Humrahi part-10


Geet was given a golden sari..with simple jari works with red blouse..she was made to sit in center..arohi did the first shagun applying a small design of mehandi..later it was completed by the mehandi lady..after all the rituals finished the khuranas left to their place’meera n rajji made geet remove the mehandi..


Rajji:wow..di..its so beautiful n dark..all says if ur mehendi is dark ur husband will love you so much..

Geet looked at her hands which was fully covered with mehendi..the center was adorned beautifully with his name..


Geet st:is it true..can some one love me no..its all faltu things..which can only be dreamt off..mens think womens only as their maid..nothing more..

Her heart wants to believe but her mind was pushing her back..

Sangeet was simple as there was not much people..geet was only silent n a mute spectator..she faked a plastic smile for others n even tej..tej n her cousins danced..n girls too gave them equal fight..n after rituals finished geet went to bed,thinking how her life will change the next day..meera n rajji went to hp saying they will be soon at morning to prepare geet..


In maans house it was more than fun..

After a long cute fight n tease maan was made to write geets name in his hands..his staffs too arrived n all were having fun in sangeet..maan was all blushy’he was not a boss now for them..n all took the advantage of it..savithri was very happy seeing her maan all happy..he was laughing n chatting with all..he served the guests n took care of them..same time he was taking care of his mother not wanting her to stress..he took care of all when his friends n staffs were there it was more easy for him..n all were equally fond of sd like man..n they did not let her do anywork..


It was night relatives went to bed..maan arranged a house for his friends n staffs stay..they all went there..maan was playing with kids n chatting with n naintara was busy having some time for themselves..

Sd :maan tomorrow is marriage..go n sleep..ur jiju is alone sleeping there..n u all what are u doing..without making kids sleep..

Maan bid bye to all n went to sleep..he asked sd also to sleep..after she left..arohi n Vicky made the kids sleep..


Arohi:yes Vicky..

Vicky:can I ask you onething..

Arohi:yes ..

Vicky:sometimes I think our mother loves man more than us..did u see the way she looked on man when he was with his friends..

Arohi:hmm..n its true also..

Vicky:aro..all says mothers love the first child more..becoz it makes her feel the first sensation of mother..then it must be dev bhai na..then y maa loves man..

Arohi:becoz..maan is not her son..a man who took away the burden of her life..

Vicky:arohi..i cant understand..

Arohi:its true a mother loves her first child more..but maans n maas relation is different..the sacrifices man did to make our family reach this height..noone can do..we are small when our father left us..u know..but maa made us continue our studies..she worked hard n harder..we both are small to understand..but dev bhai n maan did..they studied went to higher studies which is far long from out man sacrificed his bus fare for him n he walked..later..he did part time jobs to make maa s burden less..he gave financial support at that tender age bhai was little decent in all was becoz he got everything from dad n maa..n it was not easy for him to bend..but once he finished his studies he joined a job n gave  amount to support maa..but maan..he was always with us..he never left us..even when we starved he will give his food to us..n starve..he will be smiling seeing us ..i am small but not too small like you’he got scholarship n continued his studies..he stood up in his own legs during college itself n brought up also..the man who never lived far away from us accepted to go for job abroad..only for give us a wealthy life..still I could not forget the day he left abroad..he was showing strong outside..but when he hugged maa n us..he broke down’he said he will miss many times he hugged us n kissed us before leaving..

Arohi was in tears..

Vicky:ya..i remember it..we are used to him so much..

Arohi:yes..he was not only our brother..a

Vicky:n like our father figure..

Arohi:yes..he came back after so many years..he earned a lot..he settled my life..he started a small business..n he started to grow up..he built this house..n when maa asked him to marry..he denied saying he wants to stand up n settle in his business..see when his all friends have become father..he is getting bhai is different..after his marriage,he is looking after his life..u cant say he is not caring..but he handled all the responsibilities to man ..if its maa,u or me..

Vicky:why is dev bhai like this..

