U,Me,Aur? – Part – 111

PART 111
maan was wide awake..he was looking at his childish wife who has changed into a normal wife completely..something scared him inside him..the efforts she is taking for him to keep him happy..he was waiting for this ..but when he got it he is scared..but why?he cant reason it..
Geet was snuggling close to him..she opened her droopy eyes n smiled at him..he caressed her hair n smiled.
Maan:so jao..u need some more rest..she again closed her eyes n slept soon..she was in his embrace..both were nude under the spread..n her every skin was glued to him..she was moving closer n closer like a baby seeking warmth of its mother..maan pecked her cheeks lightly n embraced her in his arms…she smiled in her sleep..

Maan looked at the clock..it was 5am..he slipped from the bed ..she was restless missing him..he took his shirt n covered it on a pillow n gave it in her hands..she hugged the pillow n slept peacefully..maan saw her body..his passion was marked on her every part..he is happy same time he is not..he kept a night dress beside her..if she wokes she can wear it…
He wore his tracks n went to his gym n started his daily routine..it was nearly an hour when geet came to gym..he was doing his pushups..she has weared the night dress.. ..she was yawning n looking lazy..she came n sat on his back n kept her head on his neck..
Geet:gud morning prince,u woke up..
Maan: gud morning princess..yup..
Geet:u did not wake me..hawww..she yawned..
Maan:you are sleeping peacefully..i don’t want to disturb u..
He was doing pushups with geet on him.it was not new for them..but today it was different.her night dress made him awake..it was like a second skin n he can feel her..he don’t want to love her now…they had a long passionate night..n geet is still sleepy..
Maan stopped his push ups n turned to geet..
Maan:why cant u take rest for some more time..
Geet was sitting on his spot , in which soon she felt his erection..her eyes widened..n she blushed..maan could not hide..he also blushed..maan sat immediately making her sit on floor..
Geet:u want me right..
Maan:closed his eyes feeling embarrassed before his wife..geet was thinking ,she has felt this many times..she is used to sit on his back or stomach every time he does pushups ..now thinking about it,she can feel how much n for how many days she has tortured him..n he never complained..
Geet sat on his laps encircling her legs around his waist..maan could only feel his erection on her core..
Maan:princess..he groaned.. she cupped his face n took his lips in hers making his control break down..his hands pulled her to him n tightened around her waist..he kissed her passionately…but who can stop him now…he can feel her buds hardening..his hands moved inside her dress n finding its way..geet was still kissing him madly..n her hands clutching him tightly..maan pushed her to the mat n hovered over her..he took both of their dresses n soon they were making love in gym..

after a while ,maan kissed geets forehead..
maan:princess,u r making me turn up every second..i don’t want to..but I did..
Geet:hmm..dont think about that..are u happy..think about that only..
Maan:but u r sore..he caressed her skin which were turning red..
Geet:I don’t mind..im also happy seeing u happy..
Maan:ek sawal poochun..
Maan:why u weared a sari yesterday..u may have weared other dresses to seduce me..
geet was blushing hard..
maan:bolona jaan..
Geet:I ..i don’t want u to think me or see me as a kid anymore..in sari I look matured na..n u like me in sari’s ..i have seen u touching my waist n kissing often whever I wore it..so only…
Maan st::so what I thought is right..
Maan:princess..i want to say u onething..
Maan:pls don’t change urself for me..
Geet:kyun..u don’t like my surprise kya..
She said a little hurt n her face also shrunk..
Maan:not like that geet..
Maan:I like the geet who talks nonstop without thinking about anything n always ready with her question bank..i love the innocent geet..but this geet..i never know this side of urs..,ur changes is scaring me..im scared of loosing my princess who never things twice to talk..but this geet thinks much to satisfy me..mujei dar lagraha hai..whether I will lose that innocent geet before this geet..i fall in love with that geet only..n I don’t want that geet to hide before this geet..promise me u wont change urself..
Geet:I am only one geet prince..n how can I change..till u r with me,I wont change..
Maan:you wont make me think u as matured girl..u will be same like u were before..our step of relation wont make u change other than romancing..n woh..
Maan:then lets go for another makeout..
Man:I am sorry..to take shower..
He carried her to washroom n do u want me to say..they were romancing a lot than taking shower..after shower both came out freshed..

Maan:do you know foreign delicates are coming to college today..n u all have to do group presentation..
Geet:hmm..vicky told me..
Maan took out a black full skirt ,blue shirt n a black over coat..he gave it to geet..
Maan:this is ur dress code for today
Geet:how u know..
Maan:I have my own sources..n when my biwi is busy in me..i must only take care of her studies na..ok..take my dress out n u go to change..
Geet:took same combination for him too..she opened her knot of towel to dress..he stopped her..

