This Life is Yours – Part – 44

Maa pls help us to get out from this place ..
geet prayed to god n opened her eyes only to see a snake looking at them. They can’t move nor shout
Geet took jaanu close to her n moved back as if they have big space.
both maneet were thinking how to get rid of their enemies. N now to save from snake too..
The snake hissed…
Maaan was searching something like a stick .so that he could move the snake. Geets voice interrupted him
Maan:haan geetu..
Geet:can u hold jaanu for a minute..
Without waiting for his answer she passed jaanu to him.

What he saw just stunned him. His eyes popped out witnessing geets bravery n her mind calculation.
Geet grabbed the snake near its head, so it cant move n she threw it on the side where goons were searching them.
Both sighed in relief as the goons got scared n backed up seeing the snake.

TaKing the chance they both ran from there.
they were panting heavily…n if this continues they will be caught..both were thinking something to do…how to escape…
more over the foots crushing the dry leaves n geets payal was showing them their places…

Geet saw a rabbit moving. She stopped n took it before it runs from that place. Jaanu was happy seeing the cute rabbit..
jaanu..papa rabbit..
Maan:geetu, what are you doing.
Geet: diverting the goons.
She removed her payal n weared it aroung the rabbit n let it go in opposite direction..
Maneet heared a gun shot..
Geet: they shot the snake. We must move before they come here.
Maneet moved .the moon light was showing them way to move inside the jungle.
They heared the goons saying…payal ki awaaz istharaf aarahi hai… they went in opposite direction where ma aneet were. Maan now knew why geet did it…but to add misery the rain started to pour heavily soaking them. .maan took his coat covering his baby..they found a cave n both entered it hiding the entrance place with the branches of tree..
Maneet sighed in relief.. They are safe.

Geet opened the water bottle n filled it with rain water n gave to jaanu, who was cribbing some time before for water. She had it.n maneet too filled there empty stomach with water.
.maan scratched two stones n lighted the dry leaves giving them source of light n warmth..
Maneet cleaned the space by there foot n started to dry their clothes..
Geet removed jaanus frock n placed it on the wall of cave so it may dry soon..
Maan..u must also dry your self.

Geet removed her sari n blouse tying her skirt above her chest..she tied the ends of sari in two corners. Maan also undressed leaving his dress to dry.. The three sat before the fire.Maan was leaning on the wall n geet on his chest with jaanu over both..

The silence was killing them.after they felt their breathe was normal maan looked at geet n said..
Maan:geetu,u took away my breathe when you caught the snake.
Geet: maan, I know how to catch the creatures. Ive taught in my Palace. Today only I used that for first time.
Maan was rubbing her back.
Maan:hmm.. Your mind works fast than mine. The way you diverted the goons by wearing your payal On rabbit..
Geet:maan, its you who taught me business. To overcome your enemies first divert their attention from you to another.
Maan kissed her forehead..its a brilliant idea..

jaanu was getting bored…
Jaanu: papa for how much time we will play hide n seek.
Maneet were startled with her question.
Jaanu..mama, we have hided na..
Geet:yes beta
Jaanu:they can’t find us na.
Geet : haaan beta we won na..
Maan:haan jaanu.. We won..papa wont leave any one win over us.
He said suppressing his anger.
They have to run like a coward from them to save the lives.. If he is alone, he would have atleast face d them face to face n would have killed rahuls men before his last breathe.. becoz of his two angels he had to run away from them.
The next set of jaanus words pushed him in self hatred..

Jaanu..mama.bohut book lagi.
Maan held his fists tight in anger n helpless
Where he will get food for his daughter in this jungle
Geet .beta aur pani peelo..
She filled the empty bottle with rain water again n gave to jaanu.
But jaanu was adament
Jaanu:I don’t want water. U told we will go for lunch to house. When will we go home mama. Mujei bohut bhook lagrahi hai.
Maneet looked at each other. If they step out of this cave they will be in danger. N it was raining also.
Maan roared in his mind. I’ll not leave you rahul you made me face to hear my daughter craving for food.
Maan punched his hands in the walls taking out all his frustration..
Geet hugged jaanu.. Why can’t this earth open n just swallow her before she heared those words from her daughter..their daughter is hungry n they cant do anything …
Geet:we will go beta. When the rain stops we can go home.
She tried to give lame excuse.
But jaanus growling stomach echoed the cave…

Maans anger on rahul raised every minute.
He saw jaanu rubbing her eyes, which she usually does before sleeping.
Maan:geetu make her sleep. That’s the only option left…
Geet understood it. Jaanu is stil habituated to get sleep keeping geets bud..
N geet lowered her skirt making jaanu suck her bud…
She kept her eyes closed and was praying jaanu must sleep soon…
Geet st:for past few months ive gone dry. Only 1 or 2 drops I latch.. Shayad, I could feed her now.
Suddenly, she felt her breasts heavy n all her veins rushing to her bud.she can feel the liquid flow through her nipple as jaanu sucked..
She was sconfused n shocked .. Not able to believe that she could feed still.. she saw the droplets of milk on jaanus mouth..n her stomach raising showing she is getting her food..she started to calculate …how could it be…n the answer came in her mind…
can it be true… is…but again got confused…

