Strangely in Love – Part 27


Maan was driving’n nakul was next to him..geet pari n meera in middle..yash n prathik were in last seat..all were happy chit chatting hearing the arrival of arjuhi’s baby’n planning different things what to buy for the pair n gift geet was already aloof,they all did not concentrate much on her drawing back to shell..maan was hearing them all with a smile on his face..but his concentration was on the road..he sometimes looked at geet from his corner of his eyes..
geet was looking outside window..

so he couldnt see her face..only nakul was the one who saw geets emotions thru the mirror..he noticed her hands on her stomach..carressing normally comes to every mother to feel the baby..geet was not out of it..
Here geet was fighting with herself..
Feeling to be a mother cant be described in words..that too when its symbol of your love..yes.she is so happy…its her maans gift..maans part is inside me..the fetus is growing inside me..
we are going to be parents it is not only two of us..the third member is going to come soon..our marriage life is completed maan..with the arrival of our all worries vanished like thin air maan..
That thought only stopped her from flying high..she was back to reality..
Her every meetings with maan flashed on her..n the thing when she came to his bed..he gave her the before pills..
Later too after he shared his past..he said
Geet remembered those words..thats when she became numb..
if she says to maan how will he react..
will he accept this child..
what if he said that I trapped him..
no he wont think me like that..
he himself has said..i am pure n divine..
its only for me..but baby..what if he rejects the baby..
or what if he says to abort it.. wont..
if he accepts the baby too..what will be its future..
what the outer world will say..
an illegimate child..
all will treat the baby like that only..will the baby be able to face this cruel world..
is she not enuf to suffer..that she will give the baby the same suffering..
geet turned pale thinking itself..
no..he is my husband..n this baby is after our marriage..its result of love..not illegimate child..

but who will believe..
even maan wont believe u..

I will ask him to marry me infront of world..

But will he marry me..
He hates marriage..
Now by saying about child n if I ask him to marry me..he will surely think..i trapped him..he will feel me too like pammi..he will hate me..i cant see his hatredness..
Then what will I do..
Her innerself questioned her..if u cant face his hatredness then u must abort the baby..n u must live the life like this as a keep to him..n when he gets bored of you..u must leave him..
Geet shook her head in no..
No I wont abort my baby.
.i must do something to save my baby..
i wont let any one hurt my baby..i will protect it..

If a mom n a wife fights..only a mother will win..a true mom will do all things to protect her baby from all miseries..
Love is sweeter than honey..n bitter as bitter gourd has two sides..if it can make one feel will make them strong too..her love to maan was strong ..but her love towards her child made her weak..she wants to save her child..n that’s the only thing ran in her her motherhood she forgot all the care maan took for her..
She must take care of baby..n give it a respectful future..she will give birth to it n bring up with dignity..she will be single mother ..n take care of it..she will cook some stories if someone asks about the father..but she will now not live with maan..for her child she must go away from him..for babys future, she will undergo any pain..she can do housekeeping too..but she will give the baby a bright future..she cant give a luxury life like maan..but she will give a respectful future..
If she lives with maan without any relation, the baby will be humiliated..n any mom would not like it..she decided..she will leave maan..
But now the question she will say to will she ask him to leave her..
Maan dropped everyone n only the 3 went back home..maan stopped the car before his house..nakul got down n saw geet still lost..he touched her shoulder..she jerked n saw they have reached home..
She got down n followed nakul..she was nervous..n it was clear as she was fiddling the corner of her sari ..nakul went to clean up kitchen’
Maan gave the key to another servant to park the car..n he came inside’

