Thyaag – Part 1

It was 8,Vicky,anitha n dadi were having break fast..
The phones shrill stopped them..
All looked at each this time only one person can phone them..
All in unison..maaan’
N there was a hustle bustle between all four as to who will talk to maan first..
Atlast they gave to dadi as she is the elder person..
Maan:hai r u..n how is my nautanki bros n ur serial darling..
Maan asked her,that she may not get emotional hearing his voice…the other 3 persons were keeping their ears on the phone to hear his voice..
Dadi:im gud maan..tell me how r u..its 7 months we have not even heared ur voice too..
Though she was strong,she missed maan..n as there was no news about him ..inside her heart she was praying for his safety n hearing his voice she got emotional..
Maan:I was under a only dadi..u know..i cant contact u all when im in mission..
He heared his moms sobs..
Maan:dadi,give the phone to cry baby..
Anitha sniffed her nose:hello..maan..beta..tu keisa hai..
Maan:im fine darling..pls don’t cry..i cant see u in tears..
Anitha:u forgot us all..did u know u left before 2 yrs..dont u think ur family wants u ..
Maan:mom..pls..dont cry..u know for me duty second..
Anitha:haan haan jaantha hoon..for u..duty is only u r there..far away from us’have u ever given thought of ur 2nd u remember our chat last time..i want devs marriage soon..but he is stubborn ..he will marry after ur return..n here we are w8ing for ur 1 voice 4m day to night..4 several months..
Maan:sry mom..i do remember..
Vicky:bro,then say when r u coming home..i too want my bhabhi at home..u know na..our meera bhabhi is so sweet..
Dev:maan,when r u coming home..
Maan:next week bro..this time a long holiday.a whole month…i will return back after ur marriage only..
Dev:sach maan..
Maan:yes bro..
Dev:dadi,mama,Vicky..yipee maan is coming next week.. bro is coming baack..
He did alittle bangra..
All 4 talked to maan n kept the phone..
Dadi:anitha call pandit n ask 2 fix a date 4 engagement between dev n meera..n marriage date too within this month..we all will move to hp once maan reach here.
Anitha:ji maa..
She called immediately the pandit..he came n looked at both meera n devs astrology..he fixed the engagement n marriage time within a month..they informed daarji too..
In an hour all were busy in preparations not for marriage..for the arrival of maan..
Maan smiled looking at his phone’after completing his mission,he has come to H.O at Delhi to report..n after that he will be back to his place for 4 r 5 days..then he will start to pune to meet his family..he too missed his family.. when he choose this job itself he knew..he will not be able to be with his family..n slowly he is used to it’
Amy.vivz n adi tapped his shoulder..
Adi:where r u lost chief
Vivz:what yaar..if he has any girl he will be lost in her..but no..he is man singh khurana..all scare hearing his name too..he will be lost only in his family
Maan:ya..all r missing me..n mom was getting emotional nowadays..
Amy:moms are always like that only..its their love..
Man:ok guys back to work.we must report more chit chats..
maan said in ordering tone..n they all know now they are seeing man,their general..not their friend..
all 3:yes chief..
after reporting to h.o..they all were back to the house which was given for them to stay..
they all were watching TV news..
HEADLINES OF TODAYS NEWS: the terrorist who kept bombs in places X,Y n Z n the cause of 1000’s of innocent people’s death has been arrested today..all are asking to give him death sentence than investigating..
An old man was shot by his tenant n his wife is blind..noone has seen the tenant..n don’t know the reason why the old man was shot dead..the picture of old man n the crying blind lady was shown..
The news was going on..
Maan: we are in border saving our nation..but see our own people r killing innocent peoples..
Amy:yup..when all will realize what is independence means..when will they know the worth of life..
Adi:hmm..its our own people are enemies all must be punished’
Vivz.. who was attending a call came there..
Vivz:guys..we are not going to our place tomorrow..we are called by defence minister..there is some urgent meeting,we have to attend tomorrow..
Maan:ok guys lets have dinner n sleep..we don’t know next when we will have our peaceful sleep..
All 4 had their dinner n went to bed..
Maan was in deep thought..if they are called means there is something serious..he thought about his they jumped in joy hearing his arrival..will he be able to make it..or his leave will be will he say them that he couldn’t come this time..what about dev bro..n his marriage..meera bhabhi..maan has talked to her once before 7 months..she is his uncle’s daughter..maan was not in touch with any relatives 4 past 15yrs..n doesn’t remember them also..but he knew his uncles n they hv is constructing college in HP..n there he fall in love with meera..n both families agreed to the proposal..but only thing they are waiting is for wants him beside in his marriage..becoz of me there marriage got postponed ..if my leave got cancelled ,now too it will be cancelled..oh god kese uljan hai ye..
Maan..first sleep now..think tomorrow after the meeting..he said to himself ..he took his wallet n kissed his family photo..gud n8 dears..he slept..
Next day morning..
Maan n his team were in ministers office..there were few more generals from army n delhi police officers also..
Entering the meeting hall itself man can see the tension lines running in all their faces.. man greeted everyone n took the seat behind another general..
