Humrahi Part-1

Note:many writers have written story on arranged marriage..if its muskan,anshra,keya ,aakrithi n so many..but everything has its own individual..this story is related to real incidents of my close ones..i have been with her..n some which i had in my personal writing it with some changes as to ff..if any one feels any resemblances..let me know through pm..u all know, this story is decided 6 months before.. n its not new for me..ive made the total story in my mind n was bugging atlast penned down..

waiting for ur support like always..Big smile


Let us go into the life know about the characters of each ,who are geets  so called relatives’ most of them will not be there in future lets start from her mothers story..this is only to know about how geets life was  n is ..why she is not bubbly..n accept all things n let her life in the hands of fate’

Madhav..a villager in hoshiarpur.he cares for his culture n surroundings more..believes in tradition n his self respect is his breathe…his only income is from his farm..he had 50 acres..n it was enough for his family to live happily …he had two sons..suraj n roshan..madhav loved to have a daughter..but their bad luck the girls had a short life or born dead..his wife gave birth to rano’n rano was pampered by all..her mother  died when rano was 7 yrs..

her father madhav  n her brothers searched for a best suitable pair when rano grow up..they found mohindar handa.who worked in government office in Amritsar…they enquired a lot about him.mohinder had only one parents. which they thought as positive sign..rano will not get torture from any in laws.. finally when they were impressed hearing mohinders character also..they got married rano to him..mohinder had no bad habits..he was very loving n caring towards rano..she gave birth to tej..n then to geet who is 3yrs younger to him.

Life was bliss..suraj n roshan also got married n both had two sons..of same age like her was again only geet the girl in the family..she was loved by all..slowly the rift started..suraj n roshans wife started with small fights..n at end madhav split the land n gave to them keeping a part for him to save his respect in village…roshan sold the land n went to city n settled there..


madhav was heart broken..when roshan sold the land of his forefathers..suraj looked after the land,but he too lived separately away from his father ..he sent his sons to hostel for further studies..rano was hated by her bhabhis as she got attention n love from all…n her brothers too slowly kept her in distance ..

Mohinder got transferred to Calcutta..when geet was 5..she started her education there…both were intelligent in studies.mohinder had  some  money..he thought to buy a house of his own..but a part amount of money was short..he asked rano for her jewels..rano straightly said she wont is given by her mayka n how can he ask her…n mohinder was disappointed with the refusal.she didnt trust ,that he will get her new jewels in few months .his friends started to brain wash him.. rano is still only with him as he has given her comfortable life..n he never says no to her..she is taking him for started to work with the drinks they gave..n mohinder slowly spent all his savings in partying with them..he came home drunk..he loved his he arrived home late n rano n mohinder will have a fight..which resulted in mohinder raising his hands at rano


..geet was too small n she usually slept ..only tej was aware of things around..rano kept it away from her father as she knew how much he hates drunkards n how much he thinks about self respect n the position in samaj…she don’t want them to think their daughter is suffering n the match they chose for her proved them wrong…she went through all the tortures without saying anything to her father or brothers..if bhabhi’s know about it they will make fun of her..its also another reason for her to hide’

again mohinder got it was a small town near south.tej was 15 n geet was the mean time..rano’s behavior towards her children also changed..the soft caring mother,started to yell at them  without reasons..she took all her frustration n helplessness on geet n tej..tej started to understand his mother’s plight n he consoled his little sister..mohinder started to come now drunk before kids too..n geet got scared of him..tej took her to separate room whenever their father came drunk or they had fight..mohinder loved geet more than tej.or to say tej intervened between his parents fight supporting his mother n that resulted mohinder hate tej …mohinder brought geet things whatever she asked.. n the small little brain thought her dad is gud n loves her more..n its her mothers indifferences made her dad drunkard n aloof from family, she started to hate her mother..

Mohinder went to job drunken n was thrown out of job.he searched for job..but he got none becoz of his character..he started to drink more..n the rest of his savings also started to vanish.their fights grew up..leaving scars in the children..geet always came to tejs embrace whenever she found them fighting..

One day rano was called by someone to police station..n the truth horrified her..she saw a 17 yrs girl with her husband . he did not pay her n the women who supplied her started to quarrel in streets with him n in result police came there..rano was ashamed..she begged the police n he left mohinder..when they reached home..again there was fight..she asked him why u went to other girl..he did not think his son is standing..he said,becoz u did not satisfy me..u only know to fight with me..when I was giving u money u kept me happy my friend said this way..n I went today for first time…yes I agree.I went to that girl who can give me happiness.,but someone stole my money I had fight or u will never know about it..

rano stood helplessly n suppressing her anger..this world is bounded the girls with such men..she cant leave him also fearing this samaj n her fathers reputation..villagers cares for it the most..

rano:why u r doing this ji..we are dependent on u only..u left ur job too..what will we do for future..

mohinder:money..u want only money..u did not trust me for a small amount..i asked u for ur jewel..what u said that day its I am spending my money for myself..if u want u can live with me..if u don’t want u can go..i can take care of my childrens..

after that rano never talked to him..somewhere the truth hit her..if she had supported that time atleast the house will be as an asset now for them.n in this world childrens need a father for atleast name sake..she sold her jewels to pay rent, for childrens studies n for purchasing things to feed them..but still she tried to change him..but no..he didn’t..

on another side Rano changed totally..she made geet do all kind of works..from cooking washing clothes n cleaning vessels..if she didn’t do the work,she got slap from her mother..first she used to cry..then slowly she got habituated to it.she had her brother  by her side..tears dried long back in her eyes..she hate both her parents..her only friend was her classmatepriya ..sometimes she shared her misery life with her..n she used to console her..geet always looked at her mother for one appreciating word after she did all her works..but she never get it..only tej used to complement her ..if its cooking or her arranging house.


