U,Me,Aur? – Part – 113

PART 113
THe next day morning geet was peacefully sleeping in maans embrace.his hands holding her petite form . both had only the blanket covering their bodies.Their legs entwined with each other.the sun rays hit the room.maan tried to open his eyes and adjust to the sun rays. His little moment disturbed Geet. She snuggled more to him n maan pulled her close to him making her sleep for some more time. He saw the time. It was 7.
Nowadays it had become normal waking late becoz of long night tiredness. He wondered why Kala akka is also not coming to wake them. (She knew na love birds are busy)
He looked at his little wifey.
Life is now totally a bliss for him. He got a wonderful wife who loves him so much. He kissed her nose slightly without disturbing her. She has filled his empty life with her bubbliness , love n innocence.their relationship has improved far better. She tries to keep up to his desires what more he want in his life. Everything started to seem so colourful with her around.

He touched her cheeks lightly carressing it.
Geet: hmm.
she moaned n kept her arms around his neck n slept again . Maan chuckled. She was a cute kid. He caressed her hair making her slip into deep slumber. He saw the time it was 8. He has works lined up in office before leaving to hm.
the main work is about to start in an hour. Sam..sry. for your sadday. He smirked

He slipped out off bed wearing his shorts he went to washroom n got ready to kc.
Geet missed his warmth n felt restless.she opened her eyes n saw maan coming out with towel wrapped around his waist. His hair was wet n she was looking at him without taking her eyes
Maan: gud morning Princess

GEet came out of her drooling land. She averted her eyes saying
Gud morning prince
He came near her ..
her cheek turned red with his every step nearing her. She clutched the sheet close to her chest looking every where than maan. She was blushing he want to take her again n love her endlessly..but hisworks called him..he con trolled his desires.
He cupped her face n said.
Take rest.i ll go to kc n will try to come soon. N u no need to go to college..waise.proff xavior has punished you for a week na.
GEet: ji.
Maaan:do you remember we are going for Switzerland. So i must have to Sort some things before leaving
Geet:what works.
MAan:hu..just office works… now u take rest.
He moved to the dressergeet wrapped the sheet n took matching shirt for him n gave to maan then she went to fresh up

Maan got call from Adi
Maan: im coming.
After having break fast he left to kc.

geet went to mansion n informed dadi n Vicky. Both were happy. But vicky was in teasing mood.he can easily guess why they are going to switzerland..
Vicky:Switzerland ..why you are going there?
Vicky asked ever so innocent..
Geet:wo he said we are going for honeymoon..
Vicky was enjoying the teasing . he n his baby bhabhi..he loved lots making her blutter..
Vicky :bhabhi there will be lots of snow. Do you know how to make snow Man.bhai will be busy on his video conference s.with whom you will play.
Geet:but, prince told he will be with me 24×7.He said he want to spend time with me. he will be busy kya… then what will I do there. Vicky you come na. We will make snow Maan.
Vicky was suppressing his laugh but atlast he bursted out. Even dadi chuckled
Geet: I won’t talk to you both. Katti..
She don’t know why they are laughing.but she was sure, they are laughing on her which made her angry. She stamped her foot n started to move.
Vicky: oops.sry baby.
Geet: go dont talk to me.
Vicky held his ears.
Geet: tell me why you laughed then only I will accept your sry
Vicky : hmm he hugged her sideways.i thought my bhai wants you for himself. N you will be the first bhabhi to call your devar in your honeymoon to play with you .
Geet looked at vicky.
Geet:so what. ?.. But Vicky. What is honeymoon. What will be there…
Vicky stood silent shocked… As usual she made him speechless with her innocent question.
Vicky :erm..wo..erm..hmm.. bhabhi didn’t bhai say to you.
Geet: no your bhai na nowadays he shut me with his …
She stopped closing her mouth with her palms thinking what she was going to say. But vicky could guess she was saying about their privacy. Dadi left the place giving glare to vicky to stop questioning geet.
Vicky too thought he is crossing his limits..n he must escape before his baby repeats the question
Vicky:ok baby I ll go to college. You ask bhai this question. Not to others.
He ran saving himself from more questions.
Geet was blabbering.
Lo ..Why He is running from me. Why I must ask only to prince what is honeymoon. Why. ? Can’t he say by himself. Argh.aLl left me alone.

