Strangely in Love – Part 24

Maneet entered the place..which was so noisy n peoples enjoying themselves with drinks n dancing..maan hold her waist protectively n entered inside the disc..there was a sudden silence ..even the music troop stopped looking at the person entering the disc..for all ,they couldn’t imagine the great maan singh khurana in disc..that too with a girl..the black n red combination of both was another complement..if girls were drooling maan the boys were looking at geet ..all their eyes was on the pair..
Arjun came n took them where their other friends prathik pari,yash meera n his wife arohi were waiting for them..after normal greetings they all started to chat..geet was still fearing to move on socially with all..there was still a fear,what if they ask personal questions to her..she will not be able to answer..
Seeing all sipping hot drinks in disc geet got worried..maans friends ordered only cold drinks..maan came to geets ears n said like he read her thoughts…
Don’t worry jaan..i wont take drinks..tumhari kasam..
Geets eyes twinkled in joy.. it was all noticed by the friends.but they all tried to act that they didn’t hear it or listen to maan..from when they entered maan was often looking at geet n confirming she is comfortable with all..his gaze always made her feel shy n all noticed the love between the two..they want to tease maneet n pull their legs..but they don’t want to break the growing friendship now..they feared what if maan becomes their target was arjun n arohi..
Pari:arjun bhai,,aap kab gud news derahi ho..
Prathik:yes arjun..u are married ..went to next we all are waiting for gud news..
Arohi was turning apple..
Yash:arei bhabhi sharmayiye math..we are waiting when will ur baby come n call us chachu..
Arjun:mera bacha..pehle tum shadhi karo..meera will become old if u make her wait long..
Yash:so what arjun..i will get married to the ols white haired meera..
He winked at meera.. u mean that I ve to wait till my hair get white..
Pari opened her bag n took powder from it..she showered on meeras head..
Meera:pari what are u doing..
Pari:yash bhai,see our meeras hair is white now..r u ready to marry her now here..
All girls laughed seeing yash blinking in shock n remaining speechless..
Arjun:hargaya nay ash meri behen se..
Yash glared at him..tum meri friend ho or dushman..yaar friend ko support karo..see how they are making fun of me..shadhi hum thodina yese karthe hain..ithni reethi riwaaz hain..its all in our parents hands..
They all were pulling each other’s legs without knowing the effect in geet..
Geets can I consider my marriage which is unknown to all..even maan doesn’t know about it..marriage is not only a tie up between two persons..its related to families..but ive no orphan marriage did not happen with all rituals..not before the world..nor god nor before the sacred fire..we did not take vows to be husband n wife..he did not tie mangalsutr..he only filled my kesi shadhi hai..
Her thoughts were disturbed when maan pulled her to dance floor..maneet were dancing on a romantic beat with his friends pair n many more’geet felt uneasy as she saw the piercing gaze of all on first she ignored..but now she felt uncomfortable..she was restless for unknown reason..
Maan:what happened moon..
He asked seeing her lost..
Geet:erm wo..mujei washroom jaana hai..
She excused n went..maan came n stood at corner enjoying the soft drink..some business clients came to him n maan was talking to them..he saw all enjoying ..he too felt happy..why not..when his moon is with him all seems to be wonderful..he shook his head n again concentrated on the clients who were talking to him..without knowing the fact that two pairs of eyes was noticing his every moves n geets from they entered’the girl silently followed geet confirming maan did not see her..
Geet was standing before the mirror looking at her anything wrong with her..did her dress malfunctioned..she was checking herself when she saw the image of another grl ..she was looking geet from top to bottom..her eyes was like xray..geet felt like she was standing nude before that girl..geet turned n washed her face..
The girl smiled at geet..geet tried to read it a smirk or pity..or moking smile..she couldn’t understand..
Girl: must say u r so beautifull.u r having a gud structure..
Geet was shocked beyond limits at the girls comment..
Any girl can complement the other girl as beautiful..but about her gud girl will speak openly..
Gil:so u r with MSK..
Geet looked at the girl..she knew maan..but how.. people prefer beautiful girls only at bed..that too young n who has perfect features’msk will pay u more than u ask..
That’s when the reality dawn over her..why all were looking at her ..all thought her as a bitch..she moved out from the washroom or to say ran out from there without saying any word..
She stood in the hall ..her eyes searching for maan..she want to move out from this place..tears clouded her eyes thinking what others are thinking about her..the girl came n touched geets shoulder..geet couldnot run the girls eyes showed pity on geet..she slided her over coat n her inner frock exposing her one curve..geet saw blue marks ..there..
Girl:I warn u dear’this is just one mark..there are many in my body..its been two months before I asked MSK to be with me ..but see what he did to me..he tore me apart..that I could not get out of my bed 4 these months..he paid me tripple than I asked..
Geet looked at the girl..
Girl:don’t look me like that..i am also a prostitute like only im saying you..if u r thinking to be with msk..dont even think ..u wont be able to satisfy another customerim healed now only..he is a bloody pshco..
the girls voice was showing hatredness for maan..geet did not know what to say..why she is hearing all this..her heart screamed to stop her.she knew about him..he is not like all think..its his hatred towards pammi that he took it on the girls..if he has not told her about his past she must have given ears to this with him in this two months..she knew how much he is also in pain..she want to shout at her..he is not a physco..but a poor soul insearch of love…but she felt her voice chocking n tongue words came out of her mouth..
Girl: msk like men knew only to give pain..n he cant have a family with his attitude towards girls..i am telling u again’don’t go with maan..
Another girl joined her..she knew about geet staying with maan..she said..
2nd girl:hey ,y r u saying like that..u know this girl is living with msk for several days..i ve heared about them..
Girl:poor u tolerate him..he is not gud at bed..
She stopped for a while seeing the tears in geets eyes..
Girl:may be u r in need of money..that u r staying with him tolerating his tortures…if I could I will help u getting gud customers..whats ur number.. how much u get for a night’
Geet closed her ears…it was too much to hear for her..every word is saying that she is a call much u get for a night..the girls word only reminded the night she sold herself for money..its truth..she sold herself.. she nodded her head in no taking steps back to run away from this world..but was pulled into a hard frame which was splitting fire..they could easily say maan has heared there conversation..the girl gulped her saliva in fear..looking the roaring tiger infront of her..he was caressing geets back n hushing her..maan:hey who are u..?whats ur can u say her like that..
Geet clinged to his shoulders n cried..the girl looked at maneet..she thought she have done a grave mistake..maan did not remember her..
Girl:wo..taj..we both..2 months back..u..stayed with me.. u paid me3 gulped..whats her price?..geet ran out hearing the words again’
Maan grabbed her neck n pushed to the wall..he now remembered the girl..he cursed himself now for being with other girls..geets tears pricked him..all those things he did was a sin..but it is affecting geet..
He pressed his fingers on the girls neck’maans friends came to stop him..n the disc was silent seeing maans wrath..
Maan shouted on that girl..
Maan:do u think she is a filth like u..did u ever noticed me out in parties with girls..u filth are only for bed..but girls like her..he u know if she is with means msk owns her..suna tumne..she is my life..n msk wont listen any word against his moon..if anyone dares to speak u will be dead..i swear..
He left her..the girl coughed..
Im leaving you now..but I wont leave u if u ever come before me again..maans friends pulled him out of the disc..they all cursed the girl for spoiling the day..maan was also happy..but now all vanished in air..
Meera:geet..where is she..
Maan n all realized that geet is not there..all started to search her..


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