Arranged marriage
which can make two seperate souls
bound together..
sometimes we feel
how can two unknown persons become one
just by tying the knot..
it starts with physical relation..
but ends in love..
ya..we fall in love with the person we are married..
its the power of the magical word MARRIAGE
it is said that marriages are made in heaven..
n the marriages which get the blessings of their family n elders lasts long..
here too its the story of two individual peoples..
maan n geet..
tied by a sacred knot..
but how they become the soulmates..n better half..
they too have same opinions
they too have differences..
but end they are one..maneet…my magical pair..

here i am guys with my another ff to torture u
n make u all spam me n curse me lovingly for my late updates..
i can only say..i cant keep my itching hands away 2 start this..
all credit goes to shruthe for making me go against my own decision..
again i cant assure how i can give this update
regularly or not.


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