This Life is Yours – Part – 46


after having some romantic moments with maan,she dosed off…if not he has stopped they would have end up making love..she was happy he is thinking about her n baby..she shied n kept her head on his chest..he threaded her hair .. Geet slept peacefully

maan was looking at her n his angel jaanu..
how could rahul try to harm them..they are innocent..
its him who must be punished if rahul wants revenge..he is the one, who fall in love with drashti ,married her gave her child.the situation which made her elope from her house getting married leaving her family behind..its all becoz of him..
.but their married life did not live long..
he closed his eyes ..
its the curse of her loved ones that separated much her mother n brother would have loved her..
Maans eyes moisted ..
He hugged geet like.. if he left her she will go away from him..
Nehi geetu..i ll not let anything happen to you..its enough of my patience geetu..from tomorrow I will show rahul what is real it will feel when ur life is in danger..i will give him his own medicine..
I know u are generous enough ,you will ask me to forgive him again..but this time I won’t geetu.. he is my drashtis bil..i can tolerate his tortures for separating dc from his family..but not in cost of ur both life’s’ im ur husband n jaanus father..i have responsibilities on u both..i must protect u both..sry..geetu..he must pay for playing with our lives..he took my silence as his favour..i will show him, my silence can cost more than what his revenge is doing..he clutched his fist n dig his nails in his palm controlling his anger..

Geet moved restless feeling his body stiffen..she rubbed her face on his chest..he looked at her angelic was shining more with the glow of pregnancy..he rubbed her back n kissed her on her hairs..he was making his plans of tomorrow..the day which will rahul pay for playing with him..after this rahul will not even think to come nearing geet nor jaanu..

Morning maans eyes were red without sleep..he looks at geet n kissed her n got ready for office..
Geet wakes n rushes to washroom ..she was stunned again with the preparations..she took off her dress n sat in the tub..the feel of warmth is easing her pain..the room was giving a romantic feel..she was thinking about maan,.she wants him to join..she blushed thinking about it.
Ye mujei kya horaha hai..i want maan’in washroom too..omg..whats happening..y I m desperate to be with him..
Like her words were heard by maan..He enters with office suit n looks at her intensely..

his hands touched her bare shoulders very softly moving to her cheeks up to her forehead ..she got goose bumps with his mere touch n her body gets electrified..maan kisses her..
Maan..she moaned ..her hand went on his n held him tight..she needs him more..he placed a kiss again on her lips stopping himself from going beyond limits..
Maan:come soon after taking bath..
He went out..
She came wrapping the towel on her..
his eyes on hers..not leaving for a second too..
he helps her get ready.

she looked at him with love filled eyes..he hugged her from back feeling her..he bent down n kissed her stomach..jaanu came asked what he is doing..he says loving the baby..n jaanu too kisses geets flat tummy…then maneet went down n geet lighted the dia infront of god..geet looked at maan..he was sincerely praying to god..

he is asking god to keep them safe.. to keep his beloved safe..geet can see the tension lines on him..both did aarthi..geet gave Prasad to all..
Maan n adi left to office..after giving lots of advice to geet..
Maan n n adi reached office’n discussed about the plan..
Adi:maan..i want to say onething..
Adi:if we initiate this plan immediately,rahul will surely know..its you behind it..
Adi:why cant we make our plan go slow..he will get the punishment at unexpected time.. at end it will hit him very badly..
Maan: was lost in his thoughts..
..adi can read him in n out..he is thinking deeply..
Maan:I think u r right..we will give him the blow at end of our play..
Maan made some calls n smirked.
Maan:im waiting for ur deadly reaction mr.rahul chopra..

