Strangely in Love – Part 8

net was not working dearies so only late ud..
n happy roop tera mastana anniversary..ithafaq se 2day 4 sil tooo..

Maan wants her to come to be in his embrace..he want to love her..
Strange ‘its really strange..her need is becoming strong..n he is behaving like a lovesick puppy..though he let her go, from that second he felt loneliness again’the room irritated him’how much he wanted to get rid of her’but the situations always make her come infront of him..he himself felt his behavior is strange’its not him..who runs behind a girl..or to ask a girl to be with him..geet has made him do all strange things’he punched the wall with full strength.n the palm had a small cut n bleeded… he did not care for the pain in his hand..
he was again fighting with mind n heart..
U must not let her go..
When she is not willing I cant force her..
If u have made her stay,u would have been normal..ur restlessness will be gone..
Shayad..but I cant’.i never force a girl..

geet moved out ..she still cant believe that she was saved..felt relief..she was even surprised a man like maan who asked her also let him go..she believed one thing in him..he may be not a gud person..but he dodnt force a girl like rahul’a certain pain was their still in her heart thinking maan did not trust her..she stopped before the lift n waited for it..she was totally exhausted..she leaned on the wall for support..she want to cry loud..but couldn’t..her mothers thought frightened she iis going to arrang the that time her phone rang..
Vasanthi:geet where r u’
A sudden panick covered her mother will be’
Geet:di..maa kesi hai..operation shuru hogaya kya..
Vasanthi:no geet..they have given us an hour time..if we didn’t pay the initial fees they ‘
She stopped..
Geet:what di..
Vasanthi :they said they wont treat ur mama n asked us to take her with us’mama ka halath bi ithni achi nehi hai something..or..u’will..loose ..her..she said..
It’s the least geet expected..she cant lose her anycost she will save her..
Geet wiped her tears..
Geet:mei mama ko kuch nehi hone doongi..i ll come there with money in an hour..
Ranjanis words started to flash in geets save the thing which u don’t want to lose..u can do anything’n to to save the reason of my life..i ..i..slept with his brother’my body is sinned but not my still beats for rajesh only..
Geet st:mama..sirf aap hi ho mere liye’meri jeeneki ki aakri kaaran’agar aapko kuch hogaya..i will also finish myself..n that time this body will turn only to ashes na,,then y not for saving u I can turn a dead..yes save u I can do anything’
Geet entered maan room as a doll’
Geet:I am ready ‘that’s the word she said’
Maan was undoing his buttons to change’.he stopped hearing her voice..he tried to read her face’she has made herself others could not know whats in her mind’
Maan :are u sure..
He still don’t want to believe it..there was a peace when she rejected him n went out..but now he was not sure of what he heared..
Geet:yes..but I need money.. her voice was dangerously cold..
Maan:take it..
He said thinking she will not touch it’still a part of his heart said she can not be wrong..his mind said she will take..n she proved his mind right..
Geet collected the money on bed which he threw..she was feeling low n tried not to feel weak before him’
Maan stood there watching her moves’he was hurt when she collected the money..he cant describe why it hurts him a lot’n it was making him can she accept was the only question running in his mind..
Geet:I will come back in an hour’
Maans trust on her broke fully ..though he never trusted anyone,he wants geet to prove him wrong n when he was proven right he started to broke her heart more..
Maan:what if u didn’t come’how can I trust u”
Geet:I want to give this money..its a need of life n death’u have to trust me..i will keep my words..
she uttered helplessly
maan:I don’t trust peoples n belief are words made to be broken’he said in trance living his past..remembering his fathers past..n present of geet..
geet:ok..if u don’t trust me..come with me..
maan:do u think I will come with u to deliver ur money’
he asked in anger..what she thinks of im her servant..
geet:then tell me what should I do..nor u will come with me nor u will allow me go alone’trust me..pls’
after coming inside the room he saw her first expression..a plea..which he cant ignore..but his mind warned him she is also a girl who can misuse him..she is acting’ when maan has listened 2 his heart..he went with his minds voice..
maan:ok..ive an option..i will tell my man to deliver the money where u say..just write the address where it should be given n give to him..
geet was left with no other option..she accepted..
maan called adi..geet wrote the address of hospital n her mothers name..
adi was now blank seeing geet in maans room..he knew about maan..he is not a womanizer..yes but he use girls when he is in anger..n geet..he cant think geet like other girls’she is gem of character..
adi looked at maan,who looked calm n composed than ever’from geets expressions he cant say anything…
geet trusted adi..he was one among the genuine human being she has seen..
maan:give it to him’
geet:adi sir..pls pay this money ..its urgent..ive written the address n name here..
adi simply looked at maneet..whats going in between them..why she is here..why geet is looking so worn out. he thought that there must be something else..not like he thinks he wants to question them but feared maan..n his anger..
maan:u may go adi..maan ordered..
adi”ji sir..
adi looked at the be some urgency’
he rushed to hospital n paid the amount’
maan:till u confirm the money has reached ur place I will wait..i am a true business man…he said..