Now there was no money to pay for rent too..n were thrown out in roads..they shifted to a small house..n now poverty filled them..they don’t have money for food too..till now rano was successful in keeping image before her father n brothers whenever they came to visit them..rano who never knew other than taking care of house,don’t know how to work n earn money outside..with no other way she called her brother n asked him to send money..

Roshan came straight to visit her why his sister is asking money n the sight shocked him..he tried to speak to his jiju..mohinder promised he will take care from now..n will keep her happy..roshan gave some money to rano n left..suraj also sent some money..slowly that too small amount..tej started to do part time jobs..n that helped rano..

But in all that geet was the one who was suffering..she was happy that her mother did not stop her studies..she got atleast some time to be away from her personal life..her mother was strict in one thing..after school geet must be in house in 15 minutes..n after that she cant step out or talk to others..geet too did not make friends other than priya becoz of her personal life..all will think her she kept herself in a shell..but she was always the class topper..she always finished her studies in school itself , in house she helped her mother..

Geet attend her puberty..she grew into a beautiful girl..rano called her father n brothers n informed them..she has to do the rituals atleast for was only between them..phirbhi..rano’s bhabhi’s did not leave the chance to humiliate her..once she was she is a beggar.they lived in a storeyed building see now they are living in a single can we stay here at night…rano silently cried until the function finished..after the function all packed the things n left at night itself..

Madhav before leaving the place folded his hands n asked mohinder to change n take care of kids..they are grown up..n soon the years will pass n his childrens has a future life..which will get spoiled becoz of his behavior

Mohinder again promised him also..he will change for sure..

Here rano was now over possessive towards geet..what hurt geet the most was rano spilled fire when geet went into tejs embrace..n he gave her his brotherly hug..tej always kept two steps ahead talking to geet also..geet silently cursed her fate n wished god to take her away from this world ..geet was only allowed to talk to her friend priya or to go to school with her..rano some times followed her till school..confirming she is not talking to any men..geet was drowning in her dark life..everywhere it was only hatred for her..but she cant understand what is the fault of hers ..why she is suffering..why cant she have a happy life.geet is intelligent but was a cage bird,who dont know about the world..her world was school n home only..

After madhav went,mohinder sincerely tried for a job..if he got a job,he will lose it becoz of his laziness..the gap which he did not work for so many years has made him lazy.n he raised his voice or beat up his seniors…he was thrown out again n night he came back home again drunk..the drunkards need a reason to his reason is he did not get a job..n rano n mohinders fight was regular..n a free show for the surroundings..geet n tej shrinked themselves..they felt like they are humiliated becoz of their fights..geet now cant go to her brothers embrace to get a support too..she cuddled in a corner n will watch her parents fighting without any reasons..

Madhav once came to meet rano..n found her in same state..he helped her now n then as much as he could..mohinder did not show up his face that day to his fil..madhav went to HP disheartedly which resulted in his heart attack..rano rushed to HP leaving geet in care of tej,as geet had her revision exams..

It was one day,geets teacher called her n said she has some model  question papers..if geet works on it she can score high marks.n get scholar ship for higher studies…geet accepted..n her teacher asked her to come along with her n get it in her home when she leaves for house at evening..geet first was reluctant..then thought her mother is not here she can go n wont let her knew..n the teachers house is on way will rarely take two minutes..

 evening priya was in coaching class..n geet has to go alone..she went to her teacher..teacher apologized her that she cant come..she told her that her daughter will be in house n she can get the papers from her..geet accepted n went to her teachers home..her heart was beating fast as she was walking alone for first time..she stopped before her teachers house..n rang the bell..a man in 30s opened the door..he looked at geet..from top to bottom..she was in her school uniform..skirt n shirt ..her slim legs visible n her formed curves showing up over her dress..geet was nervous..she hugged her bag covering her front..something inside her told her its not gud to be here..but she shrugged off..

man:who are u..what u want.. told to get que papers..from di..

man:oh..come in..u can help urself..daughter has gone for tuition..

geet:ji uncle..ill come later..

she tried to move..

man:hm ok..ill say ur miss to not allow u to sit in exams..u did not obey her words..

geet looked at him in horror..studies is the only thing which keeps her alive..

geet:pls uncle don’t say to miss..

man:then take the papers n u can go..

geet stepped inside the house removing her shoes..

man:y u r still holding this weight..he took her bag from her n kept aside near the door..

