U,Me,Aur? – Part – 118

PART 118
The days were smooth..maneets Honeymoon was in peek..maneet were in each others arms 24×7.. maan cared about her..he gave her rest almost every day..even though geet was turning so passionate n expected him with her.she want to compensate the 1 n half year time,that she made him wait for her.but,.he had his limitations..he cant put her health down making love to her for his desires..being with her without any disturbances was enough for him.
Geet was pouting seeing him do works..she always slept in morning n he made breakfast ready for her..she want to be a wife..a typical wife like all womens do..taking care of household n husband…n she wants her prince to be a typical husband..but he always pampered her n shut her with his kiss saying he is there to take care of her..
One side she was happy n other side she was waiting for him to make her do works..

The day they arrived,she called Vicky n dadi n narrated how beautiful the place is..n how maan takes care of her.. she censored their romantic parts 😉
She now knew what to say n what not to..
In between the stay she never talked to Vicky later..
as they both were busy in romancing..

It was the 5th day of their stay..
She never thought she will remember her parents..today she did..maans deep thrust made her whisper”maa’,which was not audible for maan.. tears rolled down her eyes..maan just kissed off her tears thinking its becoz of his love making..she was lying on bed with closed eyes..maan kissed her forehead..n pecked her lips..

Maan:take rest princess..i think I hurted you..
Geet opened her eyes..no prince..u didn’t..u cant hurt me..
Her small words too meant a lot..the trust she had on him matters him the most..when his own family did not trust him,she trust him blindly..he placed his head over her n hugged her by waist..
Maan:for trusting me..
Geet:whats there in it..u do so much for me..how cant I trust you..its only you prince,that I forgot my parents too..
Maan lifted his head n saw her tears..
Maan:jaan..whats this..why r u crying..
Is it paining he touched her lower abdomen..he panicked checking her’
Geet:no..i..i..was thinking about them..
Maan:sona,they cant come back..but will be watching u n me..
he made her wear the night dress n took her to the window..he made her sit on the window pane..
Maan:see jaan..the twinkling stars are ur parents..see they are happy seeing u happy..if u cry they will feel bad n think bad about me..ur prince is not taking care of their choti si gudia..who has become cry baby now..
Geet:prince..you are the best..
Maan:then don’t cry..give me ur favourite cheeky smile..
They both stood like that watching the stars..
Geet seemed normal..maan went to make dinner leaving her alone…

Geet sat on the window looking at the sky..maan was busy making calls to adi..n side by side he was making dinner..

how many months passed away..maan never let her think of her parents nor her family nor village…may be he kept her busy with him..or Vicky..today she need them..she need someone to talk. Like she used to be in her family..her brother..she thought to call Vicky..maan will be worried if she went to kitchen n if he finds her sad face..
Vicky can only fill that empty space of her brother..
She took her phone n called him..
Vicky:hai baby..
Geet:hai Vicky
Vicky:u r sounding low..
Vicky :y babes..
Geet:I remembered my family ..
Vicky was silent..
Vicky:baby..we r ur family now..
Geet:hmm..i know..
Vicky:ok..if bhai saw u sad..he will also be upset..dont spoil ur hm..
he want to change her mood..
Vicky:hmm..baby..say me..did u made snow man..i know bhai would not have helped u..
Geet:wo tho mei bhool gayi..
Vicky:I know..u wont do it..
Geet:I will do..i will take pic with the snowman n will show u..
Vicky can see the chirpy geet back..
He talked to her about college.proffessors..studies.his fun..av’s new pranks..geet was listening to him..

Maan finished his work n came to their room..geets back was only visible to him..she was quiet hearing to Vicky..maan thought she is still upset..he took slow steps n slided his hands on her waist..

she was startled n she left the phone she was holding..
She moaned..that was also swallowed in his mouth as he took her lips in his..he was kissing her so passionate..she forgot Vicky will be on line..
When he gave break for air she bent to take the phone..but he did not let her..
Geet:prince..vicky..in phone..
Maan kissed her earlobes..
maan:he knew he must not disturb his bhai n bhabhi..he would have kept by now..
That was the truth..vicky kept the phone hearing maans voice..
After a little romance both had a romantic candle light dinner..n maans desert was geet’
The night was long for them..