adi enquired about the patient n found from vasanthi ,the patient was geets mother’
here maneet were looking at each other waiting for assurance that money has reached..geets drugs took hold of her n at last she blacked out in couch in sitting position”maan thought she is sleeping’he sat opposite to her n watched her’she will be mine today’he looked at her beauty sitting opposite to her’more than beauty she looked so innocent.. just by looking her itself gave peace to him..but she is also same..the innocence which appears is not she is with me with her submission’it angered him..
he was confused with his behavior..he must be happy when she accepted but he is not..this strange feeling killed him..why there is indifference in her behavior..first she denied then accepted..i cant understand time she says she is not like he she has accepted to stay ‘only 4 money..yes..girls are only behind money’

her phone rang continuosly..she did not take it..there was not even a moment in her’he tapped her n found she is actually not in senses’he sprinkled water n after a long time she woke up..
maan : ur phone..
geet took it immediately..n saw many missed calls from vasanthi’
vasanthi:where are u geet..u sent a man..he deposited the money..operation shuru hogaya..
geet felt a relief hearing operation started..
geet: di .how much time will it take..
maan heared a bell n went outside was the waiter who came n said the girl is ready’
maan looked inside n saw geet talking in phone..though he did not hear any..he said
no need of others..i got what I want’now u can go..he paid him tips’

geet was in phone’
vasanthi..nearly 5 hrs they said..n when will u come..
geet:I will be back soon..di..if u want to go home..u go’suhasini will be waiting for u..
vasanthi:ye bathao..when will u did u arrange money’
geet: I ..sold myself..she slowly whispered..
vasanthi did not hear the last word..
vasanthi:geet..kuch sunai nehi deraha hai..zor se bolna..
geet:kuch nehi di’wo meri pass ek anmol cheese tha..wo bejnekelie feisla kardi.. n they paid amount before’
lump formed in her throats..
vasanthi:geet,I will stay here till ur return..tum kahaan ho..
geet:I am stuck with a work..kuch der hojayegi..wo jo cheese benja hai na..i must wait till the owner says me to go…but I will be there soon’geets heart bleeded’
geet kept the phone ‘
‘atleast ,she needs to wash her face..there was something wrong from when she drank that drink..she thought..i only drank half..may be rahul has mixed something..thats y I am feeling dizzy’
Maan was still outside so,geet went inside insearch of washroom’n maan .came following her after dealing with waiter…geet heared his footsteps n turned n saw him..he mistook her as she came to bedroom’
maan was cold now..his expressions was also something unreadable..
maan:so miss moonshine..u r so desperate I think’shall we proceed’.
Geet rooted at her place hearing him straight.
Maan gave his shirt which he removed a while before..he showed the wash room..
Maan:go ..fresh up..wear this n come out..
Geet looked at the was a white see through shirt..which may coverup only to her thighs n show her up fully..the think itself shivered her..
Maan:wear this means..only this..nothing than it’u smell rahul’I want u to smell it’
geet was still looking at his shirt..
Maan:n haan..i do have conditions..u will not be here when I woke up in morning..i don’t want any symptoms of urs here…
His every words pierced her heart’
Maan:why r u standing still..go..i m not having my whole time for u..
He roared n she jumped in her place..she took his shirt with shivering hands n moved to washroom..
Maan:do u know how to use the pipes..i can guess u people wont have seen things like this’
He came n filled her the tub n showed her how to use the shower attached to was more embarrassing for her..
She closed the door n saw the wash was same like hers’tears formed her eyes..she opened the shower n stood under it..
Geet:kyun papa..kyun’why u left us alone..y I did not die when accepting his proposal..why papa..why’pls do something papa..i don’t want to live anymore..if anything happens to mama..i will surely come to u..her tears mingled with flow of water’
Maan knocked the door..
Maan:its too late dear..come out..or I will join u..
Maan was not a man to tease or joke..but for the first time he teased her.n said dear also.but geet was feeling miserable..she removed her sari n made it to dry in the hanger..she wore the shirt which he gave..his manly scent was mixed in it’she can’t look herself in mirror which showed her every part..she dared to step out..she took the towel n weared under her came till her knees..

