before we were together…n see she is in my room..i did not force her…to trap me ,she is faking that I m trying to force her..u know the cheap prostitutes…behind my money…
Geet stood there numb..both her body n mind was under effect of drug..n the shock which rahul gave was more..he blamed her saying a cheap prostitute behind his money..she looked at the person who saved her sanity..who was left to thoughts by rahul..
Maan…she looked at him shocked..the man who asked her for a night saved her..but his looks said he trusted rahuls words..geet took the sari n moved out like a lifeless body.grabbing the cell on the living room..she must call n know how her mama is.…maan looked at her now…
a strange feeling hovered him…he stood looking at the exit where she went…he did not see her face..shayad he may have seen her numb state..
One side his heart said what rahul said was wrong..geet yese nehi hai…
But his mind took power over his heart..the situations which was infront of him said rahul was saying truth…geet in his room..the money on table..rahul in minimum clothes..she was with him till he was undressing..then she faked drama..she came here to him for trap him..she is a …shit…she is a prostitute…he had an unknown pain coming to conclusion..she is…
Geet was struggling to walk as her visions started to blur..she was holding the sari to hide her torn blouse..if she wants to move she must dress..she hold the wall for support..her heart was bleeding..from noon all incidents were taking toll over her…she took the next step supporting the wall..she saw the room in open…
I may dress here..
She entered ..she anyone here..n found no one..
She leaned on the wall n wrapped her sari..she pinned the blouse with it hiding the torn part under it..
Geet closed her eyes..i want money..what will I do..
Maan came back to his room n saw geet leaning on wall..he neared her in anger…she was murmuring..i need money…mei kya karoon….
he grabbed her by arms n took her inside his bed room…making her fall on bed…
he opened the wardrobe n took out a suitcase…which was full of money…it was 3 crores which he got as payment from a client..he took out 2 lacs n threw it on her..
maan roared:u need money..u asked him 2 it is…now will u spend ur night with me…
geet silently sobbed..
there was no much courage left in her to fight…she felt tired n week after what all happened in one day..
geets st:why babji..y u r making me like this…aren’t u happy with the storm im facing..
geet:im not a girl like u think…
she said sternly..
maan looked at her..she was hugging her kneels n keeping her head in it.. it not enuf..oh..if u trap rich men u can get more that ur plan..
geet felt like she is standing in midst of fire
geet:u saved me..thanks for it..but it did not mean that I gave u right to speak or bad mouth about me… he lied to u…whatever he said was not truth..
geets st:why I am explaining to him..y I want him to believe iam innocent..
maan:hu..iam impressed..u r talking like nothing happened in that room..with ur boss…whats that I heared from u n in that room..about money…
geet: I agree ,I am in need of money..i came to ask help from him..he forced me.. n u saved me..
maan: story.. acha hai…but im not a fool to trust girls….
Geet stood n started to move…she was about to fall he grabbed her by waist n made her sit in bed again..
Maan:I did not say u to go..u want money..i want u..ur body…i believe in give n take policy…take the money n fulfil my wish…we both will get what we want..
Geet: smiled weekly..n that’s when he saw her..there was nothing in her eyes except blankness..
Geet:whats the difference between u n rahul….u both want to have pleasure of my body…
Maan ‘s ego was hurt by her words..
Maan grabbed her hair in his fist n made her look at him…she did not flinch in pain..she is already dying in pain..
Maan:this girl has already took my thoughts under her she is hurting his ego like he is the one who is forcing her to bed..when she is same like other girls..who traps men …
Maan: difference..if I agree that he forced himself on u..then the difference is…iam not forcing u..i am asking u to be with me…with ur acceptance…u will get ur money..n I will get rid of ur thoughts…
Geet looked at him shocked…she was saved by him…n he was asking same from her…again n again..
Maan:ok..if u r not interested u may go now..
He left her n gave her way to move…
Geet looked at him one more time..he opened the fridge n took the drink n started to have it…
He did not see her..she moved out …


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