Kal a came with her medicines.
Geet made faces like usual
Geet:di, I don’t like this medicines.
Kala lovingly cupped her face.
Kala: gudia. If you are now 95%cure means it’s not only chotus care. It’s also the effect of this medicines. Only for some more time till dr.says. then you don’t have to take this.
Geet had it now or she know Kalakkawill call Maan n he will be here in next10 min leaving all his work.
Kala: gudia Did you pack things for going tomorrow.
Geet :no
Kala: ok ill finish my work n come to help you.
Geet:its ok di I ll pack.
She went to Palace to pack things. But her mind is filled with one question .
What is honeymoon. ?

Here maan reached kc n looked after the important works. N gave orders to his staffs n adi.
Then he called adi.to his cabin
MaAn :adi the work I gave you to do today.
Adi:its done sir.
Maan: gud.say the schedule of SameEra today.
Adi: sir actually she is participant in a famous fashionshow of this week this year. ? After two years of her approach she has got the opportunity in participating ..today is regersel
Maan: what’s in that
Adi: sir you said she must know the pain of humiliation. As she tried to humiliate geet.ive talked to some men. N informed to make her with draw from the project. She will feel how it will be when u r colleagues make fun of your fall
Maanhmm.. then her weakness
Adi..ive given it to the event manager. He will make your move successful. Sam will be hurted. Then her father.. her only weakness.i know what to do.
Maan:then ok. ? Ill now go to college. Attendance be chahiya na..maan left giving a sweet simile..

Maan sat on his car. He looked the time. 8.45 am.. He trusted adi..He will do what he said
He dialled sam
Maan. Ur time starts from 9 am SameEra. In 24 hours.. You will know how it feels humilated n what is helplessness.
Playing with fire will burn you. You played with fire. Now face the consequences..
He cut the call n smirked.

Hello hello she tried to speak to him. But it was not reaching for her
Sam was shocked to core hearing maans voice.it was really dangerous n threatening.
Her father samshed mallik came to her.
Mallik:beta kya hua any prob.
Sam: huh, no dad.
Mallik: are you not running late for your college.
How can she say she was restricted to her dad.
Sam: wo dad im going for work today. It’s a big project. If I proved myself then I ll be the top model.they will pay Lots of money for one show.my photos will be published in all magazines cover page.
Sam was all dreamy.
Mallik: sam, all the best dear.
Saying he walked out of the apartment they are staying.

Mallik, a small landbroker. Very self respective man.after his wife left him n sam he brought her as a single man. He gave her all happines upto his limits. When she turned 15 she started to change. They werEn’t too rich . But she behAve like a high class people. First mallik disagreed to it. But she started doing modelling at 16 without his knowledge.n earned money for her expenses n started to be friends with high class people who will spend money for her. She started wearing the exposing dresses. But before him She tried to wear a shirt or shawl atleast. He loved his daughter n she is his weakness. She utilized it n it spoiled her more.mallik never says no to her that is her strength. But she loved her dad to her core. If she is still a little bit of Indian by heart its becoz of his brought up. She is greedy n matlabi, but she kept in limits. She want maan for name fame n wealth.she has seduced him with her expressions, But she never tried to bed with him .
She stood there looking at her dad. Then looked herself. She was in a short dress starting from chest and end at her knees.
Uff that’s why dad walked out without looking at me.
She wore d a scarf around her neck n did the makeup. She forgot Maan .
She looked front n back herself in the mirror .perfect.she took her purse n left to the place where she was called.