Maan leaves to xyz hotel..he must show who he is..
The meeting started at 4pm..all business people were invited..maan was not interested in that meetings always..adi will be the one attending maan showed up..thats the surprise for everyone..rahul entered the premises..n took his seat..he did not see maan who was seated straight opposite to him.his anger behind his cold face..maans blood boiled but he kept his cool mask ..
Rahul looked at maan..maan saw the shock in rahuls face..he smirked..
Rahul must be thinking I would be scared n will be with my wife n daughter..i will be in house taking care of them scared of their life..
Maan smirked..u don’t know the bird which can come out from ashes too..
After the meeting finished rahul n maan met face to face..
Rahul:hmm..not bad..u r hiding ur expressions very well..but I m thinking what to do is ur wife n so u feel in jungle..hmm..bad luck they r safe..but luck will not be always on ur side..
It was adding fuel to maans anger..adi came n kept his hands on maans shoulder..n asked him to be calm..
Maan: thank u for ur kind advise. haan my wife and daughter are fine, till im there no one can touch them . but one thing i should say thanks for you…becoz of ur act n being in critical situation ,I found my small joy also to be the biggest joy..thanks for that..i gave so many surprises to my wife..if it is normal situation I wouldn’t have did so much like this to her .for her happiness..thanks for that..
Rahul did not give a heed about maans words nor could feel the dangerous voice threatening him to be safe indirectly…but he was thinking what happiness maan is saying..he wants to smash it too..
Maan:don’t squeeze ur brain..i would like to share the gud news to going to be father again..n I bet..u cant near my geet nor jaanu from now..better u be away from me ..t
rahul was shocked..but he made his mind he will take the happiness whatever it may be..

Rahul:your father did what he said..after that I couldn’t near ur family..the securities were so tight..there was no news nor photos I could get about geet nor you jaanu,even during geets checkups..maans car had a tight security..n he showed his words in action..its after a month of that incident’ maan started his revenge..which i dont know..
The childrens were looking vicky..then to rahul..
Abi:chachu,what dad did to take revenge..
jaanu:chachu,i cant or revenge..
vicky:haan..its not maan who took revenge..but its a husband n father who took revenge killing his soul.going against his own morals..
the kids couldnt believe maan could take revenge also..all their jaws dropped down expecting him to say..but rahul continued.

Rahul:my all sites had problems..i faced financial problems..i was thinking to take maans peace..but he was in action..n I had many problems to face than concentrating on speaks..thats what I believed..n I solved one by one..maan did not face me..but all the projects went in his regular clients also went behind him..i started to quote more of low prices to make my company run..after few days, Maan didnot disturb me, as i also didnt concentrate on him as my business was in shake..
One day I found some cars always following me..i too had bgs’but when they will stop the cars,they will not find anything fishy..rather they are on way to place where im crossing..
Another day my bgs saw red light on my someone aiming to shoot me..they pushed me aside n went to search the source of was a toy gun a child was playing with it..
Like these many incidents happened.that i was thinking someone is following me..but end it will turn wrong..n I started to believe im thinking too nights I heard weird sounds n will wake up in sleep.i was been stalked
.my wife was in London with arjun..i don’t want them to see me like this ..or get into trouble
One day when im returning from my meeting, i saw some cars following i thought it was my hallucination, so i left after some time i didnt see my BGS cars, so i got little bit shaken , and i ask the driver to stop the car and ask him to see what happened. i was feeling suffocating i asked the driver to get me some water. he went off. that time i saw some cars rushing towards me , i got scared and sat inside the driver seat and i started the car n drove fast..i was about to take right, there was a board take diversion, so I had no other option than taking left..which led me in a silent high way..i drove n drove as the cars followed made me go..i was driving was dark night..n I had no clue where im scared of life..i thought about my family..n again drove fast..we were in an isolated a jungle..a car came to my car behind me..another one blocked my way by moving forward..i took a right was a single path inside jungle.. suddenly the car stop, i got panicked and i got down from the car and started to run, it was very dark, i dont know where im running

