U,Me,Aur? – Part – 107

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PART 107.

Maan finished his meeting soon than he expected’all went well n the meeting got finished within two hrs..the site was very near on way 2 airport..so maan packed his things n on the way visited the site too..he was restless from when he came here..something inside was telling him,geet needs him..even when he talked to her,she was very low..she did not talk to him like usual..he thought to call her back after meeting..then thought 2 surprise her..so he came with adi ..he visited the site..not wanted to waste time to go back to hotel n recollect the things,he already packed n kept ..they are now in his private jet..adi can see man looking at his watch often checking the time impatiently..it was more 45 minutes to land in delhi..maan went n changed his official suit into a casual wear..he thought he will directly go to pub from airport..adi was smiling mutely..maan was behaving like a love sick teenager..
Maan came n sat on his chair..AH announced the plane is landing..he sighed in relief..his restlessness will be ending soon..he will be with his wife tonight..one night looked like a century for him..he so much missed her innocent talks her blabber..her antics..her smile..her giggle..
Oh maan u r going insane in love with ur wife..he chuckled..but it’s the fact..he is insanely in love with his wifey cutie..she don’t know anything …tho kya hua..only few days ..she will be his’
Maan walked out of airport..he said adi to go..n he called geet n vickys body gaurds..

Maan:where is my wife n brother..
BG:sir,they r inside the pub..
Maan:how is situation there..
BG:everything fine sir..all were dancing n playing games..mam is with arohi mam..
Maan:ok..which pub..
Bg:xyz pub..in pqr road..
Maan within minutes came there..
It was the same time geet was gulping her juice in one go..
The vision blurred her..she rubbed her eyes n saw again..
Is it prince..no no..he is in Singapore na..how can he come here..he will come morning only..she said to herself..mujhe na prince ki yaad bohut aarahi hai..isiliye wo mujhe har jaga najar aaraha hai..
She saw the place,maan was not there..she smiled..
mein bi na..it was my imagination’
Arjun ,hiten n gauri saw maan ..they invited them n maan started to chat with them..his eyes was on geet..arjun gave maan the cool drinks..maan looked at it..
Arjun:maan,ye tho cool drinks hai..not any hard drink..le lo..
Maan:then its ok..
Maan started to have it..it tasted different..he did not concentrate much as his concentration was on his mishty..who was looking cute with her pout on lips’n making grumpy faces,rubbing her eyes n again looking at him making her eyes widened.
Maan chuckled..she doesn’t believe he is back..so only she is doing such kind of antics’maan took another drink’
She went to Vicky n started to mumble..she was talli n so was vicky..
Geet::u know what,I can see ur brother now..he is na..bohut bada dusht hai..he loves to torture me..i see him everywhere..see he is standing there…no no..here..no there..she was showing all places where maan was standing n chatting with friends..
Vicky too smiled..he hehe..baby..u know what..i can also see my bro every where..
Geet:ur eyes ..no no..u must check up..
Vicky:babhi then u must also check up..
Geet pulled his hands
Geet:Chalo then hum abi chalthei hain..dr.ke pass eye check up karwane.
Geet was pulling Vicky..
Maan st:why is she behaving like this..
He felt the drug effecting him..he turned to look arjun..he was busy romancing arohi..maan turned to hiten..gauri was leaning on his shoulder murmering all sweet things..
Maan:hiten,what is going on..why this drink is different..
Hiten:shh..maan deere bhol..some one has one some prank..all is fun..we boys know it at start itself..afterall we do have tasted all hard drinks..poor girls..oh no..see my darling gauri ..she is so sweet with me today..she even kissed me..
Hiten showed his lips..
Hiten:if she is in sense na,she will not let me touch her..
Hiten turned to gauri kissing her cheeks n holding her side ways..
Hiten:I love you darling..
Gauri:I love u 2 3456789 much hiten..u r so sweet..ummah..she pulled his cheeks n said u r na..hehe..u r ..so handsome..
Maan wants to bang his head..it was all going in public n he was also getting effected by them..the boys were taking more shots n enjoying the drinks’even the friends of shyam was not in sense ..they are already flat..they must give the information to the men of shyams dad when all friends are flat..but now they too were not in sense..to give information to them..
Maan:oh no..geet,Vicky,arohi..girls..
He looked at all..arohi n arjun were now kissing..oh shit..all are out of control..
Geet was making baby faces seeing Vicky having tough time to hold geet n renu at same time’vicky was running behind both.renu was also enjoying the teasing of geet..atlast Vicky fell down exhausted..geet laughed seeing his plight.
Maan was lost in the smile of geet..maan’s vision also blurred..
Maan, what are you doing before you also get out of control kuch karo…most girls were not in sense,they are dancing with random boys n it all seemed awkward..
Maan called his body gaurds’n asked them to take all boys to a room in pub..
Maan came to Vicky,who was in floor with eyes closed..maan lifted him n moved to car..
Vicky encircled his neck n kissed maans cheek..i love you papa..
Maan closed his eyes..
He opened n saw Vicky ‘s eyes were closed..he was doing all this without senses..
Vicky:I miss u papa..vicky blabbered
maans st:may be he wont remember this when he woke up tomorrow..
Maan took arohi n geet with him..n placed them in the car..
He took other girls in his bodyguards car..
Geet n arohi were blabbering..
Geet:arohi,ye prince bhi na..mujei chodke bohut dhoor..she showed a little distance in her hands..then said
No no..bohut dhoor dhooor chalegaye..for him his meeting is important..par mei nehi’
Arohi:ye prince kaun hai geet..
Geet:prince is my prince..my sweeto cuteo..hehehehe
maan glared geet with his big eyes for calling him sweet n cute..
Arohi:wahi ..wo kaun hai..
Geet:hehe..tujei nehi patha..wo meri prince hai..sirf meri..
Maan was having a tough time ..he want to bang his head but at the same time feel very happy the way geet talking about him…he wished arohi doesn’t remember anything.which geet was blabbering..
Maans car stopped in arohi’s place’maan pulled arohi n left her to be taken care by her servants n her father.he also dropped all arohis classmates there..under care of them..servants took all n other went to make lemonade for them…arohis father was not happy..maan said it was prank.there is no arohis n her friends fault..seeing maan also talli,anand asked him 2 stay..
Maan:no..i came 2 leave my sister..bye..
He went back to his car n asked the driver to go to palace..vicky was taken to his room by his bg’s..

