U,Me,Aur? – Part – 110

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PART 110
Maan reached KC’where adi was waiting for him..he was highly irritated as he couldn’t stay with his princess when she is not feeling well..
Adi:gudmorning sir..
Maan:hmm..why u called me..
He asked showing he is not happy with his call..
Adi:sir,its about shyams father ..
Maan looked at him..knotting his brows..
Adi:sir,as u said we have done all..his reputation is down..but,his party is not ready to throw him out..
Adi:shyams father knows all weakness about the members in higher post..n they all are feared of him..
Maan smirked..this cant be an excuse for them..
Adi:ya..they need donation for their party in black..
Maan:how much?
Adi:5 crores..
Maan:give it..but I want him to be out of party..u called me for it..cant u handle it by ur own..
Adi:not only for that..tomorrow our xyz client is going abroad,he wants to finalize the deal today itself..ur presence is needed..
Maan was frustrated ..he cant leave home now..he cant be with his wife..when she needs him the most..every deal is important for KC..i cant lose it when my ambition is very close to me..
Maan:ok..get me the file..
Maan called kalakka..n asked her to take care of geet..he will be soon..
Maan got busy in the file n office works..whenever he called sasha,she was happy..she was waiting for the time to make geet fall in his eyes..n the time came..when maan asked for a file..sasha said
Sasha:sir,that file is with geet..u know sir,she is very lazy n very irresponsible..
Maan clenched his fists not to blast..
Sasha:see now too sir,we are running here n there madam did not come today..

Maan:I asked u, only the file miss sasha..i did not ask u to complain about geet..if u cant get the file, n if u have any problem with geet,u better can leave the office..rather than talking nonsense about her..what do u know about her skills..she is in college n working here..n compared to ur skills she is far away better than u..she can complete a work with perfection without bothering others..can u..ok..let me give u a work..i want the presentation by evening 4..with that maan gave her a file.n sasha was shivering facing his anger..she cursed her big mouth to open at wrong time..when he is already in tension with the project..
Maan:n u must not ask any help from others.
Sasha took the file n went thru it..she cant understand anything..
Maan:ur time starts from now..go..or u will be thrown out now..
Sasha ran to save her job..she tried to ask help from her chamchas..but maans order has reached them before she asks..whoever will help sasha will be thrown out..
Sasha was cursing geet under her breath..but was helpless too..she tried to work on the project maan gave..
Adi smiled seeing sasha working sincerely for first time..
Maan went himself to geets cabin n saw the file..she has finished it..
Maan:my princess is perfect..
Adi heared it..honahi chahiye..afterall mrs maan jo hai..n trained up by him..maan did not miss the tease in his tone..nowadays he is used with adi’s teasings..n he never scolds him for that..n that gave courage for adi to tease him more n see the hidden smile on maans face..
Maan:adi..did u finish the work..what the party said..
Adi:u can switch on the tv n see urself..
Maan switched on the tv n turned to news channel..
head lines..mr.ramchand has thrown out of the party..the party says they are ashamed of ramchands behavior..he bribed the police men.u can see it in the video clipping..n the scene was telecasted..
maan watched it..
Reporter :n there are many more issues on him..the people say he threatened them to do so..n he has purchased many lands threatening innocent persons..as he is thrown out..now all are opening the issues about him..when we tried to contact him ramchand was unavailable..
Maan :gud work..
Maan:he has borrowed some loan from banks n others..make them back out..n ask ramchand to return the money in one day..or the property he has kept for security will go in auction..
Adi:sir..they will come on roads..
Maan:I don’t care..shyam..i want shyam to bend before geet..he must apologise before all..n he wont till his fathers power n money supports him..
Adi:ok..ill do it..
Then maan was busy in his works..