Arohi:hmm may be..what he faced from life..there r two sides to take everything..maan took it to give us all happiness that he did not get..but dev wants to be safe..he don’t want to be in same position what his life he is saving money for his family n his child..

Vicky:you 2 love man more na..

Arohi:hmm..if I am happy in my life now..its becoz of him..n I know..u too love maan  like me..

Vicky settled in arohis lap..hmm..make me also sleep..

Arohi:haa..go..i wont..go n sleep in ur room with all..

Vicky:ok..if u did not make me sleep..i wont give you gift on rakhi day..

Nt entered n sat next to kids..she was arranging her bed to sleep..

Vicky came n settled in nts lap..

Vicky:bhabhi..u make me sleep..i ll get u gift on rakhi day..hmm the beauty it fine..

Nt who was about to shove him to his room ..stopped..

Gift..n beauty set..

Arohi:nautanki..i ll say to maa ..

Nt threaded vickys hair..

Vicky pulled nts u bhabhi..

Nt laughed seeing his antics..

Arohi slapped him on his but n made him run from there..

Arohi:naina..u too sleep..tomorrow we will be held up with works..


Vicky came back ..he stopped at entrance n said..i love you too arohi..he ran from there making both laugh..

Nt n arohi slept..


Marriage day..

Maan was dressed up in sherwani..he was made to sit n the before marriage rituals started..arohi put the turban n tied the gajra on his face..n put tilak on his forehead..the kids were happy n was clinging to him on both sides..


Sd whipped her happy tears falling from her eyes..maan came n took her blessings..

Sd to arohi n naina:you both go first with man s baraath’I ll join u back..

Arohi knew very well her mother..she wont come infront till they leave’

Arohi:ji maa..

Maan sat on the decorated horse with ansh..n others followed him by cars n the buses..



Meera  gave the bridal dress to geet..n asked her to change..roshni  n rajji was there to  help her..while all family members were looking at the final preparations..the mandap was ready with pandit waiting..the food was arranged..n all relatives were looking for the groom to arrive..

Some were really jealous of geet getting married to a businessman ..that too without dowry..when her parents were not in terms nor having a gud status..they were waiting for something..some that they can get some news in their mouth to chew..

Some felt really happy for geet that the girl is lucky enough to have an alliance like this..

Geet asked all to leave the room so she may change..all three laughed at her..

Roshni:itni sharmao mat..sirf kuch gante hai..then how will you face your husband..

Roshni was only teasing geet,but it was only adding fire to her fear..

Meera:ok..geet we will turn u change..but we wont go out..

Geet nodded..

N when she was sure they turned she removed her sari n changed to the choli’s skirt n blouse..her eyes twinkled seeing the choli..she has weared cholis may be at 8 r 9 yrs old..then she was stick with salwars ,half sari’s n saris..her child like heart jumped inside wearing it..she touched the jari works n beads worked on it..

Geets st:this must be costly..i never wore a dress like this..


She was taking the fleets of dupatta ..

Meera looked at geet with thief eyes n saw her struggling..

Meera:give me geet I will help you..

Geet was startled as meera turned..her naval visible.

Geet took the towel n  covered her upper..

All 3 rolled their eyes..

Meera:we are only girls geet..kya hoga mera veerji ka..agar tum har bhar yese ki tho..

Meera pinned it on one side n let the fleets down covering her one curve n her hip was visble..

Meera:choli will look gud like this

…geet was uncomfortable..she was covering her  next curve with the dupatta..

Geet:di..i cant come like this..sab ki saamne..bilkul nehi..

Roshni:haan meera..its not wear like this..

Then meera made her wear it like a half saree..meera lowered her skirt making it a low hip..her belly visible..

Geet  lnstantly pulled it up n covered the small bit of bare skin visible too..

Rajji:meera di..u cant change geet..let her be like what she wants..

Roshni:now let us plat her hair..

Their was a knock on door’rajji opened the door n peeked her head out..

Soni was standing there with krish n her child..

