Humrahi part-11



Geet looked back at her house with tears in eyes..maan pressed her shoulders promising everything will be fine soon..she averted her gaze n looked the window side..

ansh ,payal n palk were blabbering all the way..soon they slept as they were too tired..geet looked arohi whose eyes r closed..all are tired..ansh s head was slipping down in sleep..he may get hurt as the car was moving..geet placed his head on her lap comfortably..maan was happy with her showed her care for a responsible person..

Maans st:she is fond of my family..mainly kids..

He smiled at geet n caressed ansh hair..geet was also sleepy..but the fear was making her awake..

They reached the place..maan told dev n arohi to carry kids without disturbing their sleep..

Maneet stood at the entrance..arohi,meera n rajji took the aarti n let them  inside after getting their entry tax..geet slipped the rice kalsh with her foot ..she entered placing the red foot marks on floor..

Arohi:now,u must do the next ritual..she showed the wall ..

Geet was walking..arjun stopped..

Arjun:hmm before that..u must know how to do it…u cant walk there..

Geet knotted her brows..


Arjun turned to maan n said teasingly..

Arjun:u must carry her till she leaves the print on wall..

Maan:yese kaise..

Arjun:shh..u must..

Savitri was not happy..but couldn’t say anything..becoz its her son in law…maans friends too encouraged it..n maan had no other way to escape..

He scooped geet n walked towards the wall..

Geet was shocked to core..never expected such things infront of all..what amazed her was no one told its not right..rather they were hooting n whistling when maan lifted her..he felt her weightless..just like a flower or feather..

Maan st:is she very diet conscious..even my dumples are heavy than her..

He smiled at his own thought..this closeness was just awakening him slowly..his wait will end tonight..

Arohi showed geet the plate filled with red water..geet dipped her palms n imprinted it on wall..


Maan placed her stand on foot’

Arohi:come with me..

She took maneet to the  pooja room..n asked geet to light the dia..

Arohi explained is the meaning that the dil will be the light of house from now..she will spread happiness in the house like the light glows..

Geet folded her hands before the idol of god..

Geet:god..pls  be with me always n help me to be a gud dil,wife n everything as they wish..from now its my family..i want to make all happy..pls help me that I don’t give them any chance to crib about me..i have accepted everything that came in my life..this life too im accepting as its ur wish to get me married..himmat dena babaji..

Arohi:come..lets start the next rituals..

Maan n geet were made to sit in center..a bowl of coloured water between them..arohi dropped the ring in it n asked them to take..

Meera n rajji:geet..u must only take..girls must win..

Arjun,yash n friends:maan..u must only win..

Maneet were surrounded by girls n boys..geet was scared seeing them quarrel n was too lost for what they are quarelling..her hands were searching in same place..maan took the ring n showed it with a smirk..

Boys:see girls we won..

Girls:its ok..there r 2 more times..geet will only win..

Par geet..she was again lost n her hand was in  only one place..maan took the ring again..boys showed the thumbs down to girls..

Meera n rajji :geet..what are u doing yaar..common..u must take ..its the lost chance..

They brought geet out of her land..maan saw geet was too lost ..the ring came in his hands again..he slowly gave it in geets hands..geet looked what is in her hand..

Girls:see geet won..

Boys:so what ..maan won the it will be maans domination in between them..

It was then geet realized the play..though,she lost the game ,maan gave her chance to win the last time.. she was not interested..if she won or lose..the fear inside her was eating her up..she was surrounded by unknown faces..only meera,rajji n yash she knew..but ,for how much time they will be with her’the biggest fear came before her..when savitri chided them..

Sd:enough of u all can go n take rest..its already midnight..

Arohi.,meera…take geet to room..rajji come with me..

Sd don’t want rajji to know about those married stuffs at this age..but least she knew she knew everything..

Maan followed sd..

Sd:maan..ur wife will be waiting for u..go up’

Maan made her sit n took the oil from the self..he gently massaged her foot..

Sd:maan..what r u doing..jao..

Maan:maa..girls wont leave her so soon..n in mean time I can do my mother a small service..see ur has swelled..

Rajji looked awe at much he cares .. noticing even at this busy day…

He took her tablets n gave to sd..

after she had it..Maan touched her feet..n said 

gud night maa..

Sd :har khushi tumei is maa ka dua hai..

She kissed his forehead..ab jao my dil will be waiting for this rajkumar..

Rajji:veerji..go soon..or u will have to see ur wife sleeping on ur SR..Embarrassed

She whispered in his ears..maan was baffled ..whats her age n what is she talking ..that too with me..

He glared at her..rajji held her ears..

Rajji:sry..for crossing my limits..

Maan nodded n left to his room..



Arohi n meera took geet upstairs..geets stomach was  having weird feelings..even the few steps of stairs were heavy for her..she took slow steps n entered the  had a bed decorated with jasmines n roses..even the walls were decorated with flowers..scented candles were there..


Meera:geet..sit in mid..

Arohi n meera arranged her choli n pulled her veil covering her face..

Arohi was bit shy..she don’t know what to say to geet..she is small compared to her..but in relation she is her big brothers wife..she cant cross the limitations of it..atleast till they gel up..n become friendly..

Arohi:all the best for ur married life..chal meera..