Here geet woke up after some time..she was sleeping for so many hours becoz of the injection n medicines..she saw kala near her..
Kala”how r u feeling now gudia..
Geet hurriedly sat up..oh no..its noon now..
Geet:di..prince kahaan hai..
Kala:pehle sawal meine poocha..
Geet:im fine..
Geet looked at herself..n her sleeveless night dress.her love bites..maans marks on her…suddenly she felt shy before kala too..she covered her hurrily with the spread being conscious n her face was fully red..
Kala:I did not know my gudia has grown up..do u know,after ur marriage I used to give bath to u..
Geet was all sharam se pani pani..
Geet:di..she said shyly..
Kala touched her forehead:now ur fever is reduced..gudia u fresh up..i will bring food for u..
Geet:ok di..
Geet went to washroom..kala immediately changed the bed spread which showed maneets passionate moments..geet came out n saw it..
Geet was also looking every where than her..it must be her doing this..
Geet:di..i..ll do it..she said all in shy..
Kala came to her..n cupped her cheeks..
Kala:its ok gudia..mei bohut kush hoon..bus ab ek hi khwaish hai..
Geet looked at her..
Kala:ab jaldi se ek chota sa gudia or chotu dedo mujei..im not lucky to be a mother..but I will be happy to take care of ur childrens..

.geet now realized what maan said that day..we should do more than it to have a children..n I promise u will be a mother of my child..
now everything she can understand.. how silly her acts was..she has been really dump n kiddish..
geet went n stood before the mirror..she touched her stomach..my prince ki baby..our baby..i will have it soon.she felt herself proud thinking about it..n her blood rushed to her cheeks making her red..kala can knew from her gesture what she is thinking..she thought to leave geet alone for some time n give her some time for alone to cherish her thoughts or dreams..
kala went to kitchen n made some healthy foods..
kala st:gudia needs more food..she is weak..n chotu’s passion is imprinted on her’she must be healthy enough to keep her husband happy..upar se fever bhi..kya karun..is gudia ka..apne aapka khyal nehi rakhthi hai wo..kisi aur ko us par nasar rakna padtha hai..
with that she made all favourite items which geet would love to eat a lot.. .
geet went to freshup taking her salwar..as she removed her cloth.her image reflected on the mirror..her body had turned red n blue..she wrapped the towel cant able to see herself..
she shied..n turned the shower..last nights incidents flashed in her mind..
geet st:prince..till now I have been childish…u have waited for me a long time..ab aur nehi.. from now,I will try to compensate this gap n give u the happiness which I failed to give u..
she came out only to see an angry dadima..
dadi:gudia,u r not well n now u r taking bath..
geet:hmm wo..dadi..see I am feeling gud now..fever nehi hai..
dadi touched her forehead n neck..it was cold..
dadi:tek hai..phir bhi..
geet:dadi,pls aap bhi shuru math keejiye..ye princena subha se tees bhar phone karchuki hai..
princess how r u..
princess had ur breakfast..
princess did u take ur medicines..
princess don’t try to get out of bed..
princess take rest..
ufff dadi..i am fed up with the calls..
dadi laughed at geet..but was happy to see her grandson changed into a lovable husband..
kala entered with the food..
geet:wow di..all my favourites..
kala:haan..ab khalo..
geet sat n started to eat..cherishing everything..she was very hungry .she was only having liquid food from morning..n after a long night her apetite was more..
kala gave her the medicines..
geet:di,im fine na..phir medicines kyun..
dadi:gudia.u must have for two days..so only u will be better..its now becoz of med effect u look fine..u must take it for another 3 times..dr.has said u..
geet was making faces..
kala:dadi,why u r saying to her,lets call chotu n say ,his gudia is not taking care of herself..he will come n feed by his own hands..then how will she avoid it..
kala said to tease geet..but geet hurriedly said
geet:no no di..he must be in work..dont disturb him..he will leave his work n come 4 me.. to give the medicines ..i’ll have..
dadi n kala wondered ..how much geet has changed..n she thinks about him n his work too..

after spending some time with geet..dadi went to mansion around 6..as the night neared by..geet started to feel butterflies ..kala noticed the excitement in her face..geet was nervous n was fidgeting the edge of her duppatta..she was thinking about all what arohi said n the film..now what she must do..she has made lot of blunders in her childishness..now she must do something special for her prince..she was walking to n fro inside her room..then she got an idea..in that film that heroin was eagerly waiting for hero..she was dressed up n waiting for him..so,I will also use the same trick..
kala went to make dinner..
geet came to the dressing room..she opened all her wardrobes..she bit her nails n looked on all..she had no idea what to select..but she want to wear something that attracts his prince..geet started to throw the dress one by one on the near by bed..

