Strangely in Love – Part 9

Part – 9

Geet walked lifelessly..still fighting with her innerself..what happened last it acceptable’maan will never come to know about what he did..if I say he is my husband ,will he trust already told n belief are words made to broke’then y will he accept me..according to him I am a girl who spent night with him’he thinks low about me’n I have also proved it’I sold myself to my husband..what an irony’only I can say myself im a married women..noone will trust me..i have no proof’
Will my mama believe me’that im married’kitna sapna tha maaka aur papa ka’I spoiled everything’
No..i did not spoil’its all written in my fate’the princess of family,who never knows what a hard time means is struggling in her every path of life..oh..god..arent u not satisfied testing me’why u r testing me again n again..i lost my father..i lost our money n properties..i lost my mama..who is still living in past..i lost my everything today,only to save mama..pls god save her..give my mama back to me..i wont ask u anything else’
She reached hospital around 4..she did not think that she was walking for an hour’the hospital was dull with half lights..
Vasanthi came to geet..
Geet:kahan thi tum..
Geet tried to be normal..
Geet:wo di.. mama ..mama..kesi hai’
She asked in panic..
Vasanthi:operation is still going on..they are not giving hopes..
Vasanthi told softly’
It was enuf for geet to cry again..she sat in the floor hugging her knees..
Geet:nehi di..mamaka kuch nehi hoga…she will be back..atleast for me’she must come back..
Vasanthi hushed her..
Vasanthi:geet,control your self..its all in gods hands’he will listen to ur prayers..hope sab kuch teek ho..
Geet was crying bitterly’
Vasanthi s husband came’n asked her to go home.n come after freshing up..till then,.he will be there with geet’
Geet was looking blankly at the wall’the operation theatre door opened..
Geet ran to the dr..who came out.. is my mama..
They twisted their lips..
Dr:we have done our best’if ur mama gets conscious within 12 hrs..u r lucky’otherwise we r sry..
They moved away..
Vasanthis husband kept a supporting hand on her shoulder..
She cried..
Geet..think positively..after 12 hrs..ur mama will be fine..
Geet:sachi ..
Always hope for the best..i will get u coffee’
Geet:no bhaiya..i don’t want anything..
She sat in a corner of bench hugging her knees..praying to god’pls save my mama..
It was 9 when ranjani came..instead of vasanthi’n requested vasanthis husband to go for work..she will be there with her’
Vasanthi sat next to geet’her mother was shifted to icu’geet followed her mother,who was connected to many machines n tubes’it shook her to hell’she feared what will happen if anything happens to her..her legs woggled n held the wall for support..
Ranjani made her sit outside icu..she looked at her pale form’
Ranj:Geet ,did u had something
Geet lied..yes’
So ranjani did not pressurize her..but the fact was geet did not have anything since last night..
Suddenly ranjanis eyes caught the red mark on her shoulder..n the way geet was chewing her inner lips said she must be having cut inside her lips’she looked geet with piercing gaze’n asked
Geet,how did u get money?
Ranjani prayed inside..what she is thinking must be wrong..
Geet smiled weekly..their was only blankness ..n she guessed ranjani has known something n she don’t want to lie to her..
Geet:di, fate made me another ranjani..
It shook ranjani to hell’
She hugged geet n geet let her pain on her shoulders’making her dress wet becoz of her tears’
Ranjani:I always prayed to god..dont make another girl like me’but I didn’t expect another one’
Geet:mujei tho sirf mama ko bachana tha’I tried to collect money..but..but’
Ranjani closed her eyes’this girl is tender like flower..y u snatched her fragrance..she cursed god..if he tests his devoties like this no one will remain to worship him’
The time passed n every second was a millinium for geet..she looked for answer ..with hope at every nurses n drs who came out’
Vasanthi:geet,its 12 now,,I will make a call to vasanthi di n ask how is rajesh..
Geet nodded yes’ranjani left to booth to make a call..
Here geet was sitting lonely..
A nurse came to her..
Nurse:beta,the lady who is she ur mom..
Geet is my mama..
Nurse :beta’i cant say there any elders in home..mujei kuch zaroori bath karni hai’
Geet:no..only we both are there for each other..whatever it is say it to me..
The nurse looked pity at geet working here..i must not say this..but ive seen ur suffering..u r not rich too..
Geet looked at her..what she is trying to say..
Nurse: himmat rako’u must be strong’when u admitted ur mom,the operation must have done..just only for money..they delayed’n ur moms treatment delayed’ur mom lost too much off blood..n the injury was also bad..
Geet was shivering every minute’the way she is explaining scared her..
The nurse sighed..
Nurse:May god give u strength to hear this..
Geet voice shaked..k’’ ko’.
Nurse:she slipped into coma when the operation finished’the drs were just trying to save themselves’
Geets earth slipped from her feet..she felt like thunder strike straight on her ‘
Her tongue got tied n even she tried to ask,,the voice did not come out’
Nurse:im sry beta’this is private hospital..not a money speaks’they will keep ur mother in icu n take care till the amount u paid equalizes..then’.
Geet looked nurse in shock..
Nurse:then if u pay money again she will be treated again’but..we cant assure when a coma patient will come out of her sleep..may be a year..two years..many years’or she may die in coma itself’can u pay for her life time’if the treatment is stopped..ur mothers breathe will also stop’ur moms life is in hands of money’
Geet was still in shock’she looked nurse with there any other way to save her mother..
Nurse understood her silent language..
Nurse”no way beta..if u want ur mom alive she must be under ventilation..nurse should be with her 24 x7’if u can get donators for treatment..then u can see ur mom safe’u must arrange for more money’
The nurse went away leaving a baffled geet’she moved towards the icu’.she saw her mother breathing heavy..the machines n tubes which are helping her to live’once it is removed’
Geet cant even think’she backed n hit the wall’
An unknown fear gulfed her..n she started to walk out in a numb state’.she walked in the way her legs carried her..not thinking of surrounding nor people..she was walking walking walking walking’n stopped in a lonely road’she sat on floor n cried loud’wjere no one can here her one stage tears also dried..n refused to come out’
She saw around n found herself alone..she was not afraid more..she saw the way leading towards a hill..she now knew what she must do’she started to walk towards it..her bare foot pained n bleeded while walking on the stones’she was so numb to realize her pain’she was half way when the darkness engulfed her n she fainted..there was no one around to help her’geet was lying there for how much time..she don’t know’the sun started to set down’here vasanthi n ranjani the known people were searching her every where..but couldn’t find her’.