Maan:don’t change before me..or I will take u again..
Geet shied n went to bedroom..whereas maan changed there itself.he calmed his senses which are thinking about her again.n came out after some time…she was in dresser combing her hair..maan came to her n was looking at her with intense gaze..geet looked at him questioningly..

Maan:I never knew it..

Maan:parted her centre hair n showed the sindoor n took her mangalsutr which was pinned underneath her shirt..

Maan:all the time u are wearing the symbols of marriage..i told to remove when u r going to college..n I never knew it..u lied to me..
Geet’s eyes moisted..
Geet:I never lie..u know..
Maan:hmm..then whats it..
Maan:what if someone has noticed it..
Geet:I have been careful..n for lie..u only said na..hiding a truth is not supposed to be a lie..

Geet:to say about our marriage..i have not said to anyone..im married..nor I said I am not unmarried..

Maan:u talk matured nowadays..my words back to me..
Geet:aapine sikaaya na..
Geet:i..dont want to hide from u too..but I cant remove it also..im ur wife na..how can I remove my symbols of marriage..prince..pls..dont say to take it..
Maan:I have no objection..u can wear like u wore till now…she was happy..
Maaan:now lets go..u go to mansion n I will go to office..meet u at lunch jaan..
Geet :ok…

Geet came to mansion..she don’t know why she was feeling very shy to step out of her room too..vicky was noticing geets moves..she was silent n her blushy state was making him observe keenly..
Vicky’s st:is baby bhabhi ko kya hua..why she is blushing so hard..
Vicky:baby,can we go..
Geet:hmm..she said looking at floor..
Vicky lifted her face by her chin..
Vicky:what happened baby?

Kala came as savior for geet..
Kala:Vicky,chodo na gudia ko..why u r troubling her..u r already running late to college..
Vicky looked at kala,she signaled not to take the topic again..she knew how a girl feels after her night with her husband..she will be not able to part from him..but here geet is all ready to go to college..without any denial..
Vicky shrugged off his thoughts n avoided to question his baby bhabhi..

Both sat in dining with dadi..
Dadi:ab kesi thabyat hai gudia..
Geet:ji,im fine dadi..
Kala:ya,absolutely fine..chotu ne raath bar tho khyal rakha hoga na..
Geets cheeks instantly turned crimson red..
Vicky looked at geet..he has never seen her blush like this…n it gave some idea that something transformed between maneet..he too thought to not ask anything n make geet shy..
After breakfast ,Vicky n geet went to college..the drive was most silent than ever..only Vicky was talking nonstop n geet was looking outside the window..she was still in maans thoughts..his kiss..his claim..their love…she had goose bumps n started to feel wet between her thighs..
Vicky stopped talking when he saw her lost in her own thoughts n smiling to herself..

When they both entered,all were concerned about geets health n bombarded her with questions..she was brought back from maans dream land..all entered the class n first session finished..geet was unable to concentrate in class..
PROFF.Xavior entered the class..n he started with his lessons…

Here maan came to his class..it has been only 2 hrs he left geet in house..he can see her in class from his class..she was sitting in absent mind.maan was also suffering without her nearness..he missed her..he too was not listening to his class..arjun saw him but thought to ask later…maan took his phone n messaged her..
Geets phone vibrated..she was surprised when name prince calling flashed on it..
Geet:yes princess
Maan:u r in class..
geet:s..aur aap..
Maan:me too..but I couldn’t concentrate in my class..
Geet knew he may be also thinking same like her..
geet:why .
she asked innocently
Maan:all becoz of you..vicky was watching geet ..she never did things like this..geet n msges that too in phone..who is she messaging..is it any thing important than studies..vicky slightly peeked into geets mobile n saw what is she doing..she is messaging to maan n in return the msgs were coming from him..vicky’s eyes popped out..
geet: mujei bhi mann nehi lagraha hai..yahaan par..