Geet cribbed to maan..i want to do all things u do..like u do for me..
Maan;r u sure mishty..
Maan:ok..ur wish .. tomorrow u will do all what I did..now sleep..

Both cuddled in each others arms..if he is her moral support,she is his medicine too..both have pain..both are relieved from it by their love..their love doesn’t need words to say..its always in their care..

Next morning
Geet woke up..she was shy seeing herself again bare..maans love all over her..she smiled shyly n looked next to her..maan was not there..
Geet:prince..prince..ye prince kahaan gayi..
She searched for her dress..it was all lying on floor again in pieces’..
Geet:st:ye prince bhina..meri sari kapde paardi..

She covered with the spread n went to the wardrobe..nothing was there..except one dress.
Geet:now how will I go out’
She hesitatingly slipped out of spread n went to washroom..she got the idea..the dress they wore when they came must be dry by now..she has washed it..she thought to wear her dress..then thought what if maan tore it too..n a naughty mind came to her..she wore only his shirt..she went to kitchen n saw her milk ready..along with a paper..

She opened n read it..
Gud morning princess,
u wished to be a wife..so,im leaving todays day for ur wish..im in swimming pool..come there..after that u can make me breakfast..

note:I made milk,just to wake u ur sleep..now be brisk n come to pool..im waiting for you..
geet sipped the hot milk..it was really refreshing..
geet moved to the pool,which was in underground..

she saw maan relaxing on the chair..
Maan looked at her..she was wearing his shirt which was upto her thighs..
Maan:hmm..this is also sexy..
Maan:so,sona..can we fresh up..
He paused n then said
He pointed the swimming pool..
Geet bite her lips feeling shy..she can see his intensions..his naughty smirk.
Geet:I’ll bath separately..
though she said her heart wished to be with him..her craving was increasing day by day..a minute away from his warmth also felt heavy for her..
Maan:then I have no other way..

He scooped geet n went inside the pool..she did not say anything..she just encircled her arms around his neck..
The water was warm..he made her stand on feet fully drenched..he started to swim..she stood there watching him..his manly body..his abs..the way his hands stretch at every stroke..she was drooling him without blinking her eyes..he smiled finishing his first lap..
Maan:would u like to join me geet..
How can she ignore him now..both started to swim..maan started to chase her..n she slipped from him every time..she knew he is giving up for her..but it’s the love..he is the champion of swimming n her master who trained up..now he is giving up for her..geet came to him n hugged him..she was only in his shirt..it was like a second skin to her..showing all her perfect lines..his throat went dry
Maan:u continue..

Maan came out ..he sat on the relaxing chair covering his lower with a towel..geet did a few more laps..he was drooling her now..she looked like a queen of sea world..the way her body moved inside water was only arousing him..he closed his eyes ..she came out wiping herself ..she wrapped a towel around..she came near maan..his eye balls were moving sensing her presence..she came n sat on him..she placed her head on his chest..his hands automatically rounded her small waist.she lifted her head up n saw him again..
Maan:kya ..
Her eyes was fixed in his m shaped lips..he knew what she want..
Maan:what jaan..mujse kya sharmana hai..
Geet:I thought..u..will..kiss me..
Maan:no ways.
Maan:don’t u remember what we talked yesterday night..u will do whatever I did..that means including kiss too..u must only start..
She felt shy..