She was very happy being a part of famous fashion Centre. The event manager told her she is perfect to be show stopper too. If she is successful in the regersals.
with lots of dreams she stepped into the place.only to get a shock of her life.
The models which she met was not there n there was no symbol of the name of fashion Centre.
But when a man called who is SameEra Mallik , she thought she is at right place.
He asked her to assemble along with other girls n do the ramp walk.
Next she was given variety of dresses she changed n did her part. But last she was given lingeries that partly covered her feminity too. She was shocked to the core. She wore glamorous dress es but never was a show piece.. She was very clear in that.. She don’t want to make any one point at her dad n say anything worse.
Sam:I said before itself I won’t wear such things
The man whom she was dealing with is the last assistant of the event manager. He was only informed that do something before all girls that sam must leave the show .n he was a bad person. He started to talk rubbish . That sam looked at other girls who looked at her with a smirk
Man:u know it’s a famous show. N why u r hesitating. To wear such things. You know it’s lingerie show
Sam: ur event manager said it’s for fashion on new dresses not lingeries. sHe spilled venom.
The man laughed. Our manager..u are lying. Dear. ? He caressed her cheek.
Sam. ? Ask him. He told me he will make me show stopper too
He looked her up n down n laughed at her
You ..have you seen your self .. How many nights you spent with him.. was he drunk to choose you as top per..girls doesn’t it sound funny
The other girls laughed at sam. She was scattered . Tears formed her eyes.
Man :Threw her the two piece. Go change n come. I don’t have full day for you.
Sam: no..I..I..
He came near her ears.
Man: dont behAve like an unexperienced girl .I know you girls . You reach Heights only by being with hot shots
Sam:..im not like that.
Man: if you want you can work like whati say.or you can walk out.
Sam went to the green room n changed n took her bagn walked out. She had never been felt like this.. shyam has always recommended her for modeling with his dad’s influence. So she never felt this type of experience.
Unknowingly her legs took her to hospital.. She hugged shyam n said what all happened.
Shyam as a friend eased her pain. He has felt the friends necessity for first time.no one returned to him other than sam.
Shyam: I think it must be geets fiancies work or it must be maan..
Sam looked at him.
Maaan.. It must be maan.becoz he only threatened me. I..I..wont leave him. Nor that geet..
Shyam:do you think its easy. We must wait for the right time to take revenge on geet or maan..im always with you..
After spending some time with him. Sam went to her house. It was 9 pm. ? Her father had not returned till now. It was unlike him. She called all him. No reply.. then she called his friends only to know he went in car with someone to show some land on outskirts of delhi

Sam: papa where are you. ?
The night was passing n she kept on calling her father but it came not reachable.
Finally, she called maan.
Sam:maan where is my father.
Itwas a plea. ? Full of helplessness. She sounded low.
Maan was walking inside his Palace.
He smirked.
Sam: I know you know about my dad whereabouts.
Sam: where is he.
Maan :still ur 24 hours is not finished miss.sameera mallik..Don’t worry.i can promise you ill return him alive.
He cut the call n switched offthe cell.
Sam kept on trying the whole night. ? The sun to o rised but there was no sign of him.
Sam was totally pale. She called shyam n he to seeked police.but no information of her dad.
Sam: I know maan u defeated me.. But I promise from now I won’t disturb you. But one day I’ll make you feel for it.i’m also SameEra Mallik Maan. ? I won’t forgive you. N its my promise on my dad.

Maan was happy. He though felt bad for doing so, but she made him do it. She crossed her every limits n it was necessary to teach her a lesson.
It was mid night.he found his room lights still on.
Maan: omg..I forget to inform mishty. She will be angry on me. Oh my princess what I will do. Maan beta. U must work hard to maanofy her.
He found her sleeping in sitting position with her sweetu in arms. There was luggages kept packed ready for their departure.
Her grumpy face said she must be bickering about him to her sweety.. He lifted her n placed her on the bed. He changed his dress n joined her. Feeling his warmth she snuggled to him n slept. She was murmuring something. Maan came near her n listened what she is saying.
Geet in sleep:what is honeymoon prince. Vicky too did not say me. What is it..
Maan :I’ll say you tomorrow jaan.ab soja..sona..
He patted her slowly.. But chuckled. So my sona wants to know what is hm..it will be fun explaining you..I’ll love to see your red cheeks


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