Maan was now really very eager to speak to geet..
He called his another servant deepak..he came to maan..
Maan: the work I gave you..
Deepak: its done sir..
Maan: ok..u all servants can go now..
Deepak: ok sir..
Deepak saw the twinkle in maans eyes..which was like a small boy who is eagerly waiting for his candy to get from his near ones..
He wished whatever maan has thought must go smooth..
Maan went to his study n took a note pad..n wrote..
My dear Geet,
Come to terrace..
I am waiting for u..
Maan folded the paper to send this to geet..
He saw nakul going to his room with milk for geet..
He stopped nakul n kept the paper under the glass..
Nakul thought its something gud..the glow on maans face n his restlessness like a love sick puppy..
After nakul went to their room,geet came to maans study..
Maan: moon..i..
Geet looked at him..his eyes was expressing so much love.. cant be love..its pity..he pities me..becoz he thought he took my sanity’so I attempt suicide..its only geet..dont look at him..say what u came to say before u get under his spell..
Geet:wo..i want to talk to u..
She avoided his eyes..she looked every where than him..
Maan:yes moon..mei bhi..
She stopped him..
Geet:first I’ll say..
Maan:yes ..i am listening..
Geet turned her back to him..she closed her eyes n gathered the courage..
Geet:when will ur pay back get over maan..
Maan stood confused..he has long forgotten his words..which he said to geet only to keep her safe..
Geet:when will you free me from this relation..
Maan stumbled at his feet..
Did he hear it right..she asked me to free her..
Maans voice trembled..
Geet:I don’t want to stay with u maan..i have my own life..i want to be free from you..i was staying with you thinking if my pay back is over you will free me..but.the days moved to months..u did not free only I am asking u..
Maan stood numb..

Geet turned n saw him standing emotionless..he was hurt..she has brutally hurt him ..ignoring to live with him..she has made herself rock before saying the bitter lie..she don’t want to be with her husband..but she must..for her baby..
Geet stepped forward to touch his shoulder..he jerked n showed his index finger..

Geet: maan..i..
Maan just left the place leaving her..he stood beside the door of study room silently crying there..

Geet ran to the pooja room n fell on her knees before the idol of god..
Why ..why are u playing with my life..i asked u for a reason to live..but I did not expect this.i hurt him becoz of my baby..
She touched her stomach..

jo mere under palraha hai..uska kya kasur tha..why it must be kept away from its dads shadow..n what will I say when the child grows n ask me about his can I say ..ur dad don’t know he is my husband”he filled my maang the very night I lost myself to him..i am living with him till now becoz I think him as will I say to the outer world this baby is the symbol of our love..not will I go to maan n say.he is going to become a father..what should I expect from him..wrath or love..i cant face his hatred to me..i will leave him with the memories he gave to me..before it changes to bitter..
She failed to see the two eyes looking at her confession before god’
She was sobbing continuosly..nakul came n touched her shoulder..
Nakul: beta..its too late go n sleep.its not gud for ur health to wake up late night…we will talk tomorrow morning..n ur god will bring new rays of light in ur life..
He said with hidden meaning..geet though did not understand..she thought of needs rest..i cant let my baby suffer becoz of me..
She went to the room.maan was not there’she knew he must be hurt,,.she saw the milk..she took it..her baby needs it more than her..then only she saw the note under it’n read it..she did not notice the words..dear geet or yours maan..

Maan called me to terrace..but why? Why he want to talk with me..may be about what I said..
She moved to the terrace..with so many confusions n questions bugging her that she failed to see the decorations of the steps which took her to terrace..the full way decorated with candles she was walking in bed of roses’
Maan was there standing showing her back to her..he was looking at the sky lost in it..he was searching his parents again was no moon day..n there was no light in the sky..
Maan smiled moon will also leave me like this?
Geet :aap ne muje bhulaya..
Maan turned to her..she tried to read his eyes which was now blank..
He looked her like piercing her soul ..trying to go inside her heart n read what is there..
Geet couldn’t face the intensity of his eyes..she turned to go..when she felt a tug on her saree’she felt her emotions rushing n she will blutter the truth..
Maan:did u mean what u said..
Geet: wo..erm..yes..
Maan:face me n look at me n say..

She know she cant..she down casted her eyes n said
Geet: I want to be free maan..say why u called me..
Maan:hmm..but it doesn’t matter more..
She could feel the tug of her pallu more n her saree sliding from her shoulder..

she clutched the saree over her chest n turned n looked at maan..he took away her sari fully..
Her voice chocked at her throat.

.he came n scooped her n placed her on something..she felt soft n she looked at the surroundings..which was decorated with full of candles..n the floor is full of red roses..
Maan: give me my pay back for last time. if u really want 2 go, I set u free..but stay with me for today night..n u r set free from tomorrow..
Maan looked at the geet who was looking at decorations..
Maan: waise..i want light on the no moon day..something different from our usual sleeping only this arrangement..gud na..
Geet looked at him shocked’

precap:geet was blank under him…


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