Rajji let her in..

Soni gave krish to meera asking her to feed..she took the seat struggling with her big belly..(remember guys..tejs friends sister..married at 15..has a child.. carrying 2nd one)

Meera removed her blouse hooks n covered krish with her sari..krish was uneasy feeling the heavy works pricking his small hands to hold it..he meera made her saree fall in center of her cleavage n started to feed..her bossom visible to all ..geet felt uncomfortable..she averted her eyes..n looked at all..they behaved normal..they did not shy like she did..

Rajji:di..koi aajayega..

Meera:the door is locked..n waisa..u all are only there is no problem..tum mujei math geet in wearing the jewels..

Geet st:how can di be like this..chi chi babaji..koi sharam nehi hai..n see all are also looking at meera di n talking normally..

Roshni:did krish wakes u in night too..

Meera:haan chachi..isko mujei tang karne mei bohut mazaa aatha hai..he wakes full night n sleeps in day time..but if man veerji is there na..he will be awake till he is there..maan veerji ki bache bohut pasand hai..

Roshni:hmm..tho geet ko bache ki fikar karne ki koi zaroorat nehi..maan will take care of baby..

Sonis eyes fixed on krish who was sucking so fast..n meera flinched  a little..

Soni:hmm lagtha hai bohut bhuk lagi hai..

Meera:haan soni..he was sleeping so I gave to mom n came to dress I didn’t feed him..ab dekho how he is taking revenge on me..

Soni:hmm I can see..lagtha hai..jiju pe gaya hai..she said teasing meera..n geets mind flashed meera n yash moments..

Meera:hmm wo tho hain..jesa baap waisa beta..nehi chodthi muje..when they are awake..

Meera:waise..i think ur husband also does not leave you.

She winked..

.but don’t u think itni jaldi next one..ur first child is only 1 n 1/2yrs

Soni smiled ..then sighed.

Soni:sab humari haath mei thodi na hotha hai..

Meera turned krish to her next side n asked..y u r talking like this..are u not happy with him..

Soni:hmm..ab khush hoon..

Roshni:meera..ask me why..n this is for u too geet..

Meera:what chachi..

Roshni:suhag raath mei pati ko pass aanei nehi jalli ne..

Meeras eyes widened..


Roshni: can any men take the rejection..he manhandled her n she was forced..

Meera gasped..

Meera:phir..bache..n now 2nd..did he forced u u tolerated it soni..

Soni:nehi di..woh..sirf first night he behaved like that..then..

Soni shied..


Soni:when I came to know what is his needs n started to fulfill it..he never leaves me..haan jab gussa hai tho mar peet hotha hai..par phir bhi raath mei sab teek hojathi hai..

Meera his love is ur 2nd baby..

Soni nodded without knowing what their talks were making geet go through..geet was in verge of crying..her fear was increasing minute by minute..

Soni:geet,mei choti hoon phir bhi..kehthi hoon..suhaagraat pe..pati ko ignore mat karna..warna  jo meri saath hua wahi tumei bhi milega..

Meera:soni..stop it..maan veerji yesei nehi hai..he never believes in man handling..

Soni:hosaktha hai..till he gets his pleasure..if rejected any men will be offended n can take any step..

Roshni:haan meera..yei mard ko samajna thodi mushkil hai..everyone cant be like ur husband..very jovial n happy..loving u at any place anytime’like a love sick puppy..its all becoz u also give him what he needs..mens always needs girls for pleasure..then only they will start loving us..

Geet was too numb hearing all rubbish talks..


Meera gave krish to soni n joined hands with them to help geet..she had makeup kit n started doing geets make up..

First time in her life geet was doing make up..

Roshni placed the dupatta over her head..

Roshni:geet.see yourselves in mirror..

She made her look at mirror..

Geet was not able to believe its I that beautiful..she asked herself..then she thought,its all becoz of meera di’s make up..

Meera laughed seeing her expression..

Meera:im sure..veerji will be blown off seeing geet..