she covered her front with her hairs..still she felt its not enuf to cover up her..

she crossed her hands over her chest n stepped out of washroom only to see maan in his shorts n vest sitting in bed with legs crossed n doing some work in his lappy’the tv was running behind in some music channel… he was not watching it..
he was looking like a greek god.if any other girl was in her place,they must have been drooling him…maan looked at her n was stunned seeing her beauty..he kept his lappy aside n showed his finger to come near him..she took slow steps..each step was heavy for her..blamming her..what she is doing is wrong’she cant go against her was only a step ahead’she felt a sudden pull’n the towel she wore was in maans hands..he threw it..
Maan:I said only my shirt’
He again pulled her n made her sit next to him’her one hand pulled her dress below her thighs to cover n the other covering her upper over her dress..she was dying every moment his gaze travelled on her body..she already felt like standing nude before him..she avoided looking at his was something which she don’t want to see at made her feel week..with lots of questions,pain,care,a mixed emotions..which she was not sure ..what she must believe,his present act or his eyes’
Maan opened the side table n gave her a tablet’
Geet looked at him questioningly’but did not voice out..
Maan: nothing..its cyanide’which will take away ur life with in minutes’
Geet took it n swallowed..she so much wanted it to be true..a medicine which would take her life before she commit the sin..
Maan was surprised..she is the first girl who didn’t ask him any question nor hesitated to take it..there was no annoyance in her face like others do’
He felt like he must explain..
Maan:its not cyanide..its precautionary tablet..that u don’t get pregnant after our lovemaking..
(did he say lovemaking?..deep he has accepted his love..but when will he recognize it)
There was no expressions in her face,like she was least bothered about the information he said’her mind was occupied only with her mothers thought..
Operation is going will she be now..when will she come back home..will she be normal..

Maan pressed her shoulders n making her lay back on bed..
he was looking at her face only..yes..his restlessness will end now..she is now near his bed..he was going insane by the aroma he got from her..his body burned seeing her in his see through shirt..though she tried to cover was only a little..he was able to see her perfect structure,when she took the tablet from him..she forgot what she did’he was desperate to claim her his’

He took her hands n kissed her..the reality was hard when it comes infront..same was geets position..accepting n now facing the reality was too hard…geet came out of her thought when his hard lips pressed her soft skin..she woke up from her inner self’she instantly stood n moved to the took maan for a second that she moved away from him.

He followed her n slided his broad palms on her waist inhaling her a roma..geet clutched her shirt collar..she again moved from him..the music channel played the next song..roop tera mastana..
her distance made him fury’he went n sat in bed..
Maan:u accepted with ur own will..its not too too u can go’but before that payback my money’
Geet was not able to answer him..she has put herself in this mess
Maan:come back. Here..he ordered making her shiver..he too had no option ..he was in black.magic done by her ‘.after having her so close how can he let her go back..
Geet came n sat next to the rope in puppetors hand
Maan smirked..
As u left me..its ur turn..u will initiate me..the whole ground swept under her can she touch him..when she was unable to bare his one can she..
No..i cant I cant do this..she thought..
Common..maan ordered..she looked at his eyes..the magnetic pull..

her hand trembled n touch his cheeks.his rough stubble scratched her soft palms…he kept his hands over hers n kissed it’she tried to remove her hands..this time his hold was firm n did not let her go..

he again pressed her shoulders n made her lay on back’he too made himself relax next to her..he squeezed her hand losing himself in her beautiful face’both looked at each other..

