U,Me,Aur? – Part – 117

PART 117
after finishing their breakfast he gave her the water to drink..
maan s eyes turned dark when drops of water ran down ending her jawline near her cleavage..he drinsk it with his lips..her body stiffened feeling his warm lips on her bare skin..he started to move up placing butterfly kisses ..
she moaned..n hugged him tight..her chest came in contact with his face..her swell visible to him.her hands roamed on his bare back breaking his last control…he scooped her in his arms n moved to their room n placed her on bed..she shied seeing him looking at her intensely..she turned showing her back to him..his hands started to caress her bare arms moving to shoulders n neck..it was soon replaced by his lips.he nibbled her earlobes..n again moved down…she held the spread tight in her fist..his lips stopped on her shoulders,slowly pulling the strap down.n his hands lowered the other strap down…her back was fully bare..he turned her on stomach viewing her full back..his lebgth throbbed inside his inners making him to move fast..but he don’t want to do so..he want to be gentle like always..he took her hair n placed one sided..he slowly placed his lips starting from her neck n moving on her spine..she arched her back..her body was heated as his hands slowly touched her every shapes…her cloth was hanging loosely around her waist… his hands glided to front turning her in front..her eyes were closed..n her hands holding the pillow..her face was fully flushed..her buds were erect grabbing his attention..

maan:mishty..open ur eyes dear..
geet nodded no..she was shy..he bent n took the hard buds between his lips..he did not touch her softness or take it full mouth nor give attention to other..she was growing crazy as he did not take her full..he was teasing it with the tip of her tongue..he did same to other..she was moaning..suddenly she felt the pleasure missing..she slowly opened her eyes n saw man smirking at her..
he was teasing to make her see him..before she again closed her eyes in shy,he took the whole mount in his mouth making her scream in pleasure..he was latching n kneading the other one ..the outer place was cold .whereas the ir room was getting heated up by their passion..
he took her one hand n made her cup her curves
man:put ur breast as much as you can inside my mouth..i couldn’t get you enough..
she was shy but she obliged him..she pushed her curves n pulled him more to her to give him enough of her..
maan growled..oh..geet..its superb..aur push karo..
geet was equally moaning..her every nerve was burning with the touch of his..
he flipped taking her over him..he could get her curves full now..sucking it harder n harder..only to make her desire for him more..his manhood poking her core..
maan:kiss me..geet..
he pulled her head close to his face..she bent n took his hard lips..he took her lower lips when she sucked his upper..she opened her mouth n he dived inside her tasting her honey sweet ..their tongue danced n fought n tried to overpower eachother..
maan smiled inside seeing her keeping upto his passion..she is no more child in bed..he has turned up mostly to his expectation..still he has to teach her something..he thought about his naughty thoughts when he will say her to do those stuffs..
geet stopped:aap kyun hasrahi ho..
maan:im seeing my wife..who was shy a little before was now pleasuring me..
geet lowered her eyes seeing his teasing eyes..
maan lifted her chin..
maan:I love it geet..for a successful marriage both heart n body must be satisfied..n u r satisfying me in every ways..ive longed for you..now you are giving me more than I expected..
geet was feeling bad for making him wait so long..but she has promised herself..she will give up in all ways he expect her to be.
he pulled her making her fall on him her softness crushed his bare chest..
maan looking at her bare upper:you know..when I saw you first barely,this was not grown up like this.see now I couldn’t take it off my mouth..
she placed her breast on his mouth surprising him..he will become more bold to satisfy him..she thought herself..
.he took the mount in his mouth making her all red sucking it again..he was getting harder n harder..that he will explode before he is inside her..she is making him insane n her boldness is driving him more crazy…
He rolled her down n came over her..he removed his boxers n her dress which was curled up in her waist..
Maan:you are so tempting in this dress..it is so easy for me to take off..n relish you..so only I chose that dresses..see kitni kaam aaya
She was all sharam se pani pani..
He again started to kiss her so passionately n she responded equally..her hands held him tight..even air couldn’t pass between them..she was drugged in his passion..he spread her legs apart n kissed her core slowly..his tongue plunged in n out..she was warn ..her legs entwined around his neck..her every nerve was jolted..he tried to finger her slowly..n this time she did not say its paining..he can feel her warm liquid flowing out..he again started to kiss her core gently massaging the thighs awakening her..soon she was ready n her core was moist..he came all over her n slowly went inside her..she wrapped her legs on his waist..her feet digging his back as he went deeper n deeper..she held him close..she tried to kiss him..he started to grid inside her fast..she bit his shoulder to control the waves of pleasure hitting her every nerve..
Man:is it gud baby..
She did not reply..
Man:say jaan..do u feel pleasure..
She was totally speechless.
.her moans said she liked his passion..
He gave a last deep thrust filling her with his warm liquid..
Both were breathing high..he collapsed on her bossoms..he kissed her there..
Maan:it was rocking today..
She said meekly..
Maan:are you alright jaan..
She smiled ..yes..
Maan kissed her forehead n took her in his embrace..he was gently massaging her every part..may be she is tired he thought..she hugged him n was looking at him lovingly..
Maan placed her disturbing hair behind her ears..
Maan:why cant you take a nap for a while..
Geet:im not sleepy..
Both laid there for hours like that..
Till it started again with geets mischief..
She slowly started to draw patterns on his body..n playfully rolled her fingers on his nipples.she kissed his chest..
.her small gesture made him hard again..
Maan:don’t do that geet..
He warned awakening the sherni..
Geet:what will you do if I do that..
She did not knew ,she is sensually awakening him..
She did again kissing him all over like she never did..
Maan pinned her to the bed..
Maan:awakening me is not gud for you..now see the result..
He again started his passion ..
Geet was dumpfounded with the newly found information..her playful act aroused the desire..she gave him easily..
He was again taking her to peek..he again exploded n both slept soon..

