Strangely in Love – Epilogue 2


it was few days before marriage when maan was asked not to see geet according to rituals.n maan n dadi went to stay in mansion…maan became mad without seeing her..keeping himself away from his moon..he couldn’t..he went everywhere with his phone..n his blue tooth was on 24×7 only to know how geet is..he stopped himself from reaching his moon as she believed the rituals n want to follow everything scincerely..
the news somehow spread in medias n all were waiting for dulhans picture..but maan kept geet away from medias as dadi asked him to give her privacy..his friends came daily n helped them in preparations mean time geet also started to feel free with them..n they got very close with each other..
the khurana palace n mansion was decorated beautifully..the world turned around them to get each n every single news of maneet.all vip’s n business associates from all over world were invited..the decorations..their catering..everything was captured..
haldi sangeet n megandhi was full of fun..

maan forgot to breath seeing geets beauty in sangeet it her happiness of getting married to her love..or the beauty of the feel of becoming mother..or the shy teased by friends..he don’t know..she looked like a pari who came from sky..his angel..his moon..she is his..geet was getting red seeing his intense gaze on was waiting for the minute he will get some time to be with his moon alone..when all were busy he pushed her inside a room n captured her lips hungrily..from the day he came to know geet is pregnant he kept himself away from her..but she was with him..this partition of 3 days has made him insane n he took it all over her..kissing her madly like never before..geet too was in same position..she was craving for him..for his one look..when his lips touched hers..she too started to kiss him hungrily..the missing of warmth these days..their body burned at the one kiss..both broke for oxygen n again they were pulled like a magnet..they started to kiss again..both were breathing heavily..maan kissed her tummy..

sry princess..only one day..ur papa will be with u..
they heared the knock on the door.. the door..
both jumped..maan was in anger..he was so desperate to spend some time more with them..but his friends..arghh..
maan:I am going to kill them..
geet giggled seeing his restlessness..
geet:wo tho aapki achi dost hai na..
she stressed the word achi..
maan gritted his teeth..haan achi dost..bohut achi dost..isilye tang karrahi hai..
geet straightened herself n opened the door..
his friends were standing with a wild grin on their face..they looked at geets swallon lips..
meera:geet ..what will maan bhai do if we keep u away for some more days..
maan gave an angry glare,which now had no effect on they are really friends..n they did not fear him or his anger..
pari:meer..if u did so..he will kidnap geet n go somewhere ,where we wont distub him..
arohi:but I pity geet..maan bhai doesn’t eat her more..see she is swallon in one day..
all laughed agreeing it..
but its true..if they kept her away from him he will surely kidnap her..after some more teasing sections all went to home..

the day came..
maneets marriage..maan was performing the rituals in mandap before the sacred fire…he was repeating what panditji was saying..but his concentration was on his moon..he was eager to see her in that bridal dress with the jewels he sent her..arohi has arranged the best beautician for marriage to add beauty to geet..when geet was brought to mandap,all the guests froze in the place..she was looking epitome of beauty..n there were no words to describe her..maan forgot to blink his eyes seeing his moon..geet was aware of his eyes on her..she was taking baby steps companied by the girls..
pari:see man bhai..
arohi:bhai is rooted in his spot seeing geet..raath ko patha nehi..kya hoga geet ka..
the 3 giggled silently making geet to turn red..
she was made to sit beside maan..
they exchanged the warmala..maan filled her maang with sindoor..they took the pheras giving vows to each other..
he took the mangalsutr n tied around her neck..

the metal when it touched her skin,she felt completed..she is mrs..maan singh khurana..before this world,he has married her saying she is his..a lone tear fell from her eyes..maan wiped it with his thumb saying not to cry..
rano,taiji n dadi was also in was their dream which came true now..
all guests congratulated the pair n blessed them..
it was time for bidaai..n maan was looking at the place where he removed his shoes..the boys were keeping eyes on it..but how the girls took it..they scratched their heads..
girls:bhai..give us gift n u can take ur shoes from us..
prathik..arghh..u girls..what have u decided to ask him..
yash:why u girls are like this..
arohi:its our right..we can get only on this day..
maan signaled adi..he came with 3 gift boxes..
maan gave each one their gifts..
maan:if u r not happy with this u can ask me whatever u want..
yash:maan..u r supporting them..
prathik:then what will I n yash do on our marriage.we both will be left with no penny giving gift to this devils..
maan:yaar..its only a gift..

