Strangely in Love – Part 29


Maan :have ur break fast fully..
He said in a stern voice…
Geet st:did he order me..
But still when the emotions chock her throat how will she swallow her food..
She is all alone in this world without any penny or shelter..even to confirm pregnancy test she borrowed money from nakul..if she goes out from here..what will she do? Where will she go..atleast for few days till she get a job she must have some will she ask maan..everything was zero’blank like an empty paper.n nothing seemed in its right place..who else can know about this cunning world than can she forget the men always behind her n the lustful she is going to face this world alone..
Thinking all she was playing with the food..
Maan took the spoon n started to feed her..
Geet looked at him..he has hidden his emotions very well…
Maan: have it geet..
Geet so much wanted to tell him..she hate him calling geet..she is his moon..
Geet opened her mouth..
Shayad..this will never repeat in my life again..n my baby wont get the luck to be feeded by papas hands..
She made him feed her fully..their eyes locked..the sooner they look at each other, the faster they averted their eyes,, both don’t want to show their emotions to others..
Maan gave her water to drink’
She got up n took slow steps to the hall..she looked the house for the last time..
She took steps towards her bag to take it..
That’s the last string..maan lost his patience..
Maan:Do u really want to go away from me geet..
No answer..
Am I that bad moon..
His voice chocked n both of their eyes started to moist..
Am I that bad moon..bolo geet.. jawab do..till now I thought u r comfortable with me..but u proved me wrong..i ve never forced u in any things than making u stay with me here..that too for ur life sake..i never thought,I did not gain ur share ur feelings with me..the pain u had inside u..i failed ..maan singh khurana failed to be a gud friend’ failed to get his wives trust..
Geet looked at him shocked..
Maan:kyun shock gayi kya..shock tho muje laga tha when I heared u saying it to god yesterday..
Geet stood shocked..he heared everything..
Maan continued..

Don’t u feel geet,that u r taking my part with u..
am I that bad geet..that u did not tell me that u r carrying my child..

Geet nodded her head in no..her tears were wetting her cheeks..he knew she is pregnant..n that’s why he is broken fully’
Am I that bad geet,that u hided the biggest truth to me..
Am I that bad geet, u want to keep my child away from me..
Am I that bad geet,u don’t want me to get the happiness of being a father..
Maan broke down completely..
Go geet..go..i am freeing u from this dark life of mine..leave me alone to suffer..waise..maan doesn’t deserve any happiness of his life..tum bhi jao..dur..bohut,I wont come to u back..u also think I am bad..i cant keep u happy..i cant give my child ,what a father should give..i deserve a painful life..i forgot my life from when u entered my life. ..from when I saw u ,u stopped my world..i have habituated to u..nothing else comes to my mind other than u…i always thought about u..i never felt my pain..seeing u,taking care of u,making u smile,I don’t know I forgot my pain in u’thanks for reminding me geet..its just a dream..u came like an angel..n angels don’t stay with a heartless person like my dreams are broken..u have made me awake from my deep slumber..u showed me who I am..thanks..thanks for everything..

Geet opened her mouth.searching for words.tears flowing from her eyes continuously seeing him break down..the hard n rock hearted MSK..the world fears for him..but here he is crying before his wife..
Geet came near him n took her hands to wipe his tears nodding her head..she don’t want to go..
Maan:no geet..let it flow..let the tears show me that I am still not dead after hearing that you are going from me with my child..
I have no right on the child haina geet..thats why you did not say me,I am going to be a father..
Geet:I ..thought u will ..feel like ..I betrayed u… like pammi …in name of pregnancy..n who will trust if I say its ur baby..
She hesitatingly said whats bothering her..
Maan:no..not a word more geet..itna hi trust tha compared yourself with that bitch pammi..n how can u ever think ,I will think low about can u think low about yourself mo..
He stopped..
maan: can I doubt my baby..its mine are with me 24×7 ..even if u say its not mine . I know it is my baby..i did not expect this from you urself made urself low before me..if u have said u think me as husband I would have accepted it geet..becoz I trust u..more than myself..mei tho hosh mei nehi tha us raath..but u was..i don’t know when I filled ur maang..but u I was thinking how to ‘
He stopped..
Maan: Chodo..i waited full night for u to say me the gud news.i want to hear it from you..from your mouth.i want to feel ,how it will be if i hear it from you..but u didn’ wife didnt say me I am going to become a father..u did not trust me enough geet’..
Geet looked at him..she was happy that he considers the baby as his..n her as wife.he didnot doubt once..
Maan whipped his tears ..his face was showing ,that he has decided something..