but she traced his lips with her fingers..he closed his eyes as he felt her touch awakening his every nerves..then bent n took his lips..he followed her taking her supple in his..both were enjoying their passion..maan pointed his every skin..she kissed him wherever he showed..it was a sweet torture for both..but he was loving it..she is making him feel special..
Maan:ab mein kuch nehi kahoongi..u must kiss me wherever I kissed u..touched u..bite u..made u feel special..
She started to kiss his earlobes,nape ,jawline,abs coming down ..
He was aroused fully..she was sitting exactly on his erection..she did not know what she is doing..it was his spell..his eyes dark filled with desires..
She hesitated whats next..he scooped her n took to the bed which is in corner of the pool.his back on bed n she was over him.
His hands massaged her curves pinching her hard buds..she was full red with the thought..she bent n kissed his nipples ..he groaned feeling the pleasure..she started to suck n tease it ..
Aur tez..
She sucked his nipples fast..
His hardness poked her core..
He guided her hands downfrom her chest to stomach n more lower, indicating her next move..
She placed kisses all over his abdomen n came down..she looked at him..
He blinked his eyes to continue..his hands went on back of her head..making her close to his erectness..she was not sure but took his length in her hands n kissed everywhere..which made him more hard..
Maan:love me mishty..
She was startled..shocked..
Maan:yes..u..u will do whatever I did’today its ur turn to love me..
Maan:shh..i’m there na..i ‘ll help u’
he lifted her up a little n made her settle on him.he waited for her to adjust..he groaned feeling her wall covering him fully..he cupped her mounts squeezing it..slowly moving down her buts..he placed his hands under it helping her move up n down on him..she was moaning ..he was not less than her..its different from all these days..his head hit her inner core making her scream in pleasure..
Maan:ufff sweety..hmm..ya..
She was too lost in him..he turned her n continued from where she stopped..he took her curves in his mouth giving attention to both making her shudder with his every stroke..she flooded.he continued with deep thrust…it was his turn..he reached his peek..filling her..he collapsed over her..
Maan kissed her lips..
Maan:that was unexpected..thank you..u made my day..it was extreme pleasure..
Both stayed in each other arms for some time,
Maan:we need a bath again..
maan took her again to the washroom attached to the pool n opened the shower…he gently massaged her inner thighs making her relax..
maan:r u ok now..

he poured the gel in her hands..
she was about to apply on her body..he stopped..
Maan:give me bath mishty..
Maan:ya..every time I do for you..today u will bath me..
She started to apply on him..but it was hard to resist each other..maan took gel n applied on her body..she was too soft with the foam over her..she was applying on him with her eyes lowered..she was too shy to look at him..he pulled her under the shower .he hugged her waist n washed the foam..he looked at the water droplets on her lips with jealousy..he immediately took the lips in a soul searing kiss..
Maan:U r irrestible princess..u turn me so quick..that I couldn’t hold back..
Geet:aap bhi na prince..dont tease me..
Maan:ok..enuf of our romance..lets go inside..
geet:yes..but I want u to carry me..
she said so cutely..he cant deny her..
he carried her inside n gave her another small night dress..she was not shy any more to wear those dresses before him..she dressed up n went to kitchen..she made morning break fast..both had it..maan was cherishing every bit,when she fed him like he did every day..he sat there n watched geet doing the works..she started to prepare for lunch..he was silently observing her..she is behaving typical wife..his heart is filled with pride..the way she is caring for him..he worried whenever she lighted the gas..
whether she will get a fear attack again..but she looked normal..he sighed..she is only feared of heavy fire..so this is nothing to her..both had a romantic lunch..he helped her clean the stuffs ..both took a small nap’
she woke up again n made snacks n coffee.
Geet:prince..i want to make snow man..woh Vicky na..he is teasing me..pls..teach me na..pls pls..
Both were out of house after 6 days.they both weared warm clothes..
.maan n geet made snow man.