all 3 opened their gifts only to see a jewel set costed of some crores..n a document paper along with it..the document was of houses for all 3 as a gift from to khurana mansion..
thud..pari n meer was on floor..arjun got arohi safe in his arms before she fell down..yash n pratik went to help their partners..
yash:what is there maan that u made this 3 faint..
he took the papers n read it he too fainted..
meer:arei gadhe, u suppose have to wake me up..u r falling on me..
yash: why u think that only u girls can only I also fainted..he said standing on his feet..
lolz..maan rolled his eyes on their another cat fight..
the 3 thanked maan n gave him his shoes which they kept under the chair where his friends were seated till now..
now the boys was really feeling like they are fools..

the bidaai took place..for geet khurana palace became her maykaa..she threw the rice grains over her head back n followed maan..they were now standing infront of khurana mansion..adi came with clay tray..maneet took the first step together making the impression on it.., looking at each other holding their hands.promising themselves to be like this forever..
geet placed her foot on the red water n walked inside the mansion..dadi asked maan to scoop her n make her imprint her hands in wall..maan did can he miss the chance to hold her..his friends hooted n whistled seeing it..
after it they played the last game of ritual..
dadi dropped the ring inside milk n asked both to search it..
girls:geet..u must win..
boys:no maan will win..
then girls n boys looked at maneet who were lost in each other..their hands were inside the milk stirring it..maan was not trying to find the ring.but he was holding geets hand n giving romantic looks’
all:ahem ahem..after this u can go to ur room n romance all night..
arohi nudged geet to find the ring..
n geet took it..all 3 times he lost the game..
girls..yippee..geet won..bhai will listen to her whole life..
boys chided maan..but they are happy also they have seen maan dropping geet may win..he want only her to win..n the smile on her face was prominent to everyone..

all had their dinner.again with fun..
geet was taken to maan s room
..the room was decorated with red roses n lilies..the scented candles n screens were giving romantic effect..
.. she was made to sit in middle of it..geet was feeling butterflies..they have not been under any physical contact for 20 days..but today the feel was making her nervous..
Maan was stopped by the 3 girls again..
Girls :toll tax
Boys:now what..u got more than enuf..its his room..n more over there SR dear..pls don’t torture him..see how restless he is to meet his jaan..
Girls:no way..we want our gift..which we have planned to ask him..
Maan folded his hands near his chest n asked:what u want?i promise I will give u..
Girls:no back up.
Maan:if I give word I wont change..ask me what u all want..
Meera took the tray behind her n extended it..we want to tie this on u..if u give permission..
Now even the boys were emotional..seeing the rakhi in tray..
Girls: u know we 3 don’t have any brothers.. we call u bhai..but we want u also to accept us full heartedly as sisters..this rakhi thread will give us that connection for ever..will u make us ur sisters..
Maan did not know what to speak as they have made him speechless with their love..he too have sometimes thought if he had siblings he would not have turned monster..n now when they are asking him to be their can he not accept..
He extended his hands..n the three tied the rakhi in his hands..
He kissed them three on their forehead making his friends frown in jealous..but knowing its brotherly kiss they smiled..
Boys:atleast let him go now na..poor geet..she must be waiting for him..
Girls:ooohh..geet ki bhai haina only u r worried for her..
Boys..yes..when u all made maan as bro..then geet is our why cant we think about her..
When boys n girls were busy with each other maan made his move soon inside n locked the room..he can hear all giggles n teases..maan is desperate to be with geet..but it is truth..he is waiting for this moment..
He looked at geet..she was sitting in mid with veil covered her face..she was twirling her toes..she is nervous..maan took slow steps .. their heartbeats sounded high in that room..maan sat next to her..he lifted her veil..n dropped it on floor..

Maan:moon..chandko bhi tumse aaj jalan hoga’u r so beautiful .. she looked down feeling shy..

maan slowly took her jewels one by one.maang tika,earrings,neck piece…replacing it with kisses gently…geet hugged him closing her felt heavenly..maans hands played on her back n in a second he took of her choli off’
Maan..she gasped..
Maan took her skirt off..geet was feeling shy..though they have been many times together..this feel is different..maan guided her to take his sherwani off..n geet too did it..she too wanted to feel him the same way..soon both were rid off clothes..maan started to kiss her from head to toe..geet was biting her lips n holding the pillow ..he was giving him sweet tortures..maan came to her lips n kissed it gently..geet too took his lips n soon both were lost playing inside their mouth..
Maan:I love u moon..
Geet:I love u too maan..
He came to her belly..n touched it tenderly..he placed smooth butterfly kisses there..
Maan:princess..papa missed u so much..did u missed me..
Geet:baby says..not only the baby..mama too missed babys papa..
Then she felt liquid on her..maan was in tears..