rahul st:y r they following me…are they they want money.. due to my stupidness where i have struck..i must have drove towards the city..i must have called my bgs.but why my mind didnot work to make a call..he fished for phone in his pocket running still inside the jungle.he saw something like a garage..the outer side had a dim light flickering.he stepped inside it slowly..there was no one..n couldn’t find a light too..the next made him shiver..he heard the shutters was totally dark.he couldnot find the way he entered..rahul took out his had no network.he was pissed off..the darkness was adding fear in him..someone threw stones on the side walls .
he gathered his courage n asked who is it..but none answered..he repeated n his questions echoed back to him..
Rahul was shivering,when ever he heard some sound he will run like a mad man, to any direction..
as it was so dark he dont know what he is doing and where he is going.
the darkness n tiredness of running for so long made his eyes close.whenever his eyes closed he heard some sound. he did not sleep even for a minute..his phone was also dead by was morning but inside the garage Rahul didnt know what is happening outside …it is morning or was still dark,,he was hungry also..he searched in the dark nothing he could get..he was only surrounded by darkness. he was sitting on the ground, he slowly closed his eyes, suddenly some one started to hit the door he got panicked and got up sweating badly..he searched for the source of sound..but couldnt identify as it echoed making his ear drums deaf..
Rahul : who is that ..who is there, pls help me, pls, , he started to cry tapping the wall, pls save me, i will give what ever u want.. how much ever u want pls help me
a man can tolerate anything
even he can be hungry for week,
but when he dont know what kind of danger he is facing..,
when he dont know were he is ..
will he meet his family or not..
will he be able to survive after that day..
that is the most worst moment for a man
.his voice did not come out of his mouth..
his voice started to die inside his mouth..he was tired calling for help..his throat went dry..n his eyes were drooping..he willl black out any moment..his self confidence breaking inside him..after 5 days he fell down unconscious..
Rahul ki BGs came there searching for him inside the jungle..
bg : sir ..sir..
they splashed water on him
Rahul who was lying on the ground came to conscious..he want to get out from the dark place..his heart screamed for help..
Rahul dont who is near him.
he holds his legs : pls save me pls, i will give u whatever u want , me..
bg : sir ..sir..what r u doing..its me look at me
,he opened his eyes slowly ..he immediately shut down his lids..not able to face the sunlight after 5days, chod dho..mujei nehi marna bachao..
Bgs:sir..what r u doing in jungle..we were searching u everywhere..
rahul open his eyes and saw his BGs, he at once straighten himself
Rahul pulled the bgs google n weared it..he closed his eyes..he could remember the chasing..
Someone is behind me..they shut me here..n tortured me..he showed the place..but there was no sign of garage..
Yehi pe tha..’
He was sure while entering the garage he saw the same big tree near it..but now where is the garage..
He was showing the place which is empty..but none believed him..
Bgs took him to home and dr checked him
dr.said he is shocked n imagining he needs full rest along with phsyciarist treatment..after dr. left bgs were talking among themselves..
bgs 1: what happen to sir. for few days he is in this state ..hallucinating things..we all were there..but we didnot see the garage..
bg2 : what to do a man, without food or water running for his life, what will be his mind state..he will be dreaming like this only..n more over for past few days he is like that only..may be the work pressure..
bg1:hmm or if its true it must be his enemies work..
rahul who was hearing they talk suddenly some thing strike him : MAAN
he at once rushed to kc, and barged into Maans cabin. maan expected him n so he told his bgs to let him in without checking..Maan who was looking into his file saw Rahul and his state and smirked at him
rahul was fuming in anger : Maan ..u did all this, u scared me evry day n night..u blocked me in that jungle to starve n die every minute..
maan smirked : now u know what i felt when i was running for my life with wife and daughters safety.,
rahul anger was raising every second..
maan : u know what.. that day u asked me how i felt, if i say in words u would not have felt what i was feel, so i gave u the demo, how is it
rahul : u i wont leave u, he marched towards Maan n holds his collar..
Police also came there n arrested rahul for threatening maan n trying to misbehave with him in his own office..
rahul BGs also came there

bgs : inspector, sir was under medication .. he is little bit disturbed mentally ..they asked to contact dr..he too confirmed rahul is mentally sick..
maan was smirking at rahul..all made him mad…
rahuls wife was informed..n rahul was taken back to London..