(thank u jeevana)
maneet took photos near it.after that, both were throwing snow on each other like the first day..she still had the revenge..she took a big ball of snow n put it inside maans clothes n jumped in joy seeing him jump becoz of chillness..
He ran behind her..she went inside house showing her tongue out..
Man smiled at her childishness..he removed the snow n entered the house.she was already in kitchen making dinner..but was grinning at him..
Maan:I ll take revenge in my way sona..
Geet:we will see prince…then both had dinner..a day finished with her wish..she did kiss him n started the romance like he did..finally they were in bed again..
Maan spooned her n whispered in her ears..
We will be leaving by tomorrow noon..
Geet turned to him..she was disappointed..
Maan:hm..sry dear..we must go..one week flew away like that..office works n college waiting for us..
Geet was upset..she snuggled close to him..
Maan:we cant be like this when we returned to delhi..
She looked at him..
Maan:I mean we will have less time to spend with each other..n no more love making on working days..thoda thoda romance..ok..more than that we will do on week ends n holidays..
Maan: kuch tho bolo sweety..
Geet:u told all then whats there for me to say..
Maan:u understand na what I’m saying..if we concentrate more on our married life we will lack in studies n work..so we will make everything scheduled..
Geet:ya..i know whatever u say..it is for my gud only’
She understood him..or to say she knew he will say which is gud for her..
The next morning as usual both were in kitchen equally working making bf n lunch..
Geet thought to call Vicky n say they are arriving..she searched for her phone..but couldn’t find it..as it went under the carpet becoz of their naughtiness..she took maans cell n dialed vickys number..she looked at the screen which flashed bacha..she looked at the screen again..he stored vicky’s number..

(thanks neeju)
Maan who came there saw her with phone..he thought she is playing games..he want to call the pilot to be ready..
Maan:geetu..what r u doing with my phone..give me..
She hide it behind her back..
Geet:no..i wont..
Maan came forward trying to pull her hand front n snatch the phone..she held it tight in her fist n walked backward..
Geet:no..first I will give u later..
Maan:darling give me or u will pay..
Geet:what u will do..
Maan smirked n moved forward..
Maan:give it.
Maan:warna anjam teek nehi hoga..
Geet:lets see..
He held her hand back..he smacked his lips on hers..she dropped the phone on floor ..
Thud’the parts were lying separately on floor..
She backed n closed her mouth..
Geet:babaji..what I did..
Then she looked at maan..
Geet:its all becoz of u..see ur phone is in pieces..
Maan glared at her..
Geet:waise..it must have happened as u denied me..
Maan:so u r saying u wished to break it..
Maan was arranging the phone inserting the sim n battery..n trying to operate it..
Then bite her tongue..
Geet:phone tuta nehi..ptch..then I will make a call n give u..
She snatched the phone n ran dialing vickys number..
Maan ran behind her..
Geet ki bachi..ruk..
He tried to catch her ..only he can touch the tip of her night dress..which tore with the force..she stopped..
Geet:prince..aap na..again u tore my dress..this is the last dress left..ab mein kya pehnoongi…
Maan heared a giggle’ its not their voice..he looked at phone which was in speaker mode due to their chase..
Maan:whom u called..
She took the phone n checked the screen which was cut by now..
Vicky was with his friends in shopping..he couldnot stop the blush forming becoz of what he heared..
Maan slapped his head ..
Geet:kya hua..
Maan:he heared what u said..
Geet:ab mei kya karron..
Maan:what we started we will finish..he pulled her close taking her lips in his..
Maan:before we leave this place..one last time..
There was no more space between them..
Both were busy in romancing..
He left her when both hit their climax..he freshed up n came out..he took the phone n called the pilots..he went to the next room..he has stored some dresses there which geet doesn’t know..he came out wearing his dress’
Geet was also fresh by now..standing in towel.lost in thoughts what to wear..
Maan gave her the dress..

(thank u suma)
it was a cute violet frock with matching accessories..she dressed up n both came out after a week ..their heart filled with so many sweet memories..their love has grown up beyond limits..both don’t want to leave the place but they had to..
Maneet reached delhi..geet had lots of stories to say to Vicky’till his ear bleed’


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