maan woke up n weared his boxers n moved to kitchen..he made a simple rice n daal with fried pappads..geet woke up with the sound of the cooker..
geet st:omg..what she is doing,while her husband is making food ..she stood upto go..she blushed seeing her nude form..their love making made her red..she took the dress which was hanging on corner of bed..she took slow steps to kitchen..
maan pulled her close by waist n made her sit on kitchen slab..
he gave her some papads..
maan:have this..you will be hungry..
geet looked down..her cheeks burned as he touched her thighs ..
geet:wo mei..cook..

maan kept his finger on her lips.
Maan:.i don’t mind replacing with mine.
he slowly pecked her chin n said
maan:.but we will be again in bed..which I don’t want now..we want energy for our next round..
Geet was again all blushy..
Maan :if you want to help me then arrange the table..he thought for a while n said..
He went n sat on dining..
She nodded n went to take the things ..without knowing maans naughty thoughts..
When she jumped from the slab her dress fully went up giving him her full view of her core n buts..he saw her walking to take the plates..her every curves moved n waked his desire as she walked..she dropped the spatula while taking it..she bent n took it..her softness came out of her dress..she stood up n pulled her dress up looking at man..she saw the desired look..his eyes fixed on her..she smiled n neared him keeping every dishes..she went to sit next to him..his one look said his wish..she silently came n sat on his lap..she served the food..he fed her n ate himself..she did not dare to move..a morsel of food fell slipping ..she was about to whipe with her hands..maan nodded no..he bent n took the food pieces from the corner of her lips slowly down till her dress..he took the food along with the dress n her nipple..

She arched her back which made her dress lower..he started to suck her buds..they were romancing lot than taking food..he dropped food on her just to tease her’
Soon they were in bed again..he did not wait to remove the dress..he just tore it n was pleasuring her..
At night man made desert for her..she was wearing a new lingerie nowit was totally transparent..she couldn’t deny when he gave it to wear..she was conscious with his eyes on her..he came near her dropping the chocolate essence over her dress..her eyes grew wide..what is he doing..the next second he was all licking the chocolates making her shudder..he tore the dress again ..she looked at him ,why cant he wait till she removes..
Maan winked at her..there are a full bag of dresses that I will tore..
Geet:do you want me to tear yours..
She just want to answer him back..but her big mouth answered making herself speechless..
Maan:hmm..no need to tear..i will not wear anything..
Saying he took off his single cloth’making geet shock..
Next morning both were cuddled with each other..not leaving gap..it was nearly 11 when both wokeup..n went to freshup..maan did not leave romancing any place..bathroom was all heated up again..both made food together n had a romantic lunch..
Maan thought to give some time for her to relax..he switched on the tv making her watch..
geet was watching some random film..when the hero came to heroin saying they are going to honeymoon..
geet turned to maan..
he was busy reading some magazine.but was lost in thoughts of geet..how she came like a breeze..
aaj samjhi hu pyaar ko shaayad
aaj mai tujh se pyaar karti hu
kal mera inteezar tha tujhko
aaj mai intezaar karti hu

meri kismat par mai ,aaj kitni aahe bharti hu
kyoki aaj samji hu
tere har uss mere saath chaane ke chupe matlab ko
to un bitte palo ko yaad karti hu
jinme ki apni naadaniyo par mai
ab akele mai,chup chup ke aahe bharti hu
kal mera intezaar tha tujhko
aaj mai intezaar karti hu

aaj samji jab pyaar ko tere
to tera intezzar karne se mukarti hu
mere har ek sapne ki tarah
meri is hasrat ko bhi
ek pal mai tu pura karde
mai yahi zid ab tujh se karti hu

dil nahi iktiyaar mein mere
jaan jaayegi lagta hai intezaar mein tere
tujh se milan ki aas hai aajaa
meri dhadkan
meri baheen
mere sapne udaas hai aajaa
do jism ek jaan
issi ko kahte hai shaayad
is liye ab har pal apne milan ke liyebekaraar hu aaja
har pal teri yaad aa rahi hai aaja
har pal tera intezaar hai aaja

aaj tak meri haan ka inteezar tha tujhko
ab mein tere aane ki raah takti hu
kyoki mai tujhko
khud se zyaada pyaar karti hu

by 9n9i9s9h9u9(thank you dear)
.she was sitting in between his legs..though it was hard for both,they were concentrating on what they were doing..
geet:prince,ab tho bathau na..what is honeymoon
maan pulled her close..he kept his chin on her shoulders..her back pressing his ironic body..
geet:prince bathayiye na..
maan:tell me what are we doing from yesterday..
he turned her facing him..she was fully lying over him..she recalled the last day events..they did nothing than making out..

maanwant to hear from her..she was all sharam se pani..
maan:say dear..what are we doing the whole day..
maan:hmm..bathau na..
geet hide in his embrace..
maan:till u say,i wont explain..
geet:wo..we were close to each other..
geet:pls prince..
mujei nehi bathana..
maan:i will say..we were making whole day..we rarely thought about our food n ..
geet looked at him..he said winking at her..
maan:n clothes..we loved to be in each others arms..there was noone to disturb us..no office..no college..just we two..hubby n wifey..
geet now understood ..
maan:shall we enjoy our honeymoon mishty..from morning we did not make out..geet nodded in shy..n their honey moon was in full passion burning the cold place..


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