Rajji:yes di..she looks pretty..


There was a knock on the door..

Rajji opened n saw rano..she let the door open..

Rano:barat aagaayi..

She stopped unable to believe her eyes..

First time geet saw some emotions on ranos eyes..rano took kajal n kept it behind geets ears..

Rano:kisiki nasar na lagi meri beti par..

She said with pride n moisted eyes..

Something break inside geet..did her mother love her.. going to welcome them..came to check geet..

She went immediately..


Maan was on their doorstep..his friends were dancing before the horse..maan got down from the horse..n walked with his siblings n friends inside the house..rano did the aarthi n welcomed him..he touched the elders feet n took blessings..he was taken to the mandap n was  made to sit..the pandit started the rituals..all relatives settled around the mandap..maans mom came after sometime..rano n family welcomed her..she too sat in a corner looking at her son with pride..



kids pulled arohi..

Kids:where is chachi/maami..

Arohi asked rajji to take them to geet..

The kids ran inside geets room..

Ansh:chachi.. chachi..

Payal, humari maami hai..


P2:nehi maami..

Geet couldn’t hold her smile..they were fighting for her..she slowly bent to their height n touched their nose with the tip of her fingers..they laughed..

Ansh:chachi..u say..u r my chachi na..

P2:no maami..say him..u r our maami..

Roshni :arei bacho..u all three r correct..she is maami 4 u n chichi 4 u..u can call like the way u call..


Geet:s..n u three are looking like angels..bohut pyaari..she corrected the crease on their dress..the three kissed her cheeks.. kharab math karo..jao..maan veerji ki pass..

Kids:no aunty..we will be here only with her..

Meera rolled her eyes..but was happy to see the smile on geets face..till now it was missing..


Pandit:call the dulhan..

Meera,roshini:chalo geet..

The kids surrounded her n holded her fingers..more than elders the kids antics was making her relax..n she moved out with down casted eyes..

Maans eyes were wavering here n there to get a glimpse of geet..


Maans eyes were wavering here n there to get a glimpse of geet..his face covered with no one could see how much desperate he was..his eyes stuck on the her when she came out ..she was looking like a cute doll in was the same way he imagined her..or to say more beautiful than it..

tej n her cousins were holding a cloth above her head n was leading her to the mandap..she was nervous..but kids were doing things making her smile..but she was conscious of the she suppressed her laugh..she was not looking less than a goddess..n all of them were stunned looking geet so gorgeous.

.geets uncles sons heart too missed a beat..did he missed her..but he shrugged off thinking she is now going to be another mans wife..n thinking like that is sin..

Geet sat next to him..her heart beated fast..she followed what pandit said her to do..

photo 1004404_3207784131575_1013481023_n_zps5302eee7.jpg

Maan was no less than her..his stomach had butterflies..having her next to him..aroma from her nearness was making him jitter..arjun,yash,dev ,Vicky n arohi was teasing him ..saying something in his ears..

He could only smile n enjoy the teasings..

Arjun:hmm..bus kuchi hi der hai maan..ur wait will be finished..aaj raath lambha hai..

He said near his ears making man all blush..

Maan thought about his night..he has made his mind how to move on without scaring her on their first night..he was aroused with the thought itself..

Pandit :brides parents come here to do the kanyadhan..

Rano n mohinder came infront..they handed geets hands in maans hands..her hand came in contact with his rough palm..she was soft..he held her like a feather..the pandit kept a flower over her palm n said him what to do..rano n mohinder had tears..which made geet weak..she will leave them will she be able to live without much irresponsible they may be..they are her parents..they had brought her up these days..her eyes went to tej..who was smiling at her amidst the can she be away from her brother..

Pandit: now you both stand up to take the 7 vows..

Grooms sister come n tie the knot..

Arohi came n tied maans shawl n geets dupatta..maan held geets hands n walked first..geet was just following him..till now she did not even look at him..pandit was explaining them the vows..geet was listening to it..maan stopped after 4 rounds n geet moved infront..pandit said her the explanation of vows..geet accepted it whole heartedly..she will perform her duties to her best..