kala came after an hour to check geet if she needs anything..her eyes popped out seeing the dresses geet was throwing on bed..all were revealing..kala has never seen geet wearing those night dresses..kala remained quiet n did not ask anything..
geet:di,help me na..
kala gulped her saliva n managed to ask..
kala:in what?
Geet:I want to surprise prince..help me in selecting a dress..
Kala was shocked n surprised..
Kala:gudia.do u want me to select one from this dresses..she asked pointing the bed..
Geet:no no di..that were all rejected..
Kala sighed in relief..but then she thought,if geet wants to dress for maan,she must have tried these only..but here she has rejected this,,but why..then how she wants to dress up for maan..
Kala:ye ladki mujei pagal kardegi..meri pati ne teek kaha..chotu aur gudia are unique..making all confuse..what they think ,they only know..
Kala:gudia,from where do u get these dresses..
Kala cant think maan would buy this dress for geet..
Geet:ye..ye sab rosy aunty nei di..when we went to purchase for my collegena us din..
Ab chalo na di..mujei ek achi si dress select karnei mei madath kijiye na..
Kala sighed n she took some salwars..
geet:no di..mujei kuch aur chahiye..
Kala:u want to wear those jeans n long skirts, u wear for college ..
Geet:chi chi..no no..
Kala:why don’t u wear ur bridal outfit..
Geet:no no its heavy..
An another hr went n geet was making kala’s life hell..geet was throwing the dresses n kala was arranging..
Kala :gudia:do u do this daily..
Geet:what di..
Kala:how u get ready for college if u select like this..
Geet:wo,prince ne select karthi haina mereliye..mei thodi na select karthi hoon..
Kala:oh..so only u could make it on time..
Geet was scratching her heads..n biting her nails..kya pehnun..
She asked turning to kala..now she got the idea..she looked for the dress n kept it over her n asked kala..is it nice..
Kala:if u have decided to wear this dress then this will suit u most..she gave the green to her..
Geet:di..u will help me na in dressing up..geet asked very shyly..
Kala:hmm..meri gudia keliye kuch bhi ..
Kala helped her in dressing n she took some jewels..
Geet:no di..he like me simple..
she weared simple jewels..n adorned her forehead with the sindoor..
Geet:di ,how am I looking..
Kala placed a kala tikka behind her ears..
Pari lagrahi ho..u sit here..let me make some more arrangements..which I could do..
Geet sat quietly n watched kala decorating the room with scented candles n dias.n changing new flowers in vase.she arranged the dinner in their room itself..kala switched off the lights n now the room created a romantic outlook..
Kala made geet sit in bed..
Kala:chotu called me,he asked about u..i don’t want to spoil ur surprise..so I said u r sleeping..now he is on his way..so I am leaving..
Kala kissed geets forehead..
Kala:humari gudia badi hogayi hai..now soon I am expecting a gud news from u..
Kala went away thinking..i need to go back soon ..im having goose bumps..after doing all these things..aaj mei aur nakulji..kala was all red thinking about her night..

Geet was nervous..she was not able to sit in one place waiting for him..she is not used to be like that..she turned n twisted her toes..her every nerve was heavy n she can feel the heat of blood rushing up n down her veins..her heart beated fast when she heared the screaches of car tyres..
Prince came..
The thought itself made her jitter n her whole body was electrified thinking what he will do to her ..she heared the footsteps of him nearing the room..
Geet ran to the study not able to think about more..