man:come in..this is ur miss room..check where is the question papers..

geet :ji..

geet searched hurriedly but was careful not to mess the neatly arranged things..

she was sweating badly..

he came near her n wiped her sweat with his fingers..geet startled’no men has touched her till now..n his close proximity n touch baffled her..

geet:uncle..i need to go..i cant find..she said hurriedly..

man:may be its in top shelf..he showed it which was high..did u checked it..

geet:hmm no..

he gave her a stool..u can climb n check their..

she climbed on it..he was holding the stool that she don’t fall..but his eyes was busy watching her legs when she was up..he smirked  seeing her beauty..hmm I can feast u today he thought..

his hands tried to reach her legs..

geet:I got it..she said n climbed down..


when she stepped down her skirt fully lifted showing her thighs..n the man was totally gone mad on her beauty..

he hugged geet from back tightly n kissed her was so sudden that she did not expect..she his grip..

uncle..leave me..i want to go..

she mumbled..

man:u look like a doll in this two plat n uniform..i fel like eating you..he kissed her cheek again..

geet was getting scared..his hug was so tight,he can feel her curves in his arms..she was too weak compared to him..

pls uncle..she wriggled .it was a futile attempt..he captivated her in his arms n his one hand reached her skirt..

man:ur skirt is nice..but ur uniform is blue na..y u wearing red..he very well knew its her sports uniform..

he kept his hands on her thighs..he tried to shove his hand n  stretch her skirt..

man inhaled her aroma near her neck n placed a kiss..what soap u use..u smell so gud..

tears rolled down her cheeks..noone has touched her..her mother never let her speak to any male this man is touching her body..after her puberty,her mother has stopped helping in her hair washing too..first time she was been with a man alone n had a bitter experience..she was scared to death..

pls..mujei ghar jaana hai..she cried..he was rubbing his body at her back,which she don’t know what exactly was going on..only she knew its disguisting,,she did not like it..if her mom sees she will scold her n stop her studies..she was more scared thinking about her mother..

he turned her n lifted her chin..why u r crying baby,,I did not scold u nor slap u like ur teachers do..y u r crying..he kissed her cheeks again saying u have chubby cheeks..

she was confused with the he really behaving normally..or I am the one thinking too much..does gents behave like this only..

man:ye kya daag hai..he rubbed over her curves like removing the mark from her shirt..she looked at was the gravy of her lunch which fell on while eating..

geet took steps back.i..want go..

man:ya.u can..i will drop u..where is ur house..

she said..oh tum mohinder ki beti ho..

he heared some noise outside..he immediately stepped back saying..

ok go now..but don’t say what happened here..or ur mom will beat u more..n I will say ur miss to detain u..

she was scared ..she nodded n took her bags ..she saw a girl like servant there..who was shooting angry glare on the man..

she saidto geet:never let any men touch u..beware of go..

while geet was stepping into her shoes she heared the girl shouting on him..

girl:u spoiled my life..y u r spoiling a childs life..

man:she is tempting..

geet left to her home hurriedly..she only want to escape from the place..she saw her father sleeping like a log ..she changed her dress to the salwar..she splashed water on her face many times..she could not get rid of the incident..her body shivered..

she came to her father..must she say to if he went n fight with teachers husband..she hugged herself n sat in a corner..she prepared the dinner n cuddled in corner  thinking about all..when tej came back from work he found his little sister running in fever n his father was still unknown to it..he called priyas mom n took geet to dr.with her help..tej took care of her all night..he  fought with his father for being so irresponsible..n in return tej got a slap from mohinder..

dont teach me what to do..thats what he said n went out..geet silently watched it..she thought to say to tej ,but now she dropped that idea also..tej requested priyas mother to take care of geet n went to evening geet was better..when priya came to check her,geet told her what happened in teachers house..n she asked her why he behaved so n why that girl said like that..

priya:I don’t know much geet..but my maa n my sisters say that a girl must not be touched by any men..other than her husband..wo paap,only they always say us to be away from boys..

priya confused the poor soul more with the half knowledge..geet was scared hearing it..

geet:ab mujei wo uncle ne chuliya..mujei tho paap lag gaya na..i will suffer more na..

priya..:wo lakshmi her house I saw them sprinkling cows susu..when I asked her she said,it will purify all evil eyes..n wash the sins..


priya:u too do it..u will be removed from the sin ..

geet n priya sneaked out n reached the cow near by ..they waited n they managed to get it in a mug n came priya instructed she mixed with turmeric n coconut water n milk n she went n took a bath n came she felt relieved..but it took some time for her to come out of his thoughts..she did not say about it to anyone..

but this incident made her scare to talk to any men..she always felt scared with men around..

(i know its really disguisting..but its the real incident happening everywhere n the innocence is geet tho bachgayi..but many girls were not lucky enough like geet to escape from monsters like this men..n many girls did not say this incidents to their parents ..becoz of threat n fear..)



3 thoughts on “Humrahi Part-1

  1. Aww bless geet her family is messed n she is suffering… Chi what kind of man is dat he had dirty eyes on geet … So far really interesting… I’m really hooked to it… Jus wow

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