maan was looking at her fully in desire n hidden love..geet was looking at him with a hope..a last hope..shayad..he would stop..she turned her face other side feeling his intense gaze on her..
her thoughts again started revolving round her mother..there she is fighting with life n death..
here she is in someones bed..what will happen if mama comes to know about this’will she accept me with my sin..she will prefer death before she comes to death..
She was trying to hide her parts..she kept hr thighs close to each other..her hand all the while hided her modesty’Maan removed his barriers ..he placed his hands in between her thighs separating it..he took her left leg n encircled over his waist n hovered on her..

she gasped..fear ran over her spine’his hand on either side of her without touching her body he was fully over her..his breathe fanned on her face near her lips..she knew whats next..she want to stop him..she cant let him kisss..or go further..
Yes,I cant leave my sanity..i will accept all demands whatever he says..but this one I cant..i was not brought up this way’I will not be able to face mama after must stop him’
Maan was looking at her facial was changing different every second..he can read the hesitation behind her eyes.the eye ball moving behind her eyelids restlessly…she wants to stop..but can i..after nearing her so close..i don’t think so..if she backs up’I cant force her..i will never do it’but I want any get rid of her thoughts I need her’
She was about to say no’but she screamed maaa..he made his entry all of a sudden before she realize’he don’t want this moment to go out of his hand..he wants an end to his restlessness n he claimed her ..
the pain was more for geet ‘but she felt she lost everything..nothing more to lose..the treasure which she must give to her husband here she have given to some stranger..she has no dreams of husband..her thoughts of body n soul belongs to one person ..that must be her husband broke today..she lost her morals..her parents taught..she committed a big sin which a girl must not do…tears flowed from her eyes…maan bent n kissed it’
Maan:maa nehi moon’maan..maan naam hai mera..i like to here u call me maan n I wish to hear my name in ur moan..
He never gave the right to anyone to call him maan..he gave to geet..
Maan never felt tough entering before with other girls..he can feel her muscles tighten n the pain when she screamed..her pain gave him pain..n he kissed her tears ever so gently..strangely this was the first time he felt pain for others..
Maan:im sorry..i will be gentle..
He adjusted himself between her n moved slowly the next time..gentle was never been a word in his dictionary n he behaved gentle’she bite her lips suppressing her cry,which he mistook for pain’he gently took both her lips in his’her first kiss..for him too…he gently kissed her earlobes.

he never kissed a girl like he is with her..he had his habbit only to give pain to girls.he has teethed them..never kissed.them…their scream made him it was opposite’he was so passionate with her.which he never know he can also be this gentle..his hands moved under the shirt feeling her bare skin..she clutched the sheets tightly’her heart n mind was numb when he broke her virgin. she hated the fact her body was reacting to his touch..she had goose bumps in her body when he gave her small smooches on her face n when his hands made his way inside the shirt’
Geet:babaji,y I am still alive..y did not the earth open n take me inside when I lost my treasure..y babaji ab aur kya baki hai meri zindagi mei..i lost everything..pls give me death..she silently prayed..
Maan was undoing her shirt’n when her cleavages came visible he cant stop himself..he kissed her on the exposed skin he started to taste her hungrily ..he removed the rest of buttons..she stopped him’she felt ashamed n guilty n couldn’t face even the will she be able to face herself in mirror too’
Geet:can u pls switch off the light’
Maan: I want to see u..ive paid u only 4 that’n u r feeling shy like its ur first time..
She felt needles piercing her..
Who can prove him its her first..after she had accepted he wont believe ..
Maan looked at her..he said like he read her face
Maan:don’t say I am ur first..
Geet:sach ko koi badal nehi saktha’u r ..
Maan chuckled:u want me to believe’
He was still inside her n took his shirt off from her body..her hands immediately covered her curves..he pinned it on either side ..viewing the most beautiful sight before him..she closed her eyes..she was not able to face anything more’ shame covered her fully..maan looked at her perfect curves n the erected nipple..he started to taste one by one..he kneaded it n teased it with his tongue..geets body was melting in his passion..she cant regret it’maan started to move again inside her..their was a strange peace in his heart ..which he never felt before..even the pleasure was endless to say’
Maan:moon,u know u r so perfect..u fit me like I own u..
Geet was numb under him’
Maan:moonshine..u r a drug..which my drug too cant give me..seeing u I have the only I call u moonshine..

