Strangely in Love – Part 25


All were searching geet madly..maan s heart thought all negatives, which geet did before..but his heart said she is safe n near only..he ran his hands in his hair brushing it back..cursing his fate..why the persons who near me are pushed to darkness’
Maan: moon kahaan ho.dont do anything stupid..after searching full disc,.he moved to the parking,he can take his car n search her out…he smiled seeing the figure standing near his car n sobbing..
Geet came out as the humiliation she faced she couldn’t bare..any respectful girl in that place cant hear it..she couldn’t say anything back..somewhere that is half truth..she is with maan..the outer world don’t know about them..n all could only think that way..maan who is related to girls only for bed is caring for geet..who will believe it..n if all asked why geet is with him..what can he say..they are living together..this relation ship is based only on pleasure..she has read his eyes..which shows immense love on her..but he himself said..he doesn’t believe in love or marriage..then how can his eyes express love..she denied the fact which her heart said..we are used to be with each other..thats all..geet want to get rid of this relation..her insecurities are growing up facing the world..which thinks now as one among the filth..she cant stop them its 2 girls..tomorrow it will be 4 then 40 then 100s..she have to face it again n again..if 1 girls speech can broke her into she will face the world ..she want to go somewhere any place where she can hide herself from this humiliation..but where she will go..she knew no one..n she has faced this cruel wont let her live peacefully..she knew only maan..her legs took her to his car waiting for him..but she cant control her tears..the gaze which she felt on still lingered over her..she felt thousands of needles pricking her body..only that she could do was shed tears thinking about her messed life..whenever she forget herself,her past comes infront ..happiness is never written in her fate..she thought’.
All his friends also reached parking ,searching maan..he took slow steps..nearing her..geet sensed him standing back’he turned her n saw the fat tears rolling down..he want to shout at her for leaving like that..but he couldn’t..he cupped her face n gently kissed the tears..
His friends tried to near maneet but were stopped by their pairs..
Arohi:I think we must leave them alone..
Pari:ya..he can handle her now..
Meera:n this will make bhai think more about them..
Pari: prathik cant u see the love in his eyes..
Meera: the way he said she is her life..his possessiveness holding her all the time..
Arohi: ya..maan bhai is fallen for her..u all want him to be happy na..geet is his happiness..n she will wash all his sorrows..
Pari: now all sorted na..come lets go n have dinner some where else..unki khushi bhi hum celebrate karthe hain..
Arjun: hmm..u all r right..we must give space to them..
Arohi: ok..tomorrow morning remind him..our reception is at evening..
Arjun: jeise aap kahei mam..
All laughed n went leaving maneet alone..

Maan opened his car n made her sit in passenger seat..he took the wheels.geet was sobbing silently..her face has mixed emotions..pain she angry at me..why cant it be…its all becoz of she is in this position..but how I am going to rectify it…he want to say many things but felt short of words..
The drive was silent..his one hand went n entwingled with her’comforting her’he pressed her hands’she looked at him with teary eyes..
Maan gathered all his courage n tried to express what he is feeling..he opened his mouth to say..she cut him off..
Geet:maan,pls don’t say anything for some time..i want to be alone..
Maan swallowed his words..will he ever able to say what he is feeling now..maan looked forward at the road driving silently’he could hear her slowed down..when they reached his house,geet was fallen asleep..maan carried her to the bed..the stains of tears was still there..he tucked her in spread..he changed n layed next to her..sleep was far away from him..his moon is not in his arms to give him that peaceful sleep..he looked at the room..the same room which echoed there laughs few hours its no more..the silence in his room killed him..he turned to geet..
Maan:moon,u r hurt..becoz of me..u r not a filth like them..ur sacrifice for ur mother is pure..they all are filth who slept with me..but u r pure n divine..u r pure like milk..u r such a girl that I ve never seen in my life..u r the moon in my dark sky..u r the light of my will I console u moon..i ve slept with girls..i know u r hurt with that girls words..but its my in my life,ive no one..its only you..only my moon ..he bent n kissed her forehead..he took her in his arms n placed her head in his chest..she snuggled close to him in sleep..he caressed her back n slowly drifted to sleep thinking will he be able to voice out his feelings again..he felt so helpless..’
How will she react the next morning’.