after a week man was relaxed..tension free from rahuls he can breathe freely ..but he wasn’t happy..adi came n touched maans shoulders..
maan:haan jiju..
adi:I know u r not happy.. not..i want my wife n daughter to be safe..but it doesn’t mean to make rahul like this..
what he has done to me..i m not a man to be happy when other person is suffering..but he made me torture his revenge,he turned me too evil na jiju..
maan sobbed in adis arms..
adi patted his back..
adi:maan u know na,to relive from ur sick u have to drink bitter medicine..a thorn can be out of skin by another thorn..what u did is not a is a self defense..
now get up wash ur face n go home soon..n be with ur wife..she too needs u maan..
maan nodded his head..he must get out of this guilt..what he did is to save his beloved only..
he came home n saw his wife playing with his daughter..
maan embraced both in his hug..its the only place he can get some peace..
jaanu:hai..papa aagayi papa aagayi..
maan kissed her cheeks n then geet..
geet:hmm someone is so desperate..
maan:hmm..i want u ..he nuzzled his nose on her nape n placed a kiss on her shoulder..
Vicky:erm erm..
Maan left geet n stood away from her..he cursed his bhai for interrupting his romantic moment..
Both were looking everywhere than Vicky..
Vicky came n took jaanu..
Vicky:I don’t want my princess to get spoiled at this,u continue’im taking her with me..chi chi..bhabhi ki babji..they really need a room..knock some sense inside their pie size brain..bache hain saamne..bhai hai ghar pe..behen bi hai..but nothing is visible to his eyes..
Maan gave an angry glare..
Vicky widened his eyes more than him..
Vicky:I too have big big eyes bro..after all im also a khurana..
He sticked his tongue out winking at geet n left the place..he shut the door with a sound showing them they can continue..
Geet was all red..
Maan turned her..n lifted her chin..
Geet:maan aap bhi na..bachi ki saamne wo sab kiya..n Vicky too..she stopped not knowing how to say it was embarrassing..
Maan pecked her lips..
Maan:now jaanu bhi nehi I can romance peacefully..hmm wo Vicky kabab mein haddi zaroor hain..but he took jaanu along with him..he is grown he knew what im desperate for..
Before geet could say anything he started to kiss her passionately..geet responded equally..her sari slided down exposing her front..her hands pulling him more close..searching his bare skin under his shirt’soon he took off her blouse n kissed her madly..her moans were making him insane.his shirt was long thrown on floor.he sucked her softness n squeezed her waist..he placed soft kisses on her belly showering his love on his child..he stopped seeing her turn jelly..
Geet:I love u maan..
Maan:I love u too geetu..n our baby too..he again kissed her belly..he scooped her n took to bed..n joined her in bed..
Geet:maan..its only 5 pm..
Maan:I know..but I want to be with u..he rested his chin on her shoulder n hugged her from back..
Maan:I want to sleep..u only can give me that..
She turned n saw him..he was really sleepy..she pulled him over her bossom n threaded his hair..soon he slept peacefully..after he slept she placed him on pillow n went down n played with all..she was happy to see all trying to make her special..the love to have a happy is before her..

The days went on so quick..maan arranged a home teacher for jaanu..though rahul is not there,he don’t want to take any risk..
It was 4 months of geet being pregnant..pinky n geet were still in both cribbed to join office,maan made them work from home..they do know about all projects..pinky taking care of geet..dadi n nakul keeping tabs on geet diet..geet still had fear..but having the family around she cared less..maan too know her insecurities..he had his own plans of romancing n taking her fear off from her..geets craving started n maan knew her taste..she may be living in north..but she missed her native foods.. maan asked ramsingh to send a cook from mysore n he did..maan was amused at first seeing geet eating the foods giving weird sounds..

she stuffed her mouth full n ate it..sometimes she licked her lips n fingers in such a manner maan was having a hard time to control his libido..
One day pinky was coming out from her room when she felt dizzy..vicky was right beside her to catch her at right time..all were worried seeing pinky faint..adi called the dr..she came home n checked up..
She gave the gud news of pinky being pregnant again..adi,vicky n maan hugged each other jumping in joy
All were happy ..the most happiest persons were jaanu n priya..who are going to have two siblings with them to play..dadi thanked god for making their happiness double..

Same time..maans business secret was again stole by a person in his office..the person msged to rahul:ur work is done..
Hehe im devilna.will rahul be back again with new plan..


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