Both again seated..

Pandit gave him the sindoor box n asked him to apply on geets forehead’arohi lifted geets maang tika ..maan applied the sindoor on her forehead..geet n m,aans eyes met for a nano second..geet immediately lowered her lashes..still she is thinking cant it be a dream..

Pandit:beta tie the mangalsutr..

Maan took the mangalsutr n tied on geets neck..

Pandit:aaj se aap dono pati patni hai..sari reet n riwaaz ke saath..har duk aur such mei aap dono saath kadei hoke is rishtei ko nibhayengi..babaji aap dono ka aashirwad de..ab aaj se aap geet nehi…geet maan singh khurana hai’

Arohi made both stand up.

Geet looked at the black beads..which told her she is now his wife..all are happy except her..

Maan held geets hands n moved to take elders by one..he came to his mother..who kissed both their forehead..n blessed..

Sd:both be happy n give me happy news soon..

Its not only her..many wished them to have the heir soon..which man took easily..but geet without any emotion..she has locked herself in a shell that is filled with fear ..

Maans friends teased them both which she barely heared or give a heed..she was faking smile..all took photos with the married couple..blessing them gifts n all..maan held her shoulders..sometimes her waist..her back..her hands..geet was feeling weird..his touch was making her feel something in her stomach..she couldnot analyse it..than taking it to be fear..

After the photo sessions all had the dinner..

Arjun came n stood before them..geet was playing with food more than eating..

Arjun:maan,feed her..

Maan was startled..his jiju was one person he cant say anything..his big eyes too doesn’t work before him..arjun is a man who is very jovial n easy going..even with maans mother..arjun can make them do what he wants..

Arjun:it will be better if u feed her a sweet..or I will make u feed her full dinner..

Maan was shocked..

Maan:jiju..aap bi na..

He smiled sheepishly at geet..geet looked at should she behave now..soon all his friends too joined n forced him to feed geet or they will not leave him ..

Maan took a sweet n extended to her..geet took a bite from it smiling at everyone nervously..she has never seen a group of boys covering them like this..

Arjun:geet,now ur turn..feed him.. it..warns jiju will not leave us..

He whispered in her ears..

His hot breathe creating a jitter in her body..

Geet want to get rid of them..

She too took the sweet n fed him..all hooted n whistled..the pictures were captured..


It was time for bidaai..

Geet was moving with man..rajji extended the tray of rice..

geet threw it backwards..the final ritual of leaving her house..she is leaving everyone..her nanji,her parents,brother,maama maami,cousins, everything back..the think broke her shell n tears poured out..she hugged her mother n father n cried..she looked at tej who was showing her back to him n crying on their cousins shoulder..

Roshini:geet,enough..see ur husband n all are waiting..

Rano.tum bi ro rahi ho..der horahi hai na..

Rano lifted geets chin..

Rano:geet a gud girl..n keep ur husband n family happy..ab tum bachi nehi..ek patni ho..wo dhyaan rak..

Geet nodded her head..

Mohinder was short of words..he don’t know what to say to his daughter..

Khush raho beta..

It was more for her..

Madhav hugged geet comforting her..

He led her to maan..

Madhav:take care of her beta..

Maan:assured him:from now she is my responsibility..he comforted her by holding her shoulders..he felt bad seeing her tears..

Maan n geet sat inside the decorated bhi mama maami /chacha chichi ke saath hi aayenge..

Man:come in..

He made them sit with them..

Arohi sat next to geet n dev sat next to maan..arjun took the passenger were in maneets laps..n maneet were so close..geet was fearing but man was enjoying their closeness unknowingly made by his family..

Tej mohinder pushed the car and the car started to sekhowal..followed by theother relatives friends with sd..savithri sighed relief..atlast her son got married n taking step into it..he will have his own family soon..she trusted geet,who can keep her son happy..


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