Maan who did not know what is going in geets thoughts n the change in her body asked
Maan: haaan geet..jaanu sogayi kya..
Geet:maan, how could I latch.
Maan: what.
BeforeThey think jaanu wriggled n said mama aur mum mum..
hesitatingly ,geet changed her position to right side..she can feel the same flow n geets made maan touch her bossom only to find it heavy.
Maan:geetu, could you.
Geet s face showed a mixed emotions. Happiness n unbelievable emotion. she atlast said what she thought..
Geet:maan…I..I…think…im pregnant…

Maan was looking geet shocked surprised happy…
Maan…geeetu…how…I can u be so sure…ur last periods I remember..
Geet… After jaanus birthday only once. After that we were so much involved in our problems I don’t remember. Its more than a month..
Maan was still not convinced
Maan… Are you sure.
Geet nodded no n yes..
Geet ..if im not pregnant how can I feed now
She was also confused but the yes was stronger. ? The answer was only making him believe.he looked jaanu who was holding geets bossom in her small hands n was sleeping sucking.
Maans eyes moisted .he hugged geet with all his love..
Im happy..thanks jaan..for making me father again..
He said kissing geets hair where she snuggled more to him.

Maan was lost in his own agony..Must he be happy for being father again. Or he must curse the fate where he must scream in happy n joy he could not express in this situation
Then only he realized.geet was not speaking anything.

Maan.:geetu..u.r. happy na..
He lifted her chin n made him face him…what he saw was only fear.
Geet:yes maan…I…im..happy…after all its our symbol of love… She averted her gaze from him…
Maan could really see her avoiding him. He knew her very well nowadays.
Maan:whats bothering you geet…
She stiffened in his embrace. Which confirmed his doubts

The next second he was concerned..his love his wife is carrying his love in her womb n holding their love in an uncomfortable position..n after all this whole mishap she must be exhausted
Maan: geetu, give jaanu to me n stretch yourself. U need rest
He touched her stomach.. n our baby wants to relax..
I m really sorry…I cant give you food when you should be having for you n child
Geet was over whelmed. He had turned a caring father n husband
Geet:im ok maan..n its not in our hands ..
Geet looked at jaanu..
Geet..maan, jaanu is the one who is tired. we know the situation but she.. She needs to sleep peacefully…can u make my sari as crib for her..he nodded…

Maan took geets sari which was dry now n tied to a branch of tree which was inside the cave.
Geet placed jaanu inside it..the sari did gave the warmth of her mother n she slept without any disturbance.geet wore her blouse which was now dry. N maan too dressed up.

Both sat again holding each other.
She was restless
Maan.:geetu, tell me what s scaring you.
She leaned on maans chest holding his vest like a small baby.
Geet:maan I.ll give birth to this baby na..kuch nehi hoga na .. im scared past is disturbing me . Why god tests me maan
Whenever I try to be happy something comes.. im happy after a long time starting fresh with you. Will we escape from the goonns maan..what if they found us..somehow we escaped today..but how we will get out from this jungle. How will we save jaanu…now ur another life also which is breathing inside not scared for scared for our babies..maan…I want to live maan..with you n babies…I want this baby to see this world safe. Will I be able to scared..I want to give jaanu her sibbling..her wish .but till we are here the danger is scared. im scared..i want my babies safe…
Maan let her pour her heart out. when he saw her fear raising he couldn’t take it more.he sealed his lips with hers. Taking all her pain in him.
who can say this is same geet who caught a snake without fear only to save her a mom she is strong n weak..
She is strong to face problems.. But she is weak now Thinking about safety of her babies.

he cupped her face n made her face him.. me.. You will give birth to our baby .n we will get out of here safely. Ye tumhare pati ka wadha hai..jab tak mei hoon..kuch nehi honei doonga. kuch bi me…

He pulled her between his legs making her lay on him totally..he want to take her pain…divert her mind from fear..its not gud for her nor baby..he saw geet who was in inskirt n blouse..he smiled..he can make her relax..

Maan:geetu do you know how you look now. Very sexy. Your low cut blouse n ur bare waist is driving me insane.i want to eat you now.. He Kissed her earlobe.she turned red in shy.
He can see her relaxing. That’s what he want… To forget the surrounding ..
he slowly kissed her n bite her..n touched her on her week points making her jelly..
maan…she moaned..
he nuzzled his nose on her nape..she arched her back.her chest raised up..he slowly squeezed it giving pleasure to her.he stopped seeing her blouse getting wet..he cant do it..make her blouse wet n stink..
he came down n .he drew patterns on her bare skin…he can see her every hair standing up..
hmm yes jaan…close your eyes n try to sleep honey..
He said all sweet things n kissed her hair often stroking her stomach gently in love to feel his ansh he patted her to sleep..
His closeness made her feel safe ..looking at him she slept. But sleep was far away from him.
He couldn’t cherish his happiness. If it is home he would have brought the moon n stars too to her feet.. for giving him a gud news. But here he is stuck.. Not even able to give food for his wife n daughter. He wished to go out n search for food. But he can’t leave them alone too.. The situation was making him helpless..
He took geets hand n kissed her knuckles..
Only today geet.. From tomorrow there will be no fear..I ll surely teach that Rahul a lesson.. For nearing my family..rahul…be ready to face your hell..
He roared mentally…n he waited for the night to pass soon n sun to rise.. so he may think a way to get out from here. He trusted his jiju adi n his bgs.. They will surely come in search of them.
Maan was awake the whole night . He was Keenly observing the sounds outside. Wished the goons did not find their hidden place.

but what is in store for them????
i know im bad to stop here…but i want a gud response from all…so stopped here


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