Maan called nakul
Maan: kaka,adi is in guest room..he has some papers with him..get it from him..
Nakul nodded n went to guest room..adi was there with two more peoples..
Adi:yes kaka..
Nakul:maan asked the papers from you..
He took some papers from his bag n gave it to him..
Nakul: adi, can u say what is this papers..
Adi sighed..
Adi: some papers which will keep geet financially fit till her entire life..
Nakul nodded n came out..
Nakul st:I thought their confrontation will make them to get together..but,why this papers then’babaji meher karna..i told him geet is pregnant.. maan told he knew about it..n he knew what to do..what is in maans mind..all are confusing..i thought maan will marry geet infront of world knowing that geet thinks him as husband n he is going to become a father’then why he is giving so much money to her’

Geet dipped her head..she is at fault..she did not understand her maan..he would have accepted the truth..

Maan :chup..bilhul chup.. when u hided about our baby itself,u have lost that right geet.. itni bada jute bolne ki kya zarurath thi..u asked me when the pay back will finish..u hurted me a lot..u killed ur maan yesterday itself..jaanthi ho tum..i did not sleep the whole night..just looking at my love forming inside you.keeping my hands over ur stomach…i couldn’t cherish the gud news..becoz u want to leave me..u want to keep away my ansh from me..i deserve it geet..yes I deserve it..
Maan:meine kahaan na..not a word from ur mouth more..
He said angrily..
Maan:I waited for u to speak..but u did u wont speak suna tumne..its my time..
Geet shut her mouth..she don’t know what to the guilt ate her..for hiding the biggest truth from him..

Nakul came to maan n gave the papers..he stood at corner..he has called dadi..if she did not come in time…today he will interfere in their matter.

Maan gave geet the papers..
She looked at him confusingly..
Maan:this paper is ur house documents of Mumbai which u left in auction..this paper is ur fathers industries paper..i ve bought it under ur name..n this is bank deposits’this will be enough for ur life time..u don’t want to depend on anyone..i don’t want my baby n my wife to suffer the rest of their life..u are now free from maan singh khurana..
he stopped..
Haan before u leave..i want to show u someone..
Maan pulled her arms n took to guest room..
Her eyes widened seeing the two peoples there..her mother n taiji..
She rooted seeing them..her mother is alive..she was blaming herself these days thinking her mother is no more..
Maan:u wont be alone in this world geet..u will have ur family with u..
Ranos eyes glittered seeing geet..she was in wheel chair..
Rano talked splitting her words..g..u..d..i..a…
she was having trouble to speak..
Taiji :gudia..
Geet broke down n started to cry holding maans legs..he thought only about her n her happiness..she is sure maan had found about her mom n taiji from adi…when he can find there past life in they lost their n dads business.he brought everything back to her..
she became selfish ..selfish in her motherhood..she did not think about maans happiness..the way he treated her..the care he took for her..i failed to see the love in his eyes..its only love..not pity..mei dekh kar bhi andekha kardiya..even after knowing about his past painful life..i decided to leave him…
her tears were flowing like a river..

maan lifted her up on her feet harshly..
rano n taiji were looking maneet.why geet did not come to them running..why she fell on maans knees n crying..why this man is behaving rudely with her..they were about to question..adi stopped them..
adi: this is my boss..maan..till they say..i want u both to remain calm..let them sort out..pls..i request u..
his plead stopped them..becoz they knew maan was the one who was taking care of ranos expenses till now..he only took her abroad n treated her there..later they found taiji n sent her also to America to help rano..they were very much greatful for this man who brought rano out from coma’
maan: dammit geet..stop ur tears..i cant see it..
her eyes filled with different emotions..questioning him..after so much hurt too why he is caring for her..he knew her ..he can read that eyes..
maan: becoz I love u dammit’
phew…now say how was the roller caster is last part…the end of this ss..


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