Maan:I am sorry moon..i made all special for u..but this first night is not our first night..i cant make our official SR special..
Geet cupped his face..
Geet:maan:this is also special..we are having our baby with us..why u r thinking like that maan..we are husband n wife..if its before or after it doesn’t matter now.becoz .we are together..n will be for ever..
Maan:thanks moon..for coming into my life..
Geet:I don’t want thank u..
Geet pulled him up to her level n sealed her lips with was getting hard for both..
Maan:moon..if we continue this way.i will not be able to stop myself.i don’t want u both to suffer…u dress up n I will also..soon they dressed up n slept hugging each other..

Days passed .. yash meera n pratik pari also got a gap of month’
maan was caring as always..maan along with his friends n family used to go out for picnics n have was 4months for geet..n her bump was getting visual..
all friends were now in maans farm house..
Geet refused maan first..n as maan said to face her the reality..she accepted..
Arohi n geet was relaxing under the tree watching their respective hubby’s n friends playing football..they cant play ..they only can watch them..they arranged the snacks in the plates n poured the juice in glasses..after some time,all came there to relax..maan layed his head on geet..he was panting..n arjun n yash also were relaxing same way..nowadays all were used to it..before each other..maan turned to bump..
Maan:sry princess..u cant play now..we will play once u come out..
Maan pressed his lips on baby bump..papa loves u baby..he felt some move in his lips.. kicked..
all got anxious..
maan again said:papa loves u baby..he again felt the kick..
maan was in cloud 9..
she kicked again..
now pari n meera kept their hands on geets belly to feel it.. ..
no moments..
arohi has felt it before it did not amuse her.
maan:wo meri beti hai..papa ki beti..
he said proudly..
now they felt the kick..
pari:bhai ..ya..she listens to u..u said baby cant play now..see how she is kicking inside..
geet was also feeling strange sensation..feeling baby inside her..she looked thank fully at maan for the lovely gift..

geet n arohi was they did not went out..maan made both take rest’
n soon both slept..

maan had his own plans..this 3 months he has known lot about geet..she has shared her every happy moments with her parents n the hard time without her father.maan ‘s heart bleeded hearing all those..but was proud,she was strong n faced all those as a single girl fighting against the world..first he want to make her happy..n that’s what he was doing..she had some hesitations..n maan knew what is bugging only he brought her here..

The next day maan blindfolded her eyes n took geet with him..
Maan.what are u doing..
A surprise for u..
The car stopped n then they took lift n reached the place..he opened a cabin n took her inside..he unfolded the cloth..geet adjusted to the light n saw around..the new aroma inside the cabin said its done now only..maan made her sit in the MD chair..
Maan:congrats mrs ..khurana..from today u r the MD of this GM garments..
Geet:maan..mei or MD..
Geet:but maan why..
Maan:you trust u..
Maan:from today take decisions of ur company..
Geet:maan..i don’t know business..
Maan:u know moon..u r my wife n u with u by ur side..
Geet:maan,I cant give time for it..n baby..i don’t want to take any tensions..
Maan:ok.. just till we are here pls
The next she got was a shock as vasanthi’s husband came there n said he was called..geet now knew why her husband asked her to make decisions..she has said to him once she was thankful to the 2 families who supported her in her hard time..middleclass people never take any help which will affect their self he has called him for interview..n geet looked after the vacancy in company n appointed him as the whole incharge of the company as they will be in delhi n someone must look after it..
After he went They heared the knock on the door..
Maan sat opposite to her facing the back to door..
Next person who came in made her sensesnumb’geet tightened her grip on the chair..
Her face turned pale..the flashbacks of him trying to force her came to her he placed the scene she is a bitch before maan..she turned her face in disguist..
Rahul :g.e.e.t..u..u..took over my company..
It was a shock to geet with the means this is shyam garments which she was working once under him..she looked at maan who signaled yes with his eyes..then she knew what must have maan did to him..he never leaves a man who cheats him..n rahul..he is a sinner for would he leave him..
Geet :yes ..n for ur kind information..i am not geet to me with respect..
Rahul gritted his teeth..he want to beg before a girl who worked under him..
Rahul :u cheated me..u trapped me iwith false statements..i export 2nd quality goods..u exchanged my quality goods also…my financiers got back from me becoz of it…its all u behind it..i faced huge loss..
Geet smirked..his face was showing the helplessness..he is nothing without money..the money only made him play with all cant be only geet ..she guessed he must have played with many..
Geet: what u did u got it back..
Rahuls face colour faded..she is taking revenge on him..
Rahul :pls geet..dont do this to me..pls give my company back.. don’t take venom becoz I ..i..misbehaved with u..
Geet:I must have sent u to jail rahul..but thank me..i ve not yet did it..
Rahul did not notice maan till now..he looked at geet’s maritial symbols n baby bump..the villains cant think straight ever..he planned again to trap geet..
Rahul:I know u r not rich..u have married some rich one..i will say ur husband u slept with me..give my company I will not say anything to ur husb’
Then he find himself on floor..punched by maan..
Geet came n stood next to maan..
Geet:he is before u rahul..
Maan:she is my wife.. geet maan singh khurana..
he said with pride..
maan:I thought u will beg before her and ask forgiveness..but I was wrong..
maan punched again n again..
geet :maan leave him or u will kill him..for me..for babys sake leave him..
maan punched him again..rahul was bleeding..still maan couldn’t calm himself..he took a gun n threw it to rahul..he catched it n laughed the evil smile changed into horrified expressions.when he found there is no bullets.he threw it on floor angrily…maan called the peon n all were looking at rahul..who was shouting madly I will kill u both..rahul was tied up n hand overed to police..the gun had his finger prints..rahul was trapped in maans plan..n police assured maneet he will be rotting in jail in attempt of murder..
maan came to rahul:do u know why I am leaving u alive..
he pulled geet by her waist..
maan:becoz of u I got a women like her in my life..who changed a demon into an angel..
rahul dipped his head in shame..
geet was angry at first with maan to give gun to rahul..n maan know his own ways to manofy his moon..saying gun was not loaded n kissing her..
geet met with all her colleagues n made all workers removing away the store keeper ..