Minister started ..
Min:gudmorning gentlemen..we are here to discuss about a serious issue..u must have seen old man shot yesterday b4 his blind wife by his tenant.
Minister called the police officer to continue..he inserted some cd n the projector showed some pictures..
This pictures were taken from the spot..first we thought it must be an action of anger..or f8 between tenant n owner..but after the investigation we are having many assumptions..
Maan:can u say in detail sir..
Off:sure general..
First of all ..this tenant is staying in this house for nearly an year..but only 2 r 3 persons have seen him..he never talked with anyone other than the owners..both are childrens..only depended on the money they got from the tenant..n when we enquired the old mans wife..she told he gave double the amount for staying there..n so they let him stay’n they had no issues on him..
Maan:then why he shooted the old man..
Off:even the lady don’t know..but she heared some sounds of quarrel from first floor between her husband n him..when she went there she was tied up by him..then he left the place..
Maan:any evidence..n what is there with him n army here..its ur work 2 find him..
Off:ji sir..if it is normal we wont have called u..but it is our nations only we called u all to discuss this..
Another general:we don’t get clear..
Off:we think he must be a terrorist..or a spy 4m another country..
Man n others ears shot up..
Man:how can u be so sure..
Off:every criminal thinks they cleared all evidences..but unknowingly they will leave some..n that’s how we found it..
He flipped the pictures..n they saw a small packet..a constable opening it in 1 pic..n it was found as some foreign currencies..then behind the door was a small hole..n from there they took 2 passports with different names of same person..the last evidence..they took a piece of paper ..
We got this paper piece from dustbin..
Maan:whats that..
Officer:a sketch of rocket launch..this is 10 times powerful than all..which can destroy half of our country’we don’t know when they will be in action…
Now including maan all were tensed..
Generals:do u have any rough sketches of the man..
He showed some pictures..
Off:we made this with help of those 2 r 3 peoples who have seen him..he doesn’t look like he belongs to our country..we checked the list of all passengers..but there is no entry of him..i think he used some loop may be ship or bullock carts..he entered our country..we now know the motive..he wants to destroy our country..this cant be done by a single, we want to find out the whole group behind him..n how many are in this plan..
Minister:we want a team to find them as soon as possible..we cant take risk nor delay to find them…can u all suggest who is capable to do it faster..ive called only u few people who are very capable ‘
Generals: sir.. becoz young blood works fast..n I suggest maan n his team..
Minister:general.maan singh khurana..we have heared about u a lot..n ur last mission too..u completed before we thought.. we know ur team is best.. we want u to take this case…u must find them.. its for our nations safety..
Maans team mates looked at maan..he got now only 1 month leave..but its cancelled now..poor maan..
Maan stood up:its my pleasure to serve my country sir..i will take this n find them sir..
Minister:whatever help u want u can get it..n u r given full freedom to take needed me if u want any help..
Maan:thank u sir’
All got dispersed..
Adi:maan.devs marriage..n ur leave..ur family..mainly ur mom..
Maan smiled..
Maan:my bharat mata needs me more than my mother adi..leave I can take after this mission too..i will manage..
Maan called the police officer..
Maan:I need few more informations..
Officer:shall we go to my place sir..i can give u all details..
Maan n his team went to the police head quarters..all were looking for more information n getting the needed points..adi n vivz went to talk with the old collect more informations..
Man:have u checked all check posts..have anyone seen this person..
Off:we sent this pictures to all..but no one has seen him..we don’t know what mode of transport he took..n where he went..
Maan rubbed his temples..the more they think it was getting difficult..
Maan:his phone number..have u traced any details about it..
Off:even the landlady doesn’t have his phone number..
Adi n vivz entered..
Adi:gud news chief..we got a path..
Maan:whats it?
Vivz:we doubt the man has gone to Hoshiarpur..
Maan asked in shock..
Vivz:chief,when we enquired about phone..the land lady said when he came at start he used their we went n checked the details from telephone department..n the phone number belongs to hoshiarpur..we have asked to trace that number n the incoming calls of it..
Maan:gud..very gud..
Same time adis phone buzzed..he took it n after finishing the call adi said..
Adi:chief.its confirmed..4m yesterday morning there were calls from delhi to HP..from a same cell..n the tower shows its from the tenants house to hp..but before entering hp..the sim was disconnected..may be he must have thrown it..or destroyed it
Man:ok we all are going to HP..
Adi:but how?its a small village n what will we say who are we..
Maan smiled..shayad u all forgot.. my nanaji is living in hoshiarpur ..n we all are going as planned before..for others it is my official leave..n u all are with me ..n stranger.. who ever he may be..i will find him n the root of him..
All together:so mission stranger is now started..
all were back to their room packing things’along with essential things which they always keep with them..including guns n bombs..with tools n walkie talkie..
Vivz:maan.. did u inform ur family..
Maan:no..lets go there first n try 2 find out about the stranger n the family will be my we will inform after we reach there..
Precap:maan in HP..geet is blindfolded n playing with’


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