Next morning..maan n geet were cuddled with each other..maans leg was between her thighs..he was nuzzling his nose near her neck ..geet was pulling him more in her sleep n moaning a little.’.they were sleeping like this for several days n it has become natural..maan placed butterfly kisses..she threaded his hair..he gently rubbed his leg between her legs..she was still in same frock..n her bare legs came in contact with his legs..geet stiffed..she opened her eyes .his hands slided her frock n made its entry to her softness..she was having goose bumps…he was creating havoc inside her in his sleep..but the incidents began to run over in her..if it was another day she would have given up easily to his ,only the girls voice was ringing inside much u get for a night..what is ur price..i am a filth..this body is stained..her body became numb under him..feeling it,maan woke up only to see him over her..his hands inside her dress..seeing her cold,he immediately took his hands off..
Maan:erm..moon..i..i am sorry..
Maan st: what he thought yesterday..n what I am doing now..he is proving her,he needs her physically only..he stopped her by holding her wrist..she pulled it off n moved to washroom like a zombie..he slapped his forehead..why I did it..why I cant control my feelings..before I say what is running inside me..
Maans phone buzzed..
Arjun:hello maan..gud morning..
Maan:gud morning..
He said mechanically..his voice said his feel..
Arjun:maan,is everything is geet..u r sounding low…
Maan:hmm..she is not reacting..thats what killing me..arjun:talk to her maan..till u open up n say what u feel for her..she wont come out of her state..its hard for any girls to digest..
Maan:hmm..say why you called me..
Arjun:I called u to remind is our reception..i want you both at time..
When maan finished his phone,he saw geet has already gone out..he freshed up n waited for her to bring his coffee..but nakul came with his coffee..he was disappointed..he took the coffee n smiled..
However she may be upset..she made coffee for him..only she can give this taste..
He finished the coffee..
He got call from adi..
They both chatted for a while..
Adi:’ them double the amount..
Adi:today u have an important meeting at 8 sir..
Maan looked at the time..its 7.30 already..
Maaan:cant u postponed it..
Adi:no will be really a mile stone for KC..n the client will be abroad for a u have to attend it..
Maan:ok..he said without interest..geets silence has took away his chirpness..he felt all irritating without her nearby..
He kept the phone n came down..geet was making breakfast for him..nakul was arranging the dining..
Maan:moon..get ready..we have meeting at 8..
Geet stirring the pan..did not look into his eyes..
Geet:wo..i will join u later..
He can see her clearly,she is not interested to come with him..she is fearing the rumours..what the staffs would be thinking about her n maan..she is rejecting not for herself..for him..his respect..what if someone points their relation infront of him..maan will make him dead..
She placed the break fast..he had it silently n went to kc..the works kept him held up..he tried to speak with her..nakul always gave maan some excuse..she is not near bye..she is sleeping..or in garden..
Maan came soon home to take her to reception..he saw her worn out..he tried to talk with her..she answered in mono syllabus..he told her to get ready for reception..arjun arohi called them..
Geet rejected to come with him.. there will be no answers ,if their relationship was pointed in arjun arohi’s will be a big issue..n least she wanted the happy moments to get the last night not enuf ..maan tried his best to convince her..this time geet was stubborn in her decision..n she asked maan to go n attend the function..maan left half heartedly..
Though his friends were disappointed they want to give time for geet..
After reception,they all decided to meet geet in maans house the next day..
When maan returned he saw geet sleeping..she did not wait for his return..the sudden distance of her was making him break inside..
Precap:chahiye kya..?geet looking at the strip in her hand…


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