Strangely in Love – Part 30


maan: becoz I love u dammit…
his words echoed the room..all four..rano, taiji,adi n nakul looked at maan..first two were shocked..but the other two were happy hearing maans confession..
geet looked at him speechless.. bewildered..shocking..happy…his words echoed in her ears again n again..i love u..the words which every girl want to hear from her beloved ones..she heared it..she cant believe..maan proposed her before all..she blinked her eyes looking at maan..
maan left the room immediately..he has stopped himself not to say to her..but he confessed in the flow of emotions..
geet looked at her mama n taiji..she want to go to them ..hug them..n cry in their laps..but now maan was important to her..she looked at both n said
geet:pls mama taiji..i will be back..
she did not wait for their reply..she ran behind him leaving them confused..why she chose maan over them…
nakul stopped her: beta..dont run..dere chalo..bache keliye achi nehi hai..
he said in concern..
geet nodded her can she forget it..she walked fast n did not run..
she searched every where ..maan was not in any room..she stopped at the terrace steps..the petals of roses lead her up..
maan did this for surprise me..but I spoiled it…
she wiped her happy tears..
geet: no maan..i will not let u go away from me..ur moon wont go..ur baby needs u maan..ur moon needs u..
she took the steps n saw him standing there..he was taking his frustration n anger punching the walls..his hands were bleeding..
geet came n hugged him from back..she can feel him stiff..he is forcing himself not to react to her hug..
geet:maan..why are you hurting yourself..i only hurt u na..punish me maan..dont punish yourself..i am sorry maan..i..
maan came out of her hug n turned to her..

maan: sorry for what geet..u don’t want to be sorry for me..becoz I have no place in ur life..mei hi tho pagal hoon..tumhare aage peeche goomraha tha..from the day 1 I saw u I lost myself..i thought it as mere attraction..n it will get rid after I get u..but it didn’t..everyday it was growing more n I was thinking why..n when dadi asked me what is my relation with u..i started to think..when I left all girls behind me..why I am feeling ur pain as mine..why I want you to be safe n secure..why I want to see you ,if u r not around me..why ur smile matters me most..why I cant leave u for a second..if I was really interested in u, then why I did not use u every night..why I maintained distance..
..when I have not shared my pain with my dadi too..why I told u my past. when u asked me to take ur pain we came together.i cherished my every moments with u..i never gave u the pills like I gave u on our first night..becoz somewhere I felt our togetherness is not a sin..i started to feel butterflies thinking about you..even in meetings I thought only about you..every where I saw you..every day I will think why it is so..
n finally I found it..i am falling for u..i cant live without you…n finally I decided to confess my feelings for you yesterday..see all this the candle melted n roses faded u too made me realize..what I thought was just my dream..but a beautiful dream to love ..u broke the dream bringing back me to reality…
the man who hates love..
who thinks the word love can only poison ur life was in LOVE..
started to think about
but his moon left him …did not trust him…I don’t know geet..if I can again trust this word love in my life..anyways thanks for making me feel that I too have an emotion like love..
geet tried to speak..but he did not let her..he continued..
maan: but u r right at your place geet. u r right…u must have thought a man like me can never be a man only for u..n baby… u r right to think about its future..all will call it as a child of ruthless, heartless, characterless person like me…right decision geet..u chose baby over me ..n I really love you for the love u have on our baby..sry..ur baby..its only urs na..
geet could not hold herself more..his accusations on himself she died thousands of death hearing it..she want to stop him..but he is nowhere to stop or hear her.she pulled him close n smacked her lips on his..she was wild ..she took his lips harshly..her teeth pierced his lips n made him bleed..he was shocked at the sudden kiss..n her being wild..
geet: I love you maan
maan let her kiss him..when she gave him break for air,he asked her..
maan: moon,will u leave me n go.. maan..ur moon will not leave u n go..ur moon loves you than her life..
..she said inside his mouth n again kissed him hard..
Geet:never accuse urself maan..she hugged him tight..

geet:I cant live without u maan..i love u so much..
maan was happy hearing her confession..he held her slim waist n responded to her kiss ..

both forgot themselves n deepened the kiss..geet took his hands n kept on her stomach..

geet :maan..we are going to be parents maan..ur baby…we both love you maan…wont u love ur baby..
she said very cutely showing puppy face..maan could only smile..she atlast said..
he bent on his knees n slided her sari exposing her stomach..he looked at geet who was looking at him with all love n acceptance..
maan pressed his lips on her stomach..n hide his face there..
maan:I love u princess..papa loves you a lot..
geet felt her skin warm..
she cupped maans face n saw him crying..

geet:I am sorry for hiding the truth..but my insecurities…i love u maan..n I want to be loved..i want baby to be with both of us.. in haste I took that decision of leaving u..i promise..i will never keep u away from ur will be papas princess.. chodo un sab batho ka maan.that will pain us…pls ..lets start fresh..with our sweet memories..
maan:are u sure will be tough for u to handle maan singh khurana..
geet loved this attitude..
geet: ya..ur moon is all ready to face..but not maan singh khurana..but her maan..her babys father..who is cry baby now..she pinched his nose..
maan: kya karun ..meri patni tho mujei rothei hue dekna chathi hai..
geet: am sry maan..
the naughtiness again changed to serious..
maan stood up n cupped her face..there was something bothering her..
maan:what is bothering u..
geet: what I will say to mama..i mean..
maan:I will handle me..for once..i wont say I am pure..but I promise..after u came, there was no other girl in my life..n I assure u ..only u will be in my life in my future too..i will never broke ur trust..i will be a gud father to our baby
geet: I trust u maan..i know my maan did not look at other girls..only if he is in pain he needs it..but I know he never looked at girls after me..n I promise u..i will not let that pain again come near u..i will be the healer in ur life..i will take all ur past bitter memories from ur life..n there will be no pain…I will be there with u till eternity..i want only my maan husband to walk with me throughout this life..
both confessed their feelings..
maan captured her lips..he nibbled her slowly n sucked her juicy lips..taking all the honey sweet from it..geet sucked his upper lips..she opened her mouth giving him entry..his tongue tasted her every nook n corner playing with hers..geet too tried to keep upto his passion..both broke the kiss for air..geet blushed seeing his bed room eyes..
maan went on his knees..