In maan s room’
Adi came around 9 as usual to have a look on maan..the room was open..he looked at maan who was sleeping peacefully..the room was neat n tidy..even his wine bottle was surprised him..adi don’t want to disturb he went again to his room’n packed his things’
Around 12 noon maan woke up..this was the peaceful sleep he had ever had’there was peace in his heart..his eyes was still closed n his hands moved on his left side on bed searching for geets warmth..he needs his morning to be pleasant waking seeing her’when he found it empty he opened his eyes’he sat in bed..there was restlessness inside him missing her’
Where is she?
after the long night too he felt some restlessness..he need her’it was not his physical need..his heart needs her..atleast infront of him..infront of his eyes..
Maan called her loud..
Maan:moon..moon’where r u..
He looked around..there was no sign of her..a fear of loosing her made him mad..he immediately rushed to washroom expecting her to be there’she was not there’he searched all around his room n balcony’there was no sign of her..
Did she went away..
May be..
I said her not to be here when I wake she may have gone’
suddenly his mind started to warn him’she left u..might be with ur money’not as u said’
He looked for the suitcase..he remembered he did not keep again inside wardrobe.the table was empty..his heart said she did not cheat him..but his mind said she is also a girl who was in need of money’he started to break all things..dont want to accept what his mind is saying’after sometime’he calmed down ..but he was still a volcano..ready to spill lava any second..
He went to washroom n stood under shower..
I thought she is different..but she is not..she got money..i got her.she left me afterall her work is done…but why I am not happy..the restlessness must have been vanished’but why I am not..why I am still thinking about her..why cant I forget her..why she is not getting out of my mind..he punched the wall..his hand pained’n the wound bleeded again..
He looked at the dressing..a smile came to his face..
She cared for me’.then why she left me’.atleast before leaving me..
Why I am expecting her to say’before she had left..when im the one who said her to go before I woke up’y it hurts me,that she is not near me..i don’t care about the money..if she took or not,,but I want her ..kyun mujei chain nehi milraha hai..kyun’
He came out of washroom wearing a towel on his waist..he dropped his shorts in laundry bag’he was still thinking about geet..
Where she will be now’in wont go ..that too when she have escaped from rahul..she may be with another man for money’
The thought geet being with another man killed him..he opened his wardrobe to take his dress’he saw his suitcase there..he opened n saw the money left untouched’
so,she did not cheat me’
my heart was right..she did not cheat me for money..she did not betray me’
he heared a knock on door..he felt happy’it must be my moon..
he rushed n opened the door ..his excitement vanished seeing Adi.. morning sir’
adi:sir ,shall I order u breakfast or u have hangup..i’ll order lemonade..
maan:no..order me a black coffee..
adi called room service n ordered ..
maan thought..first time im not having hang up..may be becoz of long sleep..
adi:sir,I called shyam garments to confirm ur lunch appointment..with rahul sir..
maan gritted his teeth hearing his name..
adi continued without knowing what is running in maans mind..maan was dressing up’
adi:his staffs said,he met with some accident n so he has gone back to his,ur lunch with him has been cancelled’
maan smirked..i must have punched him more’
maan:adi,this deal will continue only if mo..he stopped saying moonshine..
maan:if only geet is there..she will be the one representing sg..
adi saw him suspiciously then nodded ok.
Adi:sir our flight is preponed at its burfing heavily…
maan:ok..pack my things..
adi took his suitcase n packed his things..
maan:you may go now..n don’t disturb me till we leave for airport..
adi:ok sir..he left..
maan sat on the bed thinking about geet..his heart was saying something bad is going to happen..he called nakul n confirmed dadi is ok’
he closed his eyes..there was a fear inside him..but cant figure out whats it..n y?
after some time there was again a knock on door..maans heart paced fast..he expected geet again..
maan:come in..
the waiter came inside with his coffee..
maan took it with a big disappointment..
waiter:sir,room cleaning..karoon..
maan :hmmm
the waiter started to clean the room..n then went to washroom..
waiter:sir,laundry mein aapki kapde hain..lejaun..
maan :hmm..but bring before I leave to delhi…
waiter yes sir..