Both were about to leave..geet held meeras hands tight..geets hands were sweating..arohi new the nervousness of her. as she too have faced it..meera is the one geet knew n she needs her..

Arohi:meera,ill be waiting for maan outside..dont take much time..come soon..


Arohi left leaving the two..

Meera:kya hua geet.. hai..

Meera:pagli..there is nothing to fear..first time thoda thoda nervous hotha hai..then,u will also like it..n u know what..u r so lucky to have man veerji as ur husband..u will know it sooner’

Pehle sab ladki yesehi bolthei hain..later when they are touched by their husband na..they will even forget their family..

Meera was trying to make geet ease..but again touched is the one word made her scared..

Meera:today all ur beauty will be adored by ur husband..enjoy..haan..kal jaldi utna..before all wakes..u must fresh up..or all will tease you..

Geet did not know what meera is talking the start or the end..

Meera:tomorrow u have to do pooja n make sweet..

Geet nodded..

Meera:veil must be removed by veerji only..u must not take it..ok..

Geet:hmm..she sounded low..

Meera went out n saw arohi blocking maans way..he is escorted by his friends n bros..he was having hard time with their teasings..

here also his own sister is stopping him asking for tax to enter the room..

Maan sighed..

Maan:There is some packets in top shelf..go n take..thats ur entry tax..

Arohi went inside n came with few packets..

Arohi:whats in this..

She opened n saw kancheepuram silk saris..

Maan:its for u,naina,meera,rajji n all..he took one packet from her..

This is for my wife..

All:haye wife..

Maan:hmm ..u did not say how is it..

Arjun,yash:u know how to shut girls mouth..they r love with new saris..that too when u have given them what they asked u before leaving to Chennai..cant u c..they are happy..


All:u can go inside now..

N they pushed him inside the room ‘maan immediately locked the door n turned to see his wife..there she was sitting in mid of bed..her toes curling..her hands fidgeting the corner of dupatta..

he stood their mesmerized..he has  talked within himself plenty of times ,how to start a convo with her n how to take their relationship ahead..but he stood spell bounded..his stomach did will be the end of his bachelor life..his wait for his pair..his soulmate..his wife waiting for please her..pleasure her..Embarrassed

Maan took slow steps..geets heart was beating fast like it will jump out of her ribcage..

Maan kept her gift aside n sat next to her..he lifted her veil..her beauty with innocence made him speechless..he forgot what he thought..only one word came from his mouth as he admired her now very closely


He lifted her chin..she did not look at him..her eyes were still down casted..

Maan:have anyone said to u how  beautiful u r..just like an angel from sky..

Geet looked at him slowly..raising her eyes..she has never heared someone praising her like this..her stomach tickled her with new sensation,when he slowly took her hand in his n pressed a soft kiss..

he was so lost in her beauty..his lips traced her length of arms..

Maan:so smooth n silky..he pressed agin a trail of kisses till her nape..geet thought..thats y meera di did like it..he too..her mind stopped working as he started to kiss her earlobe..

both their throat went with the passion growing inside him..other with the fear..he kissed her cheeks  pressing it tightly feeling her soft skin..he cupped her cheeks n kissed her forehead’

Geet shivered at his touch..she wanted to scream..shout n say..she don’t want this..she hate being touched by a men..maan lowered to her face bending to capture her plum lips,which was trembling in fear..which he mistook for inviting him..the hot liquid poured from her eyes n touched his fingers..he stopped n looked at her..she was crying..atlast her fear took over her n formed as tears..tear of helplessness..

Maan:geet..kya hua..

She did not answer..only sobbed..

He hate to see the tears in the hazels..

he lifted her chin n made her look at him..she couldn’t stop her cry..

Maan:tell me..y r u crying..

She was silent..dont know what to to stop him..will he  get angry on her n beat her if she denied..the fear was making her think all possibilities that a husband could handling womens..thats what she has seen from childhood..her father beat her mother..even in village she has seen many men beating their wife’s on streets..

she remembered,what soni told ..she was also manhandled on her first day by her husband..

Maan asked lovingly:kya hua..’..i’..i..


He wiped her tears falling from her hazels..


Maan chuckled..his mind was thinking weird things..she did not like him..she did not like this marriage..

He wacked his mind mentally.

Maan:itni si baath keliye rorahi thi..bathadiya hotha..

Geet:ab bolrahi hoon na..

He found it so cute when she told that..

Maan:u want to sleep..


She said with fear..maan looked at her puppy eyes..he chuckled..


She looked at him..not believing him..

Her proximity was giving him goose bumps..he cant near her when she is saying she is sleepy..why not..she must be tired as the day was also long for both..he thought..

Maan left the bed n sat on his study chair observing her..

She slowly backed in bed seeing him..will he come back n kiss her..touch her..

She turned showing her back n lied on bed..she cuddled like a ball trying to catch sleep..her heavy jewels n her choli was making her uneasy ..maan looked at her sleeping form..her bangles n payal making him look at her..she is very beautiful indeed..for how much time he can wait n see her like this..he shook his heads n neared her..

He touched her shoulders ..

Maan:geet ..

Geet sat in bed scared hearing his voice near her ears..he touched her shoulders half leaning over her…she was startled ..seeing him so close she couldn’t think straight…his hands went around her back scaring her..she forgot even to breathe as he came close..

what he is upto now




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