geet looked at him like what now?
Maan:me..maan singh khurana..for u ur maan..wants to ask u something..
Geet: what?
Maan took a ring from his pocket..
Maan:will u marry me before this world..i want to show this world how lucky maan is to get his moon as his wife…
For Geet it was too much to get shock in one day…
First his confession accepting her as wife n the baby..
Just now he accepted his love n straightly he asked for marriage..she need the name for this relation before world..she did not voice it out..but he knew it..what she wants who can know other than him..

Maan: geet,are u thinking to make me kneel like this for hours..reply soon jaan..
Haiyee..geet was flat..
Maan:will u marry me ..sweet heart..
Geet:yes..but with one condition..
Maan: condition.. what?
Geet:u will call me moon like always..
Maan:yes moon..
Geet:then I too agree for this marriage..she smiled n he too smiled..she accepted him..after so much of pain there was peace in them ..

Maan slipped the diamond ring in her fingers n kissed it..
their love was in air washing away the emotional tortures they went through in this two days..

Maneet shared a tight hug..maan kissed her forehead..
Maan:I love you moon..
Geet:I love u too maan..
Both their eyes expressed their love openly like a mirror..
Maan scooped her..

Geet:maan,what are u doing..i can walk..
Maan:my moon is princess wants to have some rest..
Maan moved to their room n placed her on bed..

Geet:maan..can I ask u one thing..
Maan:yes dear..
Geet:why u did not say to me about my mom..
Maan sighed n sat next to her taking her hands in his..
Maan:when I found u r virgin..n I took ur priceless guilt ate me..n when I came to know from adi u sent the money to hospital I enquired about u..n came to know about ur mom..when I found u r missing from the time ur mom slipped in coma I couldn’t forgive my self..i sent adi to take care of ur mother..he shifted her abroad for further treatment..n that day I found u half guilt mocked me..n I was pushed in my own darkness of making u like,I decided to ask you forgive me..if I have told about ur mother u would have forgiven me for ur moms sake..but I don’t want it..i want true forgiveness from ur heart..n when u told me u have forgiven me n its not my fault ,I would have told you..but my feelings towards u..stopped me to say to u..what if u left me n go to ur mother..i want to confirm what is inside me..n when I started to feel it is love..i wanted to know what u feel for me..i don’t want ur love thinking that I helped ur mother..i don’t want that gratitude of love..i want true love from my moon..deep from her heart..not with great fulnesss ..
U told me u studied in I asked my team to enquire about ur family..n I got all was ur life n how suddenly my moon was left alone in this world..n she took her mom to shimla for treatment…i heared about taiji..she was searching for u ..i contacted her n asked her to take care of ur mother..she accepted n now all is before u now..
Geet:maan,u did all for me..
Maan pecked her lips..
Maan:no..not for u..for me..
He smiled seeing her frown..
Maan:ur smile is only my happiness geet..i did for my happiness..
Geet:I am so lucky have u in my life..she said very emotionally..
Maan:no the luckiest person to have u in my life..
Maan:yes dear..
Geet:I will go n meet my mom n taiji.. u rest a little..i will send them here..
Geet:will mom hate me maan..
Maan:geet..she will not hate u..i promise..i said na..i will take care of u take rest..n take care of my princes.
Geet:maan..what if it’s a prince..
Maan:wah moon..have u got any memory loss.when we are upstairs u agreed it will be papa’s princess now u r saying prince..
Geet:wo tab ka..but I want a boy..
Maan:no geet..i am sure it will be a girl..bilkul tumhari tara..
Geet:maan it will be prince..
Dadi knocked their door which was kept open..
Dadi entered..
Dadi:I did not think u will do this to me geet..
She said in an angry tone..
Geets eyes filled..
Maan:dadi wo..
Dadi:aap mujse baath math kariye..u too..hided it from me..

Dadi:how can u do this to me..say u both..i am becoming great grand ma..n u both did not say me..
Geet was tongue tied..dadi did not question their relation..
Geet bent n took her blessings..
Dadi cupped geets face n placed a loving kiss on geets forehead..
Dadi:god bless u beta..
She only sobbed hugging her..
Maan:uff dadi..u scared me..
Dadi:now u know what is scaring much u scare all of us showing ur big big eyes..
Geet chuckled in dadi’s embrace..
Maan:dadi..i..we..her mother..
Dadi:I know it from adi beta..i was only thinking why she agreed for this relation..n that too I got the answer..u r her husband..unknowingly u did a gud bringing this angel in ur life..n I didn’t meet her mom yet..i want to know what have u told them..
Maan:dadi..i did not tell them anything..they only know geet is in delhi working in my company..dadi..i want to marry geet before u wished..with blessings of both families..
Dadi:thank u so much..maan..i am so happy to hear this from you..i will talk to her mom..
geet: but dadi..i am pregnant..n how will I say mom..that i..
dadi:u r a great daughter..ur mother must be proud of it..but I know how to make ur mom agree without knowing the truth behind u being living together..
maan:dadi..i will talk to her mom.. bade ki baath hai..i will handle this..n u just listen to me..this is an order..

maan:ok dadi..
maan nodded like an obeying son..


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