Maan who entered the room heared the sounds of her payal..before he calls her,the room caught his attraction..it was same..no decors.but attractive.only the scented candles n dia are extra..maan smelled ..the room filled with aroma of jasmine..he so much loved it.
Maan looked around for geet…she is ok now..that thought n the feel gave him to look for geet anxiously..he kept his bags aside n went behind the sound..is that tough for him to know where his cutie wifey will hide..he went to his study..the place for her hideout..under his table
Maan:rat,come out..
Geet nodded her head under the table..her jumkas made sound..
Maan waited n waited she did not come out..
He bent down under the table..she saw him bending..she covered her face with her palms feeling shy..
His voice died in his throat seeing the women sitting there in shy..
Maan smiled..she was beautifully dressed..is she waiting for me..n dressed up for me..that made him feel special..after all its his wifey had tried to be a wife like others..
Maan pulled her by arms..she was stiff rejecting to come out n hided her face in her palms more..maan moved a little under the table n brought her out..he forcefully released her palms from her face..she smiled sheepishly n hided in his chest.. hugging him tight..
Maan:hmm..meri wifey ko itni sharam aarahi hai..then why she dressed up in sari ..for me only na..
Geet cutely pouted n nodded yes in his crook of neck..
Maan tried to distance her but she held him tight..
Maan:if u hide in my arms then how can I see u dear..let me see u..
He took a step back from her n saw her full..she was dressed in a green saree..there is no jewels than her mangal sutr n the gift chain he gave on her neck..her eyes had only kajal..n her lips with lip gloss..forehead saying she is his wife..
There was no exposed skin other than the place under her neck to sari..n her arms below the sleeves of her blouse..her waist fully covered with her sari..n her waist chain..it attracted him..she was wearing few bangles ..her pleats fall till the floor..her hair neatly platted n adorned with jasmines..
Maan couldn’t take his eyes from her..in saree ,she looked outstanding n more over not as a small girl..
Maan looked at her once again..her eyes downcasted in shy n her toes drawing lines in the floor.her hands knotting the pallu…the baby geet is long gone..the girl before him is his wife,who is all set to seduce him without revealing anything’
Maan immediately scooped her n took her to the bed..how can he control after the open invitation..
Maan:this must be the place u must be waiting for me..
Maan shut her immediately with his lips without wasting a time..his hands went on her neck checking she has no fever..
Geet broke the kiss saying..im alright..
He again captured her lips n made her lay on bed..
Maan:u r driving me crazy hiding ur beauty inside this sari’u know how many times I have dreamt about u waiting for me like this..u made my day again..i love u ..love u so much..
He came to her waist chain..lowering her sari pallu from shoulder n revealing her belly,he said
u know how to make me weak..i love u wearing waist chain..
his hands played on the chain n teased her belly..he placed smooches on her stomach..she tugged in ..n maan tickled her belly more with his tip of tongue..his face n his breath making her go insane..maan looked at her perfectly fitted blouse..which showed the tip of her curves..maan slowly released the buttons n freed geet from it..he undid her inner too..geet bit her lips as maan sucked her buds n kneaded the other…maan pulled the pleats with his teeth..geet gasped..
maan’s hands squeezed her waist n his mouth was busy worshipping her body..
maan:I never thought my wife will be bold like this..how many changes n shocks will u give me jaan ..how many u have stored for me more..
maan thought that he was the one who was talking non stop..
geet ki effect is on him now..he lifted his head to see geet..she has closed her eyes ..only feeling his touches that are giving her pleasure..
maan soon freed them both from their dresses n joined her..she hugged him tight in shy..
maan:princess,shall we..will u be able to take the pain..
geet was shy more than the day before..he can see by the way she always cuddled to him or hugged him covering herself in him..maan pulled the sheet over them both n pinned her hands on either side cherishing her lips.he bit her earlobes n kissing her below.
geet:pri..nce..she moaned..
he can feel her all wet n ready for him…he entered her slowly..she was comfortable with him now..she opened her mouth to say something,but only sweet moans came from her..as he paced gently inside her..he knew she is a feather n he treated her like a flower underneath him..he layed on her after hitting the climax..both were panting heavily..geet was threading his hair..
geet:why did not u do that yesterday..
He could not guess what her question is..there is nothing left now to teach her about their intimation..then what is she asking about..maan lifted his face n looked at her..is she going to ask any foolish question again..will he be able to face the question which will make him embarrassed..
Geet:why did not u cover us with sheet yesterday..u know how shy I was yesterday..
Bu..ha ha ha ha..ha ha..
Maan laughed out loud..what he was thinking n what she was asking..
Maan sat in bed taking her in his arms covering with spread ofcourse..
Maan:ha ha’ohfo princess..u..u..sheet..ha ha..
Maan pulled her chubby cheeks..u r one single master piece..only maan singh khurana owns..ha ha ha
Geet was looking at him without blinking..he has not laughed like this so soundly..n the next what she said that he is laughing so..is he teasing her..she pouted cutely..
Maan:who told u geet,that we will make out only under spread..
Geet:i..sa w in that film na..
She said so innocently..maan laughed at her again..she pouted ..maan could not stop taking the soft petals n taste it.
maan:princess,we have seen each other fully,whats the use to hide under sheet ..between four walls..we can make out anywhere,but not before others only..haha..
he said teasing her..n she hide in him again..
After having a romantic dinner too maneet had a long night’maan was not able to keep his hands off from her..n if he does,geet made him lose his control..they started their married life in true senses’n lived the every moment very happily..


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