After it maan took her to the place where she lived before..n she spent a gud time with two families.after some sweet apologies from her side for not being in touch with them n not calling them 4 her marriage…she came to knew from ranjani maan has made her accept to shift to delhi for better treatment for rajesh n she will be taking care of canteen of KC..geet was glad she could do something in return for them..without geet saying anything maan understood her wish..
They stayed in shimla for a week..n all had lots of each n every step,she felt herself special..maan did not get intimate with her even after 3months..he scared he may hurt his princess..he always gave smooth butterfly kisses to geet n baby..if he got carried away he took his passion on her lips…he took her to heaven kissing her passionately or being rough n wild.. but controlled himself not to get with her physically..she coped upto him in both ways..
After a month when geet openly asked him that she is craving to be with him..he asked dr..n confirmed it is not harmful to geet n baby..then only he got close to her..he made the night very special for them..decorating the bed again like their first night..geet when came inside the room was surprised..finally he has took the step to be with her..maan pulled her close..geet grabbed him tight n her hands instantly went inside his vest feeling his bare back..her every touch was sensually arousing him..he has controlled himself for 5 months n today he has let his emotions free..
Maan:moon..he groaned as she digged her nails on him..he was kissing her madly making her knees jelly..maan felt it..he slowly took of the clothes freeing themselves from barriers..he scooped her n placed her on bed..he was very careful..the fear he may hurt his princes was visible at his every touch..
Geet:maan..pls..i cant handle it more..i want u..
She was pleading him More than the need, ,
Maan:moon..promise me..if u feel small pain too u will say me..we will not proceed it..
Geet:will u shut up n proceed..she shouted on him as he was torturing her n she was waiting for him to give the pleasure..the every minute he hesitated made her mood cranky..
Maan was now used to this..her mood swings makes her shout n sometimes she even broke things if she did not get anything she needs at time or if maan was away from her..
He parted her legs..he bent n kissed the bump..
Maan:princess..i wont hurt u..papa loves u dear..
The baby kicked..
Geet:maan,isn’t ur torture enough for me..u r making baby kick inside me..u don’t love only u r avoiding me..i am no more beautiful..i ve put on weight with bump..
Geet started to cry..n the only way to shut her ..maan smacked his lips on hers..
Maan:don’t ever say I love u..
He entered her gently ..making her feel him inside her..geet maan..ya..hmm..maan..
Her moans made him more insane n he slowly increased his rhythm.. he made love to her without putting the weight on her belly..geet was scratching his skin..he can see how wild she was..n the crave she felt for him..she took it on his skin literally making him bleed’when she felt her climax she felt peace..n maan collapsed near her after the pleasureful night..he kissed geet again..
Maan:are u alright..
Geet snuggled close to him..
Geet:hmm..i love u..sry for saying that’
Maan:I love u too jaan..i know why u said like that..
Geet:thanks for understanding me..
Maan:anything for my angels..but u know..u r wild u have taken ur passion on me me..
Geet:what to do.hubby dear..u made me crave for u..uski natheeja hai ye..but dare u keep away urselves from me again..
Maan:I am ok till u n baby r comfortable ..
After that the nights were always long for them..but maan made her take enough rest n healthy foods too..


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