maan was thinking how to reach geet’he decided atlast to call shyaam garments..n he got the news she did not come to office as her mother is not well
maan she is with her mother..
‘he asked her phone number n they gave..he slowly punched her number’it came switched he is the one who did it’
The waiter came out of washroom cleaning it’he smiled sheepishly at maan..
Waiter:saabji..i was thinking y u rejected the girl I brought..ab samaj mei aaya..
Maan looked at him ..what he is saying..
Waiter:saabji,wo kudi kaun hai..kahaan rehthi hai..
Maan was getting hyper hearing about geet..
Waiter:maal tho kamaal ka hoga na saabji..hmm ab kahaan miltha hai kudi, kisine chua na ho’
Maan:kya bakra hi ho..
Waiter:saabji..u must be having a gud night na..when its girls first time..mazaa aaya hogana..
Maan was getting clear about what he was saying..still he want to confirm..
Maan:how can u say..its her first..
The waiter took the spread n his shirt which had blood stains’it shocked maan..she was virgin..the waiter moved to wash ..he was saying something which did not reach maans ears..he was dump..
Now he regretted his act..he remembered his encounters with her..all the time he accused her n she looked him angrily saying he is wrong’
Then he thought what happened in rahuls room..she was saying the truth’he was forcing her..
He remembered her words when he asked to spend night with him..
Whats the difference between u both..
Her plea to give the money..

Geet saying I want to give this money..its a need of life n death’u have to trust me..i will keep my words..
She was in need of money..n I used her situation..
Now I can feel why she was shy n hesitating to wear my see through shirt’
Why she was numb under me..
why it was tough when I entered her..its her first..
meine kya kiya..i hurt her with my words..
when she said its her first..i am the first to touch her..why she tried to cover her modesty every time’why she told me to switch of the lights..i pointed her as a call girl’
maan walked out of his room aimlessly..he took the car keys from the driver n started to drive rash’

he stopped on a cliff n shouted ahhh’..i cant forgive myself’she is pure innocent’all the while trying to save herself..i pushed her to the edge that she cant be back now’I ve stolen her precious thing..its not her tears of pain..its her helplessness..
maan again took the car n drove to a lonely was a jungle..he sat there drinking n blaming himself n regretting the night’
the burf started n he was still sitting in cold..nothing affected him ..his heart was accusing him for snatching a girls life’where will be she now’will she be ok’his restlessness knew no boundaries..
maan fished for his phone n took it out n called adi..
adi:sir where r waiting for u in airport’
maan did not answer him..
maan:adi,where did u give the money..i mean whats the address geet gave to deliver the money..
maan:hospital..but y?
adi:sir ,I enquired about it..her mother met with an accident n was in need of operation..the money is for that..
maan:call the hospital n connect me to’
adi thought something is serious..otherwise maan will not sound so tensed..he searched for the number of hospital in directory..n called hospital’the news he heared shocked him also..he called maan..
maan:what adi..
adi:sir,geet is missing..
maan felt his earth slipped away..
maan:how can she leave her mother’collect correct information..
adi:sir,after operation her mother has slipped into coma..after hearing the news that she has less chances to save her mother,no one has seen her..its been 5hrs,she is not near her mother..her neighbours are searching for her’they said geet was behaving weird from last night..she never let her mother alone even if she had fever..
maans phone slipped from his hand..
maan:sab meri wajase..moon..where are u..i am sorry for what I did..pls come back..pls don’t push me in dark..i found solace only with u..if anything happens to u..i cant think what I will do..pls come back to ur maan’atleast for ur mother u must be safe’

the burf melted into water n it made geet wake was dark n only moon was the only source of light..she sat there..the darkness did not fear her than the life..
geet:God has punished me for what I did’mama doesn’t want to see my sinned she slipped to coma..
geet started to feel low of herself..
sry mama,,I stooped low to save u..but u punished keep ur morals u r dying save u..i need money.. I cant stoop low again..i cant sell myself to any other..if I do I will be proved like what maan mama..that nurse said there is no assurance when u will get back from many years it may take.if I didn’t pay u will be no more…can I save u mama..its better that I end myself before u die’im sry papa..i couldn’t take care of mama’I lost my morals u its time for prayachit..
she started walking up the hills determined of her destination..
she stood at the corner n said..
im coming to u papa..pls mujei maaf keejeye..mama will also be soon with us..
she jumped from their’


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