Maan:I too miss u a lot dear..mann kartha hai yahaan sei baag kar tumei gale lag jaun..n kiss u till u breathe hard..
geet read it n was blushing reading it..
geet: I too miss u a lot prince..
Proff.Xavior..miss .geet..this is not ur house to chit chat..if u want to chat better go away from the class..geet stood up with heads down..
Proff.Xavior:I did not expect from a gud girl like u..now get lost from my class..u r allowed inside only after a week..that is my punishment..
The whole class were gapping geet like alien..she has never given a chance to proffessors to taunt her..she was always perfect..n the one who impressed the tough n hard prof.like xaviour also is geet..but today she is standing before him with heads down..this is 8th wonder they thought..
Without knowing it,maan was messaging again..n when she did not reply he was irritated..
Geet suppressed her laugh when proff said her to go out..waise in or out kuch farak nehi padtha..she don’t want her proff to turn a volcano..she took her bag n looked at Vicky,she winked at him naughtily n went from their..
Proff..do u all want to join her..now concentrate on class..all students were again looking at proff..
Vicky was looking geet..she was again lost in phone n thinking where to go..
Maan:princess,why r u not answering me..
geet:proff..found me in ph..he restricted me to enter the class..
maan:oh..im sry..i should not have disturbed u
geet:don’t be prince..im happy..
geet:I was feeling bad cheating him pretending to listen ..i left the class now before he turns a volcano..
maan:so,where r u now..
geet:im thinking 2 go 2 library n sit..
geet:y?dont worry I will take care of myself
maan:no..i told not library..come to science class room..two classes next 2 library..
geet:kyun.. science students will be there na..
maan: no,they have gone to research centre for some things to get to know straight
geet:what will I do there..
maan:u will know..first go there..
geet:teek hai..here man stood up in enthusiasm making all look at him..he nervously smiled at everyone n excused proff n soon came out of his class..all students were thinking what went wrong in him today,he is running like this..
proff:now all concentrate on ur classes..maan can understand even if he is not here,but u all cant ..so listen to me..
all again concentrated on professor..
sam tried to excuse n come out..she want to know what is the reason for glow in maans
face..so she tried to follow him..but professor asked her to sit n concentrate on the lecturer..
sam sat near window seat..it was hard from her view..but she saw man entering science class..
proff:sam,where are u looking..
sam:hu..no sir..
sam:yes sir..

she sat n looked at the class room..she was curious to know what is going on with maan..she saw maans books on his place n a wicked plan came to her mind..

geet was walking dreamily towards the class room..where maan asked her to go..she was scared by the sudden pull..her books dropped from her hands..she relaxed when she found its her prince…maan closed the door n pinned her to the wall n started to kiss her hungrily..
maan:I missed u..
geet:me too..she said within his mouth..
man nibbled her lips slowly.his hands went inside searching her moulds.she was melting in his touches..her dress was irritating him..he backed once n removed her coat..he lifted her up n her legs encircled around his waist..he rolled her skirt up reaching her thighs n feeling it..
maan:u r driving me crazy..geet was nibbling his lower lips..
geet:I must say that..
maan:uff…we cant stay away now..
geet:I think so..maan s fingers worked on her skin..his hands reached her back n in hury he broke her bra hooks..he did not care..he want to feel her..his hands reached the twins n massaged it..it was not enough..he started to undo her buttons ..when he freed it her curves came to his view..he latched on it n kissed it n teethed it..geet was moaning sweetly which was making him more insane..maan placed her on the bench n came over her..
maan:princess,can we
geet:prince,wo ..koi aajayega..
maan:trust me..koi nehi aayega..
geet shied in acceptance
maan:I will do it fast
man undid his pants n removed his boxers n her panties.
geet:aapka shirt
maan:let it be..he was so fast that soon he was inside her making her moan..he sealed her lips with his..so her moans may not reach out..
geet:hmm hmmm
maan:left her mouth to breathe..
geet:aap na..aah..he sealed her lips again
maan:I don’t want to make everyone come here..hearing ur moans..
geet:how could I control
man was pacing fast..he filled her with his warmth..both panted heavily..he kissed her forehead..
maan:r u ok
geet:ya..maan got up from her n weared his dress.
maan:sona,wear urs..
geet:hmm..she was not in mood to get up..but she did..
she lowered her skirt ..
her cell beeped..

geet has messaged Vicky before leaving the class,she is going to library ..not seeing her he came out..n her books showed the place she is inside..when he touched to open the door maans voice stopped him..so he stood out restlessly..but he started to blush when he heared the moans of both from inside..vicky:thank god,koi nehi hai ..then he saw the bus entering the campus..he had no way than calling her..

Vicky:bhabhi..science students bus has arrived..come out soon before all comes inside..
Geet:what?im coming..
Man:kya hua..
Geet:this class students are coming..we must move..
Maan was also in hurry to make them out before anyone see..geet buttoned her shirt n opened the door..
Man pulled her once n corrected her messy hair..she weared her shoes hurriedly n came out of the class..
Vicky looked at geet…no words is needed..he extended her books which she took hurriedly..
what caught his attention made him speechless..she forget to wear her coat..n her back showed her bra unbuckled..he removed his coat n covered her..
geet knotted her brows,Vicky looked everywhere than her..
they took the steps n came down..

maan composed himself n moved when he stepped on something..he looked down n wblushed..he took her panties n put it into his pant pocket..next he saw her coat…
maan:is ladki sab boolgayi in urgency..
he smiled n took it n came out..he looked down n saw vicky n geet moving..he dropped her coat straight over geet n moved to his room..
it was witnessed by a pair of eyes,who was fuming in anger n jealousy..


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