Maan increased his pace..when he hit his climax he collapsed on her’he took her in his embrace n slept..
Geets phone rang..again n again when maan was busy with her..maan felt frustrated when it again rang disturbing his sleep..he switched off making geet shock..
Ur time is for disturbance’he again took her in his arms n slept’
Geet was awake..her mind was running back to her mom..she want to go back..
She tried to remove his hands n move’
Maan pulled her again to bed..
Geet:shall I go..
Maan nuzzled his nose on her bare shoulder..his hands again pressed her softness..
Maan:ive not done yet..u will be with me till im satisfied..two lacs must be worth enuf..not for single time’
He said softly..but for geet’his words always meant she is a p*******
Maan came over her’he switched off the lights as she asked before..he bent to take her lips..her hair was disturbing him..he took the stress of hair pushing back her forehead .he did not realize nor she..his blood filled hand has filled her mang…he kissed her gently n started to go ahead with another lovemaking’
He chewed her lips..
Maan:u taste so honey dear..
She did not respond till now..
Maan :respond my kiss dammit’u are suppose to give me pleasure in all ways..he said harshly..
She responded..she followed his orders whatever he said..

Geet was like a doll in his hands..she gave herself n let him do whatever he wants’n did what he asked..whenever she tried to move,it awakened maan n end him up doing love making..he lost his counts that night..
Maan:moon..i never touched a girl more than a time..u r the first to make me repeat countless times..
Geet closed her ears..
Maan:u r gud in bed’too gud..noone has satisfied me..
Maan was blabbering all night..half in sense..half becoz of alcohol..
It was 3 when he was not holding her..she took the spread n covered herself..she switched on the side light..he was sleeping without clothes’she took his shorts n weared him’she removed the broken bangles n binned it..she saw blood near pillows that was holded by maan..she saw his hands bleed stopped still the wound was there..she had a little knowledge the hotels keep spare spreads n first aid kit there..she went to the wardrobe’n searched..

she took a new spread on covered him’n kept the old spread n his shirt in laundry bag.then took the first aid kit n dressed up his wounds..
she moved to the washroom .The pain between her legs were too much for her to walk.. ‘maan was woke up when she dressed him..he kept quiet n want to know what she does.he enjoyed her dressing…he looked at her walking slowly opening his one eyes ..
was the night too much for her..did I gave pain to her.
.she has covered herself fully with spread..after a long night too,still she is it true..
maan dosed off thinking about her..n becoz of the everlong night’
geet entered the washroom n saw her in mirror..the love bites..though he did not teeth her his suck has turned blue in her white soft skin..her swollen lips..there was not even a place left he has touched her..she broke down into tears which she was holding for hours..she closed her mouth so her cry don’t reach him’that’s when she saw her forehead filled with blood..she touched it was dry..
she don’t know how to react’she opened the warm shower..the place where she can cry heart out’
maaa’what should I do now..he has filled my forehead..should I be happy or sad..kya mujei kush hona chahiye..the man whom I spent my night is my husband now..n now I have no guilt to spent night with him..or should I be sad ‘a man who chose a girl for night..who thinks girls cheat..who thinks trust n belief or words to broke..will he believe me..he has made me his wife by filling my forehead..will he believe this ritual..he thinks me as a p*******..kya karoon maaa..kya karoon..

she cried n cried n cried till she felt she can face her mother..
she changed to her sari n moved out..her mother needs her more’she saw maan sleeping peacefully cuddled with a pillow..she smiled n cried ‘both emotions filled her..
geet:I know u wont accept me..even if u have not filled my forehead I would never let anyone touch me or marry others’u r the one in my life n will be…when my body belongs to u my soul also belongs to u.. aap meri pati ho or na ho..but I belong to u only’she bent n kissed his forehead with pure love..n no guilt.he smiled in sleep whole heartedly..
as he said she checked once again that she did not leave any symbol of hers.. she left his room..without knowing the big storm waiting for her..
she may have cleared all her symbol of presence..but she left a biggest evidence which is going to be found by maan..
will both meet again’????????whats the future left for them??????????


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