Maan carried geet to their room..he placed her on bed..n stood up to leave..
She pulled his hand..
Geet:prince don’t leave me n go..
Maan thought she is saying about the Singapore tour..
Maan:I cant be sure, mishty..i too have my own works..
Geet:I know what is ur work..aapko mujse dhoor janekeliye waja chahiye..
Geet was teary..maan cannot understand why she is talking..no blabbering all rubbish..
Man:geet,if u want u change to ur night dress..i will freshup n come..after he went she mocked him..
if u want u change to ur night dress,princess..
She stood up her head was heavy n spinning..
Geet somehow moved n opened her wardrobe..she took the random night dress which came to her hand..she took her clothes off n weared her night dress’it was the gift of rosy,which she did not wear till now..it was one of the most revealing dresses..her night dress which started only from chest with two thin straps..
came only till her thighs It was like see through..geet took her over coat to wear..she felt like puking out..she dropped her coat down ..she closed her mouth not to puke..she ran to washroom still stumbling on her way..
here maan was taking warm shower(do u all want 2 say without clothes..)..

the running water over his body made him better..

he was used to drinks in parties..n the amount he took today was normal..but still it effected him..he want to be in control..as he knew what he will do when he is drunk n geet is near..
while carrying her to bed,he was pulled by her eyes..that complaining lips..he want to mark him hers..he came to shower to get rid of those erotic thoughts n drain the drug effect on him..he pushed his wet hair back n made the water splash on his face..

he heared the tap on door’
maan:why is she tapping like this..
maan:geet is it u..w8 dear 2 min..i m having shower..
geet was not in situation to open her mouth n speak..she knocked the door more forcely..
geet :hmm..mmp..
man:tumhe kya hua..
she again tapped the door..maan felt if he delays she will broke it..
maan opened the door as she started to knock continuosly..she ran to basin n threw out all..maan got worried seeing her throwing up..she held the wash basin for support..her dress was messed..
becoz of the effect of drug she is puking..maan thought..
he helped her by holding her waist n forehead as she puked again..
he washed her face n mouth..she looked at her dress..she felt yucky..
maan pushed her with him under shower..
she gasped when the water touched her body suddenly..maan was looking at her wet form..he noticed her dress now only..she was absolutely breath taking.. as water started to drench her dress, it looked there is no dress over her..his eyes turned dark with desire..he did not think in what position he was..as he has given the great shock to geet presenting himself nude before her..
maan neared geet..she can see the desire in his eyes..the same feel when ever he comes near her..she looked him below his waist..a fear ran thru her spine..that part will be inside me..that is main thing in marriage..making love..i must not stop him..she repeatedly said to herself’I will..i will give up to his need..i will not stop any of his rights he has on me..
the bathroom was filled with the burning sensation of both..
WARNING 18+..18+..18+..
maan in a swift removed her dress ..she was in her panties..maan pushed her to the wall n started to kiss her madly..even this one day separation has made him mad.n geets dress made him loose control…geet was soon under his spell of passion…he took her lips in his..he nibbled her upper lips hungrily..she took his lower lips n nibbled it..maan pulled her by waist ..there was no air between them..her skin glued to his..her softness pressing his hard chest..both were under running water..the spell of drinks was reducing..but the desire to have each other was growing more..both were not leaving each others lips..it was locked with each other..maan never expected geet to be passionate..today she was adding fuel to him..the sight in pub has already made him crave for geet..all pairs were madly kissing n romancing..he controlled there so much..when they are alone he cant..n now after her responding he increased his passion ..

his lips hungrily went over her earlobes n lowered to her nape..he teethed her a little there knowing it is her weak spot..she was ignited n her hands went on its own accord pulling him more closer to her..maan looked at the two globes n the pinkish buds which are erected just with his mere kiss..he licked the running water along with the curves n took her buds in his mouth..slowly sucking it..she felt her body cracking..she digged her nails on his shoulder..when passion speaks there is no need of words..she was moaning..
maan kneaded the other curve with his broad palms..he took turns to both mounts kissing,sucking n nibbling it’geet arched her back to the wall giving him more access to take it full..today she did not question him..is he hungry n taking milk from her breast..today she felt ,she asked all silly questions to him..maan s hands rubbed her bare back lining her every curve..he kneeled down to her belly..kissed her stomach’she for a moment tucked it..then was normal as he gave small smooches giving her extreme pleasure..geet held his shoulders tight as she felt her knees were getting weak..maan was nuzzling his nose on her stomach..his eyes fixed on the lacy inners,which are inviting him..her white skin under it was visible thru it..maan slowly lowered the thin material with his teeth’geet gasped..
the fear of first time..the unbearable pain she got on that day..the moaning which she thought as pain she saw in film..everything flashed in her mind..shiver ran thru her..not knowing what to do..she let him do what he want..she want to be his wife in all means’she don’t want to loose her husband ..arohi’s words..men will leave n go to other women or marry someone has made a deep effect on her..insecurities surrounded her..she want her prince..her husband ..only for her..he is hers only..prince is for princess only..
maan lowered her panties n kissed her below the stomach..the forehead portion of her feminine part..geet was having pleasure n his hands massaged her buts..he stood up making her wrap around his waist.his man hood poked against her abdomen…he was again kissing her madly’his teeth pierced her lips.n moved again to her twins..
.she flinched in pain..ahhh..p..r..i..n..ce’
Till now she kept herself not to scream..when she was lost in him,she unknowingly screamed in pain n pleasure..
Maan looked at geet’her lips bleeding n her chest had his teeth marks which are turning blue..her painful scream only reminded him..he has to wait for 3 r4 days more..n still she is unaware of physical relation..he must not take advantage of her vulnerable state..its drugs effect..she is not asking any innocent questions..otherwise she would have asked me so many questions..
Geet missed his warmth..she opened her droopy eyes only to see him showing his back..he pushed his hair back closing his eyes..why I loose my control before her..
No..i must not..
Geet was looking his facial expressions which are reflecting in mirror..
Maan turned to geet..he scooped her n placed in the tub..he pulled the screen between the shower n tub not wanting to see her bare ..he has marked her every part n his desire was burning..he stood under shower for few minutes..he wrapped a towel under his waist..he kept towel for geet without looking at her..
Maan:fresh up soon n come out..he moved out to room.. guilt was evident in his face..but the more hurt was geet..he still avoids me..
the door was kept open..she saw him standing at centre drying his hair..but he was lost somewhere..may be in her..or remembering the moments they shared..
geets body was still aching..she wants him to be near her..he makes love or not..thats not her problem..but his nearness n his smooches has made her to expect more nearness from him..
she took the towel n wrapped around her..she tried to stand..the effect of drug or the effect of maan..she stumbled n was about to trip..maan came n scooped her..he moved out..his bare upper n her exposed skin was again creating heat between them..she looked at him ..but he did not..he tried to move placing her on bed..she pulled him..

maan:kya bachpana hai geet..
the words just tore her apart..
she want to talk to him..but he said it as childish..tears made its own way..rolling down her cheek’ she left his hands..maan turned n saw her sobbing..he hate her tears..he instantly cupped her face n asked..
maan:gudia,is anything wrong..do u have stomach pain..shall we go to dr..
she cried again with a loud voice..
maan:bacha, bolna..kyun rorahi ho..
geet turned n showed his back n started to sob silently..
maan shook her shoulders..
maan:tum apni prince ko nehi bathaugi..kya bath hai..why u r crying..dont cry..i will bring u chocolates,icecreams,ur cartoons story books..whatever u want..but don’t cry..
maan was trying 2 pacify geet..he cant find the reason why she is crying..
maan st:is she crying becoz of what happened inside washroom..
maan:hmm..wo sry geet..i will not do it again..till u r not ok with it I will not come near u like that..
I am sorry’s..o..r..r..y..sorry..my dear na..my cutie pie na..my little wifey na..pls apni pati ko maaf kardo